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05/21/14 Bucks' Scouting Director Billy Mckinney joins Chuck and Wickett

May 21, 2014|

Billy Mckinney talks about the Bucks getting the 2nd overall pick, what they are looking for, who they are looking at, what will go on from here until the draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us once again -- on the great midwest bank hotline welcome in the Milwaukee Bucks director of scouting Billy McKinney is with us -- appreciate the time good morning how -- Your morning your period it's an exciting time and you know -- -- after. Being notified that we received a number two pick it's almost as. Difficult to sleep even -- -- Shut the clock out here in Los it as well watch and work out amateur later this morning. I think we're all most of these -- orange charming about the kind of player that one of the it would actual roster. Yeah I think there's lot of -- friends that share that same sentiment and it was a horrific season obviously with a fifteen wins and in the 67 losses in the worst. Season in Bucs history. I guess silver lining is this the joy that I think you wind and the rest of the organization of the Bucs got yesterday at hate. We it one of the top two players in the upcoming draft -- me as bad as the season was at least that makes you smile a little bit as a as a Bucs fan. Absolutely. It in quite frankly. It it was something grip we. While it didn't happen. Intensely -- -- Akron at the result of injuries. This is something that we really need it to happen. One of the ways that you improved your cheap small market. Area it's you can't help -- impact to draft. It's very difficult to. Acquire the kind of free agents you want -- because -- typically looking in the gulch and more marquee cities. So he can be -- more central there. -- -- Much like Cleveland though Cleveland has the ability to look low block. And build your roster that we -- We talked added legions of but the quality free -- -- -- you go from one level to. Billy would you make -- Cleveland get the top pick for the third time in four years may come. Well man. A couple of reverence for the that he -- -- they're a. Our. I hit it it would -- that incredible luck how -- or. That -- tribal lucky -- sometimes. You know people say sometimes it's it better to be. Lucky than good. Story in my life since. Well -- mine truly. Do it Edmonds Cleveland has continued to build a roster -- -- -- incredible. Fortune. I talked with the director of much scouting Billy McKinney with a sun Sports Radio 1250 WS -- three. Now we don't know the Cavaliers are gonna do what they're going to select but we -- know the right there at the top of the draft and there are three big names -- I want your thoughts on each of the the three big names. Parker Wiggins and -- and we'll start with the big man at seven foot 250 hasn't played ball that much from from Kansas what do you make of -- well -- Intriguing. -- just watching. How much can -- -- progressed. From lax some. In watching him and some of these events doubled to watch it will be this nation. LeBron James thinks like that that were -- -- -- I have a big change for years and the ball actually closed. He's made a tremendous amount of parties for. Progress excuse me. And some people might argue that he's -- -- best. Upside or one of the best upside and stressed. It's very typical shouldn't keep that and that's what I thought let's let them and projected talent and the guy with a sore backs. What do you make -- the back injury because there are a lot of people that like myself that would say. You know he couldn't make it through a thirty game college basketball season what's gonna do -- the rigors above banging up against the best in the world in 82 games an 82 game schedule. Bet that. -- question no pun intended human side but given the fact that he didn't -- the draft come on along Wigginton Parker. They did not take physicals in the -- behind. Or -- adventure over the years to make sure that players would -- physical so that's going to be. Are we really big ball and you don't question -- -- -- -- -- in -- of these yet. What's -- long term prognosis. And short term. -- his back injury. When you look at Jabari Parker what do you see. Hustle play or that right now there are all. Just let him play in the draft within exceptional -- -- PJ Hairston who went to North Carolina played that indeed be out this year. Probably. Playing it and if need -- it in the punishment. Just because -- The skill level number one and he has his basketball -- Very good basketball -- works well. What does he have to work done. You know with him. Jabbar is a deceptively. Sneaky. I think one of the biggest things when talking to our coach -- you and talking to other. Squat so on the -- it's just he -- in the process so we -- -- his -- In addition to. Trying to determine where he got -- -- best. Or even -- best in terms of where he played on the floor is a player that played back to the basket. Also could step out on the floor and make shots or create shots up to dribble. But who didn't understand where we're going to be able to go to -- on the floor from a defensive standpoint. Jump shooting. Good jump shooter but that's something that -- rewarded -- proven time. -- when you go to a star athlete -- like Parker and you get to this level after playing just one year of college ball at Duke can you teach him to become a better defensive player in the NBA. You -- it in -- one player can become a better defensive player because essential player it's and so. Ability. To -- for two things number one effort. If you make effort to play -- you could be a good he could be just decent defender. In the other aspect here. Learning the idiosyncrasies. And tendencies of the players that you've got to defend it. That is essential. Some basic. Different foundation. -- bad players are kept the game that you did not not -- where everybody will be good as they aren't subject and more athletic better. So in order to become a better defensive player you -- studies. But most tendencies and -- partnerships what you want a -- lol. Let's get to the the third of the Big Three here as we -- -- scouting director Billy McKinney odds Sports Radio twelve -- -- WS has the and that's Kansas athletes winning is shooting guard -- Wiggins. Guy can jump out of the -- he's a hell of an athlete and he can score the best of a -- Well -- no no doubt about it and he's another player wouldn't talk about some players all three of these players. Potentially could be number one pick in. Everyone will be trying to determine. What the needs are seeing who's going to be number one there hasn't been a clear cut number one throughout. The course of the season. -- -- If people want to play as well leave shooting guard or small what position in the one thing I don't. Wiggins will have to work on its capability. To handle the ball -- little better and it didn't you can do that much in college. Experiencing a lot of zone defense -- -- things like that but he's a terrific rebounder. Sort of side almost in the mold of a guy like. May be -- -- but not a pro or -- under as it mirrored what what he was in college. And his jump shot is a lot prettier too we know that much we Shawn Marion is just as the ugly -- jump shot in basketball history. Absolutely yeah. Extended his -- every 81 of the greatest players in the -- ball well yeah. Can't very un orthodox jump shot but it worked for. A bit of whatever gets the ball the baskets. Billy went when -- -- -- -- Number and so like a golf stroke it doesn't have it be text book whatever works for each individual player right and keep it -- -- -- Jim Urich is when a golf Tyler to a -- engulfed when it looks like a full load up lawn chair so I mean of effort -- the the ball in the hole when your scouting these guys in sitting around -- John Hammond and the rest of the staff. How do you evaluate where you're going to put other pieces because. I mean I'm -- you they sit a look at yeah honest right now and think. Easier to -- three and we start him as a stretch four. -- how does that factor into where you're gonna go with that number two overall pick assuming Wiggins and Parker are both there. -- part of it but part of what we have to do is continue to acquire. Great talent with great character. It won't play -- their versatility when you talk about as honest there's a direct to plate report positions on the floor. We've seen them play the point guard shooting guard small forward. Not a powerful position but he has versatility and gain when he talk about a -- like. Wiggins or -- those -- players in particular they have reversed its what he did the club didn't get complex it's. And it went well in my mind when you're developing -- -- quality team. You'd have to talk -- that can be adaptable play a different positions and election at those positions completely. Established. Do we over rates -- overvalued the idea of calling a guy a two or calling a guy a three. To a degree yet. He if you look at the league in its entirety or -- go back to -- -- And -- and their normal position and when they come up to India level their typically. Gonna play another position let's just point your record more player now becoming. I believe that -- position with a -- multiple positions and it's almost like a switch hitter in baseball. You have a lot more opportunities than I -- on the floor. When -- completely -- circumstances. What's your impression of but even in last three -- new guys in down. What I've just. We're. Certain groups and let them couple weeks ago -- just an introduction. However -- every big one. Spoken about. -- Cochran talked about their make some very exciting. Time for our basketball orange -- it's. No disrespect to sort of recourse whatsoever. But a copy of the great Japanese -- but coming the end. We seed -- potential of what this organization could get back to being -- and now. -- making it difficult step that you talked about this year would difficult. But at stake and it being objective about the -- -- position were at last year. We knew that in spite of what -- injuries. That will -- -- add another quality player to our talented young roster. Billy what's the other process from here on saudis figure in Los Angeles we appreciate it really -- in LA when we -- DL but -- -- really appreciate you -- there waking up early. What is the next step here as we get closer to. You know the draft coming up on June 26. Well right now and always look for second round picks which we did a lot of different things what he bombshell on. Second in the move up into the sort front -- will be a trip struggled to work out canceled with players or -- In your -- and -- we've -- -- -- different groups of players to watch today. A couple of workouts Thursday and Friday so will be inviting players -- to work out lot of walk out. Video sessions. It also wrong work -- that we know what we. And started this process already given that we kind of know who -- But what would be would be for. Now -- have an ideal. Is exactly. Things are or who -- have to kind of continued to put focus. He'll be inviting all these guys in here I mean it's safe to say that NB Parker Wiggins -- -- and Randall -- the big five by guess it'll it's safe to say all five of those guys will be here in Milwaukee at some point to work out. We we hope so one of the challenges with -- when you talk about being number true. But is that although -- -- Q you mentioned that would be we -- we talk about. I'm sure -- eight it will. To some degree and say well he's worn number one he's not gonna get -- So we might have to take the mound some comedy in terms sorts schooling out in in -- these -- players. In their home count on a -- turf. If they decide that. You know there is definitely -- -- game while we're going number one what I can and approaches don't blame us. It's a great trip to Britain has its -- thing that happened to draft combine against. That was set -- years ago when I started in -- as cheap player -- bring. He didn't bring players and that kept player wanted to different getting to indifference physicals. Or even five. So that come -- were shipped in by the general managers the competition committee in the league office. To make sure all players came and if they didn't play it -- -- -- work out. Just to give physicals. Some mountains -- guys. Well warcraft -- it's the cold I'm sure they're out there they're being told you're gonna be the first pick in the draft. So we're gonna be creative and it's. Gets -- medical. Background walk on these players which is absolutely essential. Major part of the usage. Billy no keeping along my promise you this is my last one and this -- is very important the people of Milwaukee. How important is defined at Milwaukee guy a guy that doesn't -- Chicago or does -- need LA or does -- need New York. So -- -- unique stage of the process. Of one of the movie about papered will be gotta wonder what strictly. People might say why would you do it one of the things that movie that I took away in -- good streak here's. In what she wanted every player that we drafted in that movie by the Cleveland team in the movie. They were excited about being here you talk about the excitement of being near and understand -- -- culture in the midwest. People on the walk in that what you expect. Hard working. -- -- -- Quality people. And that's what we expect it guess what that formula we have to continue. To seek out -- going in. Billy always appreciated it's an exciting time for you the rest of the -- -- all these players I have so much fun out there in Los Angeles and thanks for joining us. -- Billy McKinney scouting director for your Milwaukee Bucks I know we kept the longer the -- PR probably sent me an email hey -- -- give up. That was good stuff that was really good stuff there from Billy. You know positives and negatives on the Big Three -- he knows right now he and John Hammond. Beans Atlanta's three they all know they're -- the -- Wiggins where they're pretty apart per. Hobble what it was -- one of the two is going to be there if not both. Are right they're not looking at X number they're not looking at Julius Randall elevated -- -- layered Nick's house guests the look at apart her. And look at it Wiggins and if they get their choice they're gonna make the right one in their minds are right. I don't I really dull I mean he said about -- -- I thought it was -- he said intriguing. It's hard to figure out what to do with. Parker and Wiggins when you've got be -- right there. It's hard from -- to contemplate what to do with them beat it when you got Larry Sanders and John Henson right there. Lot of decisions a lot of evaluation going on for the box and their brass right now leading up in the draft draft on June 26. Second -- received by Perkins restaurant bakeries Billy McKinney to a disintegrate in West Bank hotline turn -- -- with Giambi now to July -- -- -- a buyer refinance your home. Like great mid West Bank on FaceBook -- learn how you can live mortgage free greatly West Bank since 1935. Simply local.