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05/21/14 The Wendy's Big Show interview with John Hammond

May 21, 2014|

Bucks General Manager John Hammond joins The Big Show and talks about Milwaukee's number two overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And joining us now on the great midwest bank outlined his Bucs GM John Hammond John always appreciate a few minutes that you can set aside for the big show I do in this afternoon. Grow up -- would get John Mark lesbian -- even said yesterday you would be the man to make this pick which came out to be the number two pick in the NBA draft lottery. Somebody in your position when there's a change in ownership and there has to be a certain measure of uncertainty for you how long have you known that you'd be the man to make that number two pick. Well you know they. They'd -- and positive indicators. In our discussions -- brief discussion that we've been able to have you know once again I I do understand when they are today look we've only been on the job a few days right. You know given how little time and so that they have to go through a process to get to know a lot and we have to get to know them. But it I do I do appreciate economic debate last night that -- comfortable believe -- through the draft. You know John the one thing that's on his Phillies that we didn't -- -- a chance to get to in a press conference earlier today. One of which your concerns. Jabari Parker in you said that you know regardless of position you you're just trying to find. The best player obviously -- number two and I agree with that but. How do you envision the roles being hot on this team if you were to take -- Jabari Parker with John -- already here. You -- spark -- I think you know. You try to get in in between building process you know what when you're just trying to put it together and tried to build a championship team. I think it's. Well you know we have. Players shall we can't take -- best player available now. And you know what the other is a very unique player in his own right because -- He's six and a half right now. His greatest strength that I kept me in the greatest strength -- his ability to make plays for other people he's a very good ball and or he's a very good passer. You know he has -- unique ability -- and I think we would all agree he's going to be a big kid his body's gonna continue to sell out. -- You know I think that to have players that can play multiple positions. I think it's such a huge asset I think that -- into the guide. That you know there Ager was playing him at that -- -- sometimes you're under I don't think that's going to be positioned him moving forward I think -- under the guidance to build up. -- to me when you -- it -- at the position. It's W defend. What it's all about so I think -- -- ability -- since the read and build it and force here. In somewhat of the near future and I think a guy like that you're talking about a guy like Jabari Jabari didn't -- thank you -- Gilbert you tend to read. India was instituted -- you don't know how their bodies are gonna turn out to be what kind of you know Lee look at a guy like you don't know what to Mel's best position he had created date -- -- -- trying to win games you know I but you don't get -- elementary. When the Knicks to try to win games right now they played not before. -- -- -- -- Concerned you are your body's -- with the back problems you know we've had through. History 3M BA you had the symbol you can we we've Andrew ball who is not hurt. Are in college -- although had a certainly Hatcher Caribbean injured here in the MBA pitchers seem to be so many big -- and get hurt and often injured in the MBA now you have a kid. Come in and with some issues are how concerned are you about there with there. -- -- -- today but hopefully hopefully that you get some clarification on that and that as you move forward over the next few weeks. That. You know we can we can get information. Regarding him medically you know maybe even -- fact to have our all the doctors -- not only you know get information and allies but actually -- -- -- Put their hands on him that I'm not sure how the whole process is going to go how it's gonna play itself well for -- are -- other teams and have an interest in a player like that that's. You know we have to be comfortable we have to be comfortable that that when we draft a player like that that. -- we -- we deem him. Healthy to have a long NBA career. Yeah John this little long thought -- question well I think that -- think that they're different. If you don't I think hasn't -- you don't want to it where -- us -- us some. Credit dull wouldn't want to answer now but just some to think about. If you've -- -- start building through the draft. Is Laird jewel of the -- moving forward. To do that to develop the young players or is something that you -- owners really have been. Sat out and made that decision and evaluated that process yet. But I think I think that. It's you know we haven't talked about their feelings about a lot of things within the organization athletic although he's gonna -- is -- -- -- but good enough for me John and we -- here on the Wendy's big show job when you're sitting there last night obviously you're hoping for number one but. Does getting number to take some of the pressure off you did you feel weight lifted off your shoulders because some of the decision is now made for you with one guy being taken off the board. Yes beyond that they don't look TTP. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and as you talk about it'll be optimal position of strength. Is going to be at one. Next closest to do it -- to you know to have more strength in -- draft has three and four and five and six. The -- have one team in the entire draft has a little more strength -- and that's one and look I still think you look at this draft -- admitted earlier today. -- -- did last night's lottery affect that are drafted anyway and my response to that wasn't. I think there's you know -- you talk about 88. -- -- Four top grouping top tier guys in this draft. -- I don't think like Cleveland going to war and I'm going to do affected probably what's gonna happen at three or more. They'll continue to probably work themselves out and -- and -- some kind of natural process anyway so. It -- it didn't today. -- gonna make a pick and we're gonna make our pick it's a great thing about Vinatieri were were gonna get a very very good player. You know John when you look at his Bucs roster after aware it was last year and some of the young players that you've picked over the the course of time and how they've continued to develop -- one guy that is. I don't know I don't know a mystery I think to fans. Maybe to media alike and it is far as how the coaches utilize them. I think is John Henson at this point because I think everybody -- John entails -- -- and you play more minutes when he's out there he's productive. And now we saw some time -- center is well how do you envision him growing into what role going -- where this roster. -- -- -- I I do with that wind when you start -- question exactly where you're gonna go I knew I was going to be. Because he he is he is that in big enough for us also to a certain extent and look what I think it's all on John Henson. You know that John Hinson had to put himself in a position to -- you know what nothing is more important to -- -- -- in a good player -- BA. Nothing is more important to meet him and helped Milwaukee Bucks become a championship caliber team and -- in the hand and as he develops that kind of mindset. I mean John has amazing potential he has -- made -- upside you know his ability. You know it's pretty and basically. He didn't. Athletes more competitively talk -- -- a double double he can tighten garden -- did you you know ten -- -- ten rebounds. Almost said he and his ability to block shots -- but you know John has a part of him that I think it's it's it's distant all the camps never wanted if he can be is gonna -- -- 22 from a return standpoint to do all he can do to get himself ready to play for the strength standpoint and that. I understand as a part of it some time with the that the agency. Civic logical. Genetic part of people at times -- but that -- may not come out as quickly as we -- -- he -- but it's gonna -- actually at some point. But I think he's got to be committed to do their but he can't get that development at that might let's say that. I I could be a pretty special plate I didn't want to be that guy. Know -- we ever had -- in -- actually I have -- -- reward one would be. Yeah the elephant in the room -- it is. Larry Sanders or what are we gonna do with him I mean -- does it matter -- of maturity with him or you know how how -- developed. Himself further in his best years all the way around basketball court in -- off the basketball court. Yet -- it is it's it's it's not appreciate the comment on on and and I'm. On the court but to me I think the on the court. Part basically it's there it's already there -- Larry got to continue to do what kind of opened a person. To do to be like you know we are patient's still in a lot of us have -- -- that that that. That we're dealing with his -- just a little more visible than than most because of speed -- what he does for a living and and and and getting -- -- have occurred with him that. You know on the court. But I really have no concerns whatsoever you know you look at Larry Sanders he had he came back -- after he had an off court is you've been self inflicted wounds. That that we came back and in you're talking about -- -- games and -- -- swing just before he got hurt with what you got fortunate freak accident. When he -- Harden eligible. -- he had a broken orbital bone that regularly think about before that get a ten game how to stretch where he was averaging I think that it. Don't hold me to the numbers are basically like. Eleven point -- Nine rebounds. A block and a half and -- steal. Five games before governor -- tip it you could see -- it's coming you'd just start to come iriki got -- thirteen points eleven rebounds per game. They almost two blocks and a steal and -- -- I ironic that that the -- as a player and it in the league Joakim Noah. This year every I believe thirteen points eleven rebounds. A block and African -- the deal I mean Larry has those kind of numbers he can do that -- there for him to do you know I think. He knew he can he's become more consistently on all president of or take himself out often -- -- and get -- Now the other part is you know we got to continue to work with Larry helped Larry. Help them continue to put himself in position where he can be on the floor and be an effective player. And it -- is a worker pockets for him but he's working towards -- we got to continue to support him. Our last one for me here John. Let's say Cleveland take our Jabari Parker -- the first period we utility -- that it. I don't know yet what I'm. Yeah. I did it just took. Our kids overdose can drag -- contract and is Bucs GM job to have and I guess for the last few minutes here on the Wendy's big -- again John and they're very busy man -- appreciate a few minutes and car about for us here on the big show. Speed I would you guys always enjoyed thanks so much. -- -- -- enjoy in this on the great midwest bank hotline turn the key with GMB now through July 2 looking to buy or refinance a home. 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