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05/30/14: The Wendy's Big Show 5PM Hour

May 30, 2014|

The Big Show replays their inteview with Bucks Co-Owner Marc Lasry and gets your reactions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Enron even -- -- -- -- for three hours. I -- crashed and burned. It's time for the guys to reset the big topics from today's big show and let you. Did a lame presented by the legendary Great Lakes dragway in union grove Wisconsin. Race fans think -- -- is open for business for razors and spectators -- plug on the Great Lakes dragway dot com for more information. Like our of the Wendy's big show. Running back -- Steve Sparky Phifer to Packers yeah trailers and LeRoy Butler normally I'd go through the holes -- of -- -- at -- earlier on the show you want to chime in on the Nevin -- you don't have the same -- he's got a big -- discussed on the big show all that stupid crap that I do every day. -- I thought. We just get through it only today we know a lot of you folks to get bigger -- you leave it work you maybe mr. interview. With new bucks owner mark last three which was in the 2 o'clock -- sat down with the -- to show just about a half hour from two until 230 so for those of you. Who maybe -- catch some of it didn't catch all of it we bring you that now start off the conversation by asking about that event they -- at last night. In downtown Milwaukee they got a chance to meet some bucks fans and and mingle with the people of Milwaukee for the first time. Where their like -- -- rock stars here is there are interview with mark glad through the new bucks owner right here on the Wendy's big show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was a little it's a real mean and normally don't walk into -- bar. And have 400 people -- in Iraq starts I don't know yeah. Normally do or not I don't know document that sound -- yet it was it was a -- it was great. It was actually kind of fun because literally every single person we met. Had their views on who should pick. Who and what I should be doing so I think -- -- 400 different opinions. That he was actually really nice. All the one thing that we've heard a lot of Michelle I think everybody wants Parker Wiggins not many like Joseph and indeed I think is the consensus at least amongst the people there has has been able illicit. But one -- I got close to me right away that somebody -- mean askew I thought it was a good question was. How do you take the box which is maybe more regional brand right now and make it more of a state wide brand like the Brewers are like the Packers. They're -- that's going to be the challenge -- a part of that. I think we'll get there. But give the team is doing well people come and then people wanna be associated with a winning team so I think it -- -- really that hard to do. But a lot of that is gonna start -- -- word in our view is we're gonna try to do this over the next five years. -- is continue to build the team grow the team. I think we've if we had the ability to just play in the MBA. And the only people who could play were 23 and under -- they would win the championship serve as we've got the best between three and under team. But that's not the way it works so I think we've gotten over the course -- years will be able to really build a team. You said he talked the owner of the Milwaukee -- and I've had conversations. When you're just a fan coming in -- then do you go about evaluating the job a general managers doing the job -- head coach is doing if you haven't been in this. -- you are just a fan and I think -- once you become an owner. You -- -- recognizing that there's a lot obviously a lot of more different things you need to do on the business side on the basketball side. I think right now our -- is our biggest concern our biggest focus is really over the next thirty days is who were gonna draft. From -- -- we're lucky in that. You know -- -- went to lottery. Knowing I was doing was saying please I don't want to have number four that's what -- -- I don't know the -- -- just -- -- same thing I was I was like god please don't let's start off with number four. And if -- and then once you saw that you weren't number four. You know I certainly going to -- -- well -- were number three you know the -- we previous three and that's fine you know possess three great guys come and then when the semi Sixers got picked. And you saw your -- -- like oh my god I think we really gonna win you know we're gonna number one in the megabucks the -- as like pastel you know I was still really pumped. Was there tinge of disappointment there when you when you start thinking oh we got what at that yet it up it to -- -- just yeah it's a little there there was I mean obviously there was you'd like to be the one who makes that decision right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Umps but once we -- when she knew you were one of the top two was great. Speaking -- there and make -- decisions Jon Hamm is is still in charge. And -- over forty years ago it's going to be in charge or pick and a draft pick and if so how long you -- average arms being in our with a more people are. I think we're gonna work come -- John's got released from everything we've seen has got you know he's won a championship with Detroit. -- I think over the course you know we're gonna work pretty closely -- John over the course next thirty days. In understanding you know how John thinks and sort of who we should be pitching so I I think for us it's actually going to be a pretty interest -- process. You -- -- -- -- there and Larry -- I was also in returning is easy things situation is -- -- -- areas I mean I think -- was a bit unlucky last year. Obviously a lot of the players got hurt. -- and you know that the good news for us. Is -- I have a -- a game yet. Here it's. So we have -- -- -- game -- so I think until like two over from there they would spray. Yeah a lot of his. And depend on who were able to get. And you know the team -- -- going to be able to put forward together I'm gonna text messages from her cronies they want to take it over back to lose two of it was sold -- -- ability. Yeah. That's a billion. I -- think about the NBA that kind of market -- from you guys 550 ish right stood two billion dollars I mean. -- incredible arm is unbelievable I'd -- I think it's mind boggling and tell you when we bought the team. Right after -- bought a lot of my friends her -- you sort of bump into you know was saying. Where were you thinking -- -- that's an astronomical amount of money. And here we thought. We paid a fair price and and obviously because we and they're buying the team. I think when the Clippers. You know I was hearing is going to be around a billion and a -- hearing about a 1000000005 minutes. You know somebody -- -- image paid you billions in the league now that's insane. You know the only I can tell you is. I'm thrilled to -- 550. How how was it would be the senator -- -- we have reports he was knew without a people are negotiating but he did more to team to be moving -- has agreed to keep -- team and I think that was a big part of the year I think for us. You know to be blunt. You were obviously coming in from new York and -- he was actually pretty important. From we had no interest in moving -- -- mean I think we're telling senator we told them from from day one. We didn't want to move -- team we weren't going to be moving -- team our view was the year we wanted to come to the games monetary part of the community we wanted to be here. So if we were -- You know we were gonna be here. And we were going anywhere else and I and I think the the senator got comfortable with that I think some of the other folks having Steve -- was when -- got -- who actually. -- was involved and I think in the beginning. My understanding and I may be wrong was at -- been more than we did. -- but I think his interest was in moving the team you know maybe in his Seattle area you -- yeah. But I think that's that's great about because the -- fans here we love his ten. And we play together keep. Manager and part of the whole equation of keeping the bucks here is a new arena which unions and -- seasons have talked about planning that's one of many questions that we still have the bucks owner mark Landry we got hit a quick break we M for one more segment. Right after this is some -- makes on the beer -- Wendy's big show running back off -- Sparky Phifer and are pair former Packers -- -- and LeRoy Butler and a very special in studio guest. He bucks owner mark last -- with us for one more segment here and mark who we talked a little bit before the break about getting a new arena and keeping the Milwaukee Bucks in town. I've also heard you talk about been getting more investors involved with the Milwaukee Bucks. Does does being an investor in the team come with kicking in a little something towards a new arena to that. Get as little public funding involved in this thing as possible. Alone yet does -- I think no -- tonight. Have committed there we were gonna also put in about a hundred million right so thank you by the way on behalf of Milwaukee here. How much if at all given how much did it and I got it -- you began presenting Iguodala yeah it's probably a ticket. Yeah yeah I've been doing for you and -- New -- -- can. -- another -- of -- yeah. It's but. You know one of the reason we -- actually some local investors. Is because we are we do live in New York I'm wanna have some local guys. People who are part of the community you can help us in getting things moving so. We've been talking -- number of local folks and I think by the time. You know that we end -- -- -- draft will be -- -- will be able to announce -- all the local guys -- Mark about the wrong in saying that in a perfect world for you guys. That if you -- fondness your cells without any public money it probably works out year -- did you control all the revenue for all the concerts everything that comes in the front door. While -- -- if there's public money involved that doesn't work the same one. And I think it's different I think it's alone. I'd love to be able to tell you we could put up all the money -- very utes. Shockingly undermines the tremendous amount from zero. Yes I don't have to go to me there -- I bogeyed -- final you don't see you. Soon it is stated millions. You -- -- to do there. And I think part of this whole thing is you are gonna have like concert you'll be able to do a lot of things and well we'd like it to -- you to be is hopefully a whole community effort and try to get this thing done. Mom and get it done you know try to get something over the course of next year we'd like -- -- on the ground if we could and I'm sometime between June or September of next year. You know. I've been screaming and air about this and you don't take same line as me but. I've been -- for Marquette to stand up and do something here and they a lot of money Marquette their money boosters the whole deal. And meanwhile senator -- this whole time and -- you guys have been the face of this project but there are other people that are gonna play on the stadium. That can throw some money -- this to help the state and get -- and I said it before if I were you. I -- -- market either you donate ax or you can go play in the US -- or one of the other stadiums. Yes because they have the money to donate and you have a lever to say and I've got to cash step -- I'm not gonna treat you just like another tournament. So they will price start off by asking -- Yeah yeah yeah. It's pathetic that this is I don't know when he's not sure Florida or there aren't there just god yeah I don't know how one or the other and it -- last. And I know that is truly -- one of the big things are mostly due to we've been talking -- show that there's really not a stadium in. No one wants to be texting right artistry and had a tough time passing Miller Park -- -- where there. And so market what -- that being said we also heard maybe within three years if that does not happen the league war by the team back from you guys is that true. It it is when we were doing the deal. It was very important to the MBA that you have an NBA arena. You know that is and up to -- arena. So one and things. They wanted in that agreement is the ability that if we did not have. A new arena. They have the right to take the team back. What about when is -- -- I I think it's appropriate for you know three or four years and here I mean if they see look if we were little relating get it started. I think they're gonna as long as there is using best efforts her praise offering good faith in your seeing the Arenas -- bill. And I think the NBA would give us more time. The -- is that if we haven't been able to get this process going in if we're not you know building the arena. The NBA has the right to move it. What are some of the amenities that you want in their new arena. Then maybe I know you've been in the -- press and are anywhere slow things you want to make shore are definitely a part of this -- -- But one of the things I think there would be great is you wanna have been an area where. I think for whether it's fans local business guys. Local business people to be able to come in. And to congregate. And to talk to each other I mean I think it's actually. One things I found that sort of -- Madison Square Garden which has been great. -- you get to you know you go before the game you bump into everybody you get to talk to -- there's there's an area where everybody. Is able to eat and talk and I I didn't see that at the Bradley Center -- when you sort of go to some of the best arena is out there -- you see that there's much more. Inability to sort of be with you know more people. I think there's a lot of different things -- four Arenas that are going to be bill. I mean there's 1 in Sacramento this morning Golden State. -- in Las Vegas and obviously ours on our ideas try to get the pass I mean what -- and -- do is. Go and try to visit as many Arenas as we can to try to get -- some of the best ideas and and Jessica loves that I'd love to have that I'd love that. You know you don't promise -- as the price thank you should earth you know so. There -- -- -- can around that'd be chemical to ever retractable roof for our arena. Other -- played in the winter yeah. Going. You know for a concert -- closed the deal to open it up but it's the good there's going to be costs elements every minute so mustn't. Oh -- project -- Have you thought about maybe foot time and you wanted to show in the dirt. -- -- -- -- maybe renovating. That's a power to may be making that up to -- -- has to be don't know not put the BC down anymore Hairston. Well maybe renovating -- time cruised. I don't know -- -- would do they give him back from you guys if they may move I don't know. Have you maybe renovating well. What I've heard and there's been a bunch of studies that have done is in that end up renovating that arena. Was gonna cost somewhere around threw 200 million dollars you know so that's a huge amount of money. -- of doing in which you've really done -- -- brought it up it is like this. Reed arena you -- but -- that you spent about 200 million dollars to do I think that's one of things are gonna look at. From my understanding is that the cost of that is really two great you know what would be either costs over new arena a -- I ID the calls are near Reno as they were two and 35450. -- -- -- more than a retractable roof though it's mop. I -- tell you it's. You know. Yeah. I don't know -- -- cannot therefore where we've already got 200 -- differently and you -- you know to go away. McGriff look if you really think about it with senator cold it was really the -- was exceptionally generous but yeah absolutely -- -- -- for somebody give a hundred million dollars. And he's he's literally a civic leader I I haven't seen it that -- -- of saying here's a hundred million no strings attached you know and so it's actually. You know that that was one of the reasons you know when he ended up during the and he asked us. In Nam it was a look we -- when -- when we -- are gonna put it in -- -- happy to match that. -- talked about records it's gonna talk about location for a new arena here as urban is Kirk does a lot you were are short talk -- -- -- where -- wanted to -- or. It's terribly down into a -- have you thought about location. Yeah we we. We've looked at a lot of different locations you know you sort of look there were right behind the arena you -- -- -- -- vacant. Lots of land bombs. I think part of -- -- you -- Aussie. You know the older -- that was there and sort of the theater. I think a lot of is really working -- was sort of -- -- officials and trying to figure out okay what can we do and how can we do it and it -- what's the quickest amount of time. Talk with new bucks owner mark glad three for a few more minutes here on the Wendy's big show in studio with us till about 230. Mark we asked folks yesterday what questions they would have for the new -- owners if they got to -- in studio with them. One that I thought was real good I know you've only officially been on the job for not even two weeks now but. They they wanted to know what style of owner you would be I saw bomb Steve Ballmer referred to. This morning on ESPN or his his purchase of the Clippers referred to as a toy for him that's why he'd be willing to spend. Two billion dollars -- has its its something he can play with that might be overpriced. You have the Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones of the -- you have the more hands off guys what style Boehner do you -- you guys being. Again I think we're gonna be. We're going to be in the middle. Between mark and -- -- -- somebody who is hands off but for us some. The reason we did this is we actually can I love basketball right I mean I've I've played it since I was a kid. You know you too ignorant and. -- that there is there -- -- now I can't figure out judge -- and gives you a hard time finding a limited. He's taken it off. There aren't -- good guy public I think I could have played in the MBA is if I was any good and I'm not. Yeah I. Was doing dishes and -- good. I love the game along and I want to be involved I wanna be involved in decisions that like to know what's going on. You know your fan. The thing we've got to be careful of is that we are fans and there -- not professionals so but -- we are gonna end up on trying to get involved and get active. You know the one thing that I think Bucs fans have gone -- crazy over. Over the old regime is this philosophy of we need to get in the class ever even if it's just the -- seem to come around 500 year in and year out that's kind of what the goal is there. There's been such a growing contingent of fans that say no let's not do that -- -- -- what Philly did which is Terry I doubt they'll did you through the draft and gold that wake and the draft and develop. A way of doing things do you guys is an ownership group have an idea how you'd like to see it done. Look absolutely. Yeah I I didn't bills. You know my business. Try to be mediocre. Right and I don't think anybody should I think you try to be the best and if you're the best dom in at least from what I do you people invest review. I think when we're looking at the box it's how do you build a championship team and that's the goal are and how you build a team how do you get there. And it's not a year long process I think it's definitely it's gonna take us three to five years. But that's how you gonna do it and I you know I know Josh Harris really well to 76ers. It's hard to do make as you've got a huge amount of pressure on you. And but I think you know I hope the people here Milwaukee if we -- look here's our planned here's what we're doing. And you know come along and do this -- us let's have it as a partnership and let's do but I think it's going to be a three year process it's going to be through the draft. You're going to get the players and then as we get those players will bring in other players but we're happy to spend the money. The and you know -- wanna spend the money to build a championship team not to build an eight seed. Another thing has come up and I think it's very minute but everybody seems to want to keep talking about it is and that is. The Jersey colors and what they're not the new ownership group will bring in their own stamp them their own and the -- color that's the question we got more than and any question normally a spokesman suggestions was -- they plan on changing the color scheme in the uniforms. I -- there were -- looking at doing that. OK yeah. Yeah. I don't think people are off. I think it doesn't need a little bit of -- partner I would tell you the biggest issue which as -- Utterly pissed me off is. There's no gear as you know it -- I'm trying to get -- -- younger Bradley sacked. At the Bradley Center section really nice but if you go to the NBA store if you can't get it. You can't you can't get anything every time I I went to go get stuff for friend's mom you know friends -- -- even the -- get caught up so I actually went police are not Iowa yesterday. To the Bradley Center to get -- gear and you have to bring back to New York. So -- I think -- absolutely right I mean we look there's a lot of things we need to do and we're gonna do it. You know just give us a little time but you're gonna see a whole bunch of change -- And are around Australia because most if you look I don't know if you've been vignette about. -- -- just went through huge renovation and those one of the things they're talking about they wanna make history among all inclusive or restaurants. A hall of -- Our pro shop you know in and build it up and make -- more of Jets you know coming to a ball game of the catchers typically like either. If we we are dream that's exact who we want to be able to do I mean if you sort of look at it. For those of you ever in LA you know if you look at Staples Center guests you know -- stable senator beforehand you know that that wasn't one of the best areas and LA and they've turned that into an area -- people wanna be. I think what we're going to try to do is actually you know devolved a real state around there this should be. And abilities -- to sort of bring about a huge amount -- change tomorrow walking. But create a lot of which are talking about because if you have that the New -- you wanna go to the game you know it's a whole experience. And you need more the surrounding area to be part of that so I totally agree with the. Mark real quick and you -- run you have other engagements to get to today I have to ask you one thing or my dad is gonna kill me chills I don't you're your family immigrated from Morocco -- my parents immigrated from the Middle East -- I told my dad. I was interviewing a billionaire from Morocco. He said ask him if he knows -- -- to let -- -- and cement Rocco -- and Matt Lucifer maroth. Now -- seven and I -- -- Words like it and -- it was Hillary is -- -- -- merit off. Yeah. Yeah. I know him anything at all did you talk to his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Under mark glad to be our guest here on the Wendy's big -- for just about a half hour mark in year you're very -- -- it's early last -- and we appreciated here -- the -- they just 1250 secular government that's our conversation earlier this afternoon with -- bucks owner. Mark last three if you missed it to -- missed it -- -- -- wrong tree gave me two chances to listen to it. -- -- another chance at Sports Radio 1250. Dot com and he mentioned the retractable roof you're talking about a while that interview was being played back. If they make the playoffs and make a deep run into the playoffs you can open that -- have four playoff games this time it look how beautiful it is outsider and now it just opens up so many different things yelling on the at a monster truck -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know analysis weather is good for baseball and -- This week and is a perfect time to enjoy delicious fruit from an old time butcher -- you know did that. Robert's best team meets the sounds of summer only get better when here at hand cut -- on stage. Recently got your patio -- made better. When you -- it up for your family friends and if you're tailgating at Miller Park Roberts has a winning double play nomination. Their legendary ribs -- mistake you LeRoy tender as -- -- love. But this new year marinated chicken skewers in barbecue garlic parmesan and this week. Sun dried tomato -- leverage that -- yet they keep coming out these new flavors and we have to go out there and make -- flavor to truly delicious and easy to heat up and just minutes even a Cubs fan like me. We'll celebrate -- one of Roberts thirty types of homemade sausages and -- for your enjoyment. -- Roberts today at 262. 549 meters or -- our -- and when he saw me and I just read what they rent a car and -- I had a fresh -- -- daily cherry wood smoke they've kicked the perfect respecting. He checked about a about it roberts' best he meets -- shot dot com for more info money saving coupons for the estimates it's Robert's best he meets your home. Town butchers Sparky is back from vacation -- -- and feeling right Sparky. No movement on goal and oh yeah. Yards I don't know -- -- like an old man in the Wendy's big isn't it. Yeah. We like a week ago my sister moved out of an apartment and so you know as one Big Brother went over -- and we have another Brothers and he showed up in the my parents are there and -- and -- chip and and with the -- Move and my dad and I got into the bedroom and started moving my sister's bad out from the wall. Right away we discover a large pile of empty -- -- On the floor yeah. Like having your dad -- my dad -- got -- on its like it's not even like just -- you know a little pie it's like a huge pile up until now. I don't know -- yeah. More than you ever -- one of my left us and I. Listen this is -- my parents. Everybody's right there under threatening us today is -- -- finally look out of my views. -- -- seems happy. What do you think -- That was just tell you -- -- the -- -- tomorrow. Out of the cavity cafe tickets and showtime that Milwaukee's county cafe dot com or 271 joke here that full interview. At Sports Radio 1250 dot com he's out there with Adam today. And the and see this weekend what are my favorites on the local scene Jason helmets -- -- out get your tickets Milwaukee's comedy cafe dot com or 271. Joke Sparky we bench before the break -- back from your vacation. Left in -- and I. It's that indicated actual I'm a huge T bone he didn't know how did get Tebow did you live in college there's not a Bedard now for -- -- on -- hole. -- said does that mean Lowe -- -- -- So you don't -- like the indoor water -- right -- you know -- -- -- now some of these indoor water park tabbed as one ride. Mom called the hurricane Gloria -- Barrett -- So I don't want and we -- it. Yeah yeah everybody there's thirst for -- -- -- big drought so you get into those like big circular raft and you go down it's kind of dark. I think you -- this huge drop and you -- spinning into this huge circular thing you're just sliding from one side -- the other like a big saucer type radio news. And and you have a couple more turns and boom you're in the pool. Very scary yes I would agree is -- specially the first time you don't know what's about to happen to -- your first time we had never had never been I didn't know what was about. Just a -- that's all we knew regardless all. Oh overalls hole we'd get it -- -- right. About it a couple times -- no big deal. But time -- we get out and guards that are in the pool where you lie and didn't pick a hell be over the -- over the stairs so everybody can kind of climb out. So I'm right upstairs so public and how often to -- off well I want to hop off. And slid right off and -- a backward somersault off. The -- my life came down here besides the pool might doubles they're great on the bottom of the pool. Right it was an -- ready right. What are the whole the whole deal you take. It's terrifying -- I'd probably zone you to realize nothing and worlds -- probably happens -- admits Ozzie after the buzzer that problems you survive this life threatening moment right. And that's when you attack boards to resolve a row so I bust my knee -- -- -- -- doing that right so I get back up we continue loud today no big deal. So that everybody sides at the blitzer we stayed -- had this huge large indoor what is poll I didn't go to -- -- I know wade -- I was really small almost drowned and I was like 89 years old -- scary enough I will not -- back into -- so we decided to -- so not able to the -- for in the tunes in -- and everybody's and attitudes out there clarify. The second it would do the wave pool the youngest decided he wanted team anymore he won his -- their members wave and go out that's yeah that's right yeah. So I want to Madonna managed to beat just like it's -- no I don't. You can't snow yet know what you're about to -- wants to do it. -- -- -- -- I'll go but I'm gonna -- so I go on fourth -- I started I turned thirty in on Tuesday this was a bad idea. Walking out there and these -- -- -- actually yeah right. As -- -- I'm kind of shielding him employment away -- crashing into like my side tell you give up and other people to plummet ought to be able to Russia. So will all play out there or whatever no big deal -- side. Hurts so much I feel like somebody beat you with a baseball bat and my -- right now. I couldn't sleep that repeated -- yeah -- -- -- -- -- Matt couldn't get comfortable at my whole. Out of my body just aches right now not -- -- -- I -- -- as a god he -- I'm gonna dampening any -- stronger. Hockey into don't you DL -- and swinging and that. Now I can't get it -- remodeled Peter in bad beat and battered that you know the whole -- started Wednesday when it seem -- hard -- he'd. -- -- -- -- All the whole effort out one thing that we take this Auburn don't -- -- sure right. So he did you do but which is culture whatever right different -- -- and you walk through like. On -- through this area whatever else it is all these rocks and whatever. Eagle economic well gators next and here -- -- their fifty minutes and walked back to the ball. Down a boat and we're gonna continue on but the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A long. Time ago on backed by the -- stance. So I go to the girl whose -- honest guys next year and I -- -- I go hang my sunglasses back by the snack stand there and both pull away. She's like okay so she goes out gets -- -- -- he's up there with the captain but it how we got done. They had that disaster is what we're doing -- -- -- we're gonna go on the -- To -- right. And that was last those balls -- what five it's like five to five at least -- arm back from the upper upper -- boat tour yet. The captain calls the guy run and the ducks to work says don't -- I'm setting you for. And were gonna bring his sunglasses to you so we -- -- Bobby get on their so we can get to the ducks until what after five bulls' poor -- -- all bowl other than lower -- Had to sit there and what it. Brooks is show up and I didn't want there when I played like you know what that looked as writer ego boost -- give -- my sunglasses got sunglasses and everybody at Miller. Apart out -- -- let -- not Ariza and -- -- try it I got us. If I don't was the sunglasses and we don't make the -- ride because we have been like you -- to mentally gonzo it all worked on in the N. And you wonder why I -- you -- from a goat to hero. Don't want to aid and not sure if I really wanna have kids is -- -- doing. Crazy -- and I'll just say no I don't look -- you like -- you know I realized so it's kind of like the fountain of youth because they don't let you get old power pitcher 'cause we don't know whenever you're doing well let me get my eyes you know I've been on all these years yes I'm never gonna do that. When you not -- -- let's get old you mean like they're gonna kill you before you get called because that might happen that athletes as a possible but he. See Logan -- -- -- miss balls -- quiet does it state when I take my vacation time and just stay in the basement. Dude you really like a lot of these lot of rides now Damien McDowell there's a lot rather a lot of fun. Dog never took me into wave when you marry. Oh boy -- daughter own books do you own ward she's eighteen and in high school man and man she's all high school -- -- years lets you know was eager volunteers all good idea and -- that you -- trust and love letters now to turn. You know one -- and -- -- -- prisoner -- I don't know she's way too Smart round. -- -- Today I believe I know most of you I can't -- -- -- that point 000 -- really know how. -- -- -- -- You've got what you stay out there -- I'm not yeah I tell the world Jewish. It was it was 03 avoids others -- very pointed -- -- -- -- zeros after my freshman year. And I graduated with two important and I know -- to get a rebound how do you get a point 03 and a whole year. America you don't you don't think you can ever make -- got a little who is there's -- mantle of everybody why why waste the postage on a point zero. Our graduate with just try and men you know I -- not a big -- and ran a big hug you know located got my dream job. How many. He had -- Dmitri is more cold and -- and they get Tracy Morgan to. Radio. Yeah I know what the struggle golf while running -- of American. Equipment -- probably I don't buy it for a while wide. I would do after. -- game like as well. Well suited me about it I haven't I haven't they Tracy Morgan I appreciate it created a great breaker the other side here's some your comments from our heritage in the status update as you wrap up the when he speaks on Friday. Didn't you yeah. And it's just missed. What he's -- just felt a lot of pressure on Sports Radio -- -- fifty WS asked me -- Sparky but running Mack bought packed a hall of Famer. -- Butler if you are -- -- someplace to take your car to get -- like I am with Mikey dark. Usually going to watch Jerry now about a care association website M I LWCAA. Are dot time. -- which are repair shop is closest either is able one is bound. To be closest to your house and those -- the guys that you can trust why because they have ASE certified technicians are the pros pros. Duke they only use -- -- parts which is also very good thank. Michael and M I LWC a are bad timing do you find you're just got to coupons for different services and -- but you may get done there whether that's an oil change transmission -- Maybe needs a new tires you need to tires rotated check. And -- designed he'd get that taken care if they do it all -- I LWC. AA our dot com blocked he's area Napa auto -- CIA. How hot Clinton -- -- -- rookie contract to go Packers yesterday that wasn't the only contract he signed. Legends of the field is excited today that they have signed how hot Clinton -- -- an exclusive athlete he joins Ryan brawn and Clay Matthews. In that class you can -- legends of the field dot com for more info regarding upcoming signings so apparent it for -- -- -- good -- -- the field it's -- -- -- text from makes them -- says -- all that stuff dork county equals less drama -- Dallas and I like -- and I like -- -- to work -- is more on -- -- I -- kids I think kids get bored in door county but yet there's just some light years -- libraries and -- you can do miniature golf in the in the -- and -- county and stuff. And do they have indoor water park hotels up there. Brodeur Narnia. I don't know -- -- thanks tension I don't I don't know. So knowledgeable in the right to register or not bad at their face if they get bored is that black and say here and that isn't their parenting I can stay here and do that -- some bad journalism and and I -- -- -- -- -- -- only thing tougher than. Hiding behind your own head hiding behind a FaceBook comments some of these people -- pretty horrendous extra -- and that's exactly what the 1250 FaceBook pages full talking about. Taking the entire social experience of college. And putting it on line in all seriousness we know you can always call so let's look at -- 1250 FaceBook page and see what's on your. All right it's called the status update. We do it every day here in the Wendy's big Jonas brought you every day by Quaker steak and -- you -- -- need to book your graduation party for this weekend. If you haven't already and get it when he five dollar gift card for the grad. Also get some wings to go for tailgating at the ballpark -- had picked him up at -- we go to go drive up window. And if it's rain and eat well and stay dry heat -- in your car if it's nice out they'll -- -- the sauce on side. And he just toss them in the bucket with the solace if there are those on the grill to warm up a little Chara those bad boys -- Quaker steak and -- A New Berlin -- find find sponsors of the status update here. On the Wendy's big show and earlier we talked with bucks owner mark -- -- -- his first sports talk radio interview from two to 230. Right here on the Wendy's big shown folks like prepared for mr. Landry Troy saying. Was linked to this guy is refreshing. I'm drinking the Kool -- love this guy what this team -- of this town. Jeffrey says mr. Landry has me excited once again to be a Bucs fan after that interview. You all conducted today the Milwaukee Bucks are in good hands and -- says mr. last three win. Are you going to fire the front office GM and coach what's -- some sort of hope and belief. When -- in mr. eat in state you want to bring a championship to this city. Not with this regime will that occurs there you need to bring in your own reinforcements. -- not everybody be positive about it. -- -- -- You can't argue when he -- -- a much championships. Just can't argue it right there waiting to hear that from any team in this state -- -- about winning championships whether that's national championships in college. For more college basketball or winning you know world championships in professional sport that's. That is what you're looking for and that is -- he is talking about and he talked about L-3 a five year plan kind of that's where we're at right trying to get this thing. You know turn -- next year trying to fight for eight when he sat -- not a -- been mediocre you don't get to where I you know I try to be mediocre. When he's. All let's go win. Andre just on our fans are going Tyrone managers don't normally -- we -- and -- he's an hour. Hour and a these championships is actually do what is -- -- out there and practicing behind you how I'm not gonna say it like you said it McLellan I'll say yeah. On. -- I was I looked over at you when he said that normally look at the person I was talking to that's proper radio etiquette you won't be ready -- in general. -- -- -- I looked at you and he -- I thought -- like go across -- the council and -- -- mature very reserved while we're talking to mark Leslie there's not really anything other than him not wanted to step -- Marquette thank -- other than that and I want everything he really have a say in the gray each and every bit of that he was really good and. Dario very thoughtful. He was it like -- A PR firm. Prepared him statements he talked you know from our enemies in you know was gonna even talk about his. As -- global basketball and even playing in this sport right so that makes sense does YouTube video that other night I can't find it the real quick you have to we asked him. About. Two billion dollars them his friends and basically. And -- I'm just a million you know. And then the man. Got the last -- amazed at restated -- team and we got to put a good -- question when Ballmer offered more. You know to get it but he eventually gotten. -- spent two billion dollars the most out of new -- it's -- -- you know that's that's a hobby that's not cared about described it they asked they asked -- about why he would pay this much money for a for a franchise does seem like he's overpaying. -- -- said he probably knows he overpaid but this isn't a business venture for him he's Rich Hill he has more money than he'll ever be able to spend and -- -- don't -- -- west recreational. He's bought this team to -- everybody wanted to and -- the -- -- dangerous I. I don't know if I'd go that way. He gets his own arena takes all the revenue on that he had to new TV deal Tom Warner takes all the money -- back did you make all this money back you'll see. I'm sure he can you know so yeah he's out there already got because of some guy get out of Staples Center regulars they've done things to mark last year -- and at a McKelvey -- outsider if you missed either of those interviews they're up like at Sports Radio you're the lottery -- he can have a dot com still to come tonight here on 1215 the easy part and that shows next pitcher ready for Brewers and Cubs themselves and after the last pitch I -- -- the last pitch you make the switch to there -- baseball post game shows Sparky back. Alongside Tim Allen and hopefully while I can't say hopefully but probably. Talking about a Brewers win. What are you likely more than likely Ellison leaves -- -- -- last -- sorry to LeRoy Gary might Clemens Judge Joe Brown were obvious and thanks for listening. Well I don't do it.