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06/06/14: Gery Woelfel joins Bill Michaels

Jun 6, 2014|

Bill is joined by Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times to talk NBA and the Milwaukee Bucks. Who will the Bucks draft with the second round pick? Does Gery believe Giannis is potential NBA superstar? How far away is the East from being competitive?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna go home bigger picture America and Gary you you have cooler bathroom series so. It's Kelly played in San Antonio so you you know going to a cooler place I was gonna say have you ever seen anything like that. You know what I have. When the Celtics put the Pistons back in the old Boston Garden right effect on the way appearance talking to my friend -- series you -- -- -- -- So we're -- -- -- American Kara station about the -- dilemma last night. And he said that when they played in that series in the Boston garden and the NBA had a rule that all the coaches had a where -- suit coats okay. He said it's ninety degrees or or hotter day. In -- daily remember checked -- -- -- -- used to I went through everything I mean he was like the master Dresser just impeccably drills before we're Pat Riley. -- he was Riley threw for Riley he looked more like John Gotti on the sideline -- exactly yeah exactly. And he said the coach said hey check let's just take the finding your -- off to those no were not gonna do you know cassette wanted to be on TV right base. 5000 dollar suits and the whole bit now. And Dick was saying after it was over he said literally you could go into the locker room in warning the Colts in the water perspiration of tomorrow -- was an L -- Now was what were the rumors of Red Auerbach doing stuff like this where he did you know address what a team outer tinker with. Heating and air conditioning in the -- -- old Boston Garden was at all true or is this just all I. The level was true I mean he would never ever you know acknowledged that. -- the Celtics always prided themselves on conditioning that they were the best conditioned team you know in the NBA. So it felt a you know we can handle heat let's see if they can right now last night. Should they have thought about maybe postponing their game because of the heat because of the extreme -- That really -- I mean if LeBron doesn't go down if that's anybody but LeBron -- -- or nobody -- -- some -- I say you know but it's LeBron so it's bigger than life. I -- chuckle out of Chris Bosh he said he absolutely loved it. He's there reminded him a -- high school bass -- in Texas right he had problems with that. So. After all they're from Miami it's one of the hottest -- it into play then on earth sort of a rainforest yet you know you know the other thing that count baffle me was. Well Brian. Andrea we saw we saw me don't give nice you know during the timeouts and put ice packs I was Americans legs hold it -- see him drinking any fluids to do you. Not that I can remember I would I would I was -- at a you know I don't know off to -- I was going Aaron and I understand he took a lot of fluids at halftime but. You would think that he would be drinking water left and right like crazy yeah exactly especially Gatorade right right. -- -- -- You -- generators is you know did depending on what side of the -- follow Monday is Gatorade has issued an apology for their tweet out and a few an official apology. They were taking a beating but there's a lot of people. We were talking about this earlier. Was it would've hated Michael Jordan other than teams that played against him and even then I think fans respected Jordan because they showed up in droves to see him. LeBron is a polarizing figure absolutely and Gary Irwin blew it when Michael Jordan was playing in the NBA finals you can find him most of the country was rooting for Michael except for maybe the city in which means that opponent was playing in. This is just the opposite I look at ESPN sports nation the other day. Every every state in the in the union is rooting for the Spurs except for Miami in Florida. While they certainly are America's team we know that right Paris like no returns on the -- that he -- it's like OK they got three the greatest players of our time. Let's watch some you know straight every other sports do you turn on TV to watch Tiger Woods -- and you know whatever sport for a certain individuals that doesn't appear to be the case in the retrospect of course LeBron decides -- quit now I mean that that that just paris'. Reputation you -- republic. I know it we retirement this before -- you know some people had a problem with his mom -- around the remote control homer -- You know getting that getting the money before he was you -- a high school and it's kind of show boating a little bit then that rub people the wrong way and he put the hole on taking my talents to South Beach the -- Jim Gray hour -- episode right. I think his burned a lot of bridges it I don't think it did him any good whatsoever even even the boys and -- call I think felt a little bit of a backlash from that. Yeah and and I think he and the NBA have really -- in their last two years to rehab his image -- and I think they've done a pretty good job -- job yeah exactly me you know I'm I'm watching commercials now and I thought. You know he's actually a likable guy -- -- Simpson commercials with him off the intense absolutely. But I have also seen LeBron and locker rooms. You now where -- these guys have. You know what to do what that are down and it today act like they normally act right I'm not a big fan -- now there so for what it's worth. Well I mean I I did you know knew it was kind of the same I -- much as people in in this -- like. Dwyane Wade -- point one was kind of that guy to to a certain extent I mean Dwyane Wade because you saw his face so much when he was it at Marquette. You still get a little bit of that hometown love when he comes back right but I've heard some things about Dwyane Wade to the people think he's just an area SOB that they don't want him doing. Well you know it's funny because I did -- Big piece on Dwyane Wade when he went into the draft him and compared him to Jordan we have pitchers side facility he Jordan's staff and in Dwyane -- -- -- And -- was about as nice in his humble humble person -- -- me. That's not the case today -- I don't sand when he was here. You got a little bit of that love any early appreciated things but once he made it and and made big news. Things changed your -- employee even like when he comes the Bradley -- and the first couple years when he came here. You -- go once locker room talk to him before the game and he was very pleasant very easy to deal with. Now I don't talk itself after the game you know it's like I'm a big time house right now no doubt about it -- -- big time. How far away from the box be in big time. How many years I'll say three years has this pick. Is everything riding on this -- absolutely no question about it. They have it but whoever they pick can speak to be a star not a good player but a star. The only its only chance is -- given you don't want you we players in the draft and this is there time. How much do they have to put around because is it to me this is going to be a a key pick. But it's a cornerstone tickets gas is what it's one of four knee you know and and how many veterans how much talent that you did have to put around this pick and -- -- And -- And you hate to say but in Sanders you know if he pulls -- out of his -- -- and understands his role he's a damn good player right so how much talent they have to put around those. But and here's thing bill Sanders could be on another team this summer and and they're trying to shuffle their record it's Tennessee who's gonna take. You know what -- the NBA it's pro sports -- somebody always is going to be a second. Is he guided that would be better off somewhere else and I think absolutely yeah we think he can kind of rehab his image and just kind of -- out of his rear -- and come back and win people back -- Yeah he's going to rehab this summer haven't written much that I have a sense -- -- you -- in about a week ago when he's going to rehab and it's an extensive rehab if someone -- these don't. Come here for a -- -- that summer again you know Greg Davis is going to be that -- extensive rehab. But -- but again there's teams out that are. That would be willing to take them you know especially now they know the bucks wanna get -- so they can and you know the market stuff in favor of prensa wanted to remind how good -- being. A good player not a great putter -- -- you know defense we can impact games you know periodically. Offense we use of his abysmal I was gonna say does he realize that. No he does -- Bet that's simply about an -- been in the league several years now. And you would think you'd you know be mature enough to realize we're -- what he isn't any any hasn't you know figure that out yet so. Next year is without a doubt the most important time and we're Sanders careers and he's got to -- breakthrough season. I've said since pretty much they landed in Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin that -- and less removed who have done just about everything right. Then in the fact that they have already dropped names like -- not CO. But to possibly be one -- the investors they've gone outlook for additional money they're trying to do things to where they can pretty much -- that new Marino almost all by themselves. Trying to ease the burden on the tax -- you know -- trying to go out and hang in a bar which I suggest from day want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So they they seemingly have done all the right things now my question is this it is. There are still at this point tied the hip turn it to hammonds and been -- root -- and Larry Drew drew. Do they retain him after the draft. That's a good question they were at the work out the other day and after it was over we talked -- -- about fifteen -- media people. And after that was over I got to go 11 with -- home okay. And what the last -- -- you -- John Hammond going to be with against the Eagles -- with us now bonus in the open is -- gonna be with you next season. Any goes I think so because it goes absolutely OK so I thought. Subject over move on okay yeah tennis later I'm talking to evens. Pose the identical question to him. Any goes I don't put time lines on any thing this is a big business it's a day to day operation. It isn't it's arriving here here to -- to owners are supposedly in the same page but they're offering of two different. Responses. -- Mom what will at least be my next question are they even -- John hammonds is the guy. Are they hands off. The owners hands -- yeah absolutely mad community these guys -- best ball. Cuts. On the other fans but our our today you know it's one thing to say let us know what the decision right -- -- other -- to say. We're gonna help you make this decision acting period they're going to be the -- I really do. -- the last three about the cement the the other question I posed -- -- was. Whether John Hammond would he have the authority -- to make the pick which we all know he is gonna do but whether he can make trades and to me that's that's even bigger than that. Been picking number two because everybody knows who the top 23 guys that are bright. And he goes. Yet channel come to us with some proposals him he goes hopefully he'll -- to us. -- -- I've got okay Lake Erie or the -- respect -- I think you better know what the proposals out there would assume that he's going to show too with the -- does that just make you been believed it. They're going to be just the bystanders now that they're there not to be bison these guys are type a personalities. They're there and activists it back on anything -- You know he medal but I I would say like 90% of the owners in the NBA -- you know it's everybody makes a big -- ball around here but then it's pretty common. Whether you know now it's to what degree these two owners do medal because I mean already. -- Rios told friend that he wants Parker okay right so you know it gets into the draft drew me in here the GM. And you want him -- but your boss wants. Character when you don't know yea your being here being torn you write -- you know. -- let's do this we're gonna continual talk about more we come back or a little bit after the break stick -- -- more than likely show and -- Gary -- performers she journal times -- -- insider live in studio will be back right after this terrible -- from Racine journal times -- -- -- insider here in studio. If -- -- Larry Sanders who you gonna trade him four or what are you looking for in return. A third round draft pick. Yeah that's all you really are grab bag of basketball yeah yeah I think -- that that that's I feel what Sanders to me it's addition by subtraction and I've talked to enough players enough coaches last 23 years. He just that much of a negative implement this a year ago we were think in this -- the guy that called out Monta Ellis he caught out Brandon Jennings and in the locker -- -- worry about your contracts Wisconsin trade on the post season we were thinking this guy's great this is what you -- And my -- did -- turn around in a hurry. Yeah how I mean it's one thing to make comments behind closed doors vote guys if you're a player. But when you -- -- Hit them that's quite another thing in and everybody knows what Monta Ellis since then you know -- us. Earlier that same season which didn't go reported until I found -- last season brighter if that makes sense. Was that. Early in that season he and Mike Dunleavy had a confrontation -- to -- -- from an assault today yeah after a game there talk about Sharon ball blah blah. In -- walks over and says hello clocks. -- yeah you know -- -- -- you know contract you know you you can't pull itself. It and communities insists he's -- gives them a few of well he's -- what point five point six now. There so -- he. You know I mean I -- -- -- you know obviously hold nightclub fight didn't endear himself very well of people and then when you -- on top of with the fact that his wife had a baby in the night before and then you throw on the whole dog -- -- next door -- the woman -- -- up and go away and don't worry about on the dogs subfreezing cold. So many different levels of people begin to hate this guy. For so many -- reasons. Yeah I mean I am how I'm all for -- personality and before I love guys that you know show their emotion and in -- -- -- -- with but. You know he's taken it to another level army appeared Dennis Rodman in -- winning NBA titles go ahead do whatever you want. -- summit -- the books won fifteen games last year right -- so. Palmer looking at this -- team moving forward so if by chance they do get rid of Larry Sanders I don't know who's gonna take -- more they're gonna get in return. Moving forward how many pieces do you really feel that are in place that you can say OK in three years this is going to be a team that you can say is top four. I think you're really looking to get into that top -- here. And to be asked within they don't have any. That you can flat out say they're going to be -- Right now it's young it's going to be a star I don't think so I think he's going to be a very good player but whether he'll be a star I think that stretched. As team captain did -- team have to be bad. And -- top five lottery pick again next year. Possibly yeah I think it all hinges I mean -- there's wild cards does -- in the -- improve as much as he did this year -- next year. Anyway when brand -- to watch lesser everybody has been a ball. They like you -- -- guard. By the end of the year he was pretty darn -- yeah you know now now is -- committed a bit -- to begin to prove the critics wrong you get better and better. I mean athletically he's got the package for -- Yeah -- I mean. You see fiscally he's got a two now whether he can score in -- factor on a continual continuous basis you know remains to be seen. I I remember about halfway through the season three quarters of the way through the season. I talked to one of the -- players. Innocent you know I Winfrey yeah honestly applicant forty point team that point five points in it and we know he's -- to do it I don't on a regular basis. But just have like a a breakout game. He never did and the guy goes Geary if he can't score in practice how do you expect him to scored -- game. Right he's got to learn how to score it and stop by taking 245 shots game you know it's with him before the office how. Far away he used the you know the east from really being. Competitive I mean other than just Indiana and Indiana had infighting that that pretty -- self destructive that team. How how far -- because this was just a terrible year for the east. I think -- would be terrible I mean society if if Carmelo Anthony not saying that he made an impact on the Knicks but he's a star player if he goes out west and makes the -- even tougher. I don't know maybe that it maybe the Wizards take that next step cousin got Bradley deal -- and they get John wall of in a couple other guys. You know Miami is going to be formidable as long as LeBron -- But when you go beyond that and is gifts they see you don't know what's gonna happen Cleveland clearly has some great young pieces. But they might -- it up the new GM is very -- she wants to you. Make some waves pretty stride and to get another lottery pick and then try to use a lottery pick. And package some players to get to Kevin Love you know -- -- off Cleveland becomes very good read off -- But you know they're they're at a crossroads but. Outside of them you just don't see that any team in the UC go while they're they're really going to be tough -- you know face next by six -- because LeBron opt out. I would be shocked if he did I would too. I mean you now -- makes for a good story line that he's gonna come home he's gonna end his career the way everybody wants it to. If you're living in Miami -- Billy you know our talent and I think if you hear young -- Word you want to spend your life might have here in Cleveland right -- -- and it's nice same plane from your family and friends but. You know the rest of the times you can't beat Miami. Well that was just did you know. People really I guess in Cleveland you've got to believe him because otherwise you don't have valuable even you know it's Cleveland you -- than maybe the Indians -- having a resurgence but. You know I I can't fathom why now I guess the question would be. You know what about bosh from what about -- are they -- some -- some additional time because he can't carry another team another year with excess -- -- -- most of the year again. Precisely and -- and the key is is spot splash just to. Become more aggressive become the player that he used to be in Toronto. You just remember this but. Before he went to Miami in played for Toronto the bucks played back to -- teams against bosh right. -- in both games he had 42 points each game 42 points -- you like fifteen to forty rebounds I mean he was a big big time player. And he -- Miami goes hey you know I want to win a title a let those guys do the stars. A he's got to go back to being a star if they want to continue candy. He can't yeah yeah he jamming you and me. His LeBron seems very willing to be able to share the spotlight it's not like he has to have it I mean there's some players have had to have it -- he's had to have it right exactly LeBron doesn't care as long as they're winning for the most part because you know he's gonna get his 25 and then ten boards in some assists -- -- dunks. Right and then of course with the with Dwyane -- you got to worry about his health united he's what 32 I -- And let's face he's on the downside of his crew. Actually he played above the rim for so long being a smaller guy and so many tumbles to the ground. And so many dramatic gasps and slow get ups and all the drama that he brings -- before returning his calls. It but he just the ice and when he when -- I said you know he needs. He needs to go into the league now I did think he'd -- -- being as good shooter -- he's and a -- and that and only do well great shooter Marquette. But I -- all the -- robust this guy plays above the rim he's playing with the trees and we played on the trees -- -- not a tree you're gonna get beat up his career is going to be short lived because the entries. Play your time I was shooting. -- news like their head scout for Miami Heat team to watch Dwyane Wade played late in his -- season at Marquette. And he drove back to scout with another guy from the heat and that's a game they played Louisville with Reece Gaines you know MITRE is right Madison. This is -- -- -- story at that time those two were debating who's the better player. -- get hits -- -- -- it and going into the draft. They weren't gonna take Dewayne wade called -- Butler who was with the team kind of persuaded them -- to you know pick and a bit rally of courses now you know it was -- But. You don't wait -- career -- -- -- don't totally unit in a different direction if he doesn't end up in Miami was checked. So do you have any inkling as to who the bucks are gonna Graham who they're hoping for. I think it's -- beater Parker one of those I'm getting advice from balls and I am 99% sure that Cleveland's gonna take UMB did. So that falls Parker and I'm gonna have a big big story. Later today on our website journal times that -- apartment talked to his father. About the possibility of playing in Milwaukee his feelings on it and I think it's -- -- -- tenth hole look for that is you get there you go Gary always a -- -- thanks for stopping by and.