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06/06/14: Patrick Ebert joins the Wendy's Big Show 3PM Hour

Jun 6, 2014|

The Big Show catches up with Patrick Ebert of to preview and recap the Brewers new draft pickups!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just talked him a couple days ago about what the Brewers might duty -- Patrick Ebert. A perfect game dot org Patrick thanks for coming on how -- how you know this afternoon. I'm done -- against -- thank Sammy out again. Don't well -- when I was watching the video of Cody -- -- that the pitcher that they took in the in the first round correct me if I'm wrong you know better than I would Patrick. A lot of people comparing his motion to Chris Sale. Of the White Sox he's got that short snappy doesn't take a big leg kick when he pitches. And it looks like a lot of arm to meet -- in his motion which worries me whenever I see a pitcher like that. Oh yeah on the terror tactics that are involved consult delivery after Chris Sale when they are quite similar in that you know he has such short struggle from -- comes from the lower -- are you not only a problem when she got after -- and balls. Arm you know he knew she got that locked -- the body you're at there's a lot of -- -- -- delivery. Then you might have some concerns but -- has -- a lot of repeats so well in the Balkans not to attempt a tree meeting -- -- the low ninety's. And fortunate ninety's and he's -- -- up -- 97 recently. And I'm throwing like that that's such as waters does and that's who -- contention -- the pretty good change a true and so. Our athletic kid you know wearing -- -- so I mean in the National League if you make the pats are you know he's. He could have a -- you're our guy our coach -- late but not. Yeah I mean I personally love the -- which we seem quite a that you are bad and not really after the first minute lecture us. Are you concerned about the way he throws the ball -- as far as staying away from injury of any kind of looks like Chris Sale from the White Sox a little bit. When you watch him pitch I act -- that is that a concern when you're coming straight from high school because the first about a number of injuries already -- high school pitchers. Yeah you know I -- on that took a few other people already yesterday and today and you know I think everybody looked a rash of injuries gone on you know you if you want saying you don't like in the chose not to let slide umpires authority noted I mean I don't have a concern that your longest everything else -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Freeney the it'll be -- defeat the burst do you try to tinker with some Bartlett how everything court and well. Let's iron about the next kid on a competitive balance take a Jacob -- when -- Ronnie mentioned 65. 196 kind of -- -- small. I -- one person said that he he might be able to be a thirty home run guy in the major leagues that as he continues to fill out. -- and play shortstop herald Reynolds and MLB network last night talking about he can -- play shortstop the next level as long as the Brewers bring him along at that position. What's your feeling on him. Yeah -- -- thought it would as well several times over the past few years. You know you mentioned -- came here -- -- you know him in person at each. You have wondered -- and you can tell that not a high school senior. He she hasn't come even close to selling out physically and he's he's going to be a big guy and could be cabinet I think at some point he broke wide -- third base. You know right field could -- become an option got a great arm. I'm pretty overall athlete it's -- -- at the top of the school charts what your strapped. -- that you let a little bit you know because there are some. Questions about the actual you know there may be some credibility issues that play as -- problem yeah I mean super -- outside -- the Edmonds not. In an exciting to watch develop and persistence. Talk about the birds draft Patrick -- a perfect game dot org here on the big show and you mentioned you think you think he can play third base Patrick that's transition you thinking might make later on in his career. Yeah I definitely had handed in like except that all of us felt at certain election are Jim become a legitimate option -- that. I'll more than more than plays up -- -- our position. -- -- you know he -- started career shortstop for all know each eked out as we move that public actions. Wanna look at -- feel that Knicks Knicks game looking into mulch and but I think long term third base is probably. His next landing spot but you know he's excellent art -- and you know -- third -- don't -- -- she gets. At all at long productive career such as why -- bring up an -- About money Harris and I mean you see that video last -- on TV when you're watching the draft then. Kids -- the over defensive backs catching balls a four star recruit a one in Nebraska as a wide receiver and on a baseball. Do you play baseball to there I -- the next highlight -- -- basketball go on between his legs the legs and dunking on kids in a game. That is and that's an insanely athletic kid who. Just by watching your goal and well he obviously should -- went much higher than fifty. Well overall they bring up -- sign ability issue how difficult do you think this is going to be. I got to accept well first of all electric the Burress would not have -- -- and are prepared. If -- -- they're -- -- you're getting. You know armed I think they'll probably give it a little money -- -- and monitored. -- it would -- -- command over slot money that the position that slot -- Well yeah Eric and just not real athlete and a matter of Puget national showcase Fletcher. -- like that excites sixty or 97 from the outfield. Took a great batting practice you know we invited them twelve American classic out of petrol -- We're really like out there excuse you know we kick all the kids over to the -- children cancer center. And get interact with that for kids and you would struggle fan -- whole time all -- children long -- to have a big bright smile and -- states. Which -- bring -- big stretch now which it's it's true. Figure -- he has incredible happily upside is incredible. Obviously that's in -- ball skills are a little on polished. But at the same time you know he played basketball football convention but when he's put up on the baseball field you know he still can make it look easy. Is he talented enough to maybe be it a two sport star one day at the professional level did you see that. Well you know what's typical -- because that is true -- hurried and you know we we haven't seen. That guy and such a long time and not let you know standards and -- -- Brian Jordan. You know in the -- Bo Jackson. You know I would say no just because it's so difficult to do -- with baseball being hitter. You're gonna have to focus on that to get the repetitions and that's what they're for and -- succeed up there you know I don't level. You know the what -- that you brought up as far as -- gotta figure the Brewers figure that they could sign him. Being not say Harrison after they drafted him regardless of -- -- -- issues everybody else past -- for. Our back in the day -- -- fan growing up went. No diversity of the top of the draft would pass on somebody because they think that they could sign -- or one of their -- wanna pay that guy that money it seems like in the last. Few years money never seemingly -- an issue line who this team does or doesn't taken a draft. Well yet you know the Big Apple cup effect of that as well yeah I I agree I mean I think the purse where he elects and sixteen years. Have done a pretty good now bring in talent in -- while they don't always go after those guys that command a lot of money you know unthinkable injured -- and not. Even even her come and I'll never battle for the -- -- Other ticket players see it catcher slot values they don't they don't cheap you know that they haven't been super aggressive until this year. So you know they've they've actually done a good job addressing their player development. That's what the guys that went died today just tell me which guy of all these guys probably stands out to use that you gotta lake. The best of things the best value -- -- need opera Dallas Baptist college right handed pitcher 64185. In the third in the fourth. I Troy Stokes. From Calvert hall college high school in Maryland 58182. High schooler. A center -- sixth or fifth round dusted -- youth up from Indiana. College player big time player 63 to fifteen placed third. Now that David Burke halter from recent high school in Louisiana 63190. A right handed pitcher. And an elastic in the -- round Mitch might here from Kansas State all right the other 62190s. While those guys who stands up. While there are some of the liked about each a lot of money Meyer strutted along you know the least amount of the other gut -- enough so refineries and that's -- I think that -- -- You know be productive and he got that you know who could eventually be in the -- and such -- -- -- You know starting -- -- if you can go to the first system that taken alert -- pitchers have your not a college. I Wagner and Kayla Williams -- the past few years involved -- catcher enjoying. Our career so far. Our pitching at the high low -- right now so you know productive college pitcher has kept except that that level throw low nineties six -- you hire. I'll try to -- the guy whose game highlighted by speed. Big -- but he knows how to put the ball play contract a lot of ground in the outfield. Our books and literature at a great college career he played -- a -- Indiana -- and and quite often he's they're not clutch hitter on the team so. -- -- upper Poulter -- that's you know extra 485. Pound or so right handed pitcher who you know currently -- around ninety miles per hour. Only due to body tightening up -- the -- like at Jeter during the NB a lot better you know three years -- wrote. Yes Patrick -- front -- -- -- perfect game dot org find him on Twitter at PG Patrick Ebert pat we appreciate a few minutes every time thanks a lot. Yep it certainly -- --