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06-27-14 John Hammond joins Bill Michaels

Jun 27, 2014|

Bill is joined by Milwaukee Bucks General Manager John Hammond to talk about the NBA Draft and the Bucks latest acquistion in second overall pick, Jabari Parker. What will Jabari Parker bring to Milwaukee? Who should be the Bucks starting five?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks John Hammond now joining us John I you know my friend. Great -- Good day and thrilled about -- I guess it my first question is this in a lot of people talked about the talents at the top of the draft was it really Wiggins and Parker and then everybody else. Well in others now no doubt that -- I don't enjoy being English well in that group being. And I think about the action and others I mean Eric Gordon person very very good players -- -- garbage in Maine leave people out but it. You know turned into a little bit upstream and strapped to a -- in that at the top that. With the Indy injury I think it it is expected -- a little bit with a couple teams in. So we are going -- -- -- your body looked instead it's going to be up Parker Wiggins Wiggins Parker. -- when you ended up with Jabari Parker got -- clearly wanted to be a Milwaukee book which is pretty much showed you know great music to many Wisconsin -- years. So tell me what you see in this guy that makes you so happy he's now Milwaukee -- -- -- -- -- He's a really -- young guys nineteen years -- -- obvious that the maturity of a thirty year old at least it will hand out. You know just listened to him in the press Alpert. And and B should be sent -- -- I'm kind of looking at -- and an absolutely made it this boy is confident. And intelligent than. You know what they're going to the draft process -- and we found out that here's a guy -- extremely driven extremely focused. And I don't think -- you know let anything stand in the way it can become -- the best or he could possibly become. -- we were talking now with many listeners going into the second round you picked up English there was come some names on the board many here in Wisconsin wanted to see Glenn Robinson the third. What what -- your decision in the second round. Well I'm you know we had we had seen -- meaningless. Dave Babcock who does a lot of international scouting most of -- -- -- saw him. All during the -- and -- and tracked him and -- we had a chance to watch -- in the summit. In Portland this spring. Where they have the top young international players in the I -- players from around the country compete. Ending is only nineteen years old and and we just -- -- -- in it we watched him practice for. -- consecutive days and had a chance to watch him play -- He just he's really count he got up on someone operating -- didn't anybody -- Almost you -- 69. He waist to 38 she's a really big old kid's got big giant hands. And he can do a lot of thing defensively. Very good all around or offensively we -- we at a young player like that that would not beat out. -- bored with it and our future our -- -- Well now they're -- is he staying in France Jersey coming over what -- Becoming an offer coming over eat it eat yet. -- in in the draft workouts. He did break up a bonus but early hot and so his workouts where -- -- And out it really kind of put him in a position where I think out -- eighteen good you know they may be -- -- about how we get a very good job and I'm on -- medical background I don't expecting where either that would status going to be that we're very comfortable that he's going to. I'll be ready to go. People playing summer league that were happening to be ready again outlets training camp opened -- -- or more. One of the things it did just came across Twitter little while ago Ben Ross is gonna play in the summer league with you guys. Gary is you know lob -- -- and and -- -- -- -- -- just -- out and then. Tough kid -- -- her -- draft workout played extremely well all the work out and and he never actually got the better out. When it came down the draft time. What all I mean obviously you have a scouting department what all goes into that especially with new ownership John. Well. Odd -- to say that that mark and -- were absolutely unbelievable this process. They. -- were involved and they wanted to know only nine. And they were very supportive. As we worked through it in. You know it should just shoot such an exciting time bill that that. You know to. You just see what they're doing and the commitment that out. -- -- This organization. And it Shell had already I can say right now so they already epic battle like. -- Jabari can feel it at that draft last night after the draft Orton who these guys are what they're gonna be be about as we move forward and I think just I really lean mean it's not a great major head and I think you know it starts -- in. And guys like got a lesson in market he did a great opportunity for for the city for this organization. Are a lot of talk about deals was the phone rang -- last night or were you on the phone possibly trying to jump up in the back into the first round with a two with a two -- you have the second. Yeah we had discussions we had discussions and most of the discussion ought to do that 31 and pretty strict you know what -- possibility. We talked about 3638. Also to do that. And you know I think most routine set that had those -- -- that. Anywhere -- -- fifteen point 525 to thirty we're looking for more future first round picks to get there. And we -- feel like I where we're at as an organization that we whatever avenue encumbered in protect. And and and make sure that that we don't get shortsighted and say. It be nice to get and another strapped now but that's not that out -- -- really like you do looking -- builders. Long term and -- -- lightly. So where -- all if Jabar he's on the floor we were talking about this earlier too is it -- honest could he play a shooting guard position because there -- some question about that. Having all the bigs on the -- the same time. Not -- -- and not shooting guard you know -- got to eat -- eat up almost six foot -- -- -- others don't strain that you are what you guard. It is not not what you India offensively people might say what your point forward at what they can compete and get the point guard that's not -- point forward so. You don't -- yeah honestly it is the small forward Jabari is patient -- it our -- -- play small forward. Do you honest it hasn't Penske days of very quickly got us -- the small forward -- power forward. So look out interchangeable we have guys like that they can play. -- and the ball well. Positions. You can position -- is not about the opposite opposite in so it figured out what you can do on the defense and and that that that you have to really worry about but. I know I in gents I'm. -- -- -- defense a little bit potentially as we move forward. And and I -- -- it very -- getter on the floor because. My assumption is you're not done yet correct. Well you know we'll see what she -- -- but. Solid look I think I think what again this is not you know I hear which is named Albert Brooks is not about like. You know. But the worst thing for us to it would get into China to hurry right now and try to win as many -- we possibly can next year not about -- Would be making a big mistake we did that and also important thing is that you know we built this we -- Up patiently and -- easily. And and and that's where we're gonna have a long term success we start thinking short term it can be short term success or -- we don't we don't need to be there. If you -- and first of all I agree with you. But if you do bring in any veteran free agent or any veteran out there -- trade are you looking for somebody that can help you bring up the youth. Or are you looking for some and its impact. I think -- I think both got it. Look at an opportunity present itself you know and and it's the right player in the right person for the right thing for us to do with our team and and two. You know move a couple pieces -- you choose. Two I think -- you would hope that most things that we're gonna do it over over. The next few weeks maybe that you see and -- -- -- and -- -- It's all about all about are we -- we think you're gonna make it better long term out about short term thinking so. It's got an opportunity presents itself I think we look at him and and and the only we we'll get all a question mark we talk about it. -- -- -- -- What -- I know the other day -- -- talking about the plan and about what the the future holds as so I don't wanna sit here and say let's put a cap on this put it are we talked in three years four years two years say is there that you know when you sit down and you look at that play and John. If you sit here in two years you and I are talking how close are you. I I would you know look out there and our usual -- you know when Antonio -- -- do in Oklahoma City. Under draft Kevin Durant. And they'll help I ominous start -- number am I might be -- a few gains but it draft Kevin Durant in his first year. I think he won 21 games. And so Becky that went one went get my lap to get -- high lottery pick in the drafted Russell Westbrook. And be equal and opposite out and I got out -- -- Westbrook in young Durant they're ready to go. And what he -- -- eighty numbers but I think it start about the heat in something like three -- the surgery. You know you've got a little patience you better realize. In the long term debt that that we -- to -- -- like take a step back you know I don't like I don't Egypt early like get a grip. I I I'm sure that that you know impress you that I was and he looked so let's relax. In your -- but I'm and they get. He's and it turned around I think -- like I haven't bat off but he let typical you can get him out of high lottery you draft that -- imaging hard. And from there. It took the big step forward so. You know it -- just do it you know look at it is it strange. It would get impatient and we go quick trip. We're -- Iraq wrong direction and like it can happen may happen more quickly -- you think. And -- it does well while we don't adapt but it takes a little bit longer. And it we're doing it wisely. It's gonna pay off long term and we -- have shut long term. -- it's a pleasure as always congratulations it was a big night for you guys you know hopefully you're not sitting number one in the draft again and review our boy you guys are going to be stocking up on -- -- thanks for joining us for couple minutes okay. Thanks so much are you my body popular they go John and the general manager your Milwaukee Bucks.