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07/03/14 Nets Announcer Ian Eagle

Jul 3, 2014|

Brooklyn Nets Announcer for YES Network and NFL on CBS broadcaster Ian Eagle joins the guys to discuss the hiring of Jason Kidd and his exit out of Brooklyn.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now to talk about. The Jason Kidd saga and how he got from Brooklyn to Milwaukee he is the voice of those -- on the yes network also. Here and calling games on the NFL on CBS I need -- our guest here on a great midwest bank hotline nine thanks for a few minutes or this afternoon. -- -- well iron what was the the immediate response when when we first started hearing news leak of of Jason Kidd and and the power play in Brooklyn and eventually. Making his way to Milwaukee -- -- some people saying that you could hear the cheers from Brooklyn because he -- so many people the wrong way in his one year there. I don't know about that they do is more confusion -- with because it did come out of left field obviously they were things building over the last few months but. When it become so public in -- -- so much drama in this such a short period of time. People or are just a little bit bewildered so I think the instant reaction was how how did all of this happened so quickly but. As you begin -- peeled away -- you sense that. This was an irreparable relationship and that kids felt that. -- he could play a little bit of poker here yet to hand he had. A chance to maybe push for some more power with the nets and he had a relationship with the new -- owner and a chance for -- landing in Milwaukee and obviously. It was the second and that that paid off for -- get. You know I know he was on the -- four year but also played there what what's your overall. Thoughts on Jay executed -- last year had a veteran team he's gonna come here you have a very young team we're -- talked to him as a coach. Well -- like them thought he improved a great deal from day one until the playoff series so there's a clear cut philosophy with him. He is a winner there were times -- have been doing the games now for twenty years so. Trust me this was the guy that change the fortunes of the -- there were times where he put the team on his back he will the team to victory as a player. And the question whenever you have a great players -- -- they transition to the coaching ranks because. Let's face it if it's a completely different skill set that as a player ball's in your hands -- and put your fingerprints on the game as a coach. There's a lot more trust. A lot warmer juggling of egos and managing personalities. -- -- kid handled that extremely well but. He got very strong opinions. He's a guy that. Oftentimes it's black and white -- there's really no gray area with him. IDs he gonna do it his way and I think ultimately he did it the way that he won it this year as a coach. And trusted his instincts and making some changes along the way -- ended up. Paying off well this team played very well down the stretch and obviously won a playoff series came up short against Miami. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His coaching staff and -- what was all that about. You don't rebel lord's cricket. Yeah public sentiment -- -- it's very well obviously the former head coach of the team and I grew close to him covering the team and dealing with him on a daily basis. I think Jason had an expectation of how the dynamic would work the trees and with the head coach and he was gonna do it his way. And Lawrence had a certain kind of style and work ethic. As the head coach that he thought would be in place -- -- -- learning from him look. When you were coach of a player -- now the rules swap its not that simple. And it's not that easy -- I think vote just assumed what will settle into our rules and everything will just. There. And it didn't. Very early in the process it it just wasn't working and again and as we've -- with -- and and this was the case when he as a player and certainly now as a head coach. When something isn't working -- he's not afraid. Amicable decision. And only have to do is see what happened with -- see what happened with this coaching situation with his relationship with the front office -- And how quickly this thing turned and he finds himself now -- -- go to Milwaukee Bucks. Our question now he's committed to those different situation -- the Bucs. They want to draft and development have a three to five year plan -- she said he's OK it would. He'd -- as you indicate he's a winner. And -- they want 1516 games may now women eighteen nature is -- -- be OK with this. Draft and development type -- and only the second year coach. Well I think -- be OK with it if he feels like he's part of the process in building it if he's just there as a coach for higher. Which I don't think anybody believes is really the case John Hammond is still in charge but clearly Jason Kidd has some Jews. And the way everything played out maybe the titles are what they -- are by. His impact on the future the organization to me is pretty strong. So with that in mind if you feel like you were part of the process then I think he'll be OK with it if you would is yes. -- coach in name and similar to what's going on Brooklyn Billy King was the man in charge making all the personnel decisions. And how -- -- Jason Kidd would be on board with that if you're asking whether or not personality wise seek an accepted. It's going to be a couple of there's no doubt about it I know the -- fairly well and it irks him it bothers him when the team was struggling I will say this forum. He didn't change his approach. I think he brings a poker face guys I'm not using that term lightly. He's a tough guy to be when you get to normal little bit when you look in those guys there is an intensity there. And I know a lot of people have been using the term Kallis. And almost. Cold -- in the way everything just went down. There is truth to that he's he's got that kind of personality which we talked about earlier. Really helped a lot as a player as a coach you got to know -- in. Put. Pedal to the metal and went to embrace and and win two be someone to lean on so to come in time with him as a head coach. Valentine eagle the Mets announcer on the yes network -- the catch him on the NFL. On CBS -- and going back to that that rough start last year in Brooklyn and reports were that he was butting heads with some of the veterans there who -- played against him for so many years and all of -- sudden they found themselves. In a situation where they're expected to to follow him and and look at him. As their coach and as their leader. They obviously got that all straightened out went on to it to make the playoffs -- -- but. Was that Jason Kidd and adjusting to the players around him -- was at the players falling in line with what Jason Kidd was trying to do. Got great question I think a little bit of vote I do think kid meets some subtle adjustments the first of the year it. It really literally once they got blown out. December 31 in San Antonio completely embarrassing loss like thirty plus point it wasn't even a game. It was over early in the second quarter they fly to Oklahoma City stay -- night in San Antonio fly on the first of the year. And there was a feeling that the team was going to bring a new attitude -- talked about it but until you see it on the court he never really believe it well. On January 2 they go out. They rallied to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder Joseph Johnson it's a game winning shot at the buzzer. And that was -- Everything turned Paul Pierce moved to the fourth spot Brook Lopez was done -- the season they made adjustments in the lineup they put Shaun Livingston into the starting lineup. And everything seem to fall in place so. You know round about way to enhance your question I do think it was a little bit of both -- the players started to to really take in what -- was preaching the special in the defense -- and and I do think -- in the -- -- key adjustments as well maybe. How he handled certain things. And how he was able to change the whole feeling around the team adapt what they -- -- win and win consistently and they were able ride that ride into the post season. You know. Looking at the situation here Milwaukee of course. They got a lot of -- Blair's -- unions and also Jason Kidd got a lot of flag. By the way everything went down -- with Larry Drew -- -- a job here -- John Hammond and placing it in order -- And course Milwaukee the blue collar town and if they're not used to people doing that. That way. Is is that -- to be expected of this regime moving forward is a cut throat kind of mentality or did -- make a mistake. I don't know I don't want he is broad stroke that this is the way it's going to be they've admitted that it was not handled well and -- it did come across as very cold and calculated. -- a good guy he's a likable guy it's former system with the nets so we go back with Larry and and know what a quality individual he is but he also knows how the game -- played. And unfortunately. Our power plays happen all the time very often we just don't know about it or we don't know all the details -- It got out -- and hurried and there's no doubt both sides were trying to get in front of historians and information was leaked. And you know somehow a couple of days later he got a new head coach and broke when you got a new head coach and Milwaukee. And some blood which yet here no doubt about it. Both on the Mets side and on the -- side I don't know what before reaching effects are going to be on the Brooklyn side. Personnel wise questions about Paul peers whether or not he wants to state on a a ball into the role players from last year odds are they're not going to be back so Livingston -- Signed with Golden State and great -- looks like he's gonna move on. Alan Anderson is a free agent. Pierce Garnett question marks about them for Milwaukee. Look you guys talked about it this is not -- a winning culture -- -- it has been a winner his whole life. He will change. The way that this franchise is viewed just like his persona. Whether or not that can translate into wins immediately. That's a big question over the long term. I will tell you that whatever Jason -- gets himself involved -- he's normally successful. I'm last one for -- real quickly could you tell us what Tampa coach Jason Kidd is from a from an x.s and no standpoint hearing that. He likes he likes his team's -- to run and gun he likes things to move fast and get up and on the court. Yeah I think he -- because that's the style that was most effective during his playing days in the one that he believes you can take advantage of opponent's weaknesses with that said he's got to have the personnel in place to do what he's got to have a point guard that he trusts what we saw over the course of the season with the nets. He really trusted Shaun Livingston and in many ways running the offense more that he did. Deron Williams and Deron obviously is a maximum salary guy in the player they were building around so that. -- In mentality really change the fortunes of the -- Williams ended up playing off the ball a bit more. And Shaun Livingston -- the -- and ran the offense very well up and was bogged down when Brook Lopez was in the lineup when he left the lineup -- -- shifted everything Kevin Garnett to senator Paul Pierce to the force but Joseph Johnson became more of the featured player. That's when the team had success and defensively no doubt about it. Being a stickler on defense he was an underrated defender very Smart defender his career and I think it's something that he will absolutely focus on. In this team getting better I think -- -- Parker's a fantastic talent. He wants to be in Milwaukee is excited about the opportunity to meet. It's to the -- you feel good I know when the smoke clears and and maybe how you got there didn't feel as good. But right now to date your box and to meet you feel better about your prospects than you did two weeks ago. -- -- -- he's the voice of the nets on the yes network also once the NFL season rolls around in them calling games. On CBS I know we appreciate a few minutes -- you'll catch up again talk some football in the future reference. Look forward -- -- have a great week and we'll see at Lambeau at some point two. I learned and I need joins us on the great midwest -- -- turn the key with GMB. 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