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07/29/14 Mike Daniels joins The Big Show 2PM Hour

Jul 29, 2014|

Packers' defensive lineman Mike Daniels sits down with Gary Ellerson in a one-on-one interview.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the guys who will have some say in how well that defense does this year and if you listen to him a lot of say. -- defense -- lineman Mike Daniels Gary Ellis and our very own had a chance to sit down with Daniels. Over the weekend at Packers training camp in -- that now on the Wendy's big show. -- you do some stuff what else would -- and working. New Orleans yeah include. It is going to be an interesting year between those group that have the Pistons we more than. Have proven -- listen -- our jobs you can really do I really do a little lot of -- a lot of different areas so. It's all week and then you look so much on the walker can actually use -- you were. Probably of the work alone and a lot of good. You know -- working with a solid who -- the moment. Did it out of our own small market looking good good good good barbecue small and undersized and that's good work as well -- -- -- -- -- The right. Up listen to you you can you can write down there are so that was our solid play and then you -- -- you guys aren't there Jason Heyward it's just. Testing that is. Didn't -- -- that it's a team. Attitude is yeah different -- was last year and last year we made a significant so -- The way did this -- solid. So obviously that is impressive and so. Or do you think your game are -- -- -- Very importantly let's give it -- hundred you have to expect. Sort of little bit less to come home. -- -- -- -- what do you think that was branches -- that you didn't have last. -- -- a guy who's been. Break and -- the phils and -- some of us were in high school. So that he. He brings. That. Experience. On how to be a great how to do it. And it. He's. Actually been dormant for Grover and -- at the highest level of the highest court forever. We'd be stupid not to signals from him. How does that work quickly American. How would they -- probably. -- -- don't know -- only good news good. I do know that if you have. I'm very dangerous and very bed men. From -- -- directions. Okay. Hard yeah. You look at your pitching good defense right now I am proving you're. The international -- -- what's your role. -- -- This year and -- It's not there really yeah. How how much and then that is what they have Cowboys then muscle but -- this wells and Little League. Philippoussis high school yeah -- -- the coach. One common denominator in the desert. -- a young guy and I've been having there was forever earned. The right speed yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coming here until much older guys. How to do the job -- the -- -- -- that that because. They've been doing live. They've done a very well a lot of Wear rings. I'm just -- the Big Ten. As a rookie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little months or so. You look at a guy then like they don't don't know -- six year. They did not allow a lot of things are certain to make that jump how can you government children play is ready last year and this world works for me you can look. -- -- told you I didn't do -- I respect him as a leader that ever man with the leaders after the second here a little different because. I was so -- -- more or less. And I told these young guys will be free to believe. Nothing W loved -- and nothing ever -- world. -- lead by example show people how it should be good. And then as you going little choice but to respect what so ever listen to. That's what they got so film and stuff more than my god and a lot of younger guys heard this. You -- in his second year the vets in those companies that book and lose those players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There were some talk. Iran we've evolved from Seattle Sampson told that they've brought that is that it's. Definitely part -- -- good -- -- do. And you know -- Continue their three children. -- -- those -- this year. Okay a lot of us on the bridge across them on each other who's -- each other accountable and anybody in this -- and I could quite frankly. Well look you have siblings were trying to do it seems to be good to go younger they're there -- go get it to my brother -- only. -- against protocol of not letting little girl. He's got -- us. And I get into a little no because I want the best little one don't. To be the best they can do yeah are gobbled up with a lot of you know -- there I think -- when there's more or less. Yeah I want them to be -- -- they. I want my teammates to be the best that we can they can be there because they can be. And we can be the best that we can Knuble it's what they're going. So you can Oakland over Seattle at corner playing the same brand in that she -- -- limited -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's that's how they're working that's hardly get a big overhaul how worried about all your -- -- -- but no there weren't enough. How to -- let's look good yeah. Mortal wound up plus. We can't be better than ourselves. Literally -- -- of the my doings really -- -- your yard. Hot hot hot hot -- will -- well there's little. That's -- Ellison what I go to packers' defense of lineman Mike Daniels.