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08/14/14 Dustin Godsey joins The Big Show 2PM Hour

Aug 14, 2014|

VP of Bucks Marketing Dustin Godsey stops by and talks about season ticket deals and new upcoming promotions.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Reaching out to the great midwest bank -- right now -- dialing up a man who is the BP. A box marketing mr. Dustin gutsy Dustin how -- this afternoon. I am doing fantastic -- -- you guys. Doing good only just a little bit confused dust tonight I need I need some clarification from you on this -- the future promotion that you guys are doing. Because I -- it to Darian Sparky before the show started today and it can't be what I'm reading. You guys are gonna -- this does take a promotion and anybody who buys. Select full season tickets for the upcoming season. We'll get the chance to receive the same tickets at no cost. For the 20152016. Seasons -- you're giving away -- season worth of tickets to those people who buy those select take those select seed and seats. That is that is correct and you know wasn't -- -- and you're not -- -- you that you -- correctly so. We are you know as I think a lot of people in the city are -- excited about. You know kind of a foundation being built with the team. From when -- -- and mark Leiter came in and and really re dedicating themselves to that the future about well here in the city. The young team that we are he had adding and -- -- and not the other guys in the draft. To you know bring in a future hall of fame player. As a head coach and you know just kind of the dedication everybody is has to in Milwaukee were excited about the future. And we think that the more fans got to learn about the team they're gonna wanna be a part of it. And Morgan and they have traded the more they cannot cheer the more they're going to be able to -- the following here so it's kind of win win for everybody. Well obviously we don't know each other we've never met each other what where where did you -- for rom before taken his job of the box. I lose and I wouldn't Philadelphia four or six years prior to the -- with the 76ers. There's and so -- the company and don't at the time the Sixers on the flyers and B well Target Center and. So tell me the differences from what you can town outs early on we haven't got into the season -- as far as. The fan base the sports fan base same Milwaukee did you mean Connor to this point vs what its like in Phil because we know the reputation comes with Philly -- There's certainly that reputation of Philly fans and you know whether they've earned or not I'll I'll let other people kind of to -- for themselves on that but. You know there's the thing about it's no lucky that I loved and I'm from you know originally supermodel com on the midwestern guy. But the dedication that people have here to their teams they they want to see success you know you give them something to visit to kind of be optimistic about and and you know. Lay out what that the plan is moving forward and people are gonna come out and beat wanna be a part of that. And that's really what we're trying to do it is is is reconnect with with fans that. -- are wanting to see what that -- -- -- see that they were building that foundation for the future or connect with them get and don't get them to know this young team. And really build look differently as we go towards the future. Now I just wanted to run a word Rami -- Sidwell to courses -- and are they're far by a full season ticket price. Is that this upcoming season. And so how many games is that roughly 4040. Home games. Then the following year argued forty home games free. Potentially so we've got to you've got to work for it I gotta do certain -- so we want to do is you know again we think people are gonna. Want to see this thing they're gonna -- -- keep coming out so. If you purchase of tickets and flax seeds. And you attend or you know perhaps you and a group your friends or go to get there -- -- -- and you use those tickets. For thirty games thirty of those forty games. You get -- off the next you're on the -- -- come to 35 games. You get having 5% -- the next season. And do you make it to all forty games will give -- -- seats. Back the second year. Okay so now you're going to be checking my little -- that game I don't let. At what we are gonna we will come up and actually physically checking your -- -- we -- we we can certainly check you know based on. What tickets -- and then -- -- know Tom Wolfe and follow communication people who it to make sure that you know -- On track with how many games have been -- and you know we wanted to make sure that we're. Opened with people in and transparent -- in -- people feel that check in and make sure that they know where there. I -- just unbelievable I love that -- select -- spot here. You know it and really trust we we like it -- we wanted to make sure to work directly with fans giving people -- boxes to -- -- -- to really make it accessible so that everybody. -- and you know with as mentioned it's select locations at. There are some lower level seats available there or upper level -- fumble -- -- -- -- -- -- so you know there's good opportunities for people come and see this team really it's -- And get rewarded for you know being one -- -- diehard sits down here firm for forty -- Throughout the winter and spring. Now. Our job is we have -- speak for the people here and radio sore and and I don't read a fine print very good yeah but I'm hearing. Select -- and so that means that -- there's just certain seats. That you can get -- -- workers are -- saying army RV. Up in the top top Rome which are -- -- regular here they are Verity of a down on the floor -- those select seats located. They're they're we've gotten spread out throughout -- so it's you know it's not just the very last -- there are some you know that are upstairs and some of those affordable areas where. You know for honestly for 480 dollars you could potentially be looking getting to see that the basketball. We're. Living. At a sold 480. Dollars I can get what forty games. Forty -- about it again. Everybody says Busch -- -- two responsive. They don't mean they they haven't investigated it and check it out and he'd get the last few years there's been a top promotions. Time Warner Cable ten dollars seats and all positive at things and Al they're doing this I'm sorry I got -- there is no excuse for people ought to get. And even then of course there -- new here yeah doesn't throw. Last year there not a -- you went to -- mr. Rogers Columbia arms right. Her eye opener -- perfect -- -- sold -- -- -- came to the game they had no seats where it way up -- up there right. And game below the blow down there were just empty. Why can't -- strains that have those -- of the year. Once they pay furcal -- what can become down. In that lower bowl -- that out in and sit there were no one else sees it is that our prayers are ruled that they can't do that. You know I I think for us I -- were certainly hoping that that this season and you know it's it's my job in the and the work that we're doing the and we we feel like people are excited that we're not gonna run into those issues. As much as soon as we have in the past. But you know it. Truthfully anything is is over I'm neck and -- -- we're gonna open not open and let people do that but you know we're certainly open to hearing from fans attending suggestions. And listening to you know what is gonna help people kind of redefine what their game day experience those. Lavelle is a lot of we got a lot of phone calls on there -- a lot of people who were were going to box games who has spent their money and they weren't frequency but he still spent their money. And they and they were wondering while OK it is over and on a -- and his move down there were no one years or so that's one -- maybe you can or you document he goes to interest me. England Randy you will be doing more things as we you know get -- this summer where were. You know actively going Elton and trying to to get more feedback from fans and and here what would make coming to about -- a better experience for people so you know there are things like that. Again not not per -- and were going to is the only do that but definitely we definitely -- -- listen we definitely -- you know people would it be able to connect with us. Get their opinions across and you know that's. That's one of those things that that's a recurring thing then you know we would certainly. It would behoove us to to look at at what's possible but. You know for us at this point -- were doing everything we candidate to make sure we're getting the point where. The seats are filled and we are having to worry about those types of things. You know we -- we want Milwaukee to end and -- -- and marks everybody involved. -- -- Milwaukee -- to return to the place to the days when. You know people when other teams dreaded coming to Milwaukee because of -- on -- that we had. You know we -- fear the dear to be more than just a marketing for it to people throw -- out dropped -- -- we want that to be. You know something real and palpable the teams are feeling when they're coming into the the -- voters currently under so. We we hope that as we you know continue to reconnect and and find -- -- to make. The game accessible -- so all Saint -- in the market. We're gonna get to that point. Talking with Dustin gutsy VP of marketing for the Milwaukee Bucks less room for you Dustin have you hold on -- I don't want -- -- you got. Assume they didn't want to welcome -- very late for the break -- -- -- -- things -- the last three it is announced not but Dustin. Have you ever heard of this promotion anywhere else like you said you came from Philly I'm sure I don't know where you were before that I'm sure you're you're familiar with the business and promotions that. Teams have done throughout sports I've never heard of giving away a whole season worth of season tickets. For buying one and attending games for the previous here. To the best of any of our knowledge here dissident anything that that anyone's done and his kind of -- one of -- -- one of a kind ticket plan and you know again we -- we want people to come out we won and to cheer and how the team and you know we're kind of -- -- people for that and it -- and you know it is. As -- mentioned it's limited connections. And that's a limited number so -- you know the first 500. Of these -- -- tell. Or you know through the end of the month of August here so you know that we do want people to it to make sure -- in here -- And you know earned some rewards her for coming around and turn on the box. DR you guys happy with how does the schedule came out yesterday as far as your week in dates and all that stuff -- when you get certain teams. Yes absolutely you know I think every time the schedule comes out I don't think there's there's probably thirty teams that are a little bit disappointed in and out some things shake out but. You know for the most part. You know it's. It's a great schedule. You know opening up on on how we ninety. Against the Sixers and you know they're great young teams it's -- beacon of -- you know look into the future a little bit about where the -- headed. Have the -- following up right after that and eating in here and not that I and 94 series started and then. You know great games against Memphis -- -- -- to kick off you know we've got agreed operated for people to -- he can really great gains rate from the very beginning of the season. And then you know -- up toward the end of the year. Couple -- more Sunday games this year which is is great for -- still to come out. You know her Patrice Sunday against dispose -- the one we -- last year we moved up two of our Saturday against the 630 to. You know again for failing is that maybe the 730 games are a little bit late for on the weekends. So again it's all about trying to to make -- successful with a Binghamton and give everybody not create component and -- -- this young team is going to be all about. Dustin real quick before let you go ahead this email here from Rico and he just must know. How do we connect with our feedback for better experiences or perhaps an email where where fans can can give their feedback on the game experience. Absolutely had the current -- they go to -- dot com there is. You can submit -- -- We do read every single one of those come -- and try to respond and then respond to each of them so if they go through and -- you know submit something to rule. Our formal and on -- -- come. Well certainly. Receive that read and respond. And then I would say you know keep an eye out as we get towards -- the beginning of the season or be. Hopefully -- even more opportunities for people involved in and really kind of -- -- some feedback. Dustin got -- vice president of marketing for your Milwaukee Bucks Dustin. Thanks for a few minutes every -- -- and thanks on behalf of Bucs fans for that ridiculous offer you guys are making a hope a lot of people take advantage of and capitalized. After -- and dusty gutsy joins us on the great midwest bank outline what makes great midwest bank rate was a great -- West Bank dot com to see what people. In your community are saying about GMB's great people products and services great mid West Bank. Simply local.