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Aug 20, 2014|

Tim and Sparky react to the Brewers' 6-1 victory and ask: how much would you pay for a World Series ticket?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Contingent of Sports Radio 1250 WS has been -- -- sports station and. I have over. We what can I have been a tournament -- couldn't. Brewers fans it's time for the longest running post game show and -- Washington let's break down today's game on the -- -- baseball post game show built by -- -- its hardware and now live from the Arizona and art studio is a long what -- party Phifer here is the French guys Tim Allen money only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS SP. And that is a final from Miller Park the Brewers return home for the homestand when -- 61 win over the Blue Jays and welcome everybody to repeat as baseball post game show built by. Elliott's ace hardware we are live here in the jurors on -- Menard studio. Tim Allen Steve Sparky five -- it is mayor Mets and Jason behind the glass over there as the Brewers get a 61 win a by the way -- Fifth win in a row. If Lee after keeping track. I believe so we have -- final game in Chicago three in LA and won here. That's five in a row for the Brewers as they run the record now -- 71 and 55. And for displays in the National League central and depth -- just 36 games remain in the championship season. Of 201436. Left -- they are full Lyon by Brewers and Mike fires get the win. What do you think of fires now. He stacks up another nice outing. Sam have in San Juan Garza comes back move him. Rod Jimmy Nelson the -- and -- fire sustain it or at least his new rotation or at least just moved Jimmy Nelson to the bullpen and see where we're remarks you know. Where is gonna get in there -- slotted -- on the eighth inning. What Jeff -- -- do anything you know wanted to hurt his chances in the eighth inning. I just want decision made on the eighth inning let's move for I don't want to striking out for a month and a half -- on February 8 inning pitchers just let saddle and whoever's going to be in several rotating different guy every night figure out the -- -- go. I think right now it's Will Smith third Jimmie -- for its -- righty lefty. That's that's where it's -- right now and it and Gil -- Kinsler started put things together a little bit here if you haven't noticed. Start -- it's a little bit better but Mike fires -- tonight he goes seven innings just two hits. One walk. One run six strikeouts. That was it for him he gives up a couple of hits there in the second inning. They actually got out of it a jam there that the Blue Jays had runners at second and third nobody out. And disallow the one run a following that he allowed. Nothing. And I mean not -- He. Where he is the you know again I think it's a great gamble. That they'd allowed fires to do -- and he remembered the decision between Marco Estrada and Mike fires -- remember that -- that was a little bit of a debate because you had. Know Mike fires -- as of -- had not been on a good run had a brilliant and awful year last year for a number of reasons on and off the field. And -- and -- strategist imploding with the plane home run derby so. I liked to gamble I -- -- at the time of Mike fire's been in their just just roll the dice to see if you could get him on that 2012 role. And by the way it looks like he's on that roll right now doesn't it yet does it kind of reminds you of that. That back then in 2012 when -- -- -- They asked ready to about that Don Zimmer on -- on the pregame today. And -- he said the difference as his controls Wade Barrett and was the last time he had so much success better this time better this time that was the last time I am. Oh man it's a good problem to have been and now some home cooking here for the brewers' offenses they take the lead to zip in the first inning. How about John I'm in -- -- give back to back doubles Gomez in -- -- played Iran. And -- crisis that doubles machine right now he is he is outstanding right now. Amid a nice play defensively at first base to will be the first catcher to have relieve the league in doubles in the history of baseball if this this -- yet in the history of this looks like it might. It's it just might -- -- is gonna catch and we know that right -- So there's -- you know they get on the board there -- -- of lines out for this first out of the inning and Ramirez. A doubles in -- -- for a two zip lead skip to the third the Brewers put up a couple of more runs in that third inning. As she get a double RBI double from Ryan brawn. And then after that Ramos Ramirez sacrifice flies brawn to third and Chris Davis sacrifice -- -- -- -- that was nice ABC baseball right there. With -- -- sitting there at second base with an RBI double and nobody out. They get him in without -- -- I really like that third inning. Fourth run of the game right there the second one of that inning. And then we skip to the fists fifth inning so first third and fifth. Is when the Brewers scored a couple of more runs in that fifth inning Chris Davis and RBI double but it doubles today hit tonight. And and they get Rickie Weeks and -- base hit. And fires is doing his thing said -- mop laid him down seven full innings two hits just the one run one walk. And six strikeouts Zach Duke and branding Kinsler finish things up for the Brewers now 71. And 55 here and how about that sweep over the Dodgers -- just roll and he'd notice a little more national play for the Brewers. Just a little bit more by who after the Dodgers by who nightingale on Sunday ails them numbers -- like when not to that degree just said hey everyone look out the Brewers are for real whatever it was. I sell intentional one of those was intentional talk -- dates we got a question about the birds -- the Dodgers series on Monday song that they are gonna talk about it I'll watch a show but. They that we are question arron talk about it and measure -- of the Brewers to answer your question earlier had seven doubles seven doubles in the victory -- they -- -- machine so. The Cardinals last -- we're losing four with three top rookies still hole -- OK still 43 and transferred looks like they're gonna lose or seven. They -- they and I am just seven straight losses for the pirate lavender three missed. They're blown out. They got McCutchen back tonight didn't seem to matter -- annals horrible. The Pirates so how many out of the Pirates now -- think some think settled in OK seven. Was it just it -- seven wouldn't it just a few weeks ago. They've lost seven straight -- have won five straight -- in the brewers' other losing streak earlier in the year wasn't as -- is a -- is really really hot that's right wasn't as bad. The Pirates bad bad fortunate she knew this hot streak was common for the crew and you -- the Pirates and Cardinals -- slump at some Atlanta for the end of the year. It you know what and and this is no surprise to me that a little hot spell -- is a little bit surprising that you go out and sweep LA I got -- met everyone's surprised by that. I mean two of three we could understand that and you know and I'm beating her -- where exactly. So you were just sort of assuming that -- best he could do is two out of three. That's a tremendous when should you fear another series the rest of the year. Based on that dodger series and now. Not at all you shouldn't I don't care Cardinals I don't care where that game -- that series is played out. Hear there on the -- anywhere you should not fear another series and proof of that is the LA Dodgers series. This series here by the way the Blue Jays. I mean you you better get at least one win and they did that now you go after the sweep -- take the day off on Thursday as huge however. Keep in the back your mind here not to overlook this game two against the Blue Jays we keep in the back your mind. Heading into this series against the Pirates this is it for those Pittsburgh Pirates. This is it this is everything they've got to play for starting Friday night. Miller Park should be. Because you know what happens when the -- for Pirates play the -- earlier today. -- and -- and everything ran all the notes that we -- in all the things that happened on that Easter Sunday you. That I just -- -- on my -- -- yeah I you know it it truly. And then you know the next time they play and -- call ends up hitting Carlos Thomas oh whoops that -- got away just so happen. But that is -- thing for the Pittsburgh Pirates is -- not. Yeah I think so and if I was ready to you wanna -- brought -- I'd cinema given to -- or is -- or Ramirez I did what -- -- are up and get right for the -- depth and and I assumed at that when he pulled Ramirez on Sunday. That you get the off day Monday he'll play Tuesday night which he did tonight. Then they would give Ramirez the off day tomorrow he got Thursday off so look at that in the span of Sunday. Through Thursday he plays what a game and a half. That's a good thing for Ramos Ramirez that would be the way to go and I think that's what they're -- going to do tomorrow without a question now. The of last week and we need get a chance really to delve too much into it but the Brewers playoff tickets went on sale. And I don't care about the jinx in thing -- I really don't as superstitious as I can beat. At times. How much are you paying to go see the Brewers in the playoffs. There was 42000. In there on -- Tuesday -- to see him play the Blue Jays. -- I'm trying to debate whether or not. How much money I would pay to go see an NLD outs an NLC outs. Or the World Series. Not collectively because that's a -- the Brewers put out there right right now it's kind of a collective you gotta buy eighty -- season ticket partial or complete game package puts money down a painful -- -- there's all different packages will pull that up for in -- -- It's it's sore but there's so much in there -- in my hands I don't really like. I know that because it's so difficult the kind of digest the compute. But just on -- -- just the general. General question of how much money you're willing to pay to go see this team and -- play. -- -- -- So does -- in the playoffs -- old pay your grand for a game if you wanna guarantee yourself tickets. Rusch and it's going to be about a grand -- yes it will be out of pocket and just I got about a twenty game -- whatever for next year -- that helps I'm just saying one game a standalone while that's the I want to help your way in our guys through it's -- it's a ticket brokers ticket service yes how much are you willing to spend like a hundred bucks. -- -- For a playoff. -- -- One salaries game different. Playoff game probably like a hundred bucks I think mostly while not -- -- you don't know everybody's but it's how about a World Series game. Quite a bit more for you yeah as a -- quite a bit more. Press credentialed in none of that nonsense and I just just you -- much to pay all quiet -- -- I don't know quite a bit really yeah. See I'm sort of a cheap skate that way I don't know how much I'd pay and I'll -- -- figured out I may end of the show I may never see another World Series appearance in my life I know I toppling that that's why I'm absolutely. I know yeah I'm I'm an affect how much do you think people way. Think -- a couple hundred. That seems low though doesn't. Seems -- low negotiated Brewers in the World Series to a box I got I got your World Series six for 200 dollars in -- in the U receipts. You and Murton. Just one. I'm just so I don't have to buy for someone else just just me -- is we McCain -- -- name -- this game it's outside the our goal World Series -- -- maybe a catch reported idea -- go to. And -- at the risk of of Jenks in this -- really don't care -- I am curious as to how brewer fever is catching on here and how much you're willing to spend because you put your money where your mouth as. As a fan right. -- at times when their having high success. 7991250. An email live in Sports Radio 1250 dot com 42000 -- Miller Park get an update here from mayor Mets. Get your reaction on another brewers' victory 61 the final. And how much she would play. This in 2014. Championship season hits the post season what are you paying to get him. Brewers win the night's 61 the final. Hi welcome back -- -- repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware Brewers get the win tonight 61 the final game one of a two game set against the Toronto Blue Jays since nice a little -- back. You may -- call the two game. The two game sweep by the Blue Jays up in. Toronto a couple of months ago but I'd 7991250. Your reaction on the Brewers win might -- seven innings two hits just one run. Set down the last eight -- he faced. And of course he had doubles machines were working tonight namely John and -- -- A couple of doubles and an RBI 7991250. As just kind of wondering how much you gonna pay for Brewers -- post season tickets and I and I know the Brewers have some packages that are pretty cool out there. You can buy some parcels -- some full. You know season packages for next season that makes you eligible to purchase of post -- post season -- against. But I'm just wondering stand alone how much are you willing to pay. To go see this team in the playoffs to keep the playoffs in one side of the ledger and then the World Series and another I'm still debate on how much because I'm a cheap skate with that. But that stuff been spoiled work -- in this business over the years and it kind of pains me. It's it's to pay a lot of money to go see you know concerts and players and games and things like that 7991250. We start things I would -- your first up on Sports Radio 1250. What that felt what's happened. Man outlook goes -- they are getting together a -- when they get. Lot of -- unbelievable. This you have to keep in mind -- policies and to get -- -- what you're saying yeah. Armada come out and have a twenty impacts but got the whole package -- walk and I didn't -- -- -- -- World Series. For -- accidentally -- pillbox. It's face values 200 dollars a ticket. 200 bucks for outfield box face value for the World Series that right. Yeah yeah -- Division and it's 6060 dollars a ticket and 75 dollars ticket. -- see -- somewhat reasonable doubt. I think so -- World Series don't -- but when you're like I don't know about. Wondered sure of injuries -- book -- value could. Okay well okay. There and I don't know man. Public think about it but go Brewers -- do it. Absolutely -- anyone in 55 maintaining first place in the National League central here. You -- thanks Darren. And again I don't I don't know if it's fair I always try and you guys all know this -- try to be a fan first so but I don't know if it's fair for me to ask this question myself. Just because. I've been doing this radio thing since. The late eighties so when it comes to -- Stevie you know list. It comes this knows it's tickets in fairs and festivals and concerts and there. All that stuff -- we we never really had to pay consistently over the years. Well I remember you and I used to scalp or waning games -- -- press credentials not so -- waning games county stadium and get her way in or. We buy tickets were around the world it's spring training wanna go to -- got to pay prices for that matter. Whatever that the deal is. And again for me. I hate being oppressed -- If if I'm -- no one of these games is not going to be sitting up in the press box I'll tell you how much right now Williams -- World Series game. I am not credentialing and Eagles stand up -- -- press box. Like all the other guys are going to be out there clenched in their -- are dean's. Not being a lot of -- now being a lot to root for your team or anything -- -- ought to be out there as a fan cheering and go one nuts that's what I wanted to. Game one. At Miller Park close to it was game three of the NL VS in 2008 you and I and and -- went to -- Went to the game and we didn't press credential -- and -- -- always paid for those neighbors like. I want to say it was around fifty box. Something like that some like that we don't press credential into that game that was the first playoff game since 1982. And we just had to be there as fans and it was it was big. That was you know against the Philadelphia Phillies in the new and I went to game five of the NL VS in 2011. We just kind of walked around we pressed the end but we just kind of walked around a little -- I you know so I 200 -- seems that. Like a decent deal for me for the World Series as good. -- -- -- -- -- -- if you're not -- them face value which you probably aren't going your not going -- sitting up for my upper back for two our box -- 7991250. Roger you're on Sports Radio 1250. A -- First off it whatever fighters does. Given his. He and mean it seems that the is tempo or did they had -- pitchers I just hope he can continue. Unbelievable job and I don't you know I don't think our defense. So you know. Quote goes to the defense especially that guys who are -- like. That's not take for granted even -- corners play at first considering. Howell the airs on the I don't our opponent's -- Has helped us outside just. I -- I don't want to take their defense for granted also. Appreciate really don't think these reading wrong games and we get ahead. Really are great because it's good gonna give. Redick you the opportunity to get insular in there and get that guy can combat. -- myself -- -- -- -- that one as the other relievers. Falls -- that he's hitting. How much you pay and Roger for the World Series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whether it's on my big screen television are out there whenever it takes. Okay all right thanks for the call I just got to think it's going to be light. The Packers -- those admirable Brandon Roy and Reggie where people -- taking out second mortgages on their house to get -- normally see Datsyuk. I think it's -- that way for a lot of Milwaukee fans you're gonna do whatever it takes to get to at least one World Series game. If they make it. You're gonna have to be there for one right I mean everything we've been through for the last and 68000. Years with this organization. If they make it back to the World Series you have to be there. That's a big enough but it is an NF. I'm just curious as -- how much. You're gonna have to fight the brokers you have to fight the scalpers -- gonna have to fight the opposition fan -- think about that. You'd have to fight through the players they get their portion of of their. Ticket giveaways or whatever that's going to be they'll look the at 42000 on a Tuesday night tonight against Blue Jays I don't know what kind of special was role and tonight. But they have 42000 on Tuesday -- there's no there's nobody else is -- one that. But that's -- take -- mantra -- -- -- kids get in school that they're gonna go ball by. -- -- targeted kids start school in nice two weeks they do so once that happens a weeknight numbers and go back -- him probably 7991250. We go to Robert in Nashville gonna cost him a little bit more because he's got travel costs what's happened Roger. Or Robert. OK I I'll -- -- -- up I would -- -- thousand dollars -- World Series ticket. I don't care -- -- -- guy in there. That would be great elderly and as for 1000. Dollars. They're only. Seems to be having this conversation well -- our market bird. Organization put out the playoff packages sighed and put I don't. Hole of course they do in the Packers. Won't do that I -- -- -- if they have a winning record it's just. Market right -- out. -- Right and -- think they have a chance that this thing. I I. I I -- couple weeks ago and I said -- -- my -- and let everybody pitch out of the bullpen let everybody just go out there in the rotation elk or robot because I've read. Just relax and and and let the Brewers play -- well the main sweep. That's the highest they're taking in the -- -- Highest bid of 1000 dollars from Robert. That's a lot Roberts in -- -- thanks for the call I don't know fumbled a thousand. And you go a thousand. -- -- of their -- -- that butch and the spotlight as I got my rise in college -- -- day. And -- I'm I -- good. So thousand bucks maybe a little bit too rich them now OK but that -- -- constant thousand bucks and backed up. Now I -- there are -- be -- are gonna -- galas a lower bowl seats and that's why. I doubled in house I don't care about in the last seat of the upper deck -- wanna be -- -- for one game out of here from standing. That I don't mind either just to be there and a lot of -- water and then we're gonna have to I'm actually not to be standing I'd prefer to be away -- -- much of that -- calls possible with 7991250. And Roger a couple of calls ago brought up Kinsler. -- He -- tell you we're doing -- World Series falls in -- We're fans we're -- drunk every night we're not doing nationals some Nelson and 01 do -- entire party in every home game we didn't -- gains with a hole games you know you are going back to 1985. And we're gonna party for these close games I'll tell you what. Somebody else to do much like -- don't ever for the road games will be the road but for the longest we need to be at. Miller -- part grow my hair back out yeah. Grow the mustache is. The Cardinals just tied the reds and is also dealt away. And they're still batting second in third now. -- for them against the reds -- 87991250. Here's a guy that's gonna -- lot of money big Marco because he's Renault with this team all in all year. -- -- -- -- -- From first of our our clear that -- out our who happened to be in my vehicle around 5 o'clock and the other day when somebody was talking about -- -- -- And I am out on a milk carton on the part put people on milk carton yeah -- all of them. If you do it but I've heard some beautiful but -- -- -- -- It's hard out there you know congratulate the quarters -- -- you it's heart. Well you know I'm just did not come to think it -- mean I don't get -- -- at the wrong I don't you know I mean c'mon it's -- I mean we -- -- -- from populate. You know what I mean we attitude we we don't have the agreement I think you do do all partners you've got to talk to oppose -- -- -- at all or nothing is over not since breaking apart here. I'm -- I'm -- of our players and not get him to an annual legitimately important anybody in the Mariners. Yeah I mean you can ask your -- get an attitude about fired then I mean I was heading into Google. And they usually get run support throughout the year and put up in the minors. There's some luck and there's a lot of people at seven when Garza and -- Went down together every once said well this is the demise of the Brewers seed we all -- was common. And it's -- and Nelson that are creating this whole seven -- won in 55. Right now that we are not important but it you know we we take we take -- It was a competitive and we -- credit. Once Garza yeah I was back probably be in yeah assembly would be my -- -- what are your record -- recruited. I'm guest you'll the some -- the bowl that I would have to imagine -- Nelson -- fire stays up and stays in the bullpen the other one stays in the rotation -- I didn't have the type of manager that would have been followed. No I don't think -- won't he won't it will be his call necessarily be ducks -- to Doug Melvin thanks for the -- mark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Compared. That's what or who do little -- -- you know I didn't. Do it he couldn't. Well you know I just -- -- pitch anywhere. We let you. It is so broken -- it would ultimately work to catch them or whatever and conclude. That an autograph. And so it didn't and I couldn't. Okay so Marcos go and thank you Marco he's -- one -- fan. His wish I had -- had to trust me I'm actually -- a big mark for the first I don't trust. It's fun and channels of the -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hundreds of dollars for an event of any kind. Of any kind concert. You know whatever whatever this ball game -- -- 2000 -- realized -- can pay a thousand bucks roughly. And go down and get a couple of nights hotel room C of packer game on the road airfare hotel -- game tickets were careless inside of a thousand dollars could careless astronomers -- I'm just saying am I could care last -- I think the brutal World Series game or that little tricky -- now. Mayor -- how much you -- Physically I don't know if I can handle much more than. 200 -- probably double on a World Series. -- -- probably about 200 dollars as proud about it and and it doesn't matter where you -- right now I you can get in for 200 I would think -- in the lucky just wanna get it. Then just wanna get it just like me I -- I may be just consider just tailgating but. Okay it's a lot of people -- haven't always had a lot of people -- and not allow that this entire he'll be tailgate cannot allow that. They have to have rules -- -- that say you have to you have I think he would be you need to have to have a ticket you're not covenant with parking lot. You can't have a -- part until people don't have to Victor yeah at a table that I have tickets are walk him forever -- -- into this -- yeah you got -- broader rule in place -- that's -- it's gonna -- I -- You have a bunch of college kids out departed without tickets guns and the people that paid good money to -- into pick and. Yeah -- in camp marquis I think he had some is safety things going on. During the playoffs in 2011 where I know he had to show I think you had to show. Your parking pass it free by I believe. You had a pretty by the parking pass didn't shoot. I was -- for opening day -- -- -- it was something like that -- 7991250. Paying up to a thousand dollars 800 box 70600. I concede probably 56 -- -- box is probably what. Last minute tickets are gonna go for if if it ever -- said they get into. The World Series here how much do you play. Misses where the rubber hits the road here. 7991250. Brewers get a big win tonight. But talk a little bit more about the bullpen before -- get out of here tonight got a ways to go here Ron -- -- We'll hear from him and the Brewers get a big win over the Blue Jays kicked off this home stand in the two games set. 61 the final. This segment of the repeat his baseball postgame show was brought to you by grouping that's where the best selection of choice means premiums seasonings and all your kid only needs the first ingredient is true penis -- -- Let's add this one up Brewers fans it's time to go inside the box score this is the routine is baseball post game show built by aliens ace hardware. On the the only station Brewers fans the Sports Radio 1215 WS -- -- Okay guys and -- sit right there we'll get right to you and just nice game. From Mike fires again and as good problem to have. Deep starting pitching. It is it really is a good problem to have so the Brewers get a -- victory tonight seven -- won in 5561. The final. And we'll hear from Ron try to -- coming up give more of your phone calls and just talking about. -- just -- just pipe dream with me there's 36 games left in this 2014. Championship season. Sorry. And you don't they happen -- did get through and make it to the World Series or the NLCS whatever how much you willing to pay. Because this might be something special brewing here in 2014. -- check out the numbers -- -- back to you guys. Carrasco has won for for the run scored a walk and a strike out -- -- right two for 42 runs scored one RBIs he -- -- -- bill Michaels earlier today like he does every Tuesday. Check out Sports Radio 1250 dot com Ryan -- one for 41 run scored and one RBI. Ramos Ramirez two for 41 run one RBI Chris Davis two for two I'll run. Two RBIs and one -- Rickie Weeks one for four with an RBI in two strikeouts. Our team Maldonado zero for four with a strikeout -- ago or -- zero for four with a strike out. Mike fires one for three with a strikeout -- -- power -- zero for one when they strike out. I fire seven innings two hits one run one or one walk six strikeouts as the -- now one point 29. Zach Duke one inning scoreless one point 86 ERA for him Kinsler one inning scoreless as well. The Brewers six runs ten hits no errors Toronto one run two hits one error it's the first time all season long that that Toronto. A Blue Jays have been held under three hits and a baseball game first time all year and fired three in one JA -- eight in eight. The -- now 71 and 553528. -- In 42221. On a Tuesday night to witness this that is impressive. Continue. To impress the fan base here at it in in Milwaukee at Miller Park and in that -- impress Cardinals game they're tied at four. Cardinals coming Obama nine holiday Adams and -- -- for the -- 7991250. We go to -- you're on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- I don't articulate what's -- All right I haven't enters its story. All eagle lows that you're talking about money and figure. You know in the -- so we want the -- two -- three games this year. I got tickets for like companies that -- in. It was section one of 23 -- -- -- hundred -- nice like you know. Right under -- that -- I would think five Porter to a sultan. -- -- -- -- All the -- where basically you like -- -- and -- there was we got there are -- watch batting practice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the ball over I'd -- it's I asked the question they would be brought a lot. It fuels -- came back and with my kids aren't enough all you want future -- what. Was was it his mother. I believe that one yeah. We're always -- -- Q is even worse for that there would. Two ball because they're -- into the Cardinals. The -- the players commended for all all of its also fair that are going for the -- it's not about to actually. You know they're the subject awhile ago on -- on the radio as to what you get -- ball to a fare much on what sitting back there. Well the ball the right job as far as what should mark on on and he -- who also rode him pretty pushed like -- great all -- it's like. Formal -- respect though that you're talking ball -- a lot of K. I got free tickets usually you know you with particular that are up for people that in all there yeah my parents -- old -- -- stuck. Sitting -- because of all it's possible -- announcer and they were just complete. Yeah I'm that that happens. I yeah I -- -- that they're like I have better experience than a club in assists with just I had my first I'm -- I would barefoot earlier that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that the Blue Jays fans. When the Brewers were up there they were really ride and -- in a rare there in left field I don't know if you remember that he had a he had really kind of I have to move play out there and they've they were riding him hard out there are so I don't know -- -- -- Blue Jays. And that's where people are just hopefully every primary. It all they were just. -- -- -- -- they didn't have too much to cheer about I will say that. I don't that's why it would victory came. Or I might soda in my differently we left in the sixth and excited not -- -- -- children I -- like you know. Applause we took the victory we want to write but -- -- You're talking about better seats that are going to build that aren't the visitors dugout because also -- usually comes -- the -- -- -- -- formal. -- -- -- Okay we'll put in the request right put in the request for your company to get to the post season tickets to. Put in -- arrived. They are good I enjoy your -- -- you guys do a great job. Greg thank you very much. If it -- Brett Lowery -- mother. If if that was her. It makes total sense why when I interviewed Brett -- years ago. Why that kid -- me are wrong way I was gonna say is and he impeach himself I was ready to back and the kid he's he's from the lot of people wrong who for some time. The grizzled -- -- and -- a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dad got a long time -- indeed central division is down this year. The Brewers have jumble all over and -- the Pirates and reds now have -- the Cardinals want to dispose of to cement the central division title. My prediction wants the division is there is they will be returning to the World Series -- -- I just say that -- -- Back from the dead the grizzled one yelling lot of Sports Radio 1250. -- they crawl out of the woodwork don't -- bell boy they'd do 7991250. Ian on the south side -- on Sports Radio 1250 got a little sidetracked there Ian but how much you willing to pay to get into the World Series. Well I have a short -- and my dad says. There's two -- that I'd be the -- -- felt like -- that I actually pay good -- And the prize Bill White manor where whereas still dating other times that we what well got a vs Nebraska. You know very marquee games. Upscale little bit extra for I think 850 dollars for a hundred idiotic is it for that -- -- Brewers will you take it. If I had the talent they have art -- -- 250 dollars. In she'd be OK with that she would be okay Eric that in -- to occur with the court okay. I actually had the this the Shell it out. I could comfortably -- between 300. -- the -- 15. I hit it. -- like six or 700 bucks with a -- somewhere in there. -- which -- why -- in one game. My -- -- the of you know depending on who the person would be in the rotation at that time you know battling that -- -- in the that everybody's healthy -- -- I would think. I would pick a good third you know that that one -- just just for the memories and keep them -- remove the pick it up. Yeah absolutely you would -- grabbed the program and again and grab anything you could that -- right. The idea and handed in that would hurt that gosh darn it thanks for the call that would hurt my pocketbook I know that. 67 on a box to get. To get two tickets. You're taking your son you better know that's gonna happen then what about the girlfriend. Up until mother's. -- got to live with her but not cardinals' first two runners in the ninth on Matt Holliday walked -- -- sandals -- -- -- nine. I'm -- nine I JJ -- getting nobody outs and outs its first and third nobody out in the Bob now that things I would imagine. 7991250. Aaron calling from golden chicken you're on Sports Radio 1250 -- -- -- So far here. And sort setup in the fourth -- -- with a lot of common folk. Yeah see it -- -- Ninety married for example -- France and I gotta say if fires and boo bird while. A -- yeah. I mean I -- say what it wants that but while amusement. This this is par for the course year this year army Morgan were -- this you know what the cool thing is Aaron about this now -- a caller brought it up earlier about an hour ago and said that. It was nice to get these cruise control wins because these are gonna come in handy now we're getting paid back for all the time remember April may June all those tight ball games. Where you could get you couldn't get one in the -- for nothing you couldn't get -- 67 run cruise control game now are getting paid back a little bit it is nice and it's gonna help out. Absolutely Kim who has. It was just really lets see fighters -- they're just feeling absolutely dealing. And as critical first they're they're gonna win that division. How how much who are you willing to Shell out here for a World Series to -- -- a World Series cricket. Well I've never been to a playoff game let's start there or are you getting how much. I mean you know -- -- couple our books. Couple hundred OK -- is indeed -- -- -- yet you'll get in for a couple hundred box. You know I'm 29 years old never in the playoff game at -- for the Brewers I'm. -- -- -- -- -- Okay very good thanks for the call -- -- -- union -- column -- -- -- call and say 200. I know I'm getting tickets I'm starting in three. The more I hear people say to the Mormon -- started three and I've got to there's there's a lot of people willing to do -- and LB announced couple hundred box. Gary emails a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com guys first -- -- -- -- what -- because this is baseball you -- -- winner if you get this chance again this is what makes this so special. No -- psyched up especially. How this has become eighteen now one guy above the other. Second of all occur pro national people out -- -- thus -- again not bashing other sports but baseball is so much fun with parity or the unknown results. Imagine all Smart. Small market World Series Brewers vs say the Royals -- Orioles -- Mariners -- -- this is a real possibility guys thanks Gary emailing a lot of Sports Radio twelve. -- you -- speaking of the Kansas City Royals. I didn't know this or maybe I didn't I forgot which -- surprising. It is so Ron Redick -- birthday today. You -- Cardinals just -- drive they stay two and a half back right Pirates now seven. Now what do the reds in nine. Someone -- Don. Guess you don't wells has a birthday today who. Speaking of Kansas City. Who -- you know most his and -- he's berth is on the same day I think -- mayor -- can you confirm that I will the second. -- -- If so. Yes and is born August 19 1985 August 19901954. I have now so he's sixty today. It is yes he is sixty today the big six LB -- I don't know why laugh at that it -- -- -- said the same birthday. -- Now. When you do barring. An embrace like -- to digest -- some more. Okay -- right now yeah -- 7991250. We've got. Anywhere between a couple on a box in a thousand dollars get in post season mainly World Series. Am -- if it's that we are saying if it's a big F 36 games to play. Brewers certainly our role in here. 71 in 55 left in a get the victory tonight might -- -- keep an -- on as he goes seven innings of two hit. One run baseball and we'll take more of your phone calls get to run -- acute. The birthday boy coming up by here before the -- -- -- an MBB still a lot to get to hear on repeat as baseball post game show built by -- -- hardware. Live in the -- is on M and -- studios Tim Sparky and another brewers' victory 61 the final. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's get today's -- -- MVP. The first to know the -- MVP at 7:35 tomorrow morning during the second wicked winds free food from Wendy's when it's better later that's when he's way over until midnight or later at participating when things this is the routine is baseball post game show built by -- -- ace hardware. Probably only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS SP. And -- -- morning I think there's a semi normal morning show going on. I'd say that in terms of personnel. I think they're both back together tomorrow I think if I go beyond the golf on and I think all that's right -- -- broadcasting from golf flouting. So are we right. I a year well the bill -- -- actually do Smith from Green Day. -- yeah that in -- Wendy's big sharp in his baseball post game show will be UN round. Me and -- right -- also so it's one of those days run on the aired during the brewery. Right -- thank you you're out there. And then I'm supposed to talk in detail about the per game when in fact I'll be on the big show while the Brewers are playing but. I've done it before. Once time won once or twice did the you've done this every year long the -- -- during the golf outing. Except once when -- we did the blind drive contest drive. I'd tell Wendy's MBB the morning show's gonna ask you who it was your the first person to correctly identify the players -- -- -- right now grabs free food from Wendy's. They -- got to go and Mike Firestone week seven innings two hits one run. And he just keeps keep an -- on he is outstanding so far in in another nice story for the Brewers here. In 2014 -- fires you -- -- MBB 7991252. Court. You're on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- -- Roland Michael Roll and stay home right now -- they are. Feel good it does. Feel great five in a row are not yet pyro -- -- -- starting. Courtesy of the LA -- it's. Remember the other day I told you what that Lyle Overbay. Three run double in the game against the Dodgers reminded me out that Boston game remember that -- it. Then now they've won. -- how many games says three since -- to create they -- the five game winning streak and it just -- that way it really is because in Boston. Kicked off a nine game winning streak. It did in a little bit internationally. -- -- yet while they had won a World Series yes. As students. Has has struck below the little kid -- our growth spurt over the summer -- -- Beckett now he's. Stopping teams with some payback. In some great bags so are all about oh World Series. -- -- pain. I'm a preacher. And you know -- -- superstitious. And we've won more games would you march down tutored a proper -- trend has offered anywhere -- -- -- -- -- -- down there burn and some incidents. Emotional. -- Aren't so. Anyway. But -- But -- objective is not what she knows who you know -- you know when you want it's is that you -- to that's true. He talked to them -- our camera might have an opportunity to double world -- -- I might be that lucky. Don't call us we don't have -- now. No we don't have any -- I know the other -- -- and then we godsey is we don't have tickets so what about it -- -- -- -- okay. Yeah sure. -- he had -- face value. Operator and I'm really worried but the -- didn't matter. I lessen the dark color. Naked -- -- a lot of Sports Radio 1215 that got him a spark -- and it's quite three games this year. And already have World Series tickets for 200 dollars per ticket. Nice -- -- don't my brother Nigel -- -- walking along the right center field concourse there's a spot outside the park looking through the wonder where you can see the majority of the field. I've -- -- on bikes and palms watching from the spot sneaky and three. Mixed in -- emailing lot it's -- radio 1250 nightcap. -- sort of in that you know I mean -- if you don't wanna pay that much money and in -- sort of there and he gets a radio with the end you can kind of -- in a little bit that's cool. That's old school right there Derek emails -- its portrait at 1250 dot com just reminding you guys from his last email I sent never. -- where our goals done -- is now. Asked -- never done by the way and pay whatever it took for all the games. With 36 games remaining here I know we're gonna get probably. Now I don't know what that Tweeter -- email or whatever sandbag counting chickens before they've passed down chickens down chickens and then. If something goes a follow here. Par on the -- com. They're gonna blame us for this this show tonight. -- -- I'll be able to have an -- a quick side note ya know if you heard about this fiasco or not tonight -- neighborhood don't. Chicago. It took TARP on the field the wrong way -- rain delay. And -- pitchers to eat out in apparently. During spring training in mesa the same thing happened and they had to cancel the game because of the -- it feel -- -- -- water yeah so this stop raining tonight so they pulled the TARP off and you could see all the puddles of water. In the infield in the sand all of them are we knew sold him -- With to get it ready to play and as far as I don't still believe they're still try to get the infield effects I don't know why it could take but there are pictures and they have it or the cut back or all of that -- -- -- people that hire other people make sure they they have the ability to perform the essential job description. It's it's like to Miguel Cabrera Bobble head the other day. You hear about this one now they gave away a Bobble -- big day right there. He's holding his two MVP trophies. From the National League. -- how does that happen. It says he's -- them. -- -- -- It's like the Tulowitzki and Tulowitzki -- yards Jersey shirt they handed out the Rockies game earlier this year and his belt is name wrong yeah back of the Jersey it's still -- -- -- ball and steal game one. Yeah it's so -- -- the Tigers give -- the Bobble head and that's celebrating his two. AL MVPs but the trophies he's holding says NL MVPs and they had -- again when you hire these people be sure. That there. They -- -- with all the perform the -- said essential job description in duty. It's it's becoming there's no excuse for that sort of thing odds are -- someone should be fired over that mistakes happen. Is that what you gonna go out there yet that's and that's what everyone goes. I'll be fine that was Joey in sales he's he he's not a big baseball fan well what else -- order -- a baseball team. You got to kind of know the game notes it. -- It happens -- we're gonna hear from manager Ron -- -- -- next the birthday boy. Shares a berth they would -- -- think that's very insisting. Hopefully we can find maybe -- the quick little snippet tonight of a Tuesday would -- maybe. Maybe. -- -- -- -- -- Hear from him more we play them in the World Series that's what I will talk to him -- how I want him I want the Royals. I'll tell you -- right now I want the Royals for multiple reasons -- To be able talked -- again yes that's the first reason new series is at least Josh -- -- -- from the big show he back in town on numerous days. That would equal the -- deliver them. And part three. Wood on to the world seniors. Like that would be -- sweet sweet sweet justice. Brew. His win. Cardinals -- maintain a two and a half game deficit 36 the play Pirates lose their seven back the Cardinals beat the reds and there. -- -- Mean if I don't said the reds are dime and I think the Pirates are done to. They can get really hot I guess numbers do you really cold but it's this weekend say they're pretty much the reds are ten games back 1010 back yes this weekend for the virus. You mean just about we can stick a fork in him. If the Brewers do some damage over the Pirates this weekend. -- -- is up next you're listening to repeat as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hard work. Live in the jurors on -- and -- studios Tim Allen Steve Sparky five for Jason behind the glass. You guys and 7991250. And -- main man mayor -- with -- update and then -- -- -- key next Brewers win 61. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the routine is baseball post game show. -- by -- its ace hardware. -- the only station Brewers fans being good Sports Radio 1215 WS has been let's get this story in today's game for Brewers manager Ron -- We're going inside the inland a mortgage coach's corner. What do you by -- deputy and a fun -- -- home loans for your dream since 1993 golds and 675. Or six for a 99. What are the Writers has a nice piece on Ron ran -- -- Put it out -- yesterday. -- today I think was it today I read it tell portion on the -- on action yeah congress not that he deserves manager of the year votes and it was good it's it's that it really counted. DJ did you read it I did did you read go -- I did. Yeah well -- is that Tug a war between. Letting these guys is run a mock said he's got the player that he is they would outrun -- -- letting him be him mocha. Well maybe may be Gomez needs to give his talents a little more credit. Now. How many managers has yet. -- think about Minnesota the -- all his minor league ties that he had. And now -- what -- Milwaukee and -- he's the one that figured it out. Now. Yeah I mean for the most part he's gonna get some of the credit for yes but I -- think Gomez didn't get had. Up to be a better player the older he got to got to remember this this guy I was young. As a rookie in in New York. It is really young in new York and Minnesota and that was how many years ago my six years ago was the guy that was going to be the -- What we're seeing now all is what they thought they were going to get that. But he couldn't figure out because everybody kept score and -- -- they've tried to Willie Mays tase him they're trying to hey why did you take pitches Carlos hit the person who are back. Downward hit the ball on the ground is run fast use your -- screw the power and a loss by structured of a power hitter so. -- -- and that's one of those things that you know. You're getting these these pieces are gonna start trickling out here and be as you get deeper and I think the catalyst to that. Was the sweep over the Dodgers I mean that that really comment sort of put him on the map a little bit we're gonna see more see more more of that for sure. -- run -- key has his team 71 and 55 year still in first place in the National League central. Again since August should say since April 5. They get a six to one win tonight fires outstanding seven innings two hits one run. And just doubles night for the offense tonight including two from John and Luke Roy a couple of hits -- -- a couple of RBIs from Chris Davis. And Ron read a key after the Brewers victory. Usually we keep asking -- -- my players are what people are considerable discussion was when. For -- yeah -- he he came did the same thing attack the zone. This is a good fastball hitting team is a good hitting team. Hand. Was able to locate that well. Throwing enough breaking balls and change ups. And I -- a little off balance -- He keeps doing it. Hopefully hopefully it continues. Good hitting team that is so I succeed -- tomorrow. -- -- I didn't know that -- look at it. So yeah everybody is making good pitches and Michael got -- deep which was really nice. And I just just to use -- two guys in the bullpen so. We play would -- good game and we played though he did really good job in the infield. -- -- played great at third seeking nice plays short Luke with a dive at first so. The defense was really good. And then obviously the offense and it's. That's how you score runs mean they're they're in -- ball the other way he moved the runners. Their drive and -- -- off so good and pretty classic lead him to score runs. What -- believes he's been the most impressive thing reporters this whole stretch these three starts you wouldn't look you know I guess you know individually it's. Well some of it is is the offense offense is that he's facing I think I think that's outstanding to be able to do this against some good hitting team so. But I think. I think when we -- come up two years ago was so good this is what he was doing. But I do see him. Commanding the baseball better meaning. Instead had just. Throwing the ball by a guy high eight. He's actually if you if Malone he's called for a high -- -- he's hitting that spot before. We have before we are just kind of mixing mixing up pitches and and all the stuff was good and I I think he's commanding the ball better. And that should make him. A lot more consistent. For what he does and in the long range. Tough moment. Quick game how to get it into the especially in the offensive offense threw -- -- -- -- Yeah come out the first inning and and do a nice job theirs is important. You know they came back and got the one run it. But anytime you score -- It it does a lot to our our pitching staff and and their pitching staff on the other end is. You know I've got to be careful with these guys and two innings later we do it again in two innings later we do it again so. A really good job of that. -- is. It's going involved great person in -- factory in hand. Not just moving people over what which he's trying to do the drive and a man. -- -- I think so we will always has good at bats and he's he's the one guy did not very often does -- have -- bat. -- the other guys -- they start getting a little anxious at times in -- now. And when their when their calm down and they're waiting to get -- wanna hit -- -- really do a lot of damage mean we're we're deep in our lineup. And we have good at -- like that we should score runs. Areas Ron -- a key after the Brewers 61 victory in. Winning does not get old brewer fans 36 the play and I celebrate just about everyone I mean everyone would -- now. Really kind of cool keep this thing role -- 7991250. As. We go to Kevin on the south side Kevin. Your and repeat as baseball post game show it's avenue. Yeah I -- -- first time Colin thank you Kevin in yeah I always listen you guys that the you know I'm not really isn't the -- You -- the Major League Baseball network and you'll watch out sports -- Supporters. The only bit -- so hard if they do it all at -- you know I mean. Did it upsets me too -- guy got it -- the outs. It's you know -- You know I'm a you know I'm I'm yeah of course I mean I'm not I'm retired now until I watch my big screen TV you know -- a seventy and -- wants and a nice -- -- you know it's like. Why don't -- it any respect but I -- wanting. I'd rather have the Brewers won the World Series and -- notes. Packers -- -- -- -- you know why can't it never happen. It if you had your choice -- go Brewers. We all yeah all yeah that's member -- -- until I -- out how -- they would get. -- when I went to the World Series yeah and it was crazy and I -- to. You would get more people. In a bomb. Packers. -- -- you -- -- phenom crowd because we can't say that because they are more of at least sport. Well Kevin here's what I'm hoping for and -- we talked about it on Sunday I I. Hope that they make it to the World Series and win it all just over -- worse these these national people. The force them to cover the Brewers and stick it to their programming yep you gotta cover the Brewers take that. It is not a compound that you don't put up. Also competed but I don't occurred at a big celebrity and -- it'd be little or what you know he didn't get up and you know what. I'm even and I don't want. Packers wanted to ready and that's -- would go -- is the blocks were -- -- and -- and adapt. Kevin I hate hate this and think you for your call and call anytime you're down the stretch Duca. -- -- -- -- Your -- Kevin thank you and army. Guys got a magic being prominently. -- world champions. Body athletes at 1250 WS SP 500 dollars an -- -- in Atlanta Georgia -- five. Probably party party except that -- now we're gonna sit in my lifetime I don't think Mitchell's -- -- he's younger well. -- probably not. Now just months is get yourself except to allow some dramatically. Really good care myself and make sure that I yes they do at night I've result of the box every hour or two yeah hold -- in -- all those years old were you when I was on a dive like a week. And I checked back the only -- Edmonton. I was pretty faithful to -- -- about a year ago for Allen was like don't talk that. It was -- that I stay active you know yeah. But it's great depth of the dubious as the government -- sort of 500 odds like in a -- and 300 dollars for air first liking come home -- -- True Blue brew -- -- got Milwaukee. 93 QF them member and I do old school -- knowledge of really good on air personality and the rock and roll animal budget. Yeah. W Mack row and you're -- for Q now did that that comment as big and I was in the early stages of FM rock radio we've odd Taylor says part in the 2011. You -- at Miller Park but had to show tickets. He says it was not define LDS game one tickets less -- a hundred dollars in 2000 allotment Monica one mile man for game -- -- between third base and left field five rows back. 225. Dollars each. -- for the -- the that's an -- I said you know the as game six to watch him. They -- how much did you pay for. Then I can answer is -- into the fourth when it was them if you got a good idea now -- -- -- I'll still makes me blush a little bit. It -- yeah -- -- need to sell. You know. Say here to sell we got the tickets you know easier 'cause we had I think if -- get ten games are actors Brewers get a win tonight 61 the final here from the battery in the victory actually no we won't we'll hear from Mike fires and first baseman -- of them who growing in this west next. On Sports Radio 1250 WS has pretty. This segment of the repeat his baseball postgame show was brought to you by grouping that's where the best selection of choice means premiums seasonings and all your kid only needs the first ingredient is true penis -- -- Today 61 victory they're 171 and 55 now 36 to play in the championship season of 2014. Tim Allen Steve Sparky five fur on Sports Radio 1250 WS has -- -- as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hardware might fires continues to impress. They talk about -- billion job just got out treading water until guards -- Lohse gave back a little bit more than that but from Mike byers. Redick he even said in the pregame. And as you are and accept you weren't listening you need to go back -- -- -- and keep pregame presser he said they're gonna have a difficult decision to make one Garza comes back in the rotation one to do with fires and Nelson. Now you would've thought it was has been to an awesome five fire as possible -- lost a lot. -- clearly that's not. Necessarily. That easy. If I'm Tom Gorzelanny -- a little bit nervous right now. -- is this the final that you know few weeks of his contract year and you know -- He's been okay hippie I mean he's he's really do that. And I thought that they were just save in where in -- so we can be strong and then down the stretch and maybe that's -- case but. But it still use them a lot do that. Chad's he Marco I'd be nervous as well -- emails lot of Sports Radio 1230 -- hey guys just wondering when Garza comes back of the Brewers go to a six man rotation. It could save the pitcher's arms for the -- -- I don't think these guys are radical right and they're they're creatures of habit need the you know guys like lotion -- funny they'd like to know their four days off. They want to know that regiment three wanna go every five days side might fires in his comments after his win. I think I think early on I was little erratic -- the strike zone and then and I pulled together later. Negative definitely today in my defense came through a lot of great plays -- me. You know. Our concussion. My side of the ball and him making that play. We got the -- diving effort -- -- guys really played defense behind me so. You know definitely. They -- to them. Yeah I mean. -- two years ago and I think. You know just learning from every game I think you know I'm going to just be better as -- as they get older and I'll learn from the game take away. A lot of things from every team you know trying to improve your game -- game -- I was sick command wise that now is similar to bettors bit. Just just learning the game in. You know come -- the next time -- and not doing the things they did wrong the game before. -- -- -- I just you know -- -- aggressive in the strike zone every inning I wanna make them swing and and you know the first like I said the first two innings I was erratic Alex you know wasn't on the ball. You know I got out of the one -- thing that second third and allowance. I had to make some pitches there and you know I don't wanna give access situations so. You know -- the first guy inning and. Tied the areas so -- fires sand Dallas -- from Jonathan Luke Troy. I'm getting used to saying -- the -- but -- -- the first baseman tonight here's what he had to say after the win. -- -- And I wish I was I was tremendously -- -- part of it looks on this. One of those things. You know all of them -- it opens things up in the zone doesn't think management. Because it had been using. First place. There yeah -- -- -- over there you know -- just. And to try to get over the knocking down Africa and I was able -- global so. You know worked out you know just try to -- -- -- -- There's a couple of comments from John and -- -- they -- -- looks good at just given the other guy credit. There the opposition pitcher in that a mid -- -- take advantage of a couple of his mistakes. Above -- we give John of them -- Luke doesn't have to be a mistake for him to have success. And I don't agree Kyle Lohse allowed just read out to fires doing it once again dealing and -- hit. Might be a big day for you tomorrow to hash tag no hugs yet hash -- who -- -- up hash tag eye contact question mark. The. Right path yes and earned the icon arrived yet he loves I it is game to -- Second final game of a two game set after the last pitch you make the -- repeat as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hardware. Will be live in the leaders on Menard mobile studios from the other golf outing and to a golf course running back laugh to myself paneling a couple hours of the big show and then the post game show. Immediately following hopefully another brewers' victory. Thanks our staff in Miller Park for Jason -- on the glass mayor Mitch as an update Steve Sparky five for my name is Tim Allen. Smiled walking the world will smile back.