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08/20/14 Chuck and Wickett 6AM Hour

Aug 20, 2014|

Chuck and Wickett discuss the Brewers 6-1 win against the Toronto Blue Jays. They also discuss Mike Fiers performance on the mound.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got Milwaukee. It's such a day with secondly can -- up -- Perkins restaurant and -- greens this is the only state you know what he sports fans -- Sports Radio 1215 WS has been. Morning jacket like it Sports Radio 1215 we I -- added to a golf course in big -- the sun is coming out. It is a beautiful day for all that is the eighth annual Perkins -- charity golf -- about it yet it's the world. And -- where else would you rather be out here at -- golf course right now at 6 AM. Yeah. Just see the birds I just -- -- -- -- that are younger and I'm now -- that's got to meet. Well that it's got to be very wicked -- you don't normally we get out here. And about 5:30 in the morning it. It's it's pretty dark it is already gorgeous outside and this just in mother nature and -- about it we've never had a bad. -- Tuesday but it's never we did the second year at the old course before with us -- but. Up that -- out and -- nice okay by about the final. Well all ultimately it was raining that morning but -- -- great mother nature -- -- -- -- my personal Arsenal Neitzel and you know. We were out there for couple times out here and it's been every chemical Margaret it's. -- -- -- this guy does it ever rained that would. Not not topics I don't think it ever got and it's not like a ninety degree -- either it's always like 758081. -- you never like when he was very tight end up in a big band 85 victories. No rain in the forecast all day law. It's going to be perfect. It is going to be a great day yet you know you're right I don't think that I I don't think -- -- allows I've nervous -- when the -- of have you been on a golf course where they -- although -- yes and everybody off the court yet there's always the one guy who plays the I have -- -- for -- cart -- from a -- yes yes yes -- -- McCartney's wait out the storm is typical -- while miserable. Absolutely miserable so they hear it. You know the first sign of raindrops on the when heading to the bar nineteen -- Oh yeah like he's sprinkling let's go get it clear article office -- -- for the play but that would play and -- working in the -- Isn't your -- go out there and -- like always they've you know what. It up playing golf in shorts -- -- ankle and it's I've really can't. I don't try that this fall of products -- the -- season -- -- up. I'm with you -- that yesterday's -- speed of extending this summer mist up as some friends. And -- so much fun camping -- last week -- Somerset Wisconsin thing about the together I'll meet September camping. Are right I mean you're gambling there -- -- -- -- -- it yet. Is that a lot opinion to details there it -- that go mid September like the thirteenth. It's what you sixty maybe some seventy recently problem approaching its rating average entering but who knows that mean the weather is going these days you know it's September just three -- -- hot days ago. It's I mean. You've got to camp Randall Hampshire on a Saturday for an 11 AM game at all 85 if it you know -- Labor Day we -- ones you are but the -- the -- -- like school football. Started -- first football Friday of wise the season throughout their shorts and all that. And by retirement scheme nine school got Parker -- and yet you're wearing your your rain slicker Saturday over top of every -- it's been a few months it just. Progressively week by week we beat -- on whether it's worse and worse of course it's big Italy to just heard the other -- For the first Wendy's -- -- -- -- in two days okay high school football starts. In two days ever actually get one he went last Saturday yet or -- -- -- to show. But this one will be wrapped up the Friday night game for Friday night this week at a scoreboard showed -- -- riding with big time like -- yeah high school football is here. And and it. -- -- week college football will be here and the big boys on Sundays and it'll start the Packers. And Seattle Seahawks. What is here Thursday after labor man I can't believe this is -- here and it's. You know what the signs of closing up some -- is -- golf outing bird have a lot of celebrities out here local media personalities -- joining us out here as well. I'm got Rob Jeter usually confirmation and coach VW Panthers were trying to sit rob down if we end. And there's a lot going on. Obviously you WM program. Now what are your probation you know if -- gets -- to shed some light at how this team and how he's -- focus on the upcoming year. That's a big year yap it's that they got scouts but -- scouts -- you know staff of the schedule last night. They're all winners get them on -- playing at the rabbits that are Saturday. And then like three days later they got to come back out here and play across the street at that but at the Milwaukee arena which is now -- camp out of this theory but -- To me it's -- it the more. And it got the new athletic directors of theirs wells and got a lot going on track down UW him at notre Rob Jeter. Marquette star Lee Smith is going to be here he's always a good time to sit down to chat with. I did of course will formally Milwaukee admirals will be here as well our batteries that are -- were -- can sit down with us about 930 today and countless not force. -- yet coming back your season. And will lead off the question in everybody's gonna lead off -- -- the quarterback situation you're going out Angels stop -- -- the -- and perhaps. The freshman DJ -- operated all -- -- to be out here. You know he's been them from media whoever it of the -- -- it was fox sports count on is going to be -- as well. Or part time work -- all he's the governor Jerry Augustine -- adults are eight. Government all the three that we take in and day out fully for updated did today I attitude is -- -- -- -- They got the for him it is it breaking news about the drop but yet that would -- great. Would have been it would have been terrific -- it to be a great day. All the guys and -- -- -- -- to be out here as well and look forward for a a great game golf and really looking forward with our favorite. Favorite things huge shock and of course the -- it -- when it Sparky the base of the pie. And it just popped out the window. You can't hit me in the face. At the plate or about that. A little bit later on. Our team down gently to a brew crew review over the big win for the crew -- -- -- minutes -- right now but -- he'd come down yesterday officially. Braxton Miller is out for Ohio State that is one of the things that shaking up the college football world -- assurance. They went from like a Sixers definitely the one paper -- -- -- chipped -- -- to forty to one and thank me drop on the 41. So that's a big loss that is that kind of -- out awful -- it is like you know -- your favorites you know Alabama or did. The other teams that are up there as well in any drop all the way down to 41 look at it seems like. Baylor the net that all of a sudden were Ohio State this ball and it opens the -- or in east division for Penn State. Wore a BC Ian Moore who never to jump up there because -- supposed to be the class that division and -- of the top teams. In the Big Ten -- or which hospital falls into that lost a little bit under defense with the -- -- be good calm again you know on the status of like -- -- and that eastern part of the yankees' soul. Really really really good -- confidence -- dot -- division yeah I mean when they look at it and do the east west split from the very beginning the leaders and legends thing was just -- but it has no right way. -- my mind to do decides. Drawing it down the line front line -- -- Lake Michigan. Between Indiana and Illinois border just goes straight down -- it we get Purdue and it go that way we'll probably is with but that would that. And I get a comfort your travel and all that but the problem is. All of the teams are Prodi's yet again we at Wisconsin Nebraska got the rafter I'll -- at Iowa and a lot of people actually. Yeah. It looks we have three team race was not -- -- -- and the rest will refuse that are. People -- talking about normally it's fools you rupiah. Quarterback it's going to be pretty exciting. You know Minnesota. They are what they are. Out there Nicklaus got the final game of the year for via its -- camp Randall Thanksgiving -- it -- -- but. Yeah I had that you know a lot of the capitals got -- -- -- -- -- -- world coming up. -- -- -- -- -- We'll work on appropriate sport well today. Why. Want a -- of -- role last -- government -- review course might play and Mike byers. It's -- -- get it done. I don't that your you're still very hesitant to jump on the -- strain if like he is he is turning some heads the way he is able to control the baseball. -- batters up and and is controlled it's it's on yet -- computer answer no. At least one in the my part but that aside doesn't tell you but I but I Tallahassee but I'll say this though -- -- think about a rotation. I can be taken out of it as to how continued to -- -- you -- how could you take about its -- you you've got to keep him there because. I mean with you know base -- got to write those things out. We're experts -- par at that one nice night they brought they start the next night left field. Chris Davis as hot that it got to put over the next night guys pitching well. You gotta keep -- can't speak about rotation now. What do you do I know what Woody and right when Matt Garza comes back -- the rotation. It looks like Kyle Lohse will miss a start because at least five days from Thursday with the off days that are -- -- -- -- -- starts with a bum ankle. What do you do if this team and Bruntlett went with it we keepsake as I have to say this the next six weeks a lot of baseball to be played we understand that -- That being said that's a form if the playoffs started tomorrow in Garza was -- City guards that was healthy and shoulder. Of the -- it was -- you know it's not -- -- it be oblique was healthy he was on percent -- got the ankle the week for Garza. -- -- -- -- Mean he's he's looked at like five straight quality starts this year your your team leader -- -- go to the -- In Willie probably an audit that he can't do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- already -- greatly knowing you -- no way they've ever put you on. Output launch of the bag and yours if you want to hear about. And got -- in -- next two or -- they would not would've been -- it there's no way to do that. I don't know the answer his sentencing decisions and with the off days. You know you you you think that sometimes -- September little form and rotation. So would be odd man out of it what -- -- and recorded two guys out if they beat. You're not sending like -- back to Nashville as -- out you know and not you know -- unless the wheels completely -- off. And -- happened at but you know what September call -- he's going to be here anyway. He was going to be up -- any way to help the bullpen and so he's never gonna go back and it's too late the year anyway. -- you're right he would but we struggled the next couple starts he's probably for rest of the season. Anyway and and you know by that to keep -- -- them. You know -- -- season -- -- -- September -- on the postseason roster. -- he's brought critics got the -- of the -- I would not have to be Rodman at this point or -- okay public the scenario what would you do if fires. It these three it on all Reno at least lately let's say view has been a bit like sixth overall for four or 56 world -- -- -- a post season where he's just. You know he's on fire. -- -- it's been a post season after pats aren't like yeah I don't know you know what -- government. It doesn't make. It doesn't make for an easy decision to tolerate. -- pitcher in the 87 Tigers. Went up to some miserable -- We got to worry -- I was and is that just -- When Patriots will regret it and now know with that but the fact that a trade was or what -- -- for us if somebody else them and them. It was the -- -- have a team like he was on -- in the second part of the season. And didn't expect them to be that good and -- like -- -- we take about rotation. With Seattle and Milwaukee PC -- seed -- traded for. Doyle Alexander. Was unpleasant history. When he -- prospect. To the Braves from -- 36 year old boy Alexander nine at the oil. I'll I'll see I can find it a little bit later I'm not oil. Not -- -- that was the trade that was the Doyle Alexander trade. It might have been able to have a roster and now it's no trade market but they only country but bottom line is the Tigers -- -- -- him now and then again. -- -- -- the post season yeah. But come. You know I'd like -- fighters -- keep that Witten. And let's say you know in the post season you'd have to keep my -- in the policies of the I I don't know what the right sensory it's I can tell you this they'll run -- It's a good problem to have to have all this would it mean that's that's a good problem for the wrist -- out. I'll wait and see what happens in the future again a lot of baseball we played the Brewers did yesterday. Up next our group crew review Mike Myers stellar -- -- out at the eight -- -- Perkins of security golf outing. Lot edgewood golf course in big -- -- the -- give -- the world that are brew crew review its next Sports Radio will appeal to you necessity. Just learning from every game I think you know I'm gonna just be better as -- as they get older and I'll learn from the game take away a lot of things from every team you know try to improve. You know in the game so -- -- -- say a little bit better and good just learning the game in. You know come out the next time -- and not doing things that did wrong the game before. Sports Radio twelve WS as being good morning jacket wicket 619. -- -- -- golf course and -- and it was. Brewers pitcher Mike Myers yesterday after a stellar performance -- win over the Toronto Blue Jays -- -- fire's numbers coming up but just a bit. One overall excited about high 885 out -- big men. Right now it's 68. And the sun is coming up here -- it will Perkins of security all about and Mike back problems guys. Like it is today with the in his day cure athleticism we get here. And the sun is that the east but that -- leaguer that's kind of articles that you have to prepare and all the people want it it's a very long -- a yardage but it's for a great cause and now. You know there are some people out there that would work if they're digging -- that have no sympathy for us thought whatsoever I figured like -- -- a lot harder but -- that dugout threw me out a lot Miller Park ball. Midnight last night now on anybody. Yeah it was that it -- -- post game stuff and all that after after the human comedy -- yet after. While not. The kitty -- and it is on the food but Billy is like wraps them up and put me enough -- -- -- And I'll direct about it might have been you'll chart for you but -- -- -- I you don't stay away from red meat which -- You know how it can't -- well I don't get to the broker a deal. How -- stately red meat we got as much and I don't I don't Roberts special and helped Rockets don't hit three tee box army at the have a ball in an effective major -- it. When it's been away from. No soda. Right -- -- rickety vitamin water out -- -- sort of no red meat and you know are having you know you can still have my opens up from Perkins for breakfast right. And you and major Mulligan -- they're from out of it your lie and cheat day but dome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Cardinals want to get yes Cardinals -- again of course the resident to be friends. Reds are right there god and himself there there fading quickly and on the Pirates the Pirates -- these -- but graves. And there're -- just about them or seven out. And you -- -- -- -- last night Pirates that's what you do it humorous and a lot of baseball left that open about that last night -- final score six to one the Brewers over the Toronto Blue Jays got started at first getting. We Jon LeCroy he's doubled to deep right scored Carlos Elvis. -- -- -- right seven. Slicing away. Brian Anderson enough fox sports -- the first squaring off. And even on the outs there -- squared up I mean there were some -- outs -- that game. The hard hit balls but. The Brewers had seven doubles for spike in about it 27 doubles all I don't want to do with it. Double him it up with seven but they -- seven through five innings and you know on the back to back doubles there -- Gomez and Luke right. And you know his -- guys it is known last night -- the spirit up and are right I'm. -- cry of course. Revere as -- -- -- squared up Davis. Gomez weeks have a couple of hard hit balls to. Ball without because everybody you out of it -- -- right on the roster here and there were so many guys who were right with JA happ. He -- that gave and he was that they they take him early and often they used up a forfeit and another doubles court Jon LeCroy in the first inning making it -- nothing off the bat or promised Ramirez's -- on the. First pitch he -- one of -- -- up and after one it was 21 ballgame a little bit later on to win it. -- -- -- -- grounded out of the picture it was 21 after the sex -- -- that third inning we would you know. And what do you know the Brewers scored another run when Ryan brawn doubled to deep right. -- Double double double double. Amazing argument that the loudest got there what -- -- the second -- fact that Beck gets the start the second favorite of our -- we rats this. And then. -- looted that I have another hitter reached the -- your game to a -- -- straight including eighteen heroic (%expletive) twice before in a row what. -- Mike my scorecard here is. You know there's. Over the middle and clean is in -- three over the minimum. One walk. And -- base hits -- the -- Friday's double in the third inning made it three -- and Brewers have continued as low tolerance Indians this time in the third as well when Chris Davis sac fly scored Ronnie. -- -- -- -- But the center field. -- was gone back. He's got it. -- -- Chris Davis wasn't done in the fifth -- he would come up with a rob mr. Ramirez on board and what do you know another double for the Brewers. Davis. Right field box. -- -- -- At this point of the Brewers are just -- to -- the -- in the Blue Jays bullpen. With the chain half by the game reached three hits to start the the -- and then Rickie Weeks but it Rickie Weeks with a single to center -- Davis nobody. -- about to blow up the. It feels good. -- right that's enough punishment for the public -- -- pitchers you know doubles for the Brewers included it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Off them obligated does it seem like more it it seem like more but you know the weeks -- -- face it whoever it is one -- the rest -- But they -- all of them accurately and more than enough support for. Mike fires in its third win in. We can at 44 pitches he threw for more pitches in the first two innings and -- after that 360 some -- what 62 pitches over the next five. Like Myers went seven innings allowed -- -- one run it was earned six strikeouts. And -- walk a 106 pitches 69 of them strikes now 31 on the year in the victory yesterday. ERA in a blocked nine Zach Duke came -- he was clean. As was rated insular in the brewers' pitching staff that's not my tip fires was you know -- Eagles first two when he -- the 44 pitches so he. Met him back with two runs in the third inning to make it 41. -- -- buyers. Is it -- -- be quite as good as he went last time basis first two innings but he sure turned it around. That's what the you know the wheels didn't fall off. He got back on and retired every every phase of the game that's kind of a Carlos quality. Mean usually we say which brewer pitcher you know guards that get -- -- in the first or second inning it. He's got that that -- that emotional roller coaster inside of him you. You can't wonders to be able to you want to get focused and come back but but -- -- was able to like you mention mayor now. And you know obviously figure out his command discuss -- manager right here here's remanded Rodman -- I do see him. Commanding the baseball better meaning instead it just throwing the ball by a guy high -- he's actually if you if Monet's coffer. High -- -- he's hitting that spot. Offensively the Brewers got -- out of -- to -- to Jonathan LeCroy to Paramus Ramirez to Chris Davis. And I hit a -- for Carlos Gomez. One for Ryan brawn one -- Rickie Weeks as well Milwaukee scored their six runs on ten hits no -- Toronto one run on two hits one error. The Brewers are now 71 and 55 they predicted it would 79 games by the boys in Vegas yeah you bet on it. And I don't know how we didn't see this come at the top -- you bet I'd 79 victories for the Brewers the over you gotta -- feels pretty dang good right now. And you know last year by his home state but he in this homestand if -- -- -- tight or be ahead of last year's entire win total. That's basically at 74 -- and it's absolutely. But if you look at the -- to steal it if that offensively the pitching. And the news before the game you know can reduce Garza. Target for right after Labor Day that first because of temper and that meeting get him back they're not sure there and give him. And start down the minor leagues or not they're still -- -- that but then. -- -- could be coming back. Maybe next week that what the -- West Coast next week -- at San Diego San Francisco -- -- came back from LA. That's weird and he can make a baker almost him in the nickel back up the West Coast. Don't let those might seriously but if there there are instantly they they took it -- it was a week ago while the Packers can sleep products mostly by them death that it. Don't sleep on the -- and arteries. Number is now 71 -- 55. And he have a very good record out 35 and 28. Up next the -- case once again and Jamie nails and coming up against the knuckleballer RA Dickey that one and first -- At Miller Park and of course after the last -- make the -- QB Tim Allen. And Steve Sparky piper on the repeat as baseball post game shelf. Odd coming up at 7 o'clock to find out from you what you would want to -- who goes where if the playoffs started tomorrow and all the pitchers were healthy. That's coming your way at seven radio Joe's got your update giving up in sixty seconds or live at the golf course in big -- This side of the eight it will Perkins -- charity golf outing. But it -- -- it's the world it's going to be great I'm not here if you're playing today registration is at nine. Our shotgun start is at and it -- forcing everybody out here for a great -- also listen up. Young express is looking for you. If you're -- your own -- but it freight business either locally or over the road -- you like to expand your earning capability. We usually consider becoming a Lee elder with young express you bring additional owner operators. Yup expressed -- your business. You can at them the young expressed -- and make money at a rate that they -- Yet expressed find the bright for yet and the -- -- to do with just paid athlete owner all the money -- -- your -- you're additional income is here. The balance right it's pretty easy. 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But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right. From the legends of the field Sports Radio 1250 updates studio I'm radio -- -- Zola visit legends of the fielding Greenfield -- Saturday September 6. Or how how Clinton -- first public autograph signing from one until 215. Details at legends of the field dot com the Brewers make it five straight wins they take care of the Blue Jays last night. 61 in Miller Park -- I mean I think rural part. -- -- -- -- Started over there with the Dodgers series so we've -- -- and we keep moving forward and -- Ryo and tomorrow we have pictures up on dressing his full of them in the season so -- -- everything's important. -- first catcher Jonathan -- greatest tool for four with two doubles in the game might fires continues to step things up in the starting rotation he -- just two hits and one run. Over seven innings of work the Brewers send Jimmy Nelson the -- this afternoon in the final game of this two game set. Toronto -- counters with RA Dickey. After the last pitch you make the switch to the -- in his baseball post game show other Brewers -- reliever Jim Henderson. -- season ending shoulder surgery some good news though the Brewers are open and starter Kyle Lohse back in the rotation next week in San Diego. Matt Garza looking at -- return in early September. On the football the Packers take on the Raiders Friday night at Lambeau Field after the contest Mike McCarthy and company all began trimming down the -- -- WS says he's my Clemens. The Packers have to get down to 75 players by early next week to outside linebacker. Rookie Carl Bradford and former first round pick nick Perry has shown very little in camp to. Draft picks -- special consideration over undrafted players GM Ted Thompson will be -- June handed. Or you throughout the world golf do you have prior cared for the injured care if we win -- lose the most from people outside this building don't care if we win -- lose and so. -- better. Q -- go to school in Green Bay -- Clements double. -- sports update Brett Favre Robert -- diamonds there was pay top dollar for your gold silver diamond's green 176 and point northern Glendale location at Fort Washington in -- -- -- weather right now it is clear and 65. And I'm radio -- Enzo along Sports Radio 1250 WS SP. It's time port calls of the night. This is second when it served up by Perkins restaurant in big greens on Sports Radio 1215 WSS -- We'll begin with the -- taken on the athletics out in Oakland about the -- Coco Crisp with a Big Three run triple. -- OK okay. It's. No season. -- -- -- -- -- That's on the formerly slumping a's radio network 62 the final score Oakland over. The metropolitan -- -- on the Washington Nationals take it on the Diamondbacks and our nation's capital and the recently acquired as to -- Cabrera with a big double. -- -- -- That's on WJ FK in the nationals radio network eight won the final score the nationals over the Diamondbacks and finally. That a lot last Dodgers Padres Carl Crawford with a big shot for the Dodgers fly ball right field. It is on its way. A two run home run for Carl Crawford his fifth of the year's second and third RBIs and good night. The Dodgers now lead at eight the -- -- Charley Steiner on Kate and be a partner but media check that -- KABC in the dodgers' radio network. There's -- -- of the night on Sports Radio while it is but I think we have to do with this -- You're gonna put -- trip out with a different look this up and -- and really -- -- our three threads here. -- -- Like I bought a face if you missed the six foot ahead of me which you know they needed it needed -- the -- -- to be key colony. Back it up it would that it -- big knock what you wanna do that I think I should -- -- a big picture of me. There's that it was that out or. Bottom or pie cardboard cut out -- Of course where everyone's favorite -- -- because our listeners loved -- -- -- -- -- -- via the slowest of the it's going to be out in the middle of the fairway at hole eighteen and if it hit it. You win prizes if you lose your doubt anybody -- the charity. I want to know we can raise more money than Sparky for him and based Eisen -- -- -- The light is already the people aren't quite Janesville -- out there. We talking about quarter of to win this one bullet that -- to give it justice for our training camp report you've got to take this though market for harper Christopher and we start with the the Ohio State Buckeyes and -- if we talked about the opening. The the -- but as well without their quarterback Braxton Miller officially done for the year. -- re injuring it after he injured his shoulder yesterday -- we talked lot about this with -- yesterday all the speculation. Or applauded -- it was confirmed yesterday and now Ohio State as a and I had a masked men they were fifth title this season and you know thoughts could be a real good team does that -- a wrestler it's it's it's -- -- those -- like I. You don't feel bad for other team in the Big Ten especially Ohio State. But still you feel bad for -- -- -- he could probably get a medical redshirt and come back next year job. You know and can play for his you know it it up -- the here. I'm not sure what that does for the growth of the gators taking over Braxton Miller is kind of an odd situation urban -- -- -- it yet because. You have freshman avenues Richard -- who's going to be starting quarterback. And but they come but he comes out of the green here they went ten games and you know that they mean. People are writing off Ohio State already. Rob and those earlier today it's -- for them -- who owns and look at Alabama offered here. It was outside counsel what -- we made it may have to solve the abuses in Davis cracked the door yes -- -- but. Who knows what this -- is able to do and you know against Ohio State. Yet they're still Ohio State is still loaded -- wide receivers they still look great on big men and in the middle the offensive line -- defense of line is still not -- that running backs are still. Always going to be the top of the recruiting -- out recruiting rankings but they'll be without Braxton Miller officially done it. For the rest of the year. Former Tennessee Titans linebacker and special -- -- -- she -- shot revealed -- a video that he has eight L as. Everyone knows that and going on this ice bucket challenge -- the ALS ice bucket challenge also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. But doesn't -- -- the plate in the NFL betting Kim -- it -- that he does have a LS but it video -- a year ago I was playing NFL football. I've recently been diagnosed with LS I'm here today stand up and fight with all of you against the disease it makes it more real he's he's a -- like. This article pieces on the Internet like that says that that football. Give him LS. I'd have nobody really knows -- you -- realism. But I don't know you know. You know and people -- this that the ice bucket -- on FaceBook and all that you know. I write it it's kind of jumped the shark. Because everyone is doing it and whenever I'm gonna do today are you at the end of the golf outing today he'd be right before -- all adults don't know -- I got called out animals -- -- them about what you're all done with everything that I want do. It certainly that's early morning notes -- Daria but I Julie Welker would have -- the -- -- the only bring up big. Don't bring like one small market bring your biggest bucket ever. Felt the eyes on me and -- you know I saw somebody. I don't remember who was always. The immediate daddy Gator whatever it was the comedians name on yeah they're the cable guy thank -- He had a dump truck with a -- now -- of those tax evaders it would out now. Don't -- -- water on yeah yeah or I've seen one where they helicoptered over guys that we get a helicopter out here to actually just they want -- helicopters worth of water right over the top right over one of the greens are -- little of that oil out here thought at that -- -- -- it's -- it's -- about him -- was a fifth round pick -- up and -- -- it 2007. It. And good -- -- him and been diagnosed with DLS. -- -- Did not try to -- -- -- not I think actually owned it on TV video cassette okay thanks calling -- do we have evidence that you could say you know just the story about you know made. Late forties and fifties and the Babe Ruth played himself of that lot of them you know -- agree -- put itself just. -- -- see how his corners right into it and because. I'll be for a head title town for -- third -- it's time for you to get your next to young expressed he worked to join us for the largest fantasy football draft party it's coming up. A week from tomorrow to close the event which you guys want -- that we've opened up for more spots and it laid the way to get yourself in this text this work at 32961. It. Are you ready. The -- is -- fumble FUMBLT. Text fumble. 32961. -- it will be announced on now Monday August -- -- -- Friday on the big -- everybody in. Problem all the entries will be qualifying -- also a two night weakened state -- new -- a lot of B hotel and that winner will be announced Monday August the 25. Right now the keyword is fumble next -- to -- your -- -- Q what. The world's largest fantasy draft party it's -- down the bottom ought to be events center -- said the -- Ali hotel come a week from tomorrow. Get fumble -- that -- -- 32961. Standard message and data rates apply for our third -- now we had them like Clemens with his training camp report. Now this 1215 green and gold fringe and update -- -- -- by Peter machinery corporation in Green Bay here's -- Clemens. The Packers had a full practice in pads yesterday blocking and tackling drills -- along team's scrimmage right guard TJ Lang left early to ice down his sore shoulder it's -- them. Most of this training. And I did three or four different things today and you know each day of my shoulder -- -- just trying to take a step back Casey Hayward missed most of last year with a severe hamstring -- had -- day off the Packers waived rookie tight -- -- -- -- and trying to -- a defender on family night but -- MCL the teams expected to put -- -- on injured reserve once he clears waivers tight end Brandon -- spoke to reporters on crutches after suffering an injury to his lower right leg against the Rams but says he'll be back. Almost a month so no it just the could have been -- where to go for the season -- -- -- furcal which some sort of go through in this so they're looking to announce that the -- those. Although the Packers feel good about their starting offensive line. Know what has emerged as a reliable backup. Done Barkley was lost at the start of camp with a torn ACL back up left tackle -- sure rod had a poor performance pass blocking against the Rams I -- -- -- coach James camp and about how Sharaud graded out on the film. I started off a little rough their first series but after that he -- -- certainly don't want to ever start out that way. He'll learn from that but it's also -- stepping -- from him he's on the turf speed rushers. You know those type of things and it. And you -- kids come along way so I'll echo what -- told said the sky's not falling he had a rough first series and after that he settled. -- -- this was. That's packers' offensive line coach James camp updates every day in Green Bay -- Clemens W. I sense that this has been your twelve to. 1215 WS -- feed. Courts ready at 1250 WS has -- -- wicket. -- Perkins restaurant bakeries. This thing is ridiculous -- -- -- golf course that big that beautiful day on tap for the -- annual. Proper spot to be charity golf outing to benefit it -- the world's going to be great -- golf for a great cause. And what are the things we're doing I -- jacket -- eighteen. It is. You get hit in the face now last year and most years. Out here the golf about it we've always had the -- -- lies it's party's base hole you know because people -- -- Just part -- bit of an over reactor after you've noticed that are not. You -- he hasn't been this year on the post game show LeBron if he easily for a I -- I think that's -- economy -- he's been team and a well. You know again the post game show you got -- -- might -- Tim Allen who's aren't -- it's all of the great win is very emotional and then and then. He's been like -- for them well you know well you know. Sparky three out they've they've pulled it out the -- and I collected it and I'm like I mean now I'm in the club house we got that's about like it early here spark you might. -- -- -- first place. In. Some of the -- So every year. Imagine a bit of yours we're up here -- human you know you know there -- -- drive it's more than you are ready to go for a couple. So the up. The first hole at the golf outing you throw on it it was very you pay money for us odds apply its marquee space of a lot it will be listeners have always wanted to do that. All the money goes charity. And now on hole eighteen because people last year were walking up after they would throw applies its -- -- -- where's the punch like wicket in the face -- yeah which. Obviously makes total sense and it is it why why would you want to punch me in the face. So instead of actually allow you to cause physical violence to my face -- -- my body we have what is it about four feet on. I Gephardt for four feet high four feet I'd -- torso up to the top of the idea I think it'll work Fedora hat with north sizable. For -- sizeable fourth greater. Which actually works out my maturity levels that I'm you know. -- it's a -- cardboard cut out it's going to be in the middle of the eighteenth fairway. If you hit you surprised. If you don't you don't like it here which is great. But it all works out well I think they're gonna put it about an 8200 yards out and ordinarily I think that like that. And -- hit your first shot. You can now. You know help you went to -- up and you don't need to hear your prize to charity which is great so but look at the ball you guys -- -- -- -- -- that you want to move -- -- everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got up it -- the -- -- there and retreat at its blocking and that is I don't know -- that I look at it. I would have put -- picture of this thing up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's ridiculous. But we are delighted that golf course -- all respect for helping us out. -- that thing. That's ridiculous totally ridiculous but we'll get some Packers discussion coming up. At 8 o'clock -- in center Tyler doubled to it is and it 815 -- -- -- every Wednesday -- got to take your calls. And it o'clock hour whoever swings by early we're in right now because were right by the entry -- -- car parking lot. The registration in the golf outing registration begins at nine we're gonna be grabbing whoever we can't sit down champ Alex the red carpet they're -- out. Joan Rivers of his radio and I don't like them or without the -- -- -- it keep it solid but so it will prove operate those people in. And united asked that we Sutton. I heard the curfew after curfew. Understand -- -- -- great raider Warriors yet but thought it's drop for today what it is completely gone. While just for today -- -- for who who picked who make that decision you. I heard from a -- -- it. Because otherwise she might happen you'll play amateur in this -- you -- others -- -- -- or so she ever. We had to work and get that -- we went to the Milwaukee County -- office yes we actually had a restraining order dropped today yes they go back in effect is that is the temples dot. Yes okay that effect for walker shutdown pair here also that I can so yeah -- it's. Went through a 6 o'clock it's like if there -- room range effort I understand why tiger -- if she was gonna stop -- and -- Oh fantastic looking forward to that very much -- theater out here. Coming up at 7 o'clock to -- about six. About six minutes right now. Onward a lot of talk about the brewers' rotation. And what exactly you want the Brewers to do if the playoffs started -- -- And all the pitchers were healthy I don't know what my answer to this question is yet. Because Mike Myers is throwing so well. It's putting the cart before the horse but. If Myers continues to pitch this well for the majority. The next five and a half six weeks helped put the -- What about liberal that I mean he's -- -- -- your your team leader in wins if things -- continue I see no reason why they wouldn't you'll on easier. You know allegedly your -- he was a big game pitcher the last time they were the post season it could very well now. Kyle Lohse has been -- most. Steady pitcher the last two years. Matt -- been very good but there are teams that were contenders would just love to have that problem yeah -- -- property there are teams would love to have Marco Estrada. In the rotation at the back end guy. You know -- -- have -- they have guys like Marco as -- three or four guy with what they have with five mark mark obviously you'd cracked the top five right now because of -- -- the situation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but you know if you -- to -- -- -- game. You would not -- into the world it's not the worst idea in the world it's really not and if they go to Marco Estrada let's say it you know. For whatever reason to the other guys got hurt -- a four man rotation is right now. Look at six guys that rotation -- it would Matt Garza gets back going Marco Estrada I know there are there are detractors or go out there. What he can give you six quality outings ideally I'd like -- couple Roger but he gives you six quality of seven guys we -- How many teams in baseball -- -- healthy contenders can say that it especially here Milwaukee how long have we preached. You know Doug -- physical himself -- all he does it get hitters always does he did at Texas that it did and here. While -- you know what he's got plenty of it. But not anymore not anymore they'll problems that these days it's it's -- team that is absolutely loaded with pitching right now and we've yet. The that the discussion rolling. Coming up you know the first game it fires pitch against the Dodgers against Greinke pitched so well and if the three hits over over these things like I thought okay. First time up. Again you'd been here for a while I thought maybe -- miserable -- It -- you recognize that we all right guys out and scouted them and all that out here the second time. And he -- -- a second time at Wrigley and fourteen -- -- six innings a month ago today. You know -- both -- that -- -- the because -- last night struggles in the first two innings. And just gets the train going eight -- guy whose critical Oreo and yeah hopefully with that stuff. You know he gets it done by just great location. -- it's it's great location. He doesn't make a mistake we every pitcher makes mistake -- he has to make a lot of mistakes he's out there. And it you know what is the interesting -- -- yesterday was battled Jose Batista early in that game. Is -- can -- -- -- -- of your jump ball thrower Europe fire ball thrower. You know it doesn't matter. -- -- -- -- It's a guy that I you know. Seemingly. Didn't -- any pressure. Speaking up against those people together but at night shift on for Ortiz that we hopefully -- -- -- if it was left -- ice that I've personally is in short yes so he's gotten out of now. And it worked. It worked and third -- with it -- them. But but he's. I mean there's anybody's it dead pull hitter raised more if he's absolutely and Brewers -- -- limit what -- damage yesterday -- -- -- -- for three like buyers stellar. Libraries and what he did it -- 79 while it. Everybody's helping. Who goes to double. 147912. -- a live Sports Radio well if he got up. This is what those chuck where I don't think there's any wrong answers don't take buyers out of -- -- -- gives him. Because he's -- so well I don't see. Any reason why you know -- you can't keep him get you running about their. Until he he's -- -- if everybody's help in the playoffs started tomorrow who goes to the head. Or 1479912. -- gently it -- that might hurt -- restaurant bakeries. And double -- -- your locals got a next FaceBook Twitter emails as well lives were pretty well if you got the upper back at that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --