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08/20/14 Chuck and Wickett interview Tyler Dunne

Aug 20, 2014|

Chuck and Wickett interview Packers insider Tyler Dunne and talk about the latest from training camp. They discuss the decision to waive tight end Colt Lyerla and Aaron Rodger's performance against the Rams. Also, Tyler takes questions from listeners regarding Green Bay.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now the great West Bank hotline is a Packers insider you can read the journal sentinel -- JS hotline dot com follow on Twitter at night on. We're live at the golf course and big men and Jackie is the only guy that is -- Packers insider. That is not play golf the work Sports Radio 1250 we -- silent on -- morning have you learned how to bowl yet. Absolutely not -- we have we have made up. Zero progress. Zero progress progress we ask you this every year and steal you've -- -- hot cup which is -- out it makes get a year. No Tyler -- ovals guys -- -- -- golf -- ask this one B they care about children like Tyler on it. Here I. You're at a gut check in -- for the -- -- let but the challenge still haven't done that so. And I got to -- -- your -- up here. You're really really do -- -- the Packers. Decided to waive cult like early yesterday that doesn't mean he's necessarily go on forever more on that in -- second but this was more due to injury -- anything correct. Yeah. What if he -- -- -- camp dumb they really believe that the Packers. Still value -- our -- that they want to keep him around so. If he clears waivers today by 4 o'clock which is very likely it's hard to -- team even Bill Belichick and the Patriots. You know -- and this guy up. Then the Packers. They're told would place in my seat and an injured reserve team around and and then this is -- -- -- -- -- informant. You could start all over -- -- during camp that's one option. Another option as they could -- reach an injury settlement with them. Let me -- of the street and then I go to the practice squad later in the year or they can just forget about an entirely but. Our bacon told that the Packers went over to put on IR and -- Eagles still stick around in some capacity this year. How to explain this to be I don't know question of why would you waited and then with. You -- them you don't have rights to a copy a lot of -- -- -- -- injured reserve -- put on injured reserve probably if that's an option. Well I think they they have to wait them. Right now because you know he's -- -- that net that's just the process in the -- think that they can just put him on injured reserve right now. They have to let him clear waivers for state and I mean that's a pretty safe bet I would be shocked if another team came in and -- article -- so. Get rid of the David -- but a lot of guys in the past and you know I you know I think that's probably the best that it is it would -- injury settlement at this point in that -- I was a bit so. Because of the veteran they would wait they just read an injured reserve -- and then be at -- stay -- really -- the waiver guy and then. And and that's the way ago but I mean they see enough article airlifted to make you believe they do want to bring him back and give him more of a shot next year. I mean probably the probably the best director and might might be all back. Ever really talked about that but injured part of the tight ends coach said he got kind of an entry in spring board that'd -- it -- showed one thing. That -- sport suffered the injury it was the fact that he can block army was a decent blocker six or. Pretty athletic targeted -- pound guy maybe they try to work -- that each back when he returns but. I mean I don't know why I don't know how much of -- story that early it is what it was out there. He was probably the you know Sixers haven't played and all the -- -- you're -- gonna make an impact this year. Cover the Packers in center Tyler -- -- Sports Radio 1250 it sounds like McCarty could play your starters walker in this game as it's always -- the most critical because he's got to make the cut down the 75. Right right but you know what though it -- -- first cut down it's not going to be out there are -- -- Take it any -- -- -- with these practice squad getting bumped up to ten so. You know you might -- -- straight guy and get placed on the on the PUP list to start the season. I'm you'll probably see some of these linemen that maybe some fans that never heard of it release. But but overall -- that they cut down going to be right after the fourth preceding game and that's when you make -- -- there's in. We talk about offensive lineman. It would appear that -- -- -- really solidifying himself as that you know in basketball we called the sixth man -- a guy can play a couple of spots for the offensive line. Boy I thought james' camp and yesterday the opposite our line coach and but is there any panic at all you know eight and -- -- any worry any concern level at all -- What -- it all really at any after that Rams game where he got beat pretty badly. By multiple players should -- really from from and the Michael Spann. -- did not show a lot. -- factors -- but. I can't go to the Packers really believe he did show improvement that he made mistakes that he correct those mistakes and -- really bank and a metal toughness that this is the guy who you know. Wait period that broke and if you looked at mile the ankle surgery -- its first true off season for years that they think they're going -- back. As early LP guy and that he has come a long way. You know what it will lately they don't have many other option straight out up and to tackle Aaron Adam look -- much better either. It's not like there's -- available on the street I get the team. Might cut somebody that they have RI and but. For better or worse -- -- sure rod is the next guy and that tackle that it -- your blog over but now. You know there's some camps that there's more -- than others it just seems like it's been kind of a quiet camp. Is that your. I just quiet but quite look good in the sense agreement that there hasn't had a a lot of catastrophic injury they haven't had a a lot of nicks and bruises summed -- been able to stay relatively healthy to this point -- and -- the big deal but. BS they expect a quieter product -- for Green Bay and that's probably nowhere like it you know it's I think -- maybe 11 area. Really got a little noise there one area that he could see something Burke trumpet I mean -- -- -- difficult decisions for sure that we talked about. To nick Perry that they don't Joan -- Clinton -- -- -- the guys. That's the impact players on the team and and it's a real mixed bag right now they they're mad to think long and are about a guy like nick -- Sauber -- nick pounced weeded out that he's officially retiring. I thought that was a foregone conclusion. Yeah yeah you know pretty much a foregone conclusion -- we wanted to playing so wild. If for a couple years after that injury and after Green Bay let him go he kind of -- a little bit of hope. But it got to a point where the gators realized nobody gonna pick a mop and I think he wanted to little banality -- it. They put that up on Twitter I don't think anybody was shot didn't. I don't think anybody was going to be picking up the alternate count any time soon but I think. -- -- personally for him. Billy it's something like that might just provide a little bit of closure they had been quite at yet to be out of the lead sending it into even -- summer where -- Kind of posted a tweet that he's available and -- think I want the way it fits my close the book on the. For the Packers insider Tyler -- on Sports Radio 1250s can take your calls at about six minutes from right now 4147 on 91250. Indeed I'm right now EBO live Sports Radio twelve -- -- dot com but on FaceBook and Twitter as well -- Tyler one that we never ask about and I mean never ask about. In in training camp is Aaron Rodgers because obviously we just expect so much greatness. -- number twelve it looked pretty damn good against Saint Louis and I did -- with a little bit of grain of salt because. Mean you're talking about a guy is facing a very Vanilla defense but. That being said how was Aaron Rodgers looked in your mind encampment with you pre season games after the one pre season game he's played it. I think -- what it could expect you know I mean -- run and show run in the outback maybe the one thing that really jumps out. Is that the Tibetan mastery of the no huddle offense in its now like that anything you mean the Packers. Wanted to speed up and go up tempo. And really keep defense on their toes and no model for. Really going on three and now -- in the past though -- was a little slower -- -- have a little bit jet you know what that quite literally -- they would want. This summer in practice and in that one preceding game I mean it was really common I mean they were -- I'm not a lot of wasted time they kept the rams' personnel on the field. And that's going to be you know what it's Green -- get to the Super Bowl I think that would be the number one reason why is -- there any and -- -- they have Aaron Rodgers and ideally yeah and the field. He's put in the bud and it's basically decision for defense to make you start Specter it. Little extra linebacker with an extra DB -- -- you try to load up a little bit to stop -- 830 try to cover green Bay's three receivers. -- you know pretty plain and simple repeat senses that Rams cut the linebacker on the field so. As outspent I was just -- -- yesterday that Rogers is went to work and work on his receivers. That it's back to Green Bay wants to see so I think imminent no huddle -- -- that -- Really encouraging Green Day. I know that you were a you know what we -- all watching this last years they were trying to install visiting Mike McCarthy said he wanted to run seven he -- -- five plays the game which is unheard of number. Was last year the learning curve I don't got to get. You know for a team trying to implement a brand new system and and and try to keep up that pace of life. -- you know you know two years ago. And just Saturday. A center workers -- Manning and I and the similar type of offense and they wanted to do with -- They are notes -- pretty older really have much left. Either directly banks -- never really take stopper last year characters you know and -- -- happier with an injury so. Well for one reason or another it has really happened had to -- -- sales with the no huddle offense quite yet. And I think that we're JT turner kind of comes into -- they kind of -- this guy or now. There's former high school keep going forward on the basketball court to run the show it center and athletic he's not a smaller. He is not quite media's. You know it as much of a bully -- -- -- Evan Dietrich Smith in the middle leading into the second level on the run game he can run the show Friday's incredibly Smart. That's the kind of player they want in a run and the point -- -- they're not -- The running back situation to want Harris I know he took ownership of that ball Bolivia on on Saturday after the game. I've looked at that -- he's trying to be prevented him right away he's trying to get out front of it because you know so much McCarthy doesn't like fumbles. Yeah yeah exactly we thought about -- -- completely pointed the finger back and -- Eric Berry looked like -- -- got a helmet on it. That he got part stood out at the one here you're kind of a lot of football. -- a player who -- early fumble much at least a short pro career and what we've seen in back -- Troy when he was in college. They would up their practice the other day and it -- -- -- at the gauntlet they're ball security real. I think -- but the concern for Green -- -- -- that is really plate again. But they have to think a little bit yet to think a little bit about Michael built -- a running back who. Looked pretty darn good at Saint Louis summer screenplay and -- on Neal it was in the picture -- refusing game but it's been injured since I don't minority and attempt. He'll -- at -- think about your other options at running back. In the -- they're certainly a door or though you'd kick returner they really hadn't changed their keys and got back there returning kicks sound like. They're gonna kind of roll it in there and -- does offer just a different dimension. Since start certainly -- Indian style and size and everything so I I still think it's going to be tough -- somebody hit -- that dropped out over him. Fans Dallas up 4147 on 91254147991250. -- -- a question or insider Tyler done it now is your chance I don't I've got at least one more -- -- -- The door -- -- -- packer fans let's go right to the votes and talk to Tony on Sports Radio twelfth at the Tony Iran with thought Tyler -- Okay good morning guys. Thing I -- I want to ask your question but would yeah. -- But I don't know you're on the air you're out here okay it would it would be going to call can. -- -- and Michael Purnell. All over. The -- nick Perry and the guy from Arizona. Linebacker they got. Because fed cup is just that I heard on the radio that you want to keep the best players so I won no what did -- rules state today thanks. I'm wondering if if it's been appreciated you you're wondering if if nick carries in the how to Phillies president I believe he may have been only nick payers get out shot each -- he's not here who. Yeah they're not gonna debate on Nick's theory. Possibly getting -- -- your two. If the more out of him at Indy the Packers obviously need more -- very and there and it got himself Lawler or 1479. Thankful that the in an email here from Steve in New -- once -- -- -- I want to know. And not -- this question we're gonna fire your way as well. Not shot. We are looking at a a kick return punt return situation involving -- on Harris. Before I get Tyler's -- I want yours Weaver all the speed about Jeff -- right yeah Oliver is Janice got the V wells beat. Jeff Candace getting -- -- as a return man for the Packers to the having history -- I don't -- minutes agnostic I don't know -- valley state I have no idea that might be the only problem there right. That that -- he's -- -- twelve speed and everybody's talking about what you think he might be -- got yelled look at the return I would think so. I think popping out right just like we saw -- get his shot maybe two or three years ago. I'd love to see that that's the same thing -- of the see him get a shot at it and Tennessee with the pop -- you know we saw it opening night if they get that correct but. I don't I think it's the wide open that return spot. We our effort and we just lost Tyler has dropped off on accidents or pretty we've got -- -- back with a separate US bank -- on Sports Radio twelfth -- the and Tyler -- -- is kicking around where the questions that seems to be lingering of course you mention -- want Harris got the return job. Pretty much locked up Egyptian and it's ever get a look -- -- twelve speed. Hit it and start to get a look there on if you can see it return some punts and kicks the practice it's. Not a -- but -- -- him some work and it did look pretty natural back Derek Saint Louis at least on the punt return game. I imagine he'll get the more reps there but it. -- apparently in the game I mean they've they've got two preceding game -- but really it's a week and a half. Before that big year for the Seahawks so I don't know I don't know how realistic it is that'll be one of those guys. This moment. But it it works easily in practice back there and felt like and I -- look up on the far turn that's probably you're looking at right now. I'm really how. Every day they go and maybe 1520 minutes inside the -- -- that are await the fans. So they can practice they do stuff for Seattle's -- -- we've done in the past where they've gone in in in the Don -- And they've worked on that first game in planning. Not that you're like Doug that it has completely no -- since I've been here. The offenses that started indoors kind of away from public guide media everybody. Just start every practice -- You have to think that they're they're getting ready for the Seahawks and that's -- get ready for the isn't doing a lot of things they don't want anybody else to see so. That happened on top of that -- there's less public practices. And you know they've they're just kind of a little bit of secrecy around the team you could say a lot of very very. Well that's -- precaution you know on top of that there there's periods about video shoot in that and I used to be able to shoot in the media that you can't cute anymore. So they're they're gonna quit trying to be careful as opposed to Bob May be -- and -- certain period. That when the Packers insider Tyler done on Sports Radio 1250 Tyler. There's been some debate two quarterbacks three quarterbacks I think Wheeler last year the Packers need to keep -- reap what you take. You know I think the -- of the team that. Over over. It was there where I want it they overload that position when deposition earlier in the year prior mean that running back it has a couple of years ago. When their sports to pick up Cedric Benson Ryan Grant to -- -- the street. The next you're interrupted and respect around the draft began -- -- -- so -- quarterback position was a major major source last year variance scramble mode. I think that they're not gonna forget that and if they can they probably like people -- and got so people players that looks. Very good it especially in practice and you know we haven't land -- guy who brought you back in the two games last season. Scott -- -- -- stronger arm probably more upside. It's got to come out of a liar because they have some tough roster decision especially a wide receiver outside linebacker tight and it's not gonna be deeper Green Bay but I just think that this -- the team that kind of learn from -- lessons of the past. One of those lessons as it doesn't hurt to -- recorder back. I'm since he got hot hot nixed getting more and more work with the starters -- seen that. He got over the more yesterday. The kind of alternated a little bit and it worked with Burnett but but Micah -- is still the starter back there. And that. So they have a certain comfort level with Barkley and Dick within this defense. 100%. Foolproof -- from Darren Perry on paper it all the way through. I don't think they're gonna put him into many situations in space right now you know they have they have a guy from Alabama. We'll stick his nose in the run game -- -- so Phil you just saw that again against the Rams but they -- I was pretty rotten coverage. Who still reacting more than just playing on the ball to -- from Sam Bradford. Olympics it's gonna protect late in manner. But he was still beat up the line is these guys and I got on the back field -- And so if you eliminate all of those I think that they're gonna stick with Micah Hyde as their -- -- He gets a little Clinton -- -- of the field. You know maybe in nickel and dime and other situations where they can play in your line of scrimmage. Let's go to Joseph in Sussex on Sports Radio 1250 I'm sorry -- in Greenfield -- you're on Sports Radio twelve that he was packer insider Tyler -- I good morning guys. -- just been a couple quick questions thumb is anybody heard anything about your Michael Finley. And probably think who inside linebacker spot in Jones played last week there are -- -- her own. You know certainly want to Michael Finley think the Packers are just gonna kind of keep this thing they have -- had all along and he -- beside -- gates circle that was certainly down the road. You know several months removed from that surgery but I would just be very surprised -- He reenter the picture at all you know we just saw Nick Collins announced his retirement he they had sustained neck -- -- I don't know how much -- realistic possibility that as -- this point. Out of your other question Brett you know AJ hawk and -- -- -- at that might even number one takeaways -- that second preceding gain at least a defense that got two players who. Let's say that -- at the big question mark on this team when you look at other teams inside linebackers. That there were on the three or I'm talking bridge all day and age are -- ire from fans they didn't draft anybody that -- -- -- anybody. Both players looked very good. Against Durant and an exact seat he had what six yards and six -- -- it's -- early on them. With the Finley is that the Packers. Are taken away it's the horse is doing actually ready for game action or practice or an event about. There probably probably thought do I mean if you were to talk -- -- and in his camp he was cleared by the Doctor Who performed his surgery. A nerve circuits of the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I think that you know they're typical of a lot of lukewarm reaction around the league you could have been convinced. And eighteen seem to seeing that you're correct you know whether Seahawks the Patriots. It seems -- visit to -- I know he was here in Green Bay partner that medical staff. Nobody's kind of ready to execute and that green light put him on the field and this -- -- scene where players say it for -- -- that screen. It's going to be difficult variety here I think you had given that go at -- this sport. So adamant Sussex -- -- on Sports Radio well that. Yeah I just -- -- back to. A -- positions are what your thoughts -- -- Morgan -- gonna make out to the end of the year. He's gonna and the bigger players and or looking patriots' somebody next year out contract someone out. And the big contract -- sign. And probably -- -- last year so. Between -- Richards then -- all are high and high it. What are your thoughts and she makes about. You know that's a really good question because I think in the short term Morgan Burnett as a starter. I'm -- Terry -- has generated that the safeties coach Morgan Burnett as a starter every. Yup competing and that's that its shots and that the communicate -- back there in the -- that. But there's also the fact that he doesn't have an interception and what 47 of the last 49 games. They need to -- big plays out of that position that he goes another season here you know not -- -- the ball up not really being around the ball. When he paid tribute that kind of playmaker. Extracurricular -- it's still around Clinton Dixon mature and like I -- -- -- Chris -- to. I think it could be a possibility that yeah it's important -- they would look to somebody else. -- -- -- in -- interceptions again he's around the ball. It will be valued at some operate out now -- they'd like Burton -- and then use the starter. Let's talk to hands on the east side answer on Sports Radio well if he would -- packer insider talent on. Tyler thanks to -- yourself available was a great idea at all you know you players. Which -- impressed you the ball. Ball -- our young new players. -- -- -- You have to -- what might -- now and I can they -- really be saying that right now. But I -- -- -- -- guy out of Colorado at the -- for a below bomb at a just an incredible journey in college. We even Arizona State to go there goes undrafted. I mean as I -- -- -- -- employees he's huge 300 -- to parlance. -- kind of looked like Johnny Jolly at their practice yesterday and the ball down but you know there's that one play in the Rams game where it stands to slide protection to the last. Spins out of the double team in justice I mean that kind of the way. You rarely see got a young players immunity and it has still out there and played sixteen games in in impact player that he bats right away not so sure about that -- I think right now he makes the team. And this is the guy's name that I don't know that anybody really hurt when during camp the -- That -- -- take special pride and finding these one or two guys but I'm sure he does a lot of work a lot of -- work. Just to find one or two free agents these these rookie free agents who go undrafted. What's the process like for him. When. You know at heart that this. Several times he's -- out there -- and he really does like to get out there and sell it to -- pro days to get -- college campuses. It down at the Senior Bowl and -- prospects for the don't it's. He involved you know not let -- get stingy and that kind of -- -- deliberate Sullivan's actually even though he's gonna -- not -- an agent shown signs of that age. A lot better travel and and it it is very involved and I think that that's the part of the topic around that the reason. He's not gonna retire white -- Patrick -- -- the -- is the search for a guy like. -- -- -- And yet we it's got about a -- -- -- -- about doctor Pletcher camp or it has worked out I mean the end of -- great find other than that. Support the other -- at the players not so much. But when you look at that at draft class -- -- have what I guys that were undrafted from now a year. Still on the team you know -- your boy it was like so like oh on -- -- obviously it's an injury. Shawn Richardson go on -- or so later that year. Baker who really picked up -- players there. You know frankly are like -- are managed by other things ballots. -- always appreciate the time and always appreciate you not helping out the twelfth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Off three up three how often have you used for teams and myself will be because some hackers three and 312 to charity golf about it -- dirty about basketball tournament. Darn -- and earlier a talent take care of lucky get on Friday. Arctic -- Packers insider -- joining us on the great mid West Bank hotline.