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08/20/14 Chuck and Wickett 8AM Hour

Aug 20, 2014|

Chuck and Wickett talk with Packers insider Tyler Dunne with the latest from training camp. They discuss the Packers win against the Rams and Aaron Rodgers performance. Also, Tyler Dunne takes questions from callers regarding, Jermichael Finley, the secondary, and the starting center position.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We got Milwaukee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now let's get the latest on the Green Bay Packers would insider tiger done brought to you by the Thomas moral law offices this is -- -- -- on Sports Radio 1215 WS this being. Joining us right now the -- West Bank hotline is a Packers insider you can read the journal sentinel at JS hotline dot com follow on Twitter at night on. We're -- at the golf course and big men and Jackie is the only guy -- as the Packers insider. That is not play golf the work Sports Radio 1250 we -- silent on Tyler morning have you learned how to -- yet. But that's -- absolutely not -- we have we have made up. It's zero progress. Zero progress progress we ask you this every year and -- you've seen cancer hot cup which is -- out it -- get a year. No Tyler -- ovals guys -- -- golf -- asked this one B they care about children like Tyler on it. Here I. You're -- a gut check -- out for the LS let but the challenge still haven't done that so. And I got to step -- your -- up here. You're really really do -- -- the Packers. Decided to waive cult like early yesterday that doesn't mean he's necessarily go on forever more on that in a second but this was more due to injury -- anything correct. Yeah. What if -- hot it -- camp dumb they really believe that the Packers. Still value -- hire away that they want to keep him around so. If he clears waivers today by 4 o'clock which is very likely it's hard to see eighteen even Bill Belichick the Patriots. You know -- and this guy up. Then the Packers. They're told would place in my seat and an injured reserve team around and and -- this is kind of your redshirt informant. You just start all over an -- -- camp that's one option. Another option if they could hear it -- an injury settlement with them let me get -- -- street and then. I'm -- practice squad later in the year or they can just forget about an entirely but. Our bacon told that the Packers went so well and I are in -- -- -- stick around in some capacity this year. How to explain this to -- I don't know question of why would you waited and then -- You wave them you don't have rights to a copy a lot of players placed on injured reserve -- put on injured reserve probably if that's an option. Well I think they they have to wait them. Right now because. You know it's just that that that's just the process -- -- -- candlestick that they can just put him on injured reserve right now. They have to let him clear waivers first and I mean that's a -- -- that I would be shocked if another team came in and it's article tireless self. Get rid of the David -- but a lot of guys in the past and you know I you know I think that's probably the best spent -- days it was a very injury settlement at this point in that -- I was a -- so. Because of the veteran they would -- they just read an injured reserve -- a mess and be at our stay away really -- the waiver guy and then. And and that's the way ago but I mean they see enough out of call airlifted to make you believe they do want to bring him back and give -- more of a shot next year. I mean probably a bit. Probably the best director and might might be -- back. Ever really talked about that but. -- -- part of the tight ends coach said he got kind of an -- -- brain for that he showed one thing. That first week -- suffered the injury it was the fact that he can block army was -- blocker six or. Pretty athletic targeted by the pound guy maybe they try to -- mad -- each back when he returns but. I mean I don't know why I don't know how much of the story that's really it is when -- without their. He was probably the you know six or haven't played and all of the bonds -- really -- -- gonna make an impact this year. Cover the Packers insider Tyler down on Sports Radio 1250 it sounds like McCarty could play your starters walker in this game as it's always -- the most critical because he's got to make the cut down the 75 -- Right right but you know what though it that -- first cut down it's not going to be out there on -- saying. Take it anything besides -- here are you with these practice squad getting bumped up to ten so. You know -- straight guy and get placed on the on the PUP list to start the season. I'm you'll probably see some of these linemen and maybe some fans that never -- -- get release. But but overall -- big cut down going to be right after the fourth preceding game and that's when you make -- -- there's in. We talk about offensive lineman. It would appear that characterize really solidifying himself as that you know in basketball we called the sixth man -- a guy can play a couple of spots for the -- line. Boy I thought james' camp -- yesterday the opposite side line coach in. But is there any panic at all they'll -- and I'll -- any worry -- in certain level at all and well they don't really have -- after that Rams game where he got beat pretty badly. By multiple players should -- really from from -- the Michael Spann. Opt factors circus but I can't -- the Packers really believe that you did show improvement that he made mistake -- corrected the mistakes and they're really -- on the mental toughness of the big guy who you know. Great spirit that the broke and can be looked at mile -- surgery to its first true off season for years that they think they're going to -- that. As -- -- guy and he has come a long way. You know what it -- -- they don't have many other option straight out up and to tackle Aaron Adam look -- much better either. It's not like -- currently available on the street -- I get the team. Might cut somebody -- that Hendry and but. For better or worse they're sure rod is the next guy in at tackle that it -- your blog -- -- down. You know there's some camps that there's more -- than others it just seems like it's been kind of a quiet camp. Is that your. I just quiet look -- but -- -- agreement that there hasn't had a lot of catastrophic injury they haven't had a a lot of nicks and bruises have been able to stay relatively healthy to this point Alou and Barkley is a big deal but. The F I expect a quieter product summer for Green Bay and that's probably -- like it you know it's I think -- maybe 11 area. Really got a little noise there one area that he could see something Burke trumpet I mean they'd be a difficult decision for sure -- that we talked about. To nick Perry to beat sojo aren't quite -- speed are the guys at the impact players on the team and it's a real expect great outing. -- -- to think long and are about a guy like nick Perry. So -- -- nick pounced weeded out and he's officially retiring. I thought that was a foregone conclusion. Yeah yeah you know pretty much a foregone conclusion yet -- wanted to playing so wild. The for a couple years after that injury and after Green Bay let him go he kind of harbor a little bit I hope. But it got to a point where gators realized nobody gonna pick a mop and I think he wanted to little banality Hewitt. -- put -- up on Twitter I don't think anybody was shocked in. I don't think anybody was going to be picked up the -- -- -- count any time soon but I think. You know personally for him. -- it's something like that might just provide a little bit of closure they had -- at yet to be out of the police say main event -- even at summary. -- a posted a tweet that he's available in Munich I want the -- a -- my close the book on the. The Packers insider Tyler -- on Sports Radio 1250s can take your calls at about six minutes from right now 4147 on 91250. Indeed -- right now EBO live Sports Radio spoke at the dot com but on FaceBook and Twitter as well -- Tyler one that we never ask about and I mean never ask about. In in training camp. Is Aaron Rodgers because obviously we just expect so much greatness. -- number twelve it looked pretty damn good against Saint Louis and I hit it with a little bit a grain of salt because. Mean you're talking about a guy is facing a very Vanilla defense but. That being said how was Aaron Rodgers looked in your mind encampment with you pre season games after the one pre season game he's played it. I think -- what it could expect you know I mean he's run and show run in the outback maybe the one thing that really jumps out. Is that if that mastery of the no huddle offense in its not like that anything new -- -- the Packers at. Wanted to speed up and go up tempo. And really keep you are on their toes the no huddle for. Really going on three seasons now. Just in the past though it was a little slower in my have a little bit jet. You know what that quite move in -- -- green they would want. This summer in practice and in that one preceding game I mean it was really common I mean they were and it now. I'm not a lot of wasted time they kept the rams' personnel on the field. And that's going to be you know what it's Green -- get to the Super Bowl I think that would be the number one reason why is that there are no huddle they -- Aaron Rodgers and ideally yeah -- the field. He's put in the bud and it's basically a decision for defense -- make you start Specter it. Little extra linebacker with an extra DB and -- you try to load up a little bit to stop lacy or do you try to cover green Bay's three receivers. -- -- you know pretty plain and simple repeat senses that Rams cut the linebacker on the field so. As -- I was just -- -- yesterday at Rogers is went to work and work on his receivers. That it's back to Green -- wants to see so I think given the no huddle offense that to be really encourage -- today. I know that you were a you know what we -- all watching this last years they were trying to install visiting Mike McCarthy said he wanted to run seven he -- -- five plays the game which is unheard of number. Was last year at the learning curve I don't got to -- You know for a team trying to implement a brand new system and and and try to keep up that pace of life. -- you know you know two years ago. And except Saturday. A -- who worked with Pete Manning and and the similar type of offense and they wanted to do with Ben. They are those that are pretty old -- really have much left. Either -- bags and never really take -- -- last year characters you know him well -- -- happier with an injury so. Well for one reason or another it has really happened at the -- -- -- sales with -- no allotments quite yet. And I think effort JT turner kind of comes into it they -- -- -- this guy or now. The former you know high school or on the basketball court -- run the show it -- athletic guy he's not a smaller. He is not quite media's. Ellis as much of a bully your approach shot heard Evan Dietrich Smith in the middle leading into the second level on the run game he can run the -- Friday's incredibly Smart. That's the kind of player they want in a run in the point here that are not model. The running back situation to want Harris I know he took ownership -- -- -- Indiana on on Saturday after the team. I've looked at that -- he's trying to be prevented him right away he's trying to get out front of it because you know so much McCarthy doesn't like fumbles. Yeah yeah exactly we thought about -- -- completely pointed the finger back at and so. Eric Berry looked like -- -- got a helmet on it. That he got park stood out at the wanna hear you're kind of a -- -- football. Player who -- early fumble much. At least a short pro career and will we -- in -- Troy when he was in college. They would up their practice the other day and it worked humble and at the gauntlet they're ball security real. I think -- -- -- the concern for green baker -- that is really plate again I. But they have to think a little bit yet -- think a little bit about Michael -- running back who. -- pretty darn good at Saint Louis and our screenplay. -- -- Neal it was in the picture after the first refusing game but it's been injured since I don't minorities and let them. You had to think about your other options at running back in the -- -- certainly a sport though you'd kick returner they really hadn't changed there. He's been the -- and -- -- returning -- sound like. They're gonna try to roll it in there and -- does -- just a different dimension. -- starts -- -- Indian style and size and everything I still think it's going to be tough. For somebody to get their opt out over him. Fans Dallas up -- 147 on 91254147991250. -- -- a question or insider Tyler done it now is your chance I don't I've got at least one more -- the -- The door is open -- packer fans you got questions for Tyler he's ready for 147 on 91250. More there in -- -- coming up next shockingly it live -- at the golf course in big band. -- wanna get down here if you already signed up -- -- -- you're gonna be great cause a great day golf come on out. We'll see it here edgewood golf course -- big event on Sports Radio twelfth at the WS has me. Those were great to be a good job of getting us ready you know all the guys the news picture by the phone calls and and those results of its history no -- -- and -- -- for. On and off you know where you know. Gonna -- time we know those -- is as good score for this it and it was legitimate but it. Work very well that the WSS -- -- it when it's about Perkins restaurant bakery that's Packers safety -- -- -- about his boys and the other safety position group. -- -- -- golf course in being banned wanna see up on everybody has that registered getting down here parties and it. Registration is in forty minutes we shocked and started and I -- To be a great -- for a great cause. Out -- benefiting give kids the world lots of celebrities will be down -- job. Or Michigan quarterback John Navarre -- -- -- able be out here I'm not in the -- around. The new guidance yes that from -- box six immediately thought we'd get up. Is it a whole bonds to try to get in the morning chill out there box except there in -- round here. All the way out here to -- -- -- -- it's long it's a long hell hollering out there without doubt from. But -- registration -- a hot -- at -- next year to cancel this year we have the golf. All 36 holes you think -- on this course yes we were talking about -- we got about 35 or some binoculars some golfers that are. We -- double that. To justify taking up the entire course all day need more calm approach up here this morning trying to get it yet today as jrue did an early -- -- Early outs at a golf ballots sold out yes -- great -- sold out. Bigger and better than ever were glad to be a part of it will tee off at 10 o'clock we got a Packers insider Tyler -- back on the line on -- ridiculous thing hotline. Ready to take your calls packer fans and 479 and well -- people -- force and I'm not well that the let's go right of the votes and -- -- -- on Sports Radio -- at the Tony Iran with not Tyler -- Okay good morning guys. Big -- where I want to ask your question but would they. -- But I don't know you're on the air -- -- here okay it would it would be going to call can. Elliott and Michael -- All over. Say nick Perry and the guy from Arizona. Linebacker they got. Because fed cup is just that I heard on the radio that you want to keep the best players so I won no what did -- rules state today thanks. Wondering if -- -- its been appreciated you you're wondering if if nick Mary's in the how to Phillies president I believe he may have been -- -- payers get out shot -- -- he's not here to. Yeah -- not they're not gonna debate on Nick's theory. Possibly getting -- -- your two. If the more out of him at Indy the Packers obviously need more -- very and there and it got himself -- are -- -- 479 thankful that the in an email here from Steve -- once -- -- same thing I want to know. And not -- this question we're gonna fire your way as well. Not shot. We are looking at a a kick return punt return situation involving -- on Harris. Before I get Tyler's -- I want yours Weaver all the speed about Jeff -- right yeah Oliver is Janice got the V wells -- Jeff -- getting a look as a return man for the Packers to the having history -- as I don't turn meant -- state I don't know -- valley state I have no idea that might be the only problem there right. That that -- he's -- this twelve speed and everybody's talking about what you think he might be -- got yelled look at the return I would think so. I think -- -- out of right just like we saw Cobbs get his shot maybe two or three years ago. I'd love to see that that's the same thing -- of the see him get a shot at it and Tennessee with a -- -- you know we saw it opening night it is that correct but. I don't I think it's the wide open that return spot. We our effort and we just lost Tyler has dropped off on accidents or pretty we've got talent on back with a -- -- West Bank -- on Sports Radio wealthy. And Tyler just an -- kicking around where the questions that seems to be lingering of course you mentioned -- want Harris got the return job. Pretty much locked up -- Jeff -- has ever get a look would this -- twelve speed. Hit it and start to get a look bear arms if you can see it return some punts and kicks the practice it's. Not a -- but -- giving him some work and they look pretty natural back there at Saint Louis at least on the punt return game. I am at -- get the more reps that are but it it's -- late in the game I mean they've they've got two preceding game -- but really it's a week and a half. -- that big year for the Seahawks so I don't know I don't know how realistic it is that'll be one of those guys. This moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm really how. Every day they go and maybe 1520 minutes inside the -- -- that are await the fans. So they can practice they do stuff for Seattle's -- -- we've done in the past where they've gone in in in the Don -- And they've worked on that first game in planning. Not that you're like -- that it -- completely know at least since I've been here. The offenses that started indoors kind of away from public guide media everybody. Just start every practice so. He had to think that they're they're getting ready for the Seahawks and that's -- get ready for this isn't doing a lot of things they don't want anybody else to see so. That happened on top of that there's there's less public practices. -- and you know they've they're just kind of a little bit of secrecy around the team you could say a lot of very very. Well that's the precautions you know on top of that -- there's periods about video shoot in that and I used to be able to shoot in the media that you -- -- -- -- So they're they're gonna quit trying to be careful as opposed to a lot -- -- -- and -- in certain areas. That -- the Packers insider Tyler done on Sports Radio 1250 Tyler. There's been some debate two quarterbacks three quarterbacks I think Wheeler last year the Packers need to keep three what's your take. You know I I think that the team that. Over over her arms and that was the word I want it they overload that position when deposition earlier in the year prior mean that running back it -- a couple of years ago. When their sports to pick up centered -- and Ryan Grant to wander up the street. The next you're -- and -- -- around the car and the fourth round so -- quarterback position was a major major source last year they -- -- scramble mode. I think that they're not gonna forget that and if they can they probably like people -- -- got -- people players that looks. Very good it especially in practice and you know we haven't land -- a guy who brought you back in those two games last season. -- -- the -- stronger arm probably more upside. It's got to come out of -- liar because they have some tough roster decision especially a wide receiver outside linebacker tight end. It's not gonna be deeper Green Bay but I just think that this is the team that kind of learned from left and the past one of those lessons is it doesn't hurt to -- recorder back. I'm -- to get hot hot. Dixon's duty more and more work with the starters -- seen that. -- got over the more you -- very. The kind of alternated a little bit and it worked with Burnett but but Micah -- is still the starter back there. And until they have a certain comfort level. With our -- -- within this defense. 100%. Foolproof throughout from Darren Perry found papers all the way through. I don't think they're gonna put him into many situations in space right now that you know they have they have a guy from Alabama. We'll stick his nose in the run game so it both Phil -- just saw that again against the Rams but they also have a guy -- pretty -- coverage. Who still reacting more than just playing on the ball to -- from Sam Bradford. Olympics it's gonna protect Kuwait didn't matter. But he was still beat out the line is these guys and I got on the back field -- And so if you eliminate all of those I think that they're gonna stick with my guys there's certain -- You know maybe in nickel and dime and other situations where they can play in your line of scrimmage. Let's go to Joseph in Sussex on Sports Radio at 1250 I'm sorry -- in Greenfield -- -- on Sports Radio twelve that he was packer insider Tyler -- I good morning guys. I'm just get a couple quick questions thumb is anybody heard anything about -- Michael Finley. And probably think who inside linebacker spot in Jones played last week there are they -- -- our -- You know pretty new aren't you Michael Finley think the Packers are just gonna kind of keep this thing they have -- -- all along and he -- -- I -- gates circle -- with Finley down the road. You know several months removed from that surgery but I would just be very surprised if he reenter the picture all on the youngest son Nick Collins announced his retirement he they had sustained neck -- -- I don't know how much -- realistic possibility that as -- this point. Out of your other question Brett you know AJ hawk and and that at that might even number one take away from that second preceding -- -- defense that got two players who. Let's -- -- and at the big question mark on this team when you look at other teams inside linebackers. That there were on the three or I'm off a bridge all day and age are -- -- from fans they didn't draft anybody that -- -- didn't -- anybody. Both players looked very good. Against Durant and an exact seat he had what six yards and to -- bill good -- early out from them. With the Finley is that the Packers. Are taking a wait and see -- horse is doing actually ready for game action or practice or an event about. There probably probably talk -- I mean if you were to talk that -- and in his camp. He was cleared by the Doctor Who performed his surgery a nerve circuits -- the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm but I think that you know they're -- a lot of lukewarm reaction around the league you could have been convinced. And eighteen seem to seeing that you correct you know whether you are the Patriots. It seems -- visit to -- I know he was here in Green Bay partner that medical staff. Nobody's -- to ready to execute and that green light put him on the field and this stood up fourteen where players say it for -- -- that screen. It's going to be difficult variety here I think you had given that go at -- this sport. So adamant Sussex -- -- on Sports Radio well that. Yeah I just -- circling back through. A few positions are what your thoughts -- -- Morgan Burnett gonna make it out to the end of the year. Or is gonna and the bigger players and -- looking -- a money next year out contract someone out. And the big contract that you signed. And probably -- -- last year so. Between Richards then -- all are high and high. What are your thoughts and she makes about. You know that's a really good question because I think in the short term Morgan Burnett as a starter. I'm Darren -- -- reiterated that the safeties coach Morgan Burnett as the starter every. Yup competing and that's that its shots and -- the communicate -- factor in the defense. But the result of the fact that he doesn't have an interception and what 47 of the last 49 games. They need is -- big plays out of that position to keep those another season here you know not -- in the ball up not really being around the ball. When he paid -- -- that kind of playmaker. Extracurricular then it's still around Clinton Dixon mature and like I used or how it prepared -- -- I think it could be a possibility that yeah it's important they would look to somebody else. So there are some guys and -- interceptions again he'd around the ball. It will be valued at some operate -- now they sit like Burton act and then use the starter. Let's talk to hands on the east side -- on Sports Radio twelve if he would are packer insider -- -- Tyler -- make yourself available was a great idea at all you know I'm new players. -- want to impress even the ball. All of our younger players. Or you have to -- with might -- now and I think they can't really be saying that right now. Mean you are -- guy out of Colorado at the -- what below bomb at a just an incredible journey in college. We even Arizona State to go there goes undrafted. I mean as I could products you make employees he's he's huge 330 -- -- On the kind of -- like Johnny Jolly at their practice yesterday and the ball down but you know -- -- that one play in the Rams game where tennis stands to slide protection to the last. Spins out of a double team. He gets the -- and in that part of the way. You rarely see got a young players immunity and it has still out there and play sixteen games and impact player for the -- that's right away not so sure about that -- I think right now he makes the team. And this is a guy -- that I don't that anybody really hurt when during can't be there. -- tough to take special pride and finding these one or two guys but I'm sure he does a lot of work a lot of -- work. Just to find one or two free agents these these rookie free agents who go undrafted. What's the process like for him. When. You know at heartened that -- Several times he's a spell there -- and he really does like to get out there and sell it to be pro days to get -- college campuses. Get down at the Senior Bowl and -- prospects for the don't -- He involved he is not that and get stingy and that kind of you know deliberate Sullivan's actually even though he's gonna get not -- an agent showing signs of that age. Are there travel and and it it is very involved I think -- that's the part of the job at some -- that the reason. He's not gonna retire -- it Danica Patrick -- at the -- is the search for a guy like. Mike and Al and yet we it's got a body and you look at it to about -- I -- -- It has not worked out I mean -- -- were great find other than that the sport the other people at the players not so much. But when you look at -- at draft class he's still have what I guys that were undrafted from now a year still on the team you know -- your boy it was. Like they'll attack though -- saw Barkley have a is obviously a knee injury Shawn Richardson and the white Eric who picked up later that year. Baker you really picked up by any player there. You know frankly are like -- are managed by anything in college. -- always appreciate the time and always appreciate you not helping out the twelfth -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Off three up three how often have you you frames and myself will be -- -- -- -- three on create wealth of security golf about it -- dirty about basketball tournament. Darn -- -- -- -- talent take care of -- get on Friday. -- -- Packers insider Teledyne joining us on the great midwest bank hotline -- what makes great let's make great. Visit greatly greatly West -- not comments he let people in your community say about GM these great people products and service is a great mid West Bank simply local. And is always a factor in center Tyler -- Rocky by the Thomas -- -- -- offices. For divorce for child custody in any other family -- -- -- experienced goalie Tomas moral online admirable law not that that's normal lot dot net or. Golf Portland or three to 75800. While stuff but -- -- are you a few years ago. This is about what ten years ago. -- -- -- Travis Diener and Dwyane Wade. -- well left open the possibility of mine in the standings is not like the other outlaw he's thinking he's just does and I thought Travis who'd be capacity that body. Makes the quite with Dwyane Wade and hit it hit fifth. Five coming up at the basket well he's sound off line -- that got your next rating can't report and shot could you imagine playing baseball without a glove. We'll get some guys around here that do it we'll explain coming up next on Sports Radio twelve that the US has but he. But twelve -- Milwaukee sports reports starts right. When the legends of the field Sports -- 1250 updates Studio One radio show -- -- visit legends of the field and -- -- Saturday August 23 from 1030 until 11:30 AM to -- get an autograph from Milwaukee pitcher Willie Peralta go to legends of the field dot com for more information Mike. Buyers takes care of business is the Brewers knock off the Blue Jays six to one at Miller Park. -- you see him. Commanding the baseball better meaning instead it just parent thrown ball by a guy high eight he's actually if you if -- home for a quiet way he's hit nets and Spurs manager Ron ranking -- fires through seven innings of one run baseball the offense -- sharp as well. Three Brewers had multi hit games the crew goals for the two game sweep this afternoon Jimmy Nelson. Bases RA Dickey and after the last pitch you make the switch -- -- -- baseball post game show. Other Brewers as reliever Jim Henderson what season ending shoulder surgery some good news though Sutter -- Kyle Lohse hoping to return next week in San Diego Matt Garza looking at early September on a football -- the Packers and Raiders Friday night at Lambeau Field. There'll be some nice changes to the practice squad the BS -- -- -- Clemens reports from Green Bay. Packers will review tape of yesterday's practice in full pads the NFL -- expanded the practice squad limit from eight to ten players Mike McCarthy when it's also. They could -- this is very -- want to GM Ted Thompson. Our practice squad guys were told from the very beginning -- on that process contract do their job is to get ready to play and help where. Maybe next week and maybe ten weeks ago but that's what their job is. In Green Bay might Clemens WS -- College football news Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller out for the season with a right shoulder injury -- -- online -- sports -- 1250 dot com WS SP weather right now it's sunny and 68. And I'm radio show -- and -- on Sports Radio 1250 WS -- speech. Shot it -- it reserved about -- into restaurants and bakeries. And it or three trends in the world of sports and Trent number one -- -- found out. That -- Braxton Miller officially done for the year the LSU quarterback it finally gets up revealed. By the university shoulder injury re injured after having surgery couple of months ago. Ohio State without their quarterback for the entire season I'm sort of picked up the wind that makes it he's like really -- -- a gap that's a big chip but I still think they'll have to find a way. And -- very tough division. The -- for the Big Ten title game. With the redshirt freshman quarterback there or so ago I think it's gonna be somebody were not talking about I think this is setting up -- party to take -- of the fall backwards because the expectations are very hot -- lost so much. I think Ohio State will still be -- to talk about it 910 win season yeah. Probably got out of Penn State right now okay I know that they got in my coach over there but I Alec reinstated to be very good even though -- are still those. You know still a few guys the light. Because the sanctions and Jerry sandusky situation all the we saw maybe him coming out party into the season last year -- happy Wisconsin at camp Randall that was huge final game of the season as a holding -- -- guys from back to this year's team to Braxton Miller done prettier at Ohio State. Do the NFL they go like that and has revealed that Cleveland starter week one quarterback spot. He'll be Brian Hoyer players destroyer over Johnny football yet. He was exactly very impressive in his slow last -- either. And he realized how bad he was but there's no way Johnny -- -- after that it's that the way he performed didn't. I thought it was clear cut that -- was going to be guy all -- -- it -- There's no way meant so what start over now. If -- has a bad outing. That's going to be I'm going to be going along the words of play well early in the season or maybe later in the year. It's going to be you owner go to the -- football -- yes if Johnny in their game. You know on the when the Browns are 140. Yeah well most. It you know they'll be lucky to be one. Yeah because they're not gonna have Josh Horton obviously I got -- light can play in pre season games but he can't and why would you want him to play pre season games but he can't play the regular season. I don't understand. I don't know just keep him somewhat tuned up I don't know ace Roger Goodell lightens the penalty maybe. It does he have bomb. Is he appealing -- at all yet. Of and that's it yet get remembers second hand smoke pocket members secondhand marijuana smoke police to believe that's the reason why all that always that second hand we spoke to -- the job done but. -- the destroyers are we want routes. And we'll stick with the NFL -- had the title down this training camp report here's our insider Mike Clements. Now -- twelve to. The Packers had a full practice in pads yesterday blocking and tackling drills -- along team's scrimmage right guard TJ Lang left early to ice down his sore shoulder it's bother them. Most of this training camp. -- -- I -- three or four different things today and you know each day of my shoulder you know there's -- times and take a step back Casey Hayward missed most of last year with a severe hamstring -- -- the day off the Packers waived rookie tight -- -- -- -- and trying to -- a defender on family night but -- MCL the teams expected to put -- -- on injured reserve once he clears waivers tight end Brandon -- spoke to reporters on crutches after suffering an injury to his lower right leg against the Rams but says he'll be back. Oh some also noticed that could have been -- where to go for the season -- -- -- furcal we're -- so you -- go through in this so they're looking to announce loosened those. Although the Packers feel good about -- starting offensive line. Know what has emerged as a reliable backup. Done Barkley was lost at the start of camp with a torn ACL back up left tackle Derek -- had a poor performance pass blocking against the Rams I -- -- -- coach James camp and about how Sharaud graded out on the film. I started off. Little rough their first series but after that -- yourself certainly don't want to ever start out that way and he'll learn from that but it's also another steppingstone from him he's on the turf. Speed rushers you know those type of things and it. And you know kids come along way so I'll -- what -- told said the sky's not falling he had a rough first series and after that he settled. And this this was -- That's packers' offensive line coach James camp updates every day in Green Bay -- Clemens -- I sense that this has been your twelve to. 1215 WS -- -- Sports Radio twelve to VW SSV it's just let it -- -- -- golf course in big band here -- -- Wednesday. It's about eight minutes in front of 9 o'clock and at the golf course -- in the side of the eighth annual Perkins -- to charity golf outing to -- give kids the world and critical things we do out here jot it steal for a great cause they all -- give kids the world getting up and 9 o'clock hour. It's a great charity and and one of the cool things that we always do is we have. Like most outings we have games and in contests and things for people to -- and try to improve their scores and it's all. Money going to be great charity and one of the things that were doing out here today is we've got a -- a very special baseball club out here at the Milwaukee -- baseball club. Is out here it's an 1860s style baseball club instructor out here he's out they gotta be hot over the warmest -- on the course today. Because the 1860s baseball style uniforms that Wear -- a -- a little bit about 1860s. -- for this little history lesson yesterday yes we are because joining us right now the man in charge at least he's dressed up to be the manager art. From the Milwaukee you know baseball -- his name -- -- pace with us out here -- -- golf course -- big -- I'm not supposed to call you Jeff -- -- of nicknames for the Jets aren't called the -- Yes there are right now what would -- nickname behavior to give him an -- game. It depends how well he gets. Long won't get through -- -- right yes. Okay well shortfall somewhere in their ego -- that'll work that knows about the Milwaukee you know baseball club because. It's 1860s style which makes you about a 150 years old. But it's a different style of baseball in brief -- watching and we see the Brewers -- park. While it's -- -- was -- young -- at the right now what I. Look very -- -- -- you'd feel like you know you. But -- Milwaukee general baseball club is part of the organization it's called the national intently we have a couple of clubs that we're on National League. Our national old time vintage baseball league. But you know this is their first full year. It it in operation. They do play a full schedule. They are playing this Saturday. -- -- as well. That we -- like 1860 rules of baseball. A lot of it is the same ours that it we have nine players on -- we. Accurately capture or these upper corner in the -- -- -- they would column. First place tenders at second base Sanders at third base tenders. Our -- players left center and right our guards. And we've got what's -- the shorts down or the rover witches city's modern day shortstop. He would play any where he wants. Defensively everybody heals at -- when one's right from their race. It was they pitched it underhand. In the use the hard ball that just -- walls of the news conference. It's it'll start if it comes back play at third base without a -- Without a -- we don't use gloves some of our guys NC -- -- forces okay have pictures since they will surfaces so. So we don't. We don't use gloves. It's it's that is -- the game was played agency it was. Very much a it was before professional baseball British professional baseball starting eight and sixteen -- -- the Cincinnati red stockings. Short story -- the 869 red stockings the first professional team the team bars or Milwaukee. In 1869. And beat one of the Milwaukee teams voice for 72. That's not good on -- -- -- ever since then we've had going to be won't -- with those guys. Yeah he probably should use gloves that. It was probably. I would probably should not suffer in the -- get good pitching -- Not as hot as a bunch of guys get involved is your 2014. And get the driver the idea to go play baseball and -- Well it's everybody that that's on the team there they love history of baseball in the wrong way. And so this is something it's an alternative to do this. It's -- -- playing Thursday nights off all week about your latest on and it's out of the camaraderie is phenomenal. We know Walt. I mentioned don't gonna have Maria tournament this Saturday -- or we've got -- -- from. Illinois. We have been -- Minnesota and Michigan. Also Illinois. Missouri. -- we got offers to play out on the East Coast well reeling -- we did have -- Brooklyn Atlantic's coming in this week and what they would -- Leo. I know those people who. Yeah or are you -- a little New York our policies because knows he's -- talking with the -- from Milwaukee you know baseball club on Sports Radio twelve that the WS SB. Part of the national vintage league guys will be out here -- in the 1860 stellar baseball and you -- play -- what field. The Saturday were reporting that Greenfield park okay. And we just tell you were going to be flying which the more different cities go there OK we've got Milwaukee -- out there we have the -- bush did cities -- -- we have -- -- page. While boys out there. Oh we've got eagle diamonds. Chicago salmon. -- the Chicago. Well thank goodness Chicago come down here play. -- they would want a partner hits were tables you were still teaching our children are in south we're still there's still heat on just north and an up and down aren't we aren't -- -- -- like to get the course your -- of the twelve to charity golf outing here helping to raise a lot of money as well hopefully. Yes we're going to be got hole sixteen we've -- doesn't give himself there every album opener trickery for but he comes off of the hole sixteen. We get we've got the balls and bats that we used back in 1860 so giver what it's. Tossing up there and hit it -- to you from the place where the they hit it now he's. You're not dress like the ball players your manager will probably -- -- Connie Mack actually. Actually I would be -- order today. Okay that's what you whoever they are horrible or something like this did you by the -- -- and a vast that it's almost a bullet tie around and as color certain pair of what we call khakis and they were called back and today I'll probably -- opening -- fantastic. So how I mean when when you would sign up to -- -- he's -- a guys have a great appreciation for history. DF to alert us -- -- a specific amount is a requirement for that because it feel like if you're gonna -- old school baseball you should definitely no Bulls will be. And -- -- be able was filled with our players we would got presentations that we put out four or our our group. I would -- when we go in front of groups -- are forced home all fortunate rather. You know civil folks homes and things like the schools and whatnot it was -- all get together at. Present. Kids theaters. Disadvantage disabled. Are the Brewers you see them -- these retro you know once your -- and do they ever go back as far as where you'll uniforms -- -- sixties. No what there's there's there's been a couple of all of it asked I would think they would is that we mixed -- They what they put -- so. It can work out but still a record setting we don't need Chris Davis to get any worse and I I think I'm not a good about that extra but if -- if the Brewers -- representing. You know baseball -- -- -- -- -- to be funding go back Hooper call it a bit slippery and then -- right. That you -- with these guys are where it's. You know it's the only guys don't write our announcement will have plenty of pictures -- -- -- -- on FaceBook -- -- -- thank -- so -- -- being part of this thing about him. It's at the Jets and the Milwaukee -- baseball club part of the national vintage league we're gonna break the rest of our guys through who are celebrities at our golf outing -- We're live at edgewood golf course in big -- it's just and we get time now for the best of the twelve to be sound off line. It's time for the best average on balls Buick GMC twelve to be sound off line. On Sports Radio 1250 WS says beat Milwaukee sports station. Bill also wondered if we could always -- -- DR -- does she had game I know what you would go on wall look per capita beach and that's why you play to help help -- would get cobalt one friend just don't know. He's getting -- -- Oh yeah I. Failed wanted to welcome -- new guy mark. We cooler I don't doubt it -- also to me Bard or in -- But we didn't do that that you read pick it up the pitcher -- the guy only go if they could do that consistently -- -- -- -- -- -- yours become what you create open would -- don't know what -- who pitched. It's. Franchise -- also don't get too excited over the Brewers recent success it would not be good to be labeled mr. premature it's. Yeah. Yeah.