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08/20/14 Paul Imig joins Bill Michaels

Aug 20, 2014|

Drew Smith, Sports Director for Fox 11 in Green Bay, interviews Paul Imig from FoxSportsWisconsin.com to talk about his predictions for Green Bay's 53 man roster. They discuss keeping 3 quarterbacks on the roster as well as the wide receiver core.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But I -- it meant. Good I'm in the middle of he charity golf tournament here at the moment I'll look at that so your are you playing -- -- okay I'm just so they're literally about it. Nothing that sarcastically -- -- -- -- but other than that it that's a lot of it's really a lot of you could always decline the invitation Paul. Yeah that's what I want to contribute my 182. Putt. Jews I'm thinking that developed about such an -- -- but it could be a great honor to. And a half I had that. It'll be those ones of the -- -- -- somebody go tap that in okay I'll do that look I contributed that is to have been I plateaued a bit. -- them one or two. Shots that it would actually count as mine so we haven't happened haven't happened yet esteem mean I. You know -- July here but we want our taught you a little bit about this your roster predictions that came out to -- and they've got their -- Preceding games -- about two more to go Italy got a handful -- practice with practices left. And you've got your 53 man up there on fox Bucs were stuck on blocks which -- -- -- company. -- and I had their post you'd like to see that now tell me as you're doing this. What was agonizing decision guys that you left off and who is number 53. Last guy on. -- -- -- the first part of that I think the linebacker group towards the end of it is buried the Colts all. Looking between Carl Bradford and -- -- rumba. And -- homer and maybe only one of those four you know I went with Carl Bradford even just because -- fourth round -- -- I mean just because it or prop eight because. But other nets have all been significantly better players in Africa does that mean that didn't have Jerod Elliot making it despite -- respect and placed on the -- I didn't have Malone making it despite the fact he was on the team last year and had a fine -- an undrafted rookie. But it's just it just seemed to give up or I'll -- soon and almost by default -- -- yet but I don't feel. Super confident or good about doing that -- he hadn't earned its extent that a lot of those eight -- that bit and the other one. Is whether or not to keep. I'm wide receivers six sliders and whether or not that is -- Janet Myles white RC. I had -- because I think it up when it's a slam dunk -- make -- the Packers keeping five. But definitely Kevin Dorsey was first team special teams guy in almost every unit not making it would seem unlikely but. You know world it is flattened and and so. You know against guys that the back to the roster yet I don't have right now making under the current the line. I don't know I it is I don't know number 5150 to 63. Are probably also between about 56 or seven guys. A lot of those a lot of it depends on health as do you know who's going to be held on through these last two games and obviously we do may we make these predictions and Ted Thompson says he hates them but don't we do -- 88 and is a stop right. So that we do it anyway I think it was -- -- -- well made -- about the among those linebackers I mean especially with the draft picks anybody that is the fifth round and better draft pick is pretty much going to be making the team but you know we've seen the Packers give up on guys before. But does a fourth round pick Carl Bradford is they have not seen from him what they need to say I mean that I absolutely I agree with you. That you know it that he probably still makes the team manager and Elliott great you know he -- he beat up the sixth round. That this -- -- the -- string offensive tackle the Rams now let's see you do it again against the Raiders of the if you do it again there may be all really have my eyes open but. You know garbage time in a pre season games not what I'm gonna. Go based by my decisions on as you rightly -- and in any below got a really solid year last year that's that's going to be a tough one the -- -- one is a hard -- to because. Jeff Janice has had one reception for the Packers one reception in any game play. But he's had a really good practices. And -- one other thing is he does not necessarily have. The backing of his quarterback if you know when we're talking -- garage after the game and they said would think Jeff -- -- -- well. He ran around made a catcher now ransom guys that's all I've seen from a basically that's odd -- what you're the first team you got to be better -- essentially what he -- you reiterated that yesterday. So Jeff -- while yes everybody is really high and a because of the practice and he's he's had decent practice he mr. -- -- Eddie had a touchdown in his first game -- -- I haven't seen enough of a mini game to really tell me that he's should be -- -- and I think the biggest problem in the and the reason why didn't look unique situation like the Packers keeping all Bradford -- Egypt Janet. As opposed to other guys it. I think at this point you Janet is going to get scooped up by another key -- the Packers try to get him through waivers and out of practice squad. When you have a 34 yard touchdown reception. And you show off -- -- or 240 yard dash speed but he did it as he went on the left sideline and -- Some people it. Okay you know he's got a lot of great at it in practice and shields he beat keep it already beat their top guys for the fact that -- but EP practiced. For touchdowns or big plays it's like to think there's enough there that the Packers -- it if you don't see -- future. Other team for -- Janet okay but it doesn't matter to try to get into labor and -- -- cleared to get picked up I don't keep. I can't imagine that being the K I -- I'm really interest -- -- Aaron Rodgers has been so hard on -- -- can you mentioned a little bit of what happened after the game. But when they have an indoor practice this week on Monday. Yeah -- -- route that Rogers was less we rolled. And -- -- it's it's little moments -- -- that I know some fans he kind of take on board when they talk about his leadership but he does some peace and weary. Makes the receiver look bad enough and the weight -- just try to motivate -- and it ran this route -- and the ball -- incomplete. And -- -- I mean he was checked and then when that the topic came up in the locker yesterday in regard to -- -- -- receivers have to do Roger there in static. They have to run a route but I want them to run after one -- the -- that I need to run it in order to -- -- starting -- and -- on the field we have the same time. And so I think it is all. Not not posturing. It's a wait for that -- -- For -- to motivate jet jet I think it's his future with the team and just to kind of bring it back in terms of why you keep a mid round pick. -- undrafted guy indicate that Bradford -- -- Elliott. If they're still not even though he had Elliott had three sacks and or plays. People are still another team is still more likely to take up a fourth round pick and the -- undrafted guy at the Packers release and try to practice -- Look what -- -- -- Chris harper a Packers wide receiver this year was. A fourth round pick -- -- by Seattle they -- -- it took him on the team that year to try to get on waivers and put on the at this but what you get picked up by and insist. So you will be hard to sneak through a mid round pick and practiced -- about another team. Being stepping up to think hey there must be something there that made him -- topics so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yesterday and there are. They're kind of teetering. I'm aware of -- in. And the outside linebacker inside linebacker debate you -- it and keep our. And it had to keep plugging away and it it you try and they're gonna keep trying so. I don't think they can keep him in what they keep more on the fifty -- expecting to get picked up and make it to protect -- You're definitely think at three quarterbacks has been kind of a question mark I'm not. -- -- got three quarterbacks also. Alex impaled QB coach was talking to him yesterday and one thing that I'm really -- that he -- You know nothing at all earned a spot right. And -- and the quick sort of backtracked momentarily. And said well you know it and it'll come down to numbers he kind of backtracked and that's -- that sent but. Eat little regard to -- you have a backup QB situation -- -- -- albeit not practice squad eligible anymore. If you don't keep him or you don't keep score and and that -- -- does suffer another injury whether it's out. For a game or two months like it was last year. -- -- all you have left -- -- reading and practice squad. If that would be the scenario that plays out I don't think that's the way you want to -- to the Packers were exposed a little bit last year but if you're not ready -- -- at QB. You can go from spot -- -- into an 87 and one team. In the -- of a month and you want that should say. I'd still be toward them keeping three which we first and they don't doesn't 2000 -- I think actually I I agree with -- I think that there that they will I think that those. Both those guys that you -- that to the question who will be the true true back up but you know there'll though they have a -- there -- Whoever played against a third team had the better. Run in the in the pre season so I mean we'll see today you'll you'll see -- -- quite a bit in this third game. The fourth game you'll seem at all so you know that's that we'll get a really good a really good look there. Hi Paula volley league from a fox sports discussed dot -- hit it straight or at least you know don't hit them too far badly that you can't find it. -- only lost a ball and we also aren't certain. That's OKW go to try to find and usually you know you find a bunch more -- stormed -- -- -- yeah yeah I appreciate as politics fox sports -- -- dot com.