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Aug 20, 2014|

The Big Show asks, who would be on your Mt Rushmore of modern Packers?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On Wednesday and off. And he's so good in. Every area and LeRoy Butler from the eighth annual. Perkins charity golf -- in the world out here at golf course and company. And do -- now. One nothing. Liberals as soon as that game is over and it's -- eight. Yeah well post it on and focused to be on the Internet via you guys do this but that's that's. That's -- -- that note that at that and you know when you've been if you're. In -- -- -- go like that. I don't know I don't like that Paul contraptions and -- this. -- and he has won your phone and when your phone off via microphone attached here and it's. Like handled it like that -- right yeah. 1984 and though. It doesn't that just -- there -- -- -- don't feel like -- but -- contraption -- Headphones and -- -- -- -- In her new book is. An interesting question via -- -- listeners who. Are gambling. And I wanted to weary -- yeah. Okay. Your enemies. On -- or reason for it. -- Up 30. But we start this afternoon. Area. It. The world. Yeah it's it's got -- -- random and you know work in Madison. On its work this morning. -- -- -- -- On the mount Rushmore of modern era do you -- it's -- 998. -- -- -- It -- name drop and from Mozart. And the return of -- street. Green. Dominated the news all summer when -- return to remember on Friday. He remembered fondly as -- The modern era. If I'm 10 victory in season. What's in. Nineteen. -- more along our Rogers. And -- It's human and pointing -- off the field stuff with some work with younger players you know leader. -- meeting in the NFC championship -- -- -- -- -- What's on the modern era. At. The -- Okay so not not like that the glory days of the sixty let's go let's start with the Brett Favre. Okay so early ninety's and I admit that rules out Kerry Alison yeah it's -- in -- yeah. Okay now pull up LeRoy -- -- OK let's compare him to Charles Woodson are. Because. My guess -- that be fairly civil. In in the in the tenure that he spent with with the Green Bay Packers. You know I'm talking about what's not is not -- raider days or anything like that just -- packer. Playing days and and it's it's about six or seven years had a huge impact a huge -- In terms of free agency for the -- so they brought him over it was kind of stunning. It was. But now it and that's compared to LeRoy Butler and just this seat just to sneak it quick. Quick pick at that peak about it but. I don't know who else it would be -- outside of those two. I mean you look at -- Dorsey -- you look at at and I'm on green maybe I guess I'm Mike Green might be someone that. To take a look at -- thousands Ahman Green maybe I mean you look at him what when he was for the Packers for so long. The best running back in the league for a solid through three years -- and a really good running back in this league for. And -- five or six years for a team that won a Super Bowl Antonio Freeman Robert Brooks. And all of them nice players for sure. I don't think iconic status to go along there with Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers and Reggie White. No I don't know that I can so how many years -- Le Roy play well let's let's start with with Charles Woodson is in Green -- from 2006 to 2012. -- -- seventh season seven seasons. In receptions -- receptions and options. Nine interceptions in 2009. And and -- in the news injured most of the wonders option. Match because it -- Nineteen. Thirtieth thirty interceptions as actors and he had one force and nine touchdowns -- -- LeRoy Butler -- them up real quick. Computers because I think it could make the argument on both sides you have to throw and you threw in -- -- off the field right -- leadership role and things like that. Thank you gotta throw in the Lambeau leap comment. All right field -- to meaningless. Effort and yes it should mean in -- -- but he. But it's there because the -- -- inventing and yes so Butler history with the Packers thirty. Interceptions and Minnesota won so how many years -- he was there from 99000. Once. In your ear absolutely one team. But it but only one TD one touchdown which is surprising to me in 1996. And that was the the Lambeau leap right yeah it's it's totally touched out. -- in the numbers in terms of turnovers look better for Winston a -- that. I think I would have to go with Butler over Woodson now and I don't know if anybody else's even in the in the conversation. Like we sat on my injury and that's I guess it's it's possible he had it in a great run. For the Green Bay Packers for sure but not to sit right there next to -- far right next Aaron Rodgers right next the Reggie White. Think you gotta have some that you gotta have something a little bit more. I'm trying to think of other guys and and Packers fans out there outlets -- 79950. You can email at Sports Radio that you -- the only other names that come -- my mind for consideration. Mean Nick Collins and I know he had a short career Charles Woodson stint here and and in Green Bay it was -- Nick Collins or like Houston Ahman Green went about a -- You don't -- the upon today. And you go to McCarthy both with Super Bowls. Okay what -- what kind of impact -- that. They do named streets after these guys for crying now. Mario tells me in messenger and believe with the fumble recovery in nineteen injury. Okay so that was at home you know I think it didn't receive the collateral but it's here and I'm looking at pro football reference -- -- One career touchdown nose in 96. And it's in its interception return for a touchdown. You know which one career touchdown. -- in the -- at some point I think maybe you take a look at run -- And you put him out there on that mount Rushmore of modern day the hacker -- and -- players they absolutely in India take a look at the Super Bowl winning coaches there -- I'm you know I'm not sure -- big drop off between Reggie White. Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the players right in this modern -- -- -- -- with. With Tom -- -- should be -- and the numbers. -- -- -- That's it -- that and I'm not gonna lie there might be some bias going into this work with a -- five in the only run hours -- day but I see and I'm. I'm sure Charles Woodson gets a great reception whenever he's out and about in the state Wisconsin -- it's his time and indeed it -- but. -- -- -- -- -- It stayed fair -- Butler. Is it just watching the the reaction in the attention that he gets from Packers fans and how much they love him and appreciate. What he did for this organization. Just like -- inventing the Lambeau leap etc. it's it's amazing how much people. Love LeRoy Butler you and I both with -- -- now thanks to -- Sparky and then next accident I wanted to committees. -- -- be you know. Him so much an imported. If it were. Charles Woodson staying here ending his career is agreement packer I think we're we're in the conversation there. -- -- do I think I think he's right there so you think but you think the the brevity of his career and -- he's not a career packer -- -- LeRoy Butler. I I do I think the length of that career and the impact that he has. Okay you Mets and state fair let's let's put what's it and and LeRoy Butler side by side on the midway -- the -- -- right. I think -- Roy gets a little more chatter I do I do because he's invested more into the city or into the state here. What's bolts it. I don't think you can put him well but Charles Woodson I think wanted to stay Green Bay -- -- interest in him. -- sluggish -- -- a he wanted to start yes start where every -- I don't even know where he went back to the Raiders. -- there -- video it -- -- it comes Atlanta on Friday -- a lot. I don't think it's close but I don't agree with -- now you're gonna go with you know packer representative. Not a player. You know if you're -- pick one of the coaches go Ron Wolf -- commodities landscape of packer football back then there are a bunch of losers. For how long. Seventies and eighties -- by -- long time and god bless the packer fans. God bless you guys running in -- them because if it is somewhat special preserve it. There were losers seventies. And eighties in. Then it Mikulski company wolf comes in and starts starts making some moves and raises the bar and he gets these guys don't wins the Super Bowl. He's the next guy up if it's not a player if it is a player for me it's Roy -- right now. What about you Tom -- -- Charles Woodson is on the mount Rushmore. Of modern era -- let's take it back to the early -- do you agree 7991250. Lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com Wendy's big joke out here -- eighth annual -- Perkins charity golf outing to benefit give kids the world we hear me next right here. -- -- -- -- -- big -- run and I'd love. Tim Allen's live from edgewood golf course annual 1250. Perkins charity golf outing to benefit if -- the world asking you. Charles Woodson on the mount Rushmore of modern era actors Tom -- That is the the Wisconsin state -- -- 87991250. We're going from you know in a lot of sports -- well that back nine Indian beyond I think which ago 77. Staph that's not modern era sort out of it and it excludes. You know the sixties -- -- -- Tom -- is. Brett Favre Aaron Rodgers Reggie White -- is that indicates to me that I'm going back what could -- -- Sammy -- put in. Some of the guys that I'm sure you're thinking of -- mainly -- -- -- sterling Sharpe. -- get some consideration. Outstanding I don't know James Lofton now -- and he laughed right he had an opponent numbers for what Buffalo in and the Raiders. When he left Green -- but. Well there's just a couple of names that you may one Americans that are about -- 7991250. Sports Radio -- that he'd come -- go to -- And eighty on the when he shows up -- You -- it. Well I definitely think Ron Paul Kruger record considering that -- players -- Walker one of the -- of packer history. And I think Charles Woodson and blew it well -- obviously a tremendous careers. But I was 7000 yard seasons that are all I think Donald Driver definitely -- some. Recognition now. So my credit for what he's done for the Packers hold on an opposite field and that all the answer your. Did not. Yeah -- you have to given some consideration. You know like that in terms of a fan favorite if we talked about states and LeRoy Butler walking around having Donald Driver I mean everybody likes Donald Driver right. Was it because he was that good. Or was it because he's Donald Driver I think -- a little bit of both I think. There was a time where he was he was probably more recognized and and more love for his play on the field but as it got older and -- -- play. Degraded him it was it was -- -- right up to the point that he left Green Bay we are getting calls from people. I rates he would leave he ended up retiring because they wanted him but I I rate that the Packers. Didn't want to bring him back and were willing to offer my contract -- he was that up even though you look at his numbers and -- seldom -- by Mike McCarthy in his offense. It was it was not -- not attachment to the wide receiver -- of the offense at all. So like rich -- that wouldn't -- who -- and rich McGeorge and now now at west. Maybe the toolbox maybe it may possibly possibly. -- all right could be at west Keith Jackson a mile and Gary -- Keith Jackson Andre rides and -- hadn't come. I'm -- down here for half the season well too much off the field nonsense yeah. Let's go back to the vote for the -- that Mario. -- the Wendy's big shows that Mario. -- -- Yeah well. I think part of the bowler and -- campaign. I I think you -- when we're definitely it would lower blow up -- -- and I think -- -- -- all decade. -- maybe weren't ninety's. And I think the other and it is swept out is how many. Quarterbacks accidentally aired before a -- answered -- I think almost like new pulled them forty. Quarterbacks. Like that so I think if he were brought -- before. -- and in my book. Okay so other than just keep in mind the argument is -- that final one. And that's you know Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre Reggie White I think original all agree all agree -- that -- thoughts -- -- Mexico appreciated. Mario speedway. You part of being the media everybody they've Mario yesterday -- -- the best nickname in the World Cup really it and him by a great -- to the -- and it's. The best nickname in the world. Daniels son given -- Super Mario whatever and answer. He's out here I guess on hole number ten on the go here -- -- but wanna go says well what's and are you crazy. It was very very solid safety but never won -- defense MVP and never built the -- like what's in it. What's in and Reggie White only modern packers' defense played -- the field such that the other team. Had to account for them at least they can literally take over a game my modern Packers players Rushmore Favre Rodgers -- -- white. That's all the -- go that's definitely a -- sport's greatest fifty I think you got to be concerned about the longevity if you put them up there aren't those names right. I think like he says the impact and how -- -- it tilting the field. I think in -- in and Charles Woodson -- and in his time with the Packers. Yes probably did that -- -- more of an impact them at but when you talk about longevity you like it. If that's -- decade. That's a decade or more -- Roy Butler now again. Reggie White -- played for the Eagles I played for the Panthers he played for the Packers. Brett Favre leaves she plays for the Jets plays for the Vikings. I get all that but I mean again I'd I don't think anyone's gonna argue about the impact that Reggie White -- your heat he'd literally. Change the landscape in agree that he absolutely did we say Ron Wolf -- from the front office Reggie White did on the field he made it okay as a name. -- to get rid of the stigma of being banished to Green Bay to play football because that's what it was. How many times you watch those old NFL films -- -- -- -- was I don't know was Jerry Glanville -- extra number one of those older coaches. You know they had a had a might operatic autumn I'm Mike Mussina pitcher's stuff to gather here I swear -- -- every one of -- -- -- it your -- -- Okay Reggie -- changed that. -- -- I I agree he needs to be up there. Favre speaks for himself in terms of the Super Bowl in terms of his longevity attic you know fans that adore him throughout his career up until we -- And certainly Aaron Rodgers is literally the poster child for the -- Packers right now for -- but. But you know I I think -- got to hold any consideration. Only seven years for Woodson. And it was where they -- are sure. And really only six he was injured and sent them right or right and and I don't know if that's fair to put him up there with those guys and I think you know if all things are equal. I don't know if they are equal a -- they were two different -- LeRoy Butler was a monster -- -- was there while. You -- what -- -- Butler and I'm like yeah they're pretty cool and he's like well. How -- it was the I'm like I just think of the best one of the best if not the best safeties in the game today. Just as it that was slow roller ball superstar. Superstar for is there -- it's it's a close call and I'm not. Downgrade nanny and they know that they has done now the fact that even in the conversation right I think is as compliment to a -- Yeah I think you think you and I are both just leaning slightly towards Butler I was big David whitehurst man -- -- yeah I don't know if you go out there -- no I don't think it would kicking me in the anybody. -- and so I mean when you put. If rockers and farm up there -- -- -- and -- another quarterback and hope we obviously star yet but he's not a modern era accurately track if you wanna go back as far as Dickey. It's it's like watching Sesame Street and around one of these things is not like the other -- Roger's apartment in -- he would be he would I mean what what other quarterbacks. None of the modern era let's start talk about mark for -- with Ty Detmer. And what they did after they left the Packers -- Campbell Anthony deal -- no. Don't know -- was -- Lynn Dickey is. The top of that bottom tier guys not well at least we -- -- -- OK. With -- everyone loves that guy okay. I'm not saying he was -- education about the -- I think the class of Rodgers and barber. Were you at mount Rushmore anywhere MacArthur lane of the big John rocking us. -- of slightly above mediocre quarterbacks. And there have been there Little John rocking them. What that backfield -- into account -- land that's pretty stellar so. I am I know those names but you actually watch those names I started following the Packers were -- collective football cards. And and it was so cool that I wanna say 75 or 76. Somewhere in there they had. I and I kept all three of these cars together. Harry Smith. Mary Smith. And parties. Other incidents the united stuck at school lets out Bradley and that's very very -- art history as that's great for the break through with that. All the problems that the Packers have had at safety. Well in just -- one years since since last Sunday. Would you rather have Charles Woodson back there than what you got now with Morgan Burnett and Clinton did of course. I'll tell you before you answer ultimately what he -- in his one year ago and Clayton all sixteen games started all sixteen games. It sex only one interception. And no touchdowns not about my starting point for an awful team but -- While it mechanically where a must start so I'm asking you would rather -- him. As a starting -- credit the guys know for now I've gotten no interceptions from their safety for the first time in almost seven years I had known all pass them -- Really does this guy pass up -- Denver. That's not like to know -- in. Did edited yet the -- -- and -- -- Denver I don't know enough I know he didn't know he did visit them. -- -- -- -- -- Remarkably. Bad it is to not get an interception for -- -- for an entire season. From this position because -- by accident tipped ball or some bright you know one right. Charles Woodson could be better than they -- now. Real quick for -- this -- and analysts -- If Charles Woodson is -- -- your mount Rushmore of current modern era Packers in the in the jumbled GMC sound one number. 44816448. When he wants to jump back in at 4 o'clock. Greatly -- -- long jumpers. -- -- mark Utley is. From Miller Park him enough in its just one minute before we do -- Guys thanks for your tremendous response Milwaukee's -- fancy football draft party of how to wanna -- events center August when he is now closed of that. But thanks to young expressed you can still get your league and -- -- -- -- wicket weekday mornings at 63830. In the big show. Weekday afternoons at shoot thirty and 430 for the young express and she keyword. If he were three Q. 961 it's 330 so that means I'm about to give your -- were -- hunger for more fantasy leagues. It winners announced each Friday at 5:15 PM plus one winner from all entries received a -- night. Weakened state after you've got -- -- me hotel owner that will be announced Monday August 25 that hates this word -- -- to give you text it to 32. 961 for your chance to naturally and to Milwaukee's artist fantasy football draft party at -- -- -- -- -- August 28 that's all thanks to young expressed young expressed. Success drives -- today's Wednesday August 20 direct him. Yeah so today's key -- is. Fumble. And B well he fumbled at the three -- 961 chance to join me. Am Sparky yeah RC -- Amman green next Thursday's Maxim Magazine Peter shaky. Of -- wire hoping for a team its next Thursday at the a lot of events I don't know -- you cannot wait for that congress but. Fantasy football weekly -- -- from there that will be on a three hour special with this and -- -- -- and your drafts. We talk a little fantasy football today are -- we are the stick around people just dropped off for -- means we must stop talking. And get to a break -- that Mario give -- the latest from Miller Park receivers and Blue Jays to battle. And and it shows right back from the -- golf course. -- for -- -- benefit tickets or. When he makes a lot from the -- annual. Well if the Americans charity golf unexpected it is I mean -- -- -- stars found out at golf out there very kind of subdued I think there in the heat of about competition and -- course right now. Around -- -- -- very very peaceful serene. And make the covers the Packers for us that he's in the clubhouse -- -- went that is terrible. He was terrible terrible golfer the and a few out there that on the -- -- -- terrible terrible. I'm not a golfer at all about you which I'm on the year but he gets up for me it didn't -- all but should that work -- you have -- I never. Wanted to trial always wanted to you every summer every spring -- them and -- -- And I never. Because you'll find that I know about competitive you are you'll find -- strike the ball well -- that it might be the only one is struck well I'm tired nine holes don't don't do eighteens -- ask -- -- the driving -- About that I did all right -- the ball sit on swing and and miss and didn't know how well a few times for starting out it's. Boca horse industry in -- you can hit the ball. Yeah. Quit baseball for so long like 1516 years -- played baseball -- -- a lot people say that they're not the same that the swings -- all the same. I'm a lot of -- and I was wrong concept. Was doing it wrong but -- similar motion and it's and it's also the the idea of putting contacts too small ball with small -- well that's what can't argue ordination out that well that's what keeps people like -- that's what. Keep -- coming back for another another round right here in year out month in month out in week out it's just a couple of good hits that. It's not your -- -- -- unity square one up but it goes far and it goes straight and it just. Flops right down the fairway and he is is that an eight iron -- is chip on -- -- -- awesome at this point it's very -- Yeah. -- look at Joseph he's he's got an addiction to golf like he has he is. On the two war every time -- it's Chris Clark put spikes on right. No effort. Missiles it's it's cute little golf out it's just recurring back and -- -- Jimmy if ever and remove your hats handed to the lovely lady. Standing right in front of you -- that -- young lady is Pam and she is president. It's the world. We are here. To benefit today at the eighth annual 1250 -- charity golf outing he does twist it like that and I. -- was there are. Carried on and part of solace -- all the great event coming out here to golf course. For those who don't know it's a good place to start is that still a little bit about give kids the world in and what you guys do exactly what we're out here that's. Give -- -- -- he's been born Wizards and it's a world but he's. Between ages eighteen and experience and is. There. There. -- around the war on -- 130030000. -- every year and states while Clement how long have you guys been doing this 28 years. Really. That's that's amazing and -- What -- -- -- in terms in terms of resources. To to give these kids the world and to do what you guys do like you said taking down to experience. Everything -- to experience comes other. The whole week experience right Fuzzy memories haven't had the opportunity to make a family vacation -- so it's for the entire am sure for a week -- that all the parks and that we put parties on them. We have to -- seventeen million dollars a year and cast. And then it did so 24 million in in ninth. To be able to fulfill our -- right. And hot topic that we have a wonderful group of volunteers that we -- 151000 active volunteers bill 1400 volunteers it's a weak spot of that that matter -- and it isn't -- 140. And every year it seems like others there's another great story here at the 1250 Perkins charity golf but last year I remember there was -- young lady. Was diagnosed at a very young age &. Associates and and the pitcher is graduating high school -- student athlete even in and religious. Enjoying life to the utmost we have a story like that is there another. It's that other beautiful little girl her name this. It is what is that she was three years ago. And he had eighteen at three. And there and was on this you might expect it probably eat wings and because of the experience -- -- hope she's at that Aybar. -- -- Particularly it's gone. Giants sixteen years old and mean it went to obligate half I thought. Up and get. Really inspirational stories Mike and how we divorced and the speed of every -- we we hope that a lot of story that even if not we created some incredible memories that mr. back. Mike and they say you know lakers' is the best -- and just giving kids the best life that they can have while they're here and making the the struggle as little struggle as possible. The -- -- we can put their energy into getting better and and being what it is that they're -- Really great. -- Or. Is. That. It's is that something. That's Braden and his folks who didn't come out here today wanna how -- give kids the world. Are there future events coming up I'm thinking coaches our website a phone number that you keep you posted on it. Visit our website W definitely -- got give kids the world dot org or RG. It might yet all about our wonderful days and and how to get it Bob whether you're donating your mind -- parts -- I -- Outs are very proud of the fact there have been great it's like. -- literally. You point three cents of every dollar spent does -- but it amazes me as little as possible they had an overhead that it went out there. Great kid and when -- -- president give kids the world around here were today at edgewood golf course that's the twelfth annual -- -- -- eighth annual. 1250 -- kids charity golf body. Live from -- golf course and -- -- there is the last few minutes and such a pleasure. To meet you -- to you and how bout with such great -- we appreciate it like that they want to thank you -- Perkins because they are absolutely ORS they -- all the meals at different stress enough collectively -- million dollars a year that it's their four million meals that we start -- often and they have a little hard on every table when you sit down to about it is the world that has agreed they were glad to partner up with them and how about Wisconsin and we appreciated and now we'll see you next year. Think you and -- president give kids a release it quick break. It back to some Packers on the other side of -- incentive let's not -- it's. Green Bay press -- tremendous right here on the -- prediction. Studies show him off. Around here and it went -- course for the eighth annual 1250 -- charity golf outing to benefit. The world coming up at 3 o'clock and I think that's looking for a new -- but I'm not sure exactly where -- well maybe I certainly am reality I'll I'll I'll explain to a few minutes all right let's have a we are here. Yes unlike some people now we're here at edgewood golf -- Like some people we don't know all the great midwest bank -- it right of the Green Bay press is that. You can find a month Twitter -- -- -- And you can not find him here that you might be talking about it's got its start this afternoon it. This has not been a good week for what the -- yeah. -- Now we -- -- -- do you what do you work. We had entered as accurately told. Mike -- I was gonna come -- for the for the not for the Packers it and practice it but with that. Changing their schedule this was the David that we had availability now. I'm eloquent but I would not aware Robert Alou and -- the -- again that it might at work a lot out forehand but. With the changes they made with -- practicing the day before games now. I'd be resolved it and he had and a work and -- other. Well then you battery worth that then you got some news for us. Well this is our biggest news is concerned I think it. The practice squad is -- like I know it's not the start of any late Clay Matthews for the world but. I don't have pretty big thing that went down yesterday in the NFL with that not only ending the practice squad -- spot. Bill for the eligibility requirement now players who event in the league -- up. Yeah. Guys like -- and -- Oddly Taylor Indy Colombo a lot of these guys that are undrafted guys are -- to make roster well now as a -- or so we're talking on the guys locker -- -- that. And I just out at a -- summit that the huge part of the Packers program -- I -- -- had 43 guys that up and took over them. Our goal from the practice squad and are active roster and actually playing games -- I think about a 141 total so. It's not an important thing for them and and now I'm a bit more breathing room purpose of those guys that otherwise might have an opportunity does -- of tomorrow. -- can you clarify for me please what's gone on -- Ireland he he suffered the injury it's torn -- -- not telling us exactly what's going on in that -- it's a waiver situation -- way yesterday but I saw tweet that he said. That he's going to be reclaimed by the team and I -- is that what's going on here. So here's what has worked guys the Packers. Yeah the Sparky you know and yeah -- if you -- -- one or the other he probably could come back before the end -- -- that it was all. He's gonna yell like six weeks -- the Packers had to make a decision what they want to do it. I'm waving him now what that allowed and you have to -- on the -- put him on a knee injury herbalist -- -- waited another week we have to file a delicate arm -- there. I regardless I don't know they want the roster spot -- what that's that's up for them to decide but. Opera -- -- -- what this means now it's your he would -- or -- he cleared waivers wireless that a lot and you. One injury it's very rare clean an injured player it happens you know new England and Jake Ballard a couple years ago. But in general the Packers -- two options that its reminder there which is what he was -- -- about 300000 dollars for the season. For the injury settlement with him which means opt for a long admiration of what it is Hewitt -- into the regular seat and they -- after that I'm. I don't -- that one thing that you felt that they wanna bring him back. But he goes on IRL for the year and do anything with them on the field. You do it if it reach a settlement with them that we -- six weeks after that settlement to be able to fight in the practice squad so there in a pickle. But the one thing for what wireless elements of -- want to sound like in the org page like keep it around. That's correct yet from -- what he said it would have been told that they're gonna put -- injury there. Not because of the -- salary clause in the contract he was an undrafted guys battle you Patrick all the little bit normally make 300000 dollars. But he'll be around -- -- the around the program. I think that's -- -- -- Packers feel strongly about how to support trying to bring everything else along get a backup he's. I don't think packer fans want to know how to schedule their time. And the next pre season game less than. Well it's time for the front line guys as you look to the next game and they next couple of days. Aaron Rodgers is gonna play more than one series but my card -- -- it -- I. You know -- Here in Pittsburgh you know I remember correctly but. Agree that the birds -- only played three series last week wanna get him work so. I'd expect maybe two or three and -- -- -- last work -- I guess that. With them being I think seven or whatever it is seven days away from the regular season opener the finale against Kansas City my -- -- -- his last work in. The last chance that number one line in in -- get clicking and it looked pretty flat everything went and that's all or Louis. It's not going to be a question whether or not they can maintain that continued. I am on rhythm with that first team offered no huddle which was that we saw against Rams really dominant. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- -- just real quickly there all Mike McCarthy would say it was Aaron Rodgers -- more than once here in an effort that's -- number of drives. Adrenaline just more than once here. Yankees said that they have not figured out the playing time yet for guys you know whether or not that's actually -- hole you know that only for him you know basically but dusty will practice. Again tomorrow so it would make sense that -- practice and cervical -- for how long but. I he did say -- it's an emphasis for them to get rockers more than monsters of work. What about Eddie lacy doesn't he and we -- what about the other guys noticed he's getting a real light workload from what I understand not just in pre season games but also in practice are they that. That confident in just his second year in the league that this guy. Without really going through you know a full steam ahead I've been training camp. He'll be ready for the regular season they're willing to take to get the the foot off the battle that much with Eddie lacy. Well see that's probably the are pushing them pretty heavily in practice he's giving a lot of work to practice and and that was kind of the emphasis for -- they want to get -- a lot of up. You know we're in their controlled environments rather than putting them out there and. You know -- you know what happened -- Pete you know where where he ended -- charities although that was a kickoff -- -- They want to keep him healthy my guess is they might keep the same tam plated last week where it -- thing and immediate series teams are allowed the reserves do some -- But big mistake and it -- the argument -- they're trying to get camera either they're working out a lot. And we talked -- pass protection and in his you know just -- and I'll be in a receiver. Those are hoping that -- -- but at the same time they don't want -- want to limit the market person but as he came out of things looked pretty good he looked good he obviously was healthy. Soccer match -- -- -- maybe one morneau huddles during this week and again that that might be his last work pre season as -- -- Yet tell love packer fans which -- -- up there about the defense. One thing we all know I. I'm pretty sure we all know that set that defense had better improve. But this team is a -- and win a super ball. Are we seeing are you seeing out there just a little bit more about an -- maybe an attitude a chip with that defense overall. You know -- -- they're definitely something different about it and I don't know it's a fact that he changed a lot on the front line. I'm adding an all these outside backers you know -- like I competing with a -- group. They are a lot deeper and guys that really think that's -- going to be that different -- actually played pretty decent deep -- for the first seven weeks of last season. In the heat -- -- to get nicked up bodies started losing guys more frequently and for a longer period of time. In and guys that were down for the most part I think it didn't keep -- Al rookie -- going that would help them continue to -- BJ raji -- -- earlier this week as well. You know the changes in -- with the program and it's from the training techniques in the GPS technology used in practice. I think they may not be -- it right now but they really do believe -- we can eleventh -- come along the beginning of much help your team nationally what you need. To sustain that defense because I think there were positive there are plenty of negatives I know a lot of people. Are very opinionated about what they saw last year because they want to read all the laps you want the -- that. But at the same time I think with Peppers and -- -- they did augment this roster. Just on paper it looks a lot deeper to -- than it did last season you know when you're at and each inning to -- McMillan Gortat starting C job. It's not like that anymore that this team I don't think position battles are much of a pushover they were last year. And that's -- -- open really kind of bleeds into the regular season and helped them you know kind of -- Packers and Sutter was not good that the Green -- press -- -- just got more minutes here. On the Wendy's make sure but -- when you talk about the attitude of that defense and it being. Little bit nastier and a little bit meaner in those guys. Having a little bit a little bit more of an edge this year -- we see that at the start of last year and really the Packers defense was pretty good for the first. For five weeks of last season especially they looked improved against the run and and for whatever reason I'm sure injuries played a part in this they they went. Downhill and downhill fast after that are we supposed to buy this this change in attitude of the Packers defense before we see it for. I don't know 67 weeks in the regular season. No I agree with you the other defense had to win at Johnny Jolly went last year he came in kind of -- -- you only played really well I think there were third in total defense like the first seven weeks of the season. In my jolly got hurt and guys are wearing down -- -- and it. Sort of -- a little bit. Oh with a one thing I thought -- -- just an -- -- that Mike you know about that the couple days ago big -- and they really did learn something from -- he thinks that that. Even though he's not there right now I'd like Kampman and you know some you don't play -- Iraqi. Even -- -- a little bit more mild. They're they're a different attitude different swagger about this group and they want to carry that -- they want to continue that. I'd I think there's a lot and -- -- it's not just that you know the -- that I did it I think it's all -- a lot of good athletes and bring him back and -- be -- for the defense. I Auckland and -- we all know his pedigree and much of it is good to have all those you know. You know you talk about the attitude and toughness and our notebook that that football players and I just think you look at the team and their talent level. I -- think it's much more secure than what they had a year ago. -- actors and -- west at its finest work inside the Green Bay press gazette Packers need to. Dot com on Twitter at let's not let's talk again Friday at a this pre season game against the Raiders. -- editor -- ago. We'll see about the next year golf with the puck trickle on down there at a lot of guys they're great make out a lot -- made history it was bakery. Agree -- West Bank that counts it's what people in your community missing much -- great people products and services great mid West Bank. Simply. Got a question oracle could there. About before you do that that that's on their means that something does happen in the game and -- won here this is retake that we -- Klesko it's two hours -- three Q is it to the six that it Miller are big runs baseball post game show him enough. As soon -- that -- of how many pictures of himself. -- -- -- -- -- During this golf on. It's Twitter handle Utley radio -- and it's years. You know for the slow -- hear -- -- several you know. -- none none. Look at so adorable little golfing you know Joe's legacy -- -- -- last week was the re tweet from the and then QB six hours ago. So he's been working out he's been B David Nelson all that's true as golf I don't know enough time for social media and try to make it to fifty -- and that's it here at edgewood golf course. Where we are. For the eighth annual ultimate -- charity golf outing to benefit give kids -- world said in his baseball post game -- coming up. This year's Brewers and lose it and Martin got more details from Miller Park them right back. He wants to know if you can help you out with a -- -- curious about something also about gambling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --