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08/20/14 The Wendy's Big Show Wes Hodkiewicz

Aug 20, 2014|

Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press Gazette joins the Big Show to talk Packers. He says Green Bay's defense is a lot deeper this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Start this afternoon and this has not been a good week for what I thought yeah. Now we used at LS UQ what do you -- -- the -- we had entered the yanks currently. Told Mike -- -- was gonna come out for a bit of an off day for the Packers didn't practice that but with that change in their schedule this was the -- that we had availability now. I'm eloquent but I would not aware of urgently training camp that it might not work a -- -- forehand but. With the changes they made with the practicing the day before games now I'd be resolved it and you haven't -- a work candidate other than. Well then if that -- worth that then you got some news for us. -- Well. As part figured it would have concurred I think that the practice squad is Q I know it's not -- -- part of any -- Clay Matthews for the world but. I don't a pretty big thing that went down yesterday in the NFL with that not only ending the practice squad spot. -- eligibility requirement now players who event in the league -- up. -- -- -- -- oddly -- Indy Colombo a lot of these guys that are undrafted guys are -- to make roster well now as a fall back or we're talking on the guys locker -- -- that. And I just can't let -- -- but that's a huge part of the Packers program -- I -- -- had 43 guys that happened at the -- -- Our goal from the practice squad and are active roster and actually playing games so I think about a 141 total so. It's not an important thing for them -- and now I'm a bit more breathing room purpose of those guys it otherwise might have an opportunity -- out flat out tomorrow. -- can you clarify for me please what's gonna call -- lucky he suffered the injury it's tore ligaments or not knowing exactly what's going on -- that need doesn't waiver situation and -- yesterday broadcasts -- -- that he said. That he's going to be reclaimed by the team and I are is that what's going on here. So here's what has -- guys the Packers. -- the Sparky -- and -- it -- that one or the other he probably could come back before the end of the Uga but that it was all. I you can yell like 68 weeks for the Packers had to make a decision -- what they want to -- it. I waiving him now what that allowed them you have to -- -- put him out of the injury herbalist appear to waited another week we have to file a delicate flower mound there. I regardless I don't know if they want the roster spot or what that that's up for them to decide but. -- -- What this means now it since he was -- -- -- -- huge cleared waivers wireless and a lot and you. Wasn't sure yet it's very rare that -- an injured player Athens you know new England and Jake Ballard a couple years ago. But in general the Packers are two options they can reminders or what you what he was -- -- 300000 dollars for the season. For the accurate injury settlement with him which means opt for a long -- of what it into it then into the regular seat they -- -- that -- Find out that the one thing that you don't think they want to bring him back. -- but he goes on IRL for the year -- can't do anything with them on the field. You do it if every just settlement with them that we took six weeks after that settlement to be able to -- to the practice squad so there in a pickle. But the one thing to what wireless elements of what it felt like at your age they want to keep -- -- -- -- That's correct yet from what he said it would have been told that they're gonna put money into reserve. Because of the. What salary clause in his contract that he was an undrafted guys know he's -- all the little bit normally -- 300000 dollars. -- -- be around either of the around the program I think that's a -- pats Packers still strongly about the talent to support trying to. Bring everything else along get a backup -- Fight I think packer fans want to know how to schedule their time. And the next pre season game one Aston. Well it's time for the front line guys as you look to the next game and they next couple of days. Aaron Rodgers currently more than one series -- my card bird. -- I. You know -- One series that there are number correctly -- -- over the -- one -- only played two victory -- we want him but works all. I'd expect maybe two or three and that supplied -- -- -- and I get that. With -- -- I think seven or whatever it is seven days away from the regular season opener the pre and elegant in this city my -- will be his -- work and last chance that number one line in in -- to get clicking and it looked pretty flat everything and that's all or Louis. It's not going to be a question whether nothing to maintain that continued that -- on rhythm with that first team offense and no huddle which was that we saw against the Rams really dominant. It's not that might not get it right it. -- accounts -- just real quickly there. All Mike McCarthy would say it was Aaron Rodgers of more than once here in her spine a number of drives drag on more than once -- Yankees said that they have not figured out the the play time yet for guys you know whether or not that's actually -- you know that only for him -- know basically but dusty will practice. Again tomorrow so it would make sense that they are practiced and cervical -- for how long but. I he did say he had -- it's an emphasis for -- to get -- more than accurate work. Eddie lacy doesn't -- and we -- what about the other guys -- he's getting a real light workload from what I understand not just preceding games but also in practiced are they that. That confident in just his second year in the league that this guy. Without really going through you know a full steam ahead type of training camp. He'll be ready for the regular season -- willing to take to get the the foot off the battle that much with Eddie -- Well see that's -- -- are pushing them pretty heavily in practice he's giving a lot of work to practice and an Alex Kennedy of the and and they want to get -- a lot of up. You know we're in their controlled environments rather than putting them out there and. You know -- you know what happened -- -- you know where where he ended apparently -- although that was a kickoff return itself. They want to keep -- healthy my guess -- they might keep the same tam plated last week where you know Geary is an immediate series teams are allowed the reserves do some work. But it. Big mistake can mean the -- argument work they're trying to get camera either they're working out a lot and we talked about pass protection and in his you know it's coming albeit a receiver. Those are all things that they're advertising but at the same time they don't want we want to limit the market person but as he came out of things looked pretty study looked good he obviously was healthy. About and that they do that maybe one morneau huddles during this week and again that that might be his last work for he's gonna block Sparky. Yet tell love packer fans -- -- -- -- up there about the defense. One thing we all know I. I'm pretty sure we all know that set that defense had better improve. But this team is a -- win a super ball. Are we seeing are you seeing out there just a little bit more of and and it's maybe an attitude -- chip with that defense overall. You know I -- they're definitely something different about it and I don't know it's a fact that he changed a lot beyond the deeper the line. I'm adding an all these outside backers you'll have -- Micah -- competing with a safety group. They are a lot deeper inning guys they really think that's -- going to be that different Packers actually played pretty decent because of the first seven weeks of last season. In the heat front line -- -- nicked up it started losing guys more frequently and for a longer period of time. In and guys that were down for the most part I think you couldn't keep more solid rookie -- going that will help them continue that thought BJ raji with Stanley earlier this week as well. You know the changes being -- with their program and it's from the training techniques and -- -- yet that argued the practice. I think they may not be hitting it right now but they really do believe what we can elaborate welcome a lot -- -- -- -- -- much healthier team -- -- believe what you need. To sustain that defense because I think there were positive there are plenty of negatives I know a lot of people. Are very opinionated about what they saw last year because they want to read all the -- to -- the -- that. But at the same time I think with Peppers and intimate thing they did augment this roster. Just on paper it looks a lot deeper and even a bit flat feet and you know when you're at and each inning -- -- -- -- go to the starting -- job. It's not like that anymore that this team I don't think position battles are much of a pushover they were last year. And that's something they're open really kind of bleeds into the regular season and helps them the kind of along the. Packers and Sutter was not good agreement press -- for just got more minutes here. On the Wendy's make sure but -- when you talk about the attitude of that defense and it being. Little bit -- and a little bit meaner in those guys. Having a little bit a little bit more of an -- this year than we see that at the start of last year and really the Packers defense was pretty good for the first. 45 weeks of last season especially they looked improved against the run and and for whatever reason I'm sure injuries played a part in this date they went. Downhill and downhill fast after that are we supposed to buy this this change in attitude of the Packers defense before we see it for. I don't know 67 weeks in the regular season. No I agree with you he had a defense had to win at Johnny Jolly went last year he came in kind of -- -- you only played really well I think there were third in total defense like the first seven weeks of the season. -- -- jolly got hurt and guys are wary of -- -- and it. Sort of recoil a little bet oh with a one thing that I -- just ever talk that Mike you know about that the couple days ago. Defense -- really did learn something from jolly he thinks that that. Even though he's not there right now guys like him and and you know some good player in -- Iraqi. A little bit more mild. They're they're a different attitude different swagger about this group and they wanna carried -- -- they wanna continue that. -- I think there's a lot and you know it's not just that you know the toughness side of that I think -- thought it had a lot of good athletes and bring him back and she'll be huge for the defense. I Auckland -- we all know his pedigree and much of it is good at all -- you know. You know we talk about good attitude and. -- that's our notebook that that football players and I just think you look at this team and -- L level I just think it's much more superior than what happened a year ago. Is active since -- -- -- -- -- his work and sat in press gazette Packers need to. Dot com on Twitter at let's not let's begin Friday at a this pre season game against the Raiders. I think Aaron vertigo we'll see about the next year golf what's up triple on downhill at us a lot of guys are great let's make -- a lot.