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08/20/14 The Wendy's Big Show 3PM Hour

Aug 20, 2014|

The Big Show discusses sports gambling. Also, what constitutes a sport? Ramie and Tim take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

3 o'clock hour of the Wendy's big -- running back off. Tim Allen is sitting in -- market -- for Gary Ellis and LeRoy Butler as they hit the links at edgewood golf course for the eighth annual 1250 Perkins charity golf outing that's -- -- -- -- until the end of that Brewers game. They do battle with the Blue Jays. For his -- there in Mario's update three did you decide that it's not now tied redid three -- just is that where the break was hot out three to three. That game in the sixth inning. And it looks like -- Nelson's -- -- in his baseball post game show. And as soon as that game is over Tim and I switch roles at that time yeah same two guys just different roles and bringing it. There in his baseball post game -- hopefully talking about yeah I went I don't know if I like this you know I don't what. Doing the show while the groups of one blow real have to you know -- -- -- Nixon browser and if they give -- the world yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- an end and our own special way that's my special way -- here's an excellent painful -- is that pain I understand it very very you don't miss a pitch. No I'm not -- postgame shows with you need to not missed it announced about engine Rams tough very good BR it might be able to focus -- -- but I know how to get you focused. Money talk about gambling and money yeah out. Here's -- here's the deal. Where where people gamble and football but seriously and we all know what it. We all know what excess yeah it's we all -- -- and I -- sports are as successful as they are yet. Rightful place and they got to be gambling somewhere and it's not just in we we all know that I thought they put a curve to the on -- -- -- maybe they -- I've never embarked on. I've never done that before. -- I'd like to gamble. I've never on the on line -- -- or what they're old dude you still prefer hard -- the newspaper well no I thought they put. Kibosh on the online gambling that I'm not sure exactly sure if they did some -- -- -- gently like steroids. The -- all of that the sisters they'll they'll find a way yeah yeah and -- always that if if gambling you. Gambling sports ever became legal in this state. I'm gonna buy up one little of those few those -- -- Rocco what happens there. Over the old photo -- look at it. By those answers drive a car here's latest drive and it gently a mutual teller window right there right there at the -- And -- seriously I would love to get in that for sure but. Where where are they gambling and we used to gamble with a guy name price. Bryce was our -- prize rice yeah yeah and he. Yeah we've bounced a lot of -- the -- -- college -- out but. I. Bookkeeping. Out jags now he has I think he was in the lives not in the -- from -- -- -- Years that it's -- of the to -- -- numbers of boy it's not. It is a -- -- he doubled to deep center to score. James all it is now three to about it already -- Mario yeah that's what happened after that another another double. Jose Reyes accident not a single. -- singles -- -- you score from second as -- -- -- -- did on the at the plate -- Corey couldn't hang onto -- he what do -- but just fumbled the ball -- -- 43 I was Ronald meeting on Milwaukee. And it looked like it was refreshing look at the latest scoring play so the olden days of like -- and you're -- place bets. You know does that I Phillies and out of Ohio back -- I don't -- Louis the -- does got to -- Louis but I'm curious as to where people are gambling. I know there's fantasy football. That -- we do know we're all human yes and in a way isn't that illegal in in fantasy football I don't know. I'm not sure I don't know I'd never talk about. Dollar amounts -- on the air out of idea -- I do and just just that is the guy at the bar being a bookie for everyone these days -- -- -- -- down the local that are ten. Notes -- the guy down the under the bar. -- Joey. They Jolie witty guy we got a -- on that back Eagles game six and a half. You don't have been aware are people gambling on football because we all know it's there. I don't gamble game to game that's like out in the fantasy football so it would curb my appetite -- to gamble had -- -- on NFL games that open area. It was absolutely bury you guys you know you know exactly what I'm talking about football betting. You'll bet you know 45 games throughout the week and you have a bad week and all the sudden you double -- -- Sunday night. In the double and down in the Seahawks minus the points and they don't -- and analysts and now you're really in the soup. Now -- 600 bucks down and it started with point 540 bucks a game. In this. Yeah and so then you go Monday night uh oh boy in your Bruton all day Monday at work you know like and I got in on this thing -- that a couple on the box that just. Bite away at that that a little bit but I just go screw it -- taken Denver in the points. You know -- Raiders in the points and that's that I'm just wondering I asked -- a colleague of ours that we work with yeah. He didn't want to talk about it so -- He did not want to talk about it whatsoever though there listening and they're going to be all that because I'm talking like him -- him. OK at the our bosses and all of us are a lot of -- today no word about they via his bodies but. I'm just wondering do -- -- online gambling still live on line -- their mommies if you can make about I'm afraid. All this is material for the shelves -- forming -- pretty good -- number of reasons why well one on -- this station computer. Should be. Placing bets on station -- have to do is listen to show an announcement here you know I don't know what's. What -- currently and what's it's -- and it certainly don't want it is something illegal or what's not care what sites say right and three to skip this what's it's safe in terms of spyware. Layered viruses. That I can visit -- so no -- I don't find -- gambling site -- -- -- -- or it I'd do -- still exist Hampshire after. Meet him and snow were pleased about 7991250. -- -- email -- -- -- Being. Gambling can be. -- -- -- though is that gambling -- running. Yeah. You know we know -- -- lines and knobs and everything for and you count you can place -- -- about it -- right. I believe so not clicking on the website I'm just reading their description in in I was a -- All it says. That they are the number one. I'm minding gambling destination offering online casino and poker game sports -- -- And horse betting that on -- sports played not blackjack and more so there's the free plug for -- -- I guess though. So is that where people are going are you still going down the bar just -- your body year your buddies got a body -- I tried booking one year. It was the year I don't know you tell me the year is probably early ninety's when the two point conversion came in the play. That was I don't like this I don't know whatever -- Dallas site I might cause and I decided to beat the rookies that they we got our first -- Unfortunately the clients that I want -- -- every game for a hundred dollars. But -- -- the world like -- -- he has been. What if he has the good day and we got to pay -- we want him to take -- -- We want an absolute lose -- shirt and that way we got a little question. To pay someone else we got married that year she's absolutely -- that year because nobody knew it was a weird. Year of NFL football Bucky ball as quickly -- -- As quickly as Psycho -- developments numbers Mario. Guys are gonna like this Jose about -- stood -- -- -- fourth home run of the year in my career ending here. 732. Out top of the sixth seventh theory -- who's pitching. That was given up off love. It's here it's there yes it was. -- game. Guy can call on Brandon you're just get back on your feet here so I would say to be. Gambling has never been more than a wager between me and friend now those -- -- Got up there dollar amounts well I've made a bad with the guys here on the big -- of when I did my weight loss and it two -- -- -- one against both Sparky and Gary but I've never have never been Vegas for starters and I've never. Placed a bet with the book nor -- I ever. The -- but again -- website. It's. Been a big part of my world I know it -- for a lot of sports people sir that's part of that's. A large reason why the NFL and NBA and Major League Baseball are what they are because those boards -- we gamble. I'm serious I don't know if the bookmakers still -- maybe one does go on line now maybe it's just all -- with. With phony money at some money in a society anyway so why would put up -- put -- on the card. -- just read over your card please your best. Island. Seven. Hole you can avid Sports Radio -- -- you -- job and -- -- golf course its annual. Birkins charity golf night he did in the world and back. When he's reached out running back off Tim Allen who -- From edgewood golf course is Daniel felt that he Perkins charity golf -- -- predicted the world. It must know where he plays defense nowadays I'm curious about trying to get anybody in trouble will disguise your voice and that's that's not on top secret that you're -- as an -- yeah -- tell -- if -- if you're really that worried about how to let it out and accurately. I've books bats with the number book he's over the years that on -- -- -- fact that that one of the book is across street my parents' house -- -- that that I don't know that. Vice -- will whoever handles that stuff pulled up about five school -- in front of his house that that it took him down. -- was gas anyway. And -- any time. As well -- -- Us should be -- -- Us. It's my parents. Out of our ball -- the cops who brought this. Year. The Colts and it just kills. -- on Twitter it's just him. -- -- -- -- not you it's. -- check out once every month. No one night at -- Hasn't Europe -- winner of the Mario was all right Davey and -- -- -- -- -- Wendy's big show where he plays -- best. They -- I think that. -- hey yeah I do that I love the mind the outlying gallant knowing that you've got to have a lot of control -- do -- I do is. The other football season I'll put -- -- cumulative bonuses for you properly put a lot of box in there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it point eight dollar three team -- away. And no one -- I have -- -- the season and I just. They're all gonna Super Bowl and if I win that I didn't have money and I -- is that no -- for the Stanley Cup play out of and I -- that team that brought. Actually a thousand dollars. Two years we -- and the Blackhawks won one in the Stanley Cup and I and I don't have -- -- get my casually look at -- but -- the online gambling is pretty cool man makes. Mentally I'm more interesting that took Sunday night game that's nominated actor and I mean obviously don't watch -- -- game -- -- other game it was stated Chargers and not. -- on this -- corners than normal part of watching a little look at trying to. Let me ask you this -- Did you have any requirements you say you put two -- -- -- at the beginning it did didn't make Q did they force you to do any minimum batting. No they are -- we don't have to you don't have to do anything on. You know you have that'll make you better have made -- -- as I wanted to go on these threads ago I mean you got to give him information like. And I almost to a person you know I'm in order to get to cash back they want you to give Monica. As a total idea and you're using your card and overall and an opposition told -- this kind of absolutely I'll try to do it but not I don't have any issues and those -- my cash and -- -- -- and -- kind of steal one more -- like. And they take Jews. -- -- The -- thank you David. It's 10%. And lose you lose 10% -- -- you you lose 10%. -- -- scored with just. It would be two run home run from Carlos Gomez ago called me cut the lead at half. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For me go through through organized this and it's I'm not even in every pads and the next week so I know that did you system percent man and -- and -- 10% of what you bat. So that we. Let's put a hundred dollars with him ninety bucks to have him back winning that. Kind Bucs are -- -- But they also called it didn't I don't know about them but -- known as Jews. Oh. Yeah. And you. -- -- no big -- just. And at the end of the -- down there and pencil behind this year he's got to respect that I've rules lips again. But it doesn't have to be. OK that -- -- match. -- A kicker who years my -- -- Jim. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How to go and yeah I did you guys brought up for a lot of people are I got a couple guys that might not only who I think -- don't gambling problem by. They got me on broke background and I argued that the mobile web -- the full website good. You can -- on. Anything from like I would bet football. In the NFL but you can -- like who's gonna get the first -- now -- gonna -- -- the first or going to be made up you know and everything in between. Or depend on the game on the line -- you like or three or four games either. -- you get a few extra point. We'll see my concern is -- is that you know you gotta put in you your account number write your credit card number. You your your deposit money and then I you have your own account there but then they don't have they don't keep your number on -- And then if you wanna catch healthy then you attack and I had no problem actual -- -- I -- breaking even at an even. But I we do like little twenty dollar -- in their forty dollar bet. OK it's gotta put the money off first so once you go once you go through your slush fund right there. Then you can't bat anymore right. Correct and that ultimately you. That you found what -- -- -- and they always give you look like a twenty or 25%. That's how -- you to come back if you haven't that a long time you get by you people on her out on to get an extra forty on your column or something like that. Recognize. It quit my job to keep deposit and money and cash out of -- and beat you are all right thanks for the call. -- -- -- I'm I'm a little leery I put my mind around it information anyone around and I know house I was just. Getting your heart being too old school. -- this is shopping I know lines of I'll just -- -- -- I mean I'm and I'm becoming more and more in the minority on this. My mind shopping here this identity. Didn't look it. Towards my computer viruses spyware on it actually do it I got by music you know by you know stuff on line all the time all the time -- -- that you have to worry about -- male player. Know I'm alive -- I don't know. I don't know I don't know -- -- just never know you never know. It's just stay off the board who. My -- And mentioned that it's gotten Alabama -- on the Wendy's big Joseph's. Big -- What's up. Day out and I could not wanting the -- and the Jews are very very. I -- it -- it I got a guy that I know you you know I remember line. Not Smart go through every day I'm doing my gambler but I also get a brand to argue either -- -- like -- they don't like stole a ball. Okay see he'll keep the ones that you think -- they're gonna lose. Right. All boys -- submit that now gets you -- he'll have a bad game man they're critic then you've got that you're the bookie. So you don't bet that happens with the don't happen very often oh yeah. Any online figured -- I'd like that you don't know watch you don't look at our records -- Well I had thought. That some of those online things did stiff some people from for some money like about four years ago. Yeah that's -- they went out for a lot of those guys -- and don't. That's insisting all right so that's cool all right thanks for the call it's -- so what he does he's got his guy. So let's say I got my OK I got my guy when you look I -- And UN Sparky. Wanted to -- some stretch. Okay so you give me the bouts. I didn't read them. Let's say you guys are not all that you can win these that's all does -- myself instead of passing them on the -- So I could play that middleman -- type -- and if things -- your chance of winning new testament to -- -- if I thought you guys a these are good bets I think they're gonna win and I passed the bookie to lose. Him. He -- I know I know my roommate years ago and is motorcycle. On the block he was so -- -- that. Several Brandon that. He was the better gambler he -- the gambler so far and that. That he has motorcycle on the line any one. Bailed himself out back -- even. -- Another similar -- 0456 program which -- Offers somewhere about that so he -- -- himself but it was -- on some. Miami Dolphins Chargers -- I did on Monday night in 87. You know. And so the other thing was that. We I I got buried at the time. Not quite a bit of money and don't root for the times it was the only eight season. We poor guy him and everything like that I mean I was down like eleven or twelve or box. Like he's come up with the money right so. We just that screw it. We're gonna -- it all -- on Monday night game Denver Miami. And we're going -- -- -- the hot under the total prize because we have an inside scoop. That was weather forecasts that that it was gonna blizzard. Going -- get the points in my. There in Denver. Is always there get the points in Denver it's a blizzard soul and the -- captain or. It's still on the board let's go steal money. So we -- has been a double on eleven and -- -- it's -- lose you know if -- lose that animal to granite. And as it turns out. Monday Night Football broadcast comes on the TV statute of limitations. And there's. Not eight. There's not -- flick of snow on the ground INS. And -- and John Elway thrown back and forth now it did stay on there. The totals and I did -- myself. It's -- under the tunnel when I was scared it would -- on this Roscoe New England with them. -- that was going on. It's still a actively talking about -- online betting you I got it up golf back to him like I'm bad but it but the Moneyline -- that point the applicant might not elaborate what went up by -- got him again. Don't -- factor right there but. I. A lot of but that's where a lot of our -- I think it will -- that they're. A lot like cats they're like lot of cant explain it gone back and forth -- I would say that -- looks embark probably 50% right there. But it -- my Olympic spirit -- it -- cool it got would pull out a couple of years ago. You could bat like -- -- batting though you -- but not pop up you get back what the next play would be. -- -- -- one doctor Hubbard if there was going to be a run pat. An interception in incomplete pass and I would seem that every play. But their eyes at me do it -- -- apple Altman got here for a lot better you know hundred club. You know it -- into -- -- -- -- going to be a runner Patten got the pop up with a button. And nine for the whole game and respect that way now. That is crazy and we got a problem when you're sit there -- every play it. Football. I did. I -- -- can -- the impact it can kind of -- bet value up a you can bet it's that drive with -- in the field goal -- a touchdown and a ten yard line. And had been improve across the field I would change all the minus 500 but it 300 club 100 that you kind of had to -- -- it. All man please -- allow me to ever do that punch me in the I don't ever do that they -- -- -- At and a ruined. Mario to wrap this up and reading it it obvious it. That's why I went out money for mine gambling by. Ortiz -- you know there you credit card. It is. OK -- That okay. That makes sense yeah of totals because I -- a little in the in the you know letting my you know my main credit cards or -- Gosh my -- now test overdraft protection. Now but it. That would be at this that's why it never really embarked on this just in Vegas. Just in Vegas -- -- to 300 bucks from hopefuls on the slate and all that every single game to get that. It's just Thursday. You know things there's dispute that again separate things things break -- it be Red. Sox. And Sparky. That's because of that -- crying. Your marquis. Well fifty. -- -- -- -- Given what agreement might -- at the British and now this appeal -- it's got it if they. -- On the others what constitutes sport. What doesn't study was done it was actually done it's they would that's that is. The Wendy's -- Here at the golf course and you'll get deeper into it all -- -- -- the world -- Matlock and Allen and company the birds. And Blue Jays -- battle in his baseball post game show them -- -- As soon as that game is over what is -- -- what's not a sport let us know 7991250. Can also mail slot. Sports Radio -- it -- that's been dot com. Posted -- chart yesterday from a study that was done. They asked people what they call sport how how deep -- the yet okay well like commenting they'd. -- needed -- many good good okay include all the way down to like -- handling on poker. Well then drove -- beyond. -- -- -- -- It is not there it is okay cool bunnies are both Diego football basketball baseball not on -- -- -- those sports desk okay let me start with what got. The most votes and we'll work our way out you tell me when you disagree -- Box close to 100% sure what crossed. -- Water polo guys closed and now track and running -- one -- sweating. -- -- -- -- -- 1% field. Which I think would be shot this is feels -- veteran yet. When they -- track and field -- not -- sports but the sport and -- is it is the Chicago it. Russell. Racquetball. Now they're not on -- ninetieth percentile. Skiing and snowboarding. Yes -- -- Yes -- Sure they're closer to 5% -- Martial arts you know golf. -- for -- gymnastics. Via bobsled luge. Yeah okay -- You -- ride -- horse yet man yeah ball yes or diving out around 80%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's just underage person and -- 80% just 100% do consider ultimate for sport Coca growing I know that snowboarding and -- -- Max. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- structure in this fashion -- wiser. And a yet know it's it's growing here I know that. There's leagues in such table tennis. Yeah surfing. -- kick ball. -- Yeah -- I might have to draw the line right there and -- and kicking though. But a sport those corporate team apart. Kidnappers to athletic skills that you -- -- -- And it and -- -- scoring system revolves around sort of the baseball shirt. I'm giving it all the sport the sport -- -- -- All in talent the 75% -- -- who thinks. I mean that's an activity served two game dodge ball. It does include throwing running agility in -- catching. Dip dive duck and dodge and and not dead right in the via IDs well -- -- you know -- -- back you know about some obscure sports more sports did you subscribe to go askew. What is that but skiers -- sports coordinate. Here's sports quarterly ever talk about. It might actually hi hi yeah OK -- Yeah I actually had ask -- Smith what that was earlier today we actually covered this on -- schedules bush does that and we he's had been contraption thing yeah it's it's like it's like. A basket. -- of her tennis racquet Kirk -- type thing yen and you whip the ball against the the the wall it's basically. Like racquetball but it's got like a basket sling shot I think I. Yeah I know that as a sports that are sure -- Yeah. Canoeing kayaking -- -- Now. Now we're getting more into the hobby type -- -- -- a new wing. I -- in in in college and it's it's actually rolling. It's -- popular among the ivy leagues growing. Up could have rowing -- knew -- I don't know canoeing. And Ellis and rowing and canoeing and -- -- girl very long votes with guys with Rose. Well I mean a canoe I don't. Yeah I've -- not serve and dominant draw the line canoeing now the other ones maybe we. Share figure skating yes I. Problem with skating. That's a sport it's. Why is athletic -- I'm not gonna say it doesn't have to be in ridiculous. To be to be Gator anything counts. On judges to give out the scoring. I don't necessarily consider -- sport so -- it has to be measured just imagine it has to be ways. Or you crossed the plate entered and put a ball and a -- throw balls or orange apple -- farther than somebody you run faster and someone. Well somebody -- -- you -- -- what degree of difficulty. Triple Axel not an easy feat if he's so I'll take your word for it but -- I don't consider figure skating -- -- we got. Now now we get into the one where where I think a lot of people haven't -- so canoeing and figure skating now. I things out of this list yes. Auto racing. -- Sport. It's judged. By. You winning the race. But it's an athletic endeavor to -- -- the most. -- -- -- That's the most athletic thing going. And -- -- racing doesn't -- yeah it's not. It's it's it's not challenged it certainly it's. Not only the physical it's nearly everything about it or are you talking about the popularity -- -- sport. And it's athletic. And Evers and you're running Watson and running -- you know an -- in -- -- and teeing it. Lady that's agility -- come on that definitely is this estimates it would spark. It's it's it's competition but it -- make a sport not everything that's competitive necessarily sport. So I don't consider auto racing -- got. -- chime in on this list 7991250. You know it's mail slot Sports Radio well that smoke -- doing figure skating how about auto racing split about 65% of people serving disagree with me so you're in the majority -- about 6% of people. Do think that auto racing in the sport horse racing. I also don't really consider sport because the athletes are animals. He had no I don't think I can I can I can put this in the -- category I don't -- out -- you know let me just finish up this list that. Quick roller derby. Yes or no other. No well. Yeah house climbing. Now -- You no this golf. We get ultimate frisbee -- and things up here the first auto racing specified one. And 65%. Said yes it comes to stock car only 50% which is NASCAR say yes that's why -- the -- -- rivalry. -- -- -- -- ice dancing which I don't know if and then now -- -- ice paint ball. Definitely not -- -- ball. Maybe -- shirts now. And they'll hold on what else ya running and park -- Was running and our -- with that that's basically were rotten. And you jump over or climb over everything in your ways like an obstacle course -- people often in this way it's. -- you know I mean. Some some cycles it across to build a canal they'll jump from building the building now that's down. I agree. I agree. Poor poor our court -- yards. No it's. Not all on being. You know what may -- may be hunting and this he's not maybe I know it's. Now the gas may be fishing deserves an expertise that -- Hunting efficient categorized as one and I say yeah eight years in vast majority -- -- thirty people. 30% of people. -- video games. -- -- No -- Horse and poker. Now and -- we have had Vietnam there Batman -- And -- -- now and but yeah we do about it and that that definitely yeah about 90% -- -- -- what about those games now you play in your backyard with the bean bags that they go. -- yeah now it's not news. -- -- it more of a game. But it is leagues. What about horse shoes. Anything you can play where you can comfortably eat while playing is probably not spanky. Like a whole lot worse uses his. That's pretty big time. You. Now. Yeah now. -- -- Game -- that's -- all the go ask the guys Walker's on the fortunately they'll tell you it's a sport. Athletes. I've. That's my new things this though ball as horseshoes -- what you think of this list -- -- agree -- -- 7991250. In the house in Dallas. Sports Radio well that it's him. -- -- It's windy. Out here. Golf course. Well -- Perkins charity golf outing penis is out here masterminded penis. Is out here providing the -- absolutely. All know what. We had that in my son's graduation parties right bull yes. Repeat as. And they -- there's spit roasted chicken. Nicely done repaid us by the way just ask about the catering me going to repeat as fine -- get what you want. But you got an event coming up to rust or just just trust the sides in the pulled pork. Outstanding they really -- Iraq's great. Accurate on the and -- -- allotment would -- off its annual Perkins. In the -- the world. Yeah. So when he speaks a lot from golf course it Manuel pulled it Hebert this charity golf outing to benefit -- -- the world -- Max loft to Mallon. Keep me company while the -- Blue Jays to battle we flip flopped -- some -- baseball hopefully not bumpers wind hopefully I'm there in his baseball post game shows in -- and the Blue Jays. Are done out at Miller Park asking you right now what constitutes a sport. That's been did -- study. We just ran off in the last segment 799 that you -- Sports Radio altitude camera quick before we get -- your Colts. Milwaukee's comedy they Milwaukee easily spot -- comedy club tonight. Welcomes a special guest a special show. You know from the ET's comic view he has -- Tommy central half hour especially been in Zoolander. He's a regular on -- on the backs Autry will be on stage at the -- cat ate the night. If it's -- Milwaukee's comedy -- dot com or 71 joke also tomorrow it's -- night -- the comedy that they had -- the hall. It's the state that's dollar mission with -- -- -- -- -- five dollars all you can drink again. Milwaukee's comedy cafe dot com or 71 joke for tickets must be 21 or older comedy camp and -- at the corner water. And Brady's 379912. If you can email us. -- that Sports Radio welteke dot com go to John John you're on when -- make him. Jon that Jon -- There you are go -- -- and and -- And yeah. On the you know you're out there John go ahead it sorry I am. Well I've been in the moment and nobody is. It really Duke blue. In the show. I thought Howard had the lead -- One thing that -- mentioned. Is PCI whoever heard it from our international. It like marching band but I'm steroid. Did you ever look it up -- stupid. Super duper political activity I mean -- -- -- -- -- up there flying around the field at over 200 beats per minute. And they're local he's from yet -- where there. Showing speed stuff -- and oxygen. Output in their heart rate and monitoring them do it -- minute show. It it's quite -- -- -- You know as matter of -- Sparky was it was is really into the CI and knew he he he occasionally I'll pop and in in his car once in awhile and he has some CDs of of drum -- international Europe it is Maroney this crises things I crap now -- my god knows I don't know how I got I don't know that it is. Entertaining aren't impressive just listening to -- when you watch it. He's probably more we certainly appreciate what those -- why. I still. Still are you involved -- down. Yeah -- -- three years down and written in with the first being guilty. Okay very good -- I think Sparky was involved it's not like that wasn't me -- jump -- -- thanks for the call appreciate it but I. I know it's highly competitive and in that world but it would be like it hit on it that -- you know basketball team. -- to Wear you to the extent where you'd. Go to a meter whatever they call for the CI but you go to in downed the Indianapolis spurt to compete at. And a fickle tournament or meat or whatever and then you go -- to Salt Lake City, Utah compete there I do know it's its own world but it's us or is it. Tired -- you could say it's a sport now. That some people to -- sport as. You actually have an object. Whether to pop the ball. -- -- up here if we. Meters and he has to include some sort of defense. I like that I'd like that and the excitement like that definition and auto racing has a big fan of that definition. -- Well yes it does his defense of driving jobs but that's only part of the definition -- can't Appleton. You played to win the race. Them. Thank -- Herm Edwards. It. -- quick break on the other side reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and ask you pick -- -- -- speaks a lot and it would golf course is the annual 1250 Perkins off outing to benefit -- -- the world and back after this.