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Aug 20, 2014|

The Big Show asks you to pick a lane!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- the -- big -- running back off. Along with -- Allen. -- and receives marquee fight for Gary Ellison and LeRoy -- philosophy. As always. Leading the way for either Venus baseball post game show yes whose numbers include -- and doing battle out at Miller Park still 75. -- game in the bottom of the eighth inning if you heard Mario's update. We're out here at edgewood golf course for the eighth annual 1250. Perkins charity golf outing to benefit give kids the world with the until the end -- that -- his game -- there in his baseball post you know I don't think sororities are waiting here. Credit to a golf course you know you'd you'd feel a lot of broadcasters. And it would if you -- a lot of broadcasters you want -- people who competence. You just ourselves -- -- -- the way to go to a party somewhere you all twelve -- -- number. Everyone's trying to one line the other guy in -- -- -- -- the might. Well. No but it's it's just there's people around us. And you know you got it -- -- -- seriously. Again you look at. -- respect right there. -- little too fast comeback -- right there as well our post will slow. Literally -- there within three to five feet of people who lose. Pretty good. There's a little respectful series is that the -- -- the fastest one through here were employees right here and it's typical of our -- secretly. Does the mornings you know -- -- the other guy. He was the fastest and closest of people. Who I mean floor -- here -- just go. -- -- -- -- Waited it out rush -- -- Packers that relate where your -- nowadays is. It's an online bubble -- 7991250. What was the -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- here -- -- no I was that is. Thought it is Charles Woodson on the modern era. Okay there's ones yes. Then there is more of it with a where he -- he bats him to Sunderland -- -- those who is all we do an abbreviated. Actually you know -- let -- win. In the return -- -- what we're talking about just for the top 5 o'clock are -- a lot a little spin on it. Instead of us asking people out there. What they think is a real sport has -- if you have a dispute. With a friend about what makes a sport a sport yup and -- arguing about it for a long time maybe it and I can help and help alleviate. -- argument. You know it's it's tough because everyone's got their own things right -- -- you know there's a lot of people that that are in their their world my world with my son was one. But it but it was still the tournament ball select ball opener you lose you went here and he went there and everything and that was fine that's I again I don't regret doing now because kept him out of trouble but. -- a lot of people say well that's you know that's not the thing we used to travel with mice in my daughter's volleyball team. Because we took -- nationals down Florida. Seeing the world are we are a million argue that -- -- -- either -- -- better worse than the other no so I I understand the dedicate. Each world that really that part of that idea. But you don't behind him -- -- these things everything -- sports I don't wanna I wanna become a process I don't think these things that these people aren't older it's not a challenge at all that's not what I'm saying it's just certain things. Our -- -- certain things aren't as -- -- the competition just because it's challenging doesn't make it we -- with football with -- Ball and -- us. -- -- -- -- -- Scrambles none of those sports. I don't know some people would -- that ball acts. In the right -- is Charles Woodson on the modern mount Rushmore of the Packers lane. And the return plane and what is -- 79912. That we as you. Charles -- -- it on the Packers modern era mount rush more because most of the Wisconsin state journal. And Madison dot com thinks that they are little piece from his work in the last night -- far. And Reggie White he says the polarizing return mystery -- -- -- dominated the news all summer. But when he's with returned as a member of the Raiders on Friday should be remembered fondly as one or great actors. Of the modern era with the exceptions -- its defensive touchdowns in one bowl victory in seven seasons. What's in belongs in the franchise's post 1990. Mount Rushmore along with our -- and then you like. Seven years six active. Woodson in -- Green Bay uniform you know. Big free agents sign yet that pretty polarizing with in the clubhouse like get that. But compared to LeRoy Butler. In in that -- and what he did for a decade or more. I just don't see. I you know I think those additional four or five years that Roy played over Woodson is is worth mentioning here. And -- put them up with the big boys and you know what. Maybe there's not a fourth guy. Rile and I we also that we thought -- that maybe there's not a fourth player. As Bob Iger at Houston I think it is -- Butler and I. That was before I'll say it again there may be some bias playing into that because network with the guy and a daily basis. I see how much people love LeRoy Butler went around about like an event today out here -- -- golf course I'm not saying that Charles Woodson wouldn't get. When he gets the love everywhere he goes and go to Wisconsin -- just don't know that because those of us of how long he was here compared to how long the Roy was here. And how much -- meant to this franchise inventing the Lambeau leap if Charles Woodson would get that same type of that same type of praise that same type of respect from Packers fans and you can't only talk about. What these guys do on the field when you're talking about -- but honest modern era mount rush we have up off the field to -- what they meant to. The organization's defense. Well you do. But yeah I mean that comes with some bad too. I mean Reggie White didn't have some real redeeming things to say when he made some speeches in -- -- Brett Favre didn't necessarily wasn't necessarily an altar boy -- off the field over -- no doubt -- we do have some understanding -- Aaron Rodgers has been the consummate pro on and off the field. He's just been perfect as he -- on and off the field for sure. So you know if you if you take and -- -- the good and get away always you know -- not so good in. I just maybe the maybe the more I think about maybe there isn't a guy that you can rank with Favre -- and -- and they're just isn't. That's the -- in his Charles Woodson on the modern era mount Rushmore. For the green bay Packers and 991250. Allotment Sports Radio. In the center -- I don't know where you place your -- -- as well that generate some Allen once you know where you played well face. Yeah basically I understand the new world. -- -- I get all that because I live with Juan. Hang out with the number of moment that -- there with -- and all that -- -- do little gambling there. Basically what -- Trying to figure out it's just -- -- -- -- I know that I just rate don't do that here because there's Rick and these around adapted here. Stories that you that is. But if you give kids the world golf course I've basically want to know if if the actual what he still access. I think so I think kids I think his role has been diminished somewhat with the with the rise and online gambling but -- still around I forget the name of this team. That's. Only in -- when news started this. At this the phone help. Gambling line whatever that you know tip line I guess if you will -- will help you hey this is crazy Larry with your tends to lock of the century. And a guy you know I can't remember the -- a really good -- well I don't want to talk about -- economy I don't know me and -- -- out really. Really good movie but us but again that those. No one's fault lines work to actually leave the bats now those phone lines were to get that it's right. So you had to go elsewhere. The -- the money now I want to know for the money -- Louis that's the name of the movie -- -- for the money yes yes yes if if the if the bookmakers still -- and -- Okay so that's the Centre line where he plays and that's nowadays degenerates 7991250. -- ally. Sports Radio tomorrow if he -- -- now from cute notes that the but he does definitely it does success without. I don't know how it's now knows that I don't wanna ask questions I'd -- it's now knows. And even at that okay yeah you get a guy as they say yeah -- -- business. At it there it's certainly a lot of know what you think makes sports -- 9912 if you live Sports Radio while if -- -- that's been. Morning out a study that was done recently you know this -- -- end of the spectrum -- the low end of the spectrum boxing across water -- track running. Sports like that cycling feel wrestling etc. those are all considered sport by the great majority of people by more than 95% of people. Poker competitive eating -- competitive video game fishing -- cheer leading and darts. -- around the ten to 20%. Wells I don't know if there's sports out there that you dispute with your friends whether or not they are really -- fishing and -- I don't think there are quick and -- sports -- -- -- -- -- -- leisure activities you can get -- -- There's some pretty entirely wrong while you finish -- -- volume on because you're handling firearms. Well they do. If they do they actually do well that. No but I mean if there's fishing tournament bass fishing the U wanna get new best pitching offensively now you could don't want to go OK so that's we present. Big topics discussed on the beach -- we now want you to pick -- -- right -- as Charles Woodson on the modern era mount Rushmore of the -- center lane. Where you place your bets now days in the return land what's the -- 7991250. Lives -- it's -- at 1250 dot com. It's Great Lakes dragged away McClain and coming up this Saturday at the BBC your chance to meet Jonathan -- right. LeRoy Butler and the -- marquee final inspection assists Saturday from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM Johnson -- quite will be taking pictures and signing autographs and right Butler. From 1230 until 230 and then Steve -- my -- -- final inspection. From noon until you -- to be -- bar and grill corner Farwell in north this Saturday for LeCroy and -- And spark his final inspection and it's all courtesy. But the legendary greatly dragway in union -- -- -- one of the many by announcers helping out out here. At the eighth annual 1250 Perkins charity golf outing at edgewood golf course -- -- if -- get to the world and back right after this. Money's great show probably -- -- here at. Golf course -- game annual both Pittsburgh and charity golf outing to benefit if it's the world you know -- remiss to not thinking routes but he -- for dropping off eight and he needs the guy you've been through and I don't it. Experience sausages eggs and there idiots. There's been shrinking as the hours on loss dropped off. Some of there ripped up steak chicken skewers on the -- -- -- that was nice -- -- out on top. -- -- desperately extract it -- it right now or re setting the big topics discussed on today's speech and asking you -- in right and as Charles Woodson on the modern era mount Rushmore for the Packers -- -- in. It's -- -- nowadays and the return and what is -- sport what is in the sport let him and I. And -- hear the arguments for you 79 now before we get here cults. That's sound effect he's mr. means there's the development in the birds -- go back to the studios and mark here Aussie. So it's old -- -- -- in the break her on. Marked the third out yet. Tackle B grass and it's two run home run -- -- now ninth fine. Yeah 95 team out. Yeah it's all those games and and lose three out of four to the Toronto Blue Jays are not there LT I'm not saying that -- about baseball Saddam's Hussein it was gonna lose to a three out of four to the Blue Jays yeah. -- better baseball to in the -- I think they're probably in the same neighborhood. Once and one of them is necessarily clear cut better than the other I wanna -- speeding tickets -- aren't very. The other pretty really well. A few games over five like about the -- -- -- golf -- it's amazing it's not gonna stop the notes that I mean this -- But that's not at night at the annuity products fishing and hunting and that it -- -- -- -- him. -- it's a good possibility -- cutting it outdoors show. Saturday mornings from six until that -- listening probably. It's -- from the city old buddy bush I'm on the votes I told. Yeah a good parting -- good afternoon guys you know I drive home from work every day -- And school and listen you guys love this show. And yeah and I got I got elaborate a bit fishy moves into sports. I guess if you look at it and money -- aspect I'd have to agree because it's not like it rip it and Helen -- sitting -- -- aunts his -- and it. Nearly anything. I have the bolt yep you're right it's -- Ballard impact -- here I've competed in 101000 dollar tournament where I was close to winning 101000 but never won 101000. And then you can qualify for a 100000 dollar grand prize. Not tournament and some of the theory in fact one of -- and -- it will be held on Joaquin. It's here for -- who qualified like an -- -- finger. And you qualify you in in some tournaments in many qualified for the big money one up. I'd -- -- that money and while I did after in the tournament Serbian and even ourselves we -- -- good insight at the sport. Another and I vote at a golf period -- that spot isn't involved and I would not get knocked out it's not a sport. So I don't know maybe day. Let's see myself. Let's see let me just say. I've been a grown over the years to be big -- -- -- north Annika and either really I really like. The Bulls billboard on your probable here that we have a place and it's you know I've poised in the past now I think right now it's -- And the -- that that -- that I I gotta say. The coolest thing about that whole. Billboard. -- -- -- outdoors -- brought you lie and that it lists the sponsors so it's like. You know this guys bishop plays this -- tackle plays -- -- you know on a boat place and then. All of all he's fishing and hunting sponsors. Is a liquor store -- -- -- but you're right maybe we should elicit that would hurt I guess I don't know. Again we never started drinking and pitching at the same -- That's true okay tell -- isn't alone are right ecstatic about the -- -- -- -- -- Sandia again cutting -- outdoors every Saturday morning 68. Right here on Sports Radio at 1250. Scott emails and lot of Sports Radio at 1250 -- -- -- -- Wendy's and boxing but. One hot and -- -- It's fast it's easy it's like not when -- dot com have to start getting great offers from Wendy's today that's when they'll not come in France -- -- coupons from Wendy's signed up to. Date and Scott says in recent years -- Bart Starr. Here's the list of all time best Packers in order. In my lifetime post that's fifty years okay all right you're ready I'm ready number one -- aren't -- number one is Brett Favre number two Reggie White. Number three is Clay Matthews. Ran for Charles Woodson. Five LeRoy Butler six sterling Sharpe. Seven Robert Brooks -- Aaron Rodgers he missed about -- -- -- -- 59. Donald Driver. And -- -- he makes the list of ten but he was four names at number ten he says -- -- -- Edgar Bennett Eugene Robinson Ahman Green and Dorsey levens. I'm -- -- excellent instrument that Milwaukee flowers and draft our next Thursday sisters and one -- a week from tomorrow here he were to win a spot in that. It's coming up in about minutes here in the prediction. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I -- -- I don't know I mean that's I for Clay Matthews that's I -- recipe you can make a strong argument why is -- these seven or -- yanks down there and you can't -- the impact that -- boxers and made on this team is a little -- -- recruits -- -- the -- Robert -- sterling -- Yeah I don't know I can't. I can agree with that like I have a hard time agreeing with that. But you now we talked about non players -- in that fourth person on the mount Rushmore right contemporary -- along with Favre Rodgers and why. We talk about Ron Wolf. I -- then you have to at least consider the two Super Bowl winning coaches. You can play. What about Ted Thompson. Now we say Ron Wolf that we can I mean aren't they -- Super Bowls. Here and what are you going into it -- -- -- now. A powder -- wise what you're locking yourself -- line because there are a lot of people out there. Think that the Packers succeed despite Thompson. Well I don't know I just know the results. Brett I agree I when I'm when I'm talking about it GM or coach can't really look -- much more than results. And -- Thompson certainly got some a lot of people make the argument and -- if you look at Ted Thompson's. Last few drafts especially 2012 draft and there are a lot of guys in an early rounds aren't contributing. To winning football. And he doesn't do a lot free agency and and a lot of people think that some of the guys that he does draft even the ones that you come through to make an impact. They do so a lot -- a lot of time because of Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff because you look at some of the guys that he -- not necessarily. They're not necessarily built to fit the system that Mike McCarthy or Dom Capers run another side of the ball you know but somehow Mike McCarthy Dom Capers -- -- make it work and get wins -- -- -- a lot of people look at and say. At the Packers are successful and win. -- because of Aaron Rodgers and -- despite Ted Thompson. -- and -- you look at some kind of plan out what got the other -- and I don't disagree with that notion that you go back to just players only if you if you messer fan popularity. Woodson does not rank with LeRoy Butler or Donald Driver. I don't think he does with fan popularity again I witnessed -- -- Sixers with no wrong way Butler no way never have with Charles Woodson. -- can say that for sure Donald drivers love to. By more fans management -- Unanimous I mean like Butler slot but more more fans -- -- Charles Woodson not to minimize what Woodson video that is fine is good is that six year window of time here is outstanding. -- but LeRoy Butler was -- over decade Donald Driver was here million years. So if you look at them just that part of it if you take. You know not just the staff synopsis -- numbers if you look at just fan popularity. I think he would -- would be third on that list of Butler driver itself. If -- didn't get in on trickling acknowledged -- in. On the John -- Buick GMC sound off line that's -- 2162. Best of coming up at 550. During -- penis baseball post game show the games just about done it is just about it speaking out greatly extra -- let me mention one more time this Saturday at the BBC meet. Get a picture with an autograph from Jonathan -- right from 10:30 AM. -- 12:30 PM also the right up there will be there immediately afterwards taking pictures and signing autographs from 1230 until 230 and Steve Sparky Phifer in the group. It's party's final inspection will be there as well that's to be easy -- -- Corner -- in north this Saturday from -- and we -- plus party's final inspection from noon until two. Courtesy of the legendary Great Lakes dragged away we -- -- the the midwest largest. Fantasy football draft party coming up next Thursday and got a lot of the offense -- -- thanks to folks tremendous response out there. That's an Alley closed offense but thanks to young expressed you can still get to a league -- justice and chuck and wicket. We 630 and 830 in the big show weekday afternoons at thirty and 430 and it is just about reality but the young express fantasy Q work. -- this -- to 32961. Because receive here for four more leagues. People winners announced each Friday at 515 plus one winner from all entries will receive 82 night weekend stay at the Ottawa out of me hotel. -- you you're young experts fantasy keyword. Right now young express success -- and text it to 329613. Chance naturally. And Milwaukee's artist fancy football draft party at Ottawa amusement center next Thursday August -- -- eighth. Today is Wednesday August when he means today's key word is fumble at you and the -- And he gave -- to thirty in the same one test at Yankee or -- today. Got him more chances they got a god it's him Sparky myself -- fantasy football weekly from six until nine were one draft in running yes we are Ahman Green will be there. Dorsey levens will be there Peter -- from -- -- that I'll be there. You with your draft maximum. Rhodes will be there. It's going to be -- and looking forward to it out you know. I think we're gonna break down every team we're gonna break down every position. We're gonna go with you know our our best but I'm surprised guys that they've been through now two drafts. One of which I was in the other my son had a draft party yet. Our house grill and had a bunch of buddies over in this draft but he -- -- -- I got a chance to kind of go through another draft though. Kind of impressed with how -- Eddie -- is going. With -- sit there in the ninth tenth eleventh twelfth spot in the draft. It's -- -- easy -- guys it's not. Because you're sitting down there with some pretty tough decisions capsule you wanna go -- Foster. It. You know that but it's a field great student I didn't but there was a run on running backs at the time exact and I wanted to get when before they were all gone. As -- measures up monster that you've -- to I want wanted to pick poison receiver where wanna Calvin Johnson eight victory don't want that type. -- what one of the -- so it's no easy task we're gonna break all that down a week from tomorrow yes there yet just because you're not there. At lot of lot of meat doesn't mean you can't tune in for the have gone to -- it will be live music together on him -- kick off for the fantasy -- a week from tomorrow at 6 o'clock in three hours for us. There's one out in the bottom of the ninth at Miller Park. -- still trailing nine to five. We're gonna get this break and it'll likely be. There -- baseball post games on the others not a matter what you -- is. Bobby -- from and what golf course for the annual total effort in golf outing -- -- -- -- after this.