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Aug 20, 2014|

Tim and Ramie take your calls following the Brewers 9-5 loss to Toronto at Miller Park. Would you rather see a Brewers World Series or a Packers Super Bowl?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Brewers fans it's time for the longest running post game so we know watching let's break down today's game on the Rupp -- -- baseball post game show built by Billy -- -- hardware and now live from the Arizona and art studio goes along with -- -- Phifer here is the French guys Tim Allen money only station Brewers fans need. Sports Radio 1215 WS SP. It is a final from Miller Park and the results are not good in game two of this two game set against the Blue Jays and Brewers -- nine to five and welcome everybody. To repeat as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware as we -- alive. At the -- golf outing here at edgewood golf course what eighth annual and you. Eighth annual as we broadcast live running back -- filling in -- -- Sparky Phifer who's enjoy the festivities over there. My name is Tim Allen and the Brewers again they'd lose nine to five today. Quite impressive. 39000. Plus at Miller Park against 42000. Last night 39000. Today. And they just didn't get it done play conference 355. Run inning the bugaboo for the Brewers and that's one have things -- Did happen for the crew I mean. They hit some decent pitching in this one in the -- he's been outstanding. And -- it's -- score enough runs to win the ballgame with five on the board but -- with a two run home run. Eddie double and a triple from -- RO -- in the -- -- in for Chris Davis -- -- -- This for a second there in the eighth inning with a man on they -- Rickie Weeks back for a pinch hitter Chris Davis I really thought at that time -- to tie the game. I really did I thought clutch is gonna tie that game that would have been the glue to dry here on this -- Five game winning streak now snapped as the Brewers -- now 71 in 56. Bit like me -- would have -- Hewitt of the night that summer and made the ideas and we will announce who won the Sports Radio 1250 golf outing when we get the results as soon as we know you'll know yes absolutely and Johnson's -- is cute little outfit today purple. And yell. Sure. Although I -- -- that was the it's a faster but -- -- -- visor -- got them from his mom. He has the that that purple and yellow shirt on that has -- Dan. With hands on. Of belts through February and he's got that the actual leader of the belt because at the bottom belt that's too big yet so -- like another half -- around him so he grabs that. -- loops it -- over and talks that. You know I don't -- don't do that 200 over Lehigh. I know it thank goodness he's in radio. Items understanding wants to be around when you -- so the first ball. And -- 71 -- 56. And here's the deal. That the Cardinals with a win tonight over the reds. -- can be a game and a halfback -- should you be nervous with 35 games remaining. Com -- depends how you define nervous. I'm pretty I'm pretty. I'm pretty confident that differs they're gonna close this thing out when the division -- where they fall in the playoff picture. Is yet to be seen though that you as an -- like this it just in the senate I think I'm pretty I feel pretty good about their chances to win the division. But I don't think that the Cardinals are gonna go anywhere I think it's going to be. They're going to be right there with -- one -- three games out from now until the finish line one and a half and I was telling -- yesterday just because of just because of the history between those these two teams in the success that the Cardinals have had against the birds over the last few years you. Somewhere in the back here minder in the that he -- stomach there is sort of that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop out and -- that's pending doom like that. I don't know it's not it's I wouldn't call pending Q I'm just saying that that's definitely in the back your mind that. But the baseball analyst in me the guy who's watched just about every pitcher for his baseball this -- to follow the Cardinals pretty closely says. The -- are the better baseball team especially with injuries and they're -- closest thing out. All I know is with 35 games remaining and with the Cardinals win tonight again based on -- if they win that's a game and a half. It's a game and a half gap. You kind of should be nervous. It's -- yeah Braves really nervous are you nervous that's that's the first question they 7991250. Because. If if -- were on the -- here with us right now -- -- -- -- -- And all year -- within. All. It would -- like. It's. He should be an epic from the wind. And it is -- -- -- under the -- quite well yes he has. Yes he has each time I bring this up -- brewer fans get a little nervous get a little nervous are now on them but so what you. Could think of first -- All the way there is there is a negative connotation. With the work nervous like before -- go -- onstage he standup comic -- you nervous you're nervous and to me when it comes to something like that. Nervous is only if you're not prepared. I'm anxious not nervous you're not normal right now I got the butterflies in my stomach but I'm not necessarily nervous I know I'm right -- honestly -- I know all my material out there animated film to make people laugh. Nervous is that word that I think as a negative connotation to when you say nervous. I think people and sparking that it. Think that you're saying. Are you waiting for the other shoe -- you know that they're gonna blow this. But you're just waiting for I wouldn't call it nervous there are nerves involved when you're in it when you're in a tight pennant race -- What it's not it's not -- humor or gloom and doom when when you used the word nervous. Seventy some people automatically think that it is 71 and 56 after the loss today nine to five to the Jays -- a lot of food in my opinion right now and are you a little bit nervous I will say this if you're not nervous you're not normal with a game and a half deficit ops sorry. I mean as it -- confident -- I -- that they're gonna make the playoffs it doesn't mean I'm not nervous about this thing. You just you know -- split a two game set against the Jays I don't like that team -- -- him. Don't like them at all like personally just I don't know what it and I talked with them yeah a little bit I don't know what it is like the twins just. It's kind of that yeah that's -- at the top of the enemy list but it's. It's sort of there. 79 -- -- fifty. You can say that they're gonna go from April 5 all the way to the end of the season of first place. And he and then it you may be right -- WR. But that doesn't mean you're not a little bit nervous and if you're not nervous that a game and a half back I don't think it's really normal you should be a little bit nervous. That's the way it goes this team has 35 games left. Not five games left 35. Week. -- we said it before and they've been tested. They happen to tie it twice. Her first place. Look at Pittsburgh look -- things -- -- the Pittsburgh Pirates then I think they peaked at a half game behind the Brewers for a for a cup of coffee you know just a few weeks ago. There are now seven games back with six and a half I think. -- with this with this loss -- seven games back coming into the the ballgame today -- that it's changed. On a dime. I'm a little nervous. I -- I really am. Someone help me what -- -- like southern have to be. Nerves involved. But -- You can be confident and nervous. Let's specify. Where you -- -- -- -- and confident and still there OK right that's Rama that okay. I think they'll they'll do this -- -- the get it done. The B that is -- games against the LA doctors proves to me that yeah you shouldn't be that fearful. -- of of any series but 35 games is a big chunk. As the Brewers ball today and should you be a little bit nervous 7991250. To get even alive -- courts ready at 1250 dot com. As we hear wicket -- and on the microphone there. Spreading -- audio now. -- They always announcing winners I heard Larry harris' name the winner all the winner of the -- to report that he starts the auction. To help you keep the world -- -- Dillon and you know like I say that thing I've ever -- that. I've never says rides. Not at all OK. Okay -- -- so it in the yet -- in the big show today who live here from the got Perkins golf on. We we also had a little bit of packer conversation. -- -- And I know what the pack -- -- it's like here in this area in this day and in the state of Wisconsin. And now it's -- sink in this morning. How porn. Wisconsin sports fans would be. If they have to choose between the Brewers of the now -- -- -- -- -- They did -- -- pre season football and it stopped not any double about that I just want to play game here I really test. The loyalty. And the -- -- a packer football. Want to see but still stands up what you mean in what sense if you put it this way. If you had your choice this year for the Brewers to win the World Series to the Packers to win the super ball. What do you think fans would say running -- laughter. You could only pick one you can't have both that's not the game plan okay we're play in the game Brewers win the World Series. Packers in the Super Bowl and you hand him the ball so do the Brewers big kick to the curve again I have a magic genie in a bottle. And I rub it on only a one mile one way it's not breed known this isn't major Nelson this isn't Roger he Lee just the -- managed vocal -- -- where she lives with the right. Just grinds and -- a cancer if this learned. The big show for example weekdays -- six -- -- 1250. I think the answer would overwhelmingly. Beat. It packers' Super Bowl they kick the Brewers to the perfect numbers to return and and they haven't ever want us a World Series ever haven't ever 10. World's champion -- because we're doing papers and -- you know. Here -- there in his baseball most games you know. Going to be a little bit closer but I think the Packers will win. The Packers have won how many championship at nine I think whenever it -- and they won't give one to the Brewers. And the its value I think I'll hop. If you can waive the wind and have the -- say the Brewers will win the World Series. -- -- -- -- That's it. Which you choose that. Or do you say Brewers -- tough luck Charlie I think most you've been losers forever anyway so let's go out and have A -- get another -- most sports science and most fans that are fans of both teams in this area I think -- -- 7991250. Brewers Packers championship. You get to pick one not -- And what are we choose will it be given up by New York Green Bay back this gotten. No they're not gonna give -- other factors with -- you. Well besides intoxicated when you minister. The fact that the Packers have won championships in the -- never won one OK maybe it does -- and packer fans. Have a heart but at this break and find out. We are broadcasting live out -- big -- for the Perkins. Restaurant bakeries eighth annual 1250 golf -- -- hits the world. Is the yet charity event here and they're doing an outstanding job make some money for these kids. Brewers fall in game two of this two game set to the Jays 95 -- -- And welcome back it is -- as baseball post game show built by -- -- -- Tim Allen -- -- -- -- a TV out here on the show today yet they gave away a couple CR Kansas well I absolutely I'm assuming that's courtesy of ABC audio video flat -- This is one of the reasons why you sign up early for the 1250 charity golf presented by Perkins restaurant makers next year that's sort of what it comes around. This is this this is one of the deals here. You need to sign up get -- foursome -- for a great cause and be involved next year for the ninth then. -- at 7991250. Brewers -- 95 today. A couple of things on the table. Are you nervous if the Cardinals went -- night it's a -- and a half lead over the cards with thirty. Five games remaining but -- -- can be nervous and -- You just mean that -- but feeling them out now -- -- And added this silly if you could just have some fun a little genie of found Atlanta Bradford beats. Pop but -- and -- gives you one -- -- that you can only pick one of the two sides packers' Super Bowl or Brewers World Series means the other one won't win. This ought to -- -- 67991250. Jay -- I'm -- area your first up on Sports Radio 1250. He. Hello. I'm sorry -- It's how well he is that okay I'm a packer shareholder I panicked he sat on the back -- I I blocked the tactic could -- I think if fanatic. But I think I was also born in 1980 Q so got what I've never -- -- the vertical and where. And so I mean the Packers to the street Super -- they went two up until but the current had a chance and we need to yeah. I think -- -- And -- and I want Packers don't get me wrong but. It's temporary people about trying to hurt -- situation because this city could use that a little -- -- -- -- I don't like this probably isn't as. Actually he's the -- of the spirit. Are right there you go thank you for the call seemed perfect this -- what I'm saying. The heart that they have I'm not an -- and it. But I not want whatever your pro it's there -- preference because I'm just -- -- that. I think that most people around here with Packers okay 7991250. -- in west Milwaukee -- on Sports Radio 1250. -- guys -- for the first question I'm not nervous about the Brewers I think. You know league -- their back up against the wall they start playing football I think they've been hurt but they're pretty much the whole year pretty consistent yet -- -- -- there's slumps but I I think they got enough. To finish strong a -- I don't I'm not worried about a mile but that ball game or two behind I think this team has zero. Got you got -- -- little nervous. I I'm really not I think -- -- that this team doesn't finish in first I think they did they get in the playoffs and it's going to be different kind of bird -- Com that being -- BI genie in the -- question in my I am a diehard football guy in waiting for -- football year. Both football in and out to what I would gladly forgo a Green Bay championship -- Warner hang in on the Brewers. -- I got us excellent thank you -- -- We have a hard here in the state of Wisconsin. This -- religion you can take a back -- One time to Peppers right at -- we start now now these that they share that we share the same -- eyes well. It's the same fan base -- centric you know. -- let's sit there that have never Franzen packer fans -- the -- Brewers center opened their her fans and management are all let me ask you this. Bill Michaels and Jerry Ellison as this and the hitters on him and -- -- -- post game -- after week one against Seattle Seahawks. What's the -- it. Well I mean it probably would be delivered a little different way what's the answer that they get it's delivered exactly -- it well I think you're you're dealing with. Brewer fans and -- Packers not answered this question are you what's the answer they get of the critical post game shows they asked this question. It's -- same audience not necessarily 7991250. Jeff in heartland your -- Sports Radio 1250. But yeah a little nervous I mean I think like you'd see him I think it's more of that. That that ink this letter. By nearly you have to -- little bit that way with. All what's going -- in many but yeah this is what we are kind of all or. And other hand -- the fact that they -- that I have I heard brewer -- Or victories in a World Series -- debate to be better than that but it or victories. And I. Okay -- -- you know you are packer fans well run -- yeah I am a packer fan but I mean yeah I lean Eileen it's all well. You know I it it's a little bit of a no brainer for me I was around an eighty you saw that but. Yeah I mean the -- four victories in a World Series. I think that from you know for me but you know real quick are quick or it out -- out regain the day. And I -- from -- upbeat that that this writer Ryan ready. -- -- He's that -- -- (%expletive) -- suicide in network at that after it I kind of -- about it what. I think that you weren't victory there are some -- I guess you just never gonna -- that you have to go out that it. Right now I agree Jeff -- thanks for the call dynamite for everybody so far is willing to four goal a packers' Super Bowl. 48 Brewers. World Series victory. Yes very proud of these guys so it's very very proud of you guys will check Twitter to yes on Cutler a -- at a I think I've there might be some opposition -- okay -- us at 1250 obvious as it -- you're walking down Bradford beats you'll buzz. -- -- too bad. He probably had you know couple mixed mixed drinks that he probably had a shot. And a now let's say I feel -- feeling good. It's beautiful in the -- picks up but it turns out to be able -- bottle. And the open it up and out pops Barbara Eden. And dude -- bump up. Scioscia. Folds -- so that blinks and gives you one -- us it's the sports -- you get the Packers to a Super Bowl victory over the Brewers to World Series championship. But you could only pick one and she's scantily clad like she was back in the -- -- Roger Nelson. Or Roger helium major Nelson -- SC do you want 7991250. Which can have involved. This impressive. Packer fans very proud of you. Brewers fall today to the Jays as we're alive here Big -- At the eighth annual 1250 Perkins restaurant bakeries golf outing and went rather well. Who went really really well give details forward -- our six the total raised the world absolutely that's coming up. It is repeat as baseball post game show built by Elliott -- hardware live in the jurors on him and are mobile -- Brewers -- a 95 -- the Jays. -- welcome back it is -- as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware live at the ending of the eighth annual 1250. Charity golf outing presented by Perkins restaurant bakeries. -- as baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware live here and at at -- in big band and asking you the question. Packers'. Super Bowl. Purse is it Brewers World Series but you can only pick you only get what you only get one he got kidney and a new one way she got some on Twitter there. -- a lot on Twitter here and it ruffle some long team -- -- -- -- that will not -- all see if Peppers when the World Series pole big unit boat accident occasion and it says a group in Milwaukee went to college in Green -- thank you for this separates. Him. With a couch in green bay Packers and -- -- my arm in January 97 but I would rather. -- -- worlds here I'm so proud I'm gonna cry his Twitter. For. I'm going to cry. Daddies -- all the way Nelson has no business in the rotation. Boy Alex are former intern in the -- Bob -- moment for the -- right now much preferred -- championship. I for one and not Packers vote it. A bomb needs that home he's trying to big time -- minus thirty once they Clippers only for the fact that the birds at number one sees accident -- It's almost unanimous. Scenes look at us. About one further I would give the Packers and football well all -- -- world now hired him. Oh now you're going to be talking -- All -- all don't know pre. It is that into this thing. Do away with fantasy -- seven -- league's -- I would give that up to calls. Doesn't know. -- give up all seven no playoffs in -- and for World Series you know. 7991250. Charles you're next in Sports Radio 1250. Personal them I love what you do and every -- -- -- each other but my favorite. Oh okay thanks thanks a lot. Outside -- that. Bit. Baseball for me. And and the Brewers especially. Have been something I've been able to like take my -- every Q we got sort of the all all playoff game -- and they -- it. Nice and and being able to be part of that and and the possibility of having it as opposed -- the wind game that you're. You'd just to sit back watch on TV for me -- and now. Very impressive and I appreciate the compliment -- but keep in mind Charles and I've told you this from him for that you know the out little little. Bits and bites of of me on like the big show or -- the -- or whatever that's fine. But. It's not every day. Right you know it's not every day it just seems more press that's that's all entails and believe me they get -- this truly. Possibly. 7991250. Usually -- that can be live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com now to go to. 1250. -- does later on what's happen. I would say -- Maybe a bit bias -- I'd still group all the latest and due to the fact that they may or may not be a slight Bears fan as -- -- college in the come through a lot of minutes and since moving up the Milwaukee I've always -- on the Brewers can and the Brewers just in general as opposed -- most -- -- I would say about. And it on the point confidence and anxiety or nervous as I'd -- with confidence and. I would say almost a sense drive. Yeah well you know what I earlier. I I get that to -- thanks for the call I I do get that too and if Friday night's game it's like he can't wait for that game and know this that Pittsburgh Pirates -- They're gonna come ready to play on Friday night you wanna talk -- atmosphere proportion. That's huge this is the season for the Pittsburgh Pirates especially the first two games. Especially that first game. Because the Brewers are you don't pending the outcome of the cardinal game tonight potentially as close is a game and a half. They know the -- -- -- now that if they don't start on Friday head to head against the Brewers they're gone. You -- talk about the gun club start also do it you have to start at work for the Pittsburgh Pirates out about it if they don't get it on a Friday at Miller Park. 7991250. So are you a little nervous. That game. Games. -- -- half with a cardinal win tonight and over to you could pick one world championship. World Series for the Brewers -- -- another Super Bowl for the green bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers got an email from Mike and. Ski a lot Sports Radio well that -- -- -- around out in franchise. -- championship all day. Because it's been like for ever since they've been there I'm nervous like any normal person should be with an emphasis on normal. But guys. Getting beaten the Cardinals Pirates reds Dodgers 'cause we have. The beginning of the -- you know we listen to the quote unquote experts say those teams that beat us win the division. We weren't even considered to contend for the division so I'm nervous but not in the fetal I'm shaken but not naked. Coker -- -- going -- live sports and I -- did -- job. Nice. Well because if if you look at. That the Brewers since the inception in 1970. They. They -- they weren't very successful in in that long window of time now if you look at this recently however since 2008. Make the playoffs 2011 to make the playoffs you fight for the playoffs in 2007 if -- -- little bit. They've been competitive in this is a different franchise. That's 46 year drought of no playoffs was absolutely deplorable there was zero excuse for that I don't even know who to blame on that. I don't know if -- ceiling -- daughter. I don't know if it's a general managers and and -- -- and dean Taylor gets all that -- the structure of baseball time without collective bargaining and without revenue share that was unacceptable that was absolute for any professionals -- franchise it just. Happen to be ours. That was deplorable so we have turned the corner -- that regarded as a little different landscapes your -- 7991250. Might your next on Sports Radio 1250. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Adding it is but are you all time and you unity here orange or is. Like but I'd do it -- That -- I'll of course I'm gonna pick super. My. I'll I didn't have -- -- -- not that I'm not there and jump off the ball you know some. But. You know little -- and I -- her article horses back because. I like to go forehand or Haitian and there are artery out. Every year you know or they like you see -- we're we're -- -- that I mean. -- -- -- -- -- I've been here. -- Barack they're not they get Larry and Eric we sub out for Eric. Yeah he's he's he's around here somewhere thank thank you very I think -- took off yeah I heard his name called so -- through these on a great loss are now. Well dressed hair slicked back -- Wallace announcements -- -- 7991250. And that -- -- rotation thing he's just keep these guys on on pace -- these guys are creatures of habit now that he will get into it. Possibly over the weekend to talk about the fires -- and Nelson what happens when -- is back I will say this about Kyle Los if this were. -- one game one and a half two game lead over the Cardinals in this were September 20. I think Los would be pitching right now I really -- I don't think that the injury was that -- I think they saw tiger off days I think they saw the competition. They come off the big win over the Dodgers that just not well all engineers to guys like fires and Alison can jump in there who were pitching well I don't wanna see it don't -- -- -- but it's not much of a drop -- you really didn't at a five game winning streak including a three game sweep over the Dodgers. And and I think that with these off days. They found it convenient to skip a starter to for -- rest him -- -- is gonna be they're gonna have some fresh arms. They will with these off days and and -- though those guys -- You know wait to come off the off the injury list that that they're gonna have some fresh arms -- looks good. 7991250. An email live Sports Radio 1250 dot com still to come we'll hear from manager Ron -- -- -- also was at. WS -- baseball insider Adam -- you'll join us from And Brewers dot Thomas were -- -- -- the eighth -- -- -- 1250. Charity golf outing presented by Perkins restaurant and bakeries. I heard -- over there on the microphone talking about. This being the best year ever I haven't heard -- -- -- a dollar amount and who won whose team actually won the event. Contract and both those -- that's that we we need -- tells. -- he should dressed in his purple and yellow. Wearing purple and you know but he really -- Pants on black pants and he's the only person here it's like it's nine degrees out you know hitting -- shirt and I'm. Not melting. Show some. He's currently take a break will be back on Sports Radio 1250 WS has me. This segment of the repeat his baseball post game show was brought to you by grouping that's -- the best selection of choice -- premiums seasonings and all your kid only needs the first ingredient you drew -- -- -- This is the routine is baseball post game show. Killed by -- its ace hardware. My the only station Brewers fans being on Sports Radio 1215 WS -- let's get this story in today's game for Brewers manager Ron -- We're going inside the inland a mortgage coach's corner. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Home loans for your dream since 1993. -- and 67546499. And welcome back it is repeat as baseball post game show -- by -- -- hardware Brewers fall nine to five today to the Toronto Blue Jays a snap a five game winning streak. And they split this two game -- at home -- he has at Miller Park. Against the -- 39300. At Miller Park today quite impressive coming off a 42000. Sellout on a Tuesday night last night. Talk about brewer fever -- and fire. That's what's going on right now with the with the crew there about a 140. Some odd thousand. Above the same dates last year. Now again that's a little bit skewed because they of the snake bit season of 2013. And they're gonna have to. Battle you know that the Brewers were -- away ten box on every ticket last series that. But nonetheless a pennant race they should be. They should should be at least 3637000. Plus the rest of the way out with that thinks. 35 games remain the Brewers now 71 and 56. -- here for manager Ron radically after the Brewers 95 loss. -- or put that out of my game was the book -- just kind of fell apart again. You know couple innings that are. -- in the ball game. Obviously his sixth inning. In -- too many good pitches that. And it -- Pretty good job -- -- of hitting some pitches in -- threw. I didn't think they're two bad pitches and they went -- did a nice job in that but for allowing me it's bad pitches and after that we did so. Tough Stephanie never come back and coming gets the two points in the get a little closer and and we give up another -- so. We didn't we just intentional -- today offensively I was really good. That was. -- yeah that's been herd us want the we've been doing that. You know more often to you then you really should it when you when you get two outs. He shouldn't put up a bunch runs after that. I threw the ball well. -- -- he attacked his own need he -- couple guys that I cut. As I did a good job he's. -- enough sliders and -- -- a couple of change ups so. Good outing. You know all just. All of us and again is -- one inning. Although being four down a Little League it's he's got a little off the inning before. And then he got us. Yeah that's that's commanding the baseball he just the same thing you'll get. -- get two strikes and somebody and then and then it's all over and it's 32 and then it's either a Walker's Mays fouled off some pitches. It's pitch count got -- -- today. Out. I don't know there I guess and -- there is things are these are good hitters and if you can't put the ball where you want to and we know he has good stuff. But you still have to command the ball and he's gonna continue to get better that. The way Pittsburgh. Oh in the series and his speed. -- who struggled. Now. I don't know I'm not I'm not really thinking about that yet so. Will listen we'll see how -- It -- is. You know this when you make these. -- -- Greens are really good that it goes out there and -- yesterday was good. So he comes -- some ball games and it's and it's great stuff that's -- -- I looked at the pitches he threw today. They really did a nice job of of really leaning out over the plate in and and you know Reyes goes the other way with a pretty good pitch. And then and -- Cabrera can he can hit it and now -- we get a pitch down and he stays on him and rips it up the -- so. They're good hitters. And I didn't think I don't think he's thrown ball that I made I think lot of games are really good. It's practice. -- Well mistake he won two Kelton and didn't have already wanted to. It's hard when you guys that are that good you -- you get two strikes on. Better be able to put it where he wanted. I it was a road or. They -- it -- to think -- it just opens ago. Now we're we're playing good baseball where we did we didn't. Pitch that well for. You know a few innings today he signed that we're playing really well and I'm really happy sealer off consistently. -- servicemen and bats really well again. The lineups getting deeper everybody's helping us and -- and I think we have we have to be able to do that. As we know we're gonna facing good pitching and in that offense is going to be able to do something. Out. There will be dead he's half early we didn't we didn't do a whole lot -- but we did we do get Tillman. He just if he throws a good -- you're -- -- hit it sound it's it's tough to figure out how to approach -- we talked about that earlier in. And I thought we did a good job. By the areas -- radically after the Brewers 95 loss and he's right there that the Brewers offense seems like it's swinging the bat. Little bit better as of late and -- will talk without -- McKelvey from Brewers dot com and MLB dot now about just that. Coming up and just a couple of minutes here. As we are wrapping things up. But a successful. Eighth year of the 1250 charity golf outing presented by Perkins restaurant bakeries here. At edgewood golf course the big man and I'll tell you I think we got the scoop on who won the dang thing we do. We do know that after the regular after after the break. Just before we talk -- McKelvey up next. We give the results. As though who won it was -- tightly contested. Golf tournament all the way to do you know any shenanigans are accusing anybody. Else's money up enough that seems like it's on the up and their accusations we need to talk to Joseph his own scorecards usually complain about something. So we'll talk to him -- it just saudis aren't long black pants because -- he plays better. When he wears pants -- and be out at a golf outing like this. -- it was 85 degrees and humid today 88. I know where it is -- pianist baseball post game show built by -- -- ace hardware live in the jurors on M and are mobile -- Sam Allen. Running back -- finishing things up about a half hour left here. Get an update from Mario will be back and Sports Radio 1250 W -- but he. Brewers fans it's time to get the latest on the crew with the Brewers insider Adam -- -- Brought to you by Thomas -- offices for divorce child custody -- any other -- -- -- to go with experience go with -- -- On line -- -- -- -- dot net or call 4143275800. This is the routine is baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware on the only station Brewers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS his -- And we are wrap it up the eighth then you'll Perkins restaurant victories 1250 charity golf outing a huge success here that's good in big -- and those -- you that wanna get involved on the surprises here and you didn't help a great cause. Give kids the world and you can you can. Grab some of these prizes now we -- have information on who won the event positive. You gonna -- that evoke the bill Michaels the bill Michaels group did under. And -- Oz and -- year we're talking about him home. The only one in the event the only one on the promise us I think within a radius of five miles. With long -- on long black black pants on. -- actually -- we described you earlier today as wearing a purple and yellow. Shirt. Purple and yellow shorts. And a fashion bug visor as I've. But not -- -- I've Brewers -- a 95 the final we do want to thank everybody who. Did participate in a golf outing today as they're on their way. Back to where there go home we had a great time real real quick that if he didn't participate which is still want to help out give kids the world it's GK TW dot -- -- that are very good and please get involved next year it was a for the dates and sign up early because this thing sells out. Very very quickly -- Brewers fall 95 today -- 71 and 56. And they fall to split the series gets Blue Jays let's bring in -- great mid West Bank hot line. From Brewers dot com and Adam McKelvey Adam thanks for the time and you know what you can't complain too much about the what what the Brewers have been -- and as of -- heard Ron Redick you just talk about the offense getting things together and the depth of that lineup is that what it's gonna take offensively. -- just get a little more consistent get guys like. Reynolds and secure -- -- the bottom there to pitch in. Yeah that that's been big lately sugar had an ice skate today -- -- Almost put him ahead that I live a long flat -- warning track he's been better. And I think he is a little less concerned about that often but he was not like early -- Tampa Bay series. -- -- -- -- was really looking at the offense wasn't satisfied so that's good. Today with the days -- got beat -- get off -- back do we are just talking about. People often don't like to hear that but he he pretty much made his pitches there and and just gave up a couple of singles. I'm he wasn't you know -- devastated by that he brushed off questions about. -- retired because he's not having a good month it is in little regression program. On the other stuff will that give -- his homer capture. Wrong makes I mean it would have been nice catch and probably a ball you normally catches. -- -- -- -- -- -- But that hurts because he's the guy they still really want to try to get into the mix. It's just you know he made a mistake and and it's just the consistency. Not quite there of what he was last year or so that that right handed you know setup guy can still spot that they can't quite figure out. Adam you're the first person that I heard speaking of that setup position to bring up the idea. Of Jim Nelson as that setup guy he brought up for five weeks on the one picture before -- -- up. To fill that spot in the rotation at last rotten Radke or anybody else in the organization that's something that they've considered what's the rotation gets back back healthy emotion -- are back well. Yeah they're they're deflecting all questions about that right now and I get it because there's no reason to go on a record of what you might do. You don't know who else is gonna roll an ankle next week and then that decision is made for you and I got a guy starting -- You need to release it publicly would think about moving into the track so they don't want to go there yet but but it is that wasn't my idea that they talked about four on -- start. I'm so it's definitely something that on the table and I think it's one of the options and think about depending on what -- fired -- -- -- got another one arm coming up. You know what he would he -- over the next couple weeks -- able to insisting that and it cannot be in the same teams over and over which kind of looked like it. That's part of what got him in 2012 -- these teams got multiple looks and them. You know maybe you keep him and are you -- is -- now he's got the stuff to do it a two pitch guy -- you know fast -- power slider. While he -- be really effective in the short but but but again that a -- them you know don't make that decision now because you -- -- Died and I agree with you -- another week goes by since we've had -- conversation about that you know right handed reliever. You know now the days are taken away you know I get a waiver wire deal or whatever but you know a guy if you do ultimately get when he needs to be on this team by the first -- You know you see that getting done here we are you know 1011 days away from -- mark. Yet it the hard part of getting -- my Myanmar have enough -- productivity in Los Angeles said he spoke to us. They had -- -- guys needing multiple relievers that very day so. There are there -- the waiver wire they're making planes multiple claims trying to get reinforcements but the brew works by virtue of capital of the best -- in the National League. It's it's hard to get anyone it's hard to make a deal and you know I -- I don't know that's for certain but I also wonder you know you don't hear much about teams making salary dumps when the last time we sought -- in baseball. At Olympic cheer 2011 style salary. They don't happen as much I think there's a lot of money in the game right now and teams are not necessarily. You -- forced to make trades like maybe they -- a couple years ago. And I think that maybe limits the number of August trade. That's just my own idea I haven't heard that's -- baseball people but. It seems to me like there's very little activity happening for -- and in in the past I think we've seen some ordeal. Photographers insider Adam Italian offers dot com here -- -- penis baseball post game show Adam looking at that rotation and the injuries to Garza. And -- to get any indication they said that -- they're gonna try and get him back by the first week of September Lohse. They say is only gonna miss the one start that he's already that is already missed in the rotation. But do you get any sense that maybe there they're playing it a little bit safer with those two guys because you have Mike fires and Jameer Nelson can step in and do the job. Well what I was told is that the uncertain how that it in the past the way they're looking at those guys haven't totally independent. Of the other things happening in the rotation. With Kyle Lohse and you -- dark dark in this period you know those obliques. You do not mr. -- if you bring a -- back early it's very often comes back to bite you. -- there they waited until he was really point three even play catch. Reality was able to do that in Los Angeles there wrapping him up. But you gotta be careful and motion different because he was able to I mean physically able to take the mound a couple of times with a bad ankle. But it compromise the way he was able to throw the ball so -- they've backed off. And they are being a little bit conservative and but yet it is not that you know Mike fired you know -- -- the ball pretty well. Is that this is about Kyle Lohse and getting him back to being able to actually pitch. To drive off the mound -- we have to hit with him it's not velocity obviously but it's -- -- that the slider which is. -- sneaky good pitch in Major League Baseball and his changeup if you look at the numbers so those are really effective pitch pitcher Carlos. And they were flat compared to a normal because he's not able to drive -- -- So they are convinced that they need to get him back to where he's not feeling pain in that ankle before he can pitch and I think -- -- That we get news on that over the weekend because they need a fifth starter by Tuesday in San Diego. I think Kyle Lohse is going to be one of those one of those guys. So whether it's Monday or Tuesday I think he's back in there I think -- Adam final thing for you gave many many years ago we first started -- on the radio while Brewers baseball I I realize some -- -- And that it's your -- a little careful and in thrown out predictions. At the that I. If I've really understand that because it comes back they get ship because it's that much there's too much the paper trail on this stuff these days that. People are are quite often. Tending to throw that up in your face but. Just on a general feel with five and a half weeks left of the season does -- -- sort of surprise you a little bit as you see Pittsburgh you know fate now. He is -- -- now Cincinnati just implode since the all star break and -- was -- in a three team race between Saint Louis Cincinnati and Pittsburgh with a wild card you know being. You know the Brewers maybe could make some north now look at this is that somewhat surprising to area. Yeah absolutely because you know I wouldn't want you guys had me on and I I get my group prediction and -- -- started with a -- I didn't think they were going to win this division. -- I thought there were stronger teams and it never happened -- -- other teams injuries have played a big role with those other -- -- -- -- McCutcheon Molina. The Brewers have not had a situation remotely like that and that is where it all in what they've been able to do but they're also pitching and you know I I know that the national perception but when he and it was a mirage. And the Brewers are kind of come back under it and let the division and absent. We're deep enough in the season now that they deserve credit for just being pretty good team. Maybe you know lacking they don't have the fielder -- They're like they did and eleven in terms of like I think the national level superstar types. -- they've got it up from the offense obviously they've got enough from the certain rotation to compete. And all -- the -- the kind of bogged down by injury as a -- that steadily held out and so I think it's big for them to stay out for a while you know. When you're out front this market think playing from behind would be hard to this team. So I think that's been big at every candidate that can get close to -- -- -- going a little -- And it -- -- -- not making predictions the other part of that is I think people sometimes forget that. I'm a beat writer covering the team and making predictions -- -- no good. Out. So I'm -- go ahead and do my job and write about what actually is happening and I'll leave the predictions. -- -- So every -- that some of the Brewers players maybe management coaches were listening on the big show and he said 78. How you know I I don't know a lot of flack about that but I just feel in general I don't think -- very Smart for the beat writers make predictions because frankly nobody cared. Leave it to the about -- that's what they -- a columnist. And the radio host a big. That they do that that's why we're -- Nadia at a golf course that. And you're down there playing golf. I'm boiling -- the -- The excellent Adam McKelvey from Brewers dot com -- always supplies available to practice and I. I hit I got -- in the right spot at things that you guys can check that out later. Tomorrow nicely done and. Thank you are you -- a McKelvey. Joining us on the great mid West Bank what makes great midwest bank great the great midwest bank that -- to see what people in our community are saying about GM these great people products and services great at West -- simply. Local all right final break here as will kick it to the sound off line coming up -- also gets an MVP for tomorrow morning I'm sure you hear lots of stories and chuck -- wicket tomorrow morning about the success. Of the eight then you'll. Charity golf outing for WS SBs east's eighth year of this and with help from. Perkins restaurant bakeries been a huge success give kids the world. Is the beneficiary of the event today Mets -- Brewers -- they. 95 will be back in Sports Radio 1250 W -- us pretty well. -- welcome back it is final couple minutes repeat -- baseball post game show built by -- ace hardware wrap up the Sports Radio 1258. Annual charity golf outing presented by Perkins restaurant bakeries here that's -- in big -- the staff here. That -- what's been outstanding. The food. Was outstanding. And just -- -- -- for an MVP Albert tell your right now it is the -- MVP tomorrow morning with a morning show last few. Who was the MVP in the -- 95 loss. Mario what do you think nomination hero quick either -- -- Parra. Gotta go with Carlos Gomez that is utilities MVP -- -- some free food from Chile's tomorrow morning check out the details with -- and wicket. -- Mario nice job back -- the states who won't get into the jump -- Buick GMC sound off line up next for Robbie backed off filling in for Sparky today and my name is Tim Allen Brewers fall 95 -- talked again after the last -- to make the switch. Friday night after game one against the Pirates have a great night everybody it. It's time for the best of John -- Buick GMC twelve to be sound off line. On Sports Radio 1250 WSS -- Milwaukee's sports station. Goodell also wondered if we could we visited the argued that she had game I know what you would go on wall look Bergkamp put it featured not slightly to help -- -- -- what should they cobalt one friend just don't know. He's batting -- twenties. Oh Taylor wanted to fulfill your new guy mark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we didn't do that is terrific about the pitcher -- -- -- go -- they could do that particularly well I think about -- -- become more appropriate over what we don't know what -- who pitched. Its. Franchise also don't get too excited over the brewers' recent success it would not be good to be labeled mr. premature it's. Okay. I'm. Okay. Okay. We'll look. Okay. OK. Okay yeah. -- You can sound off on -- John Paul's Buick GMC 1250 sound off line at 4144482162. We've as a message that John -- Buick GMC 1250 sound -- -- and John Paul's on a moment. 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