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08/21/14 Badgernation's Ben Worgull joins Chuck and Wickett

Aug 21, 2014|

Ben Worgull talks about the 3 Badgers named to the preseaon All Big Ten team, the Badgers' opening game against LSU. What to expect in the upcoming weeks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us right now from badger nation dot -- of the great mid West Bank hotline we welcome in our badger insider -- -- all. Then would you agree with all three of those pre season all Big Ten team selections. Look the -- picked up again be out with you. I think he could be. He could -- really good year for Wisconsin at right guard he's -- -- be a very limited pitch count of practice. Mean the guy that. Is going to be badly and you know median in various injuries -- throughout the rest of his career so they're gonna go very easy with him throughout fall -- so you have to wonder. Down down the road in November. All of that -- payoff can -- keep and help the long enough. To ever really successful senior season I think he could be a really good player for the batters. But all big and that interest in sports I grew core group haven't been I think koskie could have a big -- -- keep healthy. What we have a two guys on first team all Big Ten it sounds like the offensive line once again it's going to be one of the stalwarts in the steam. Oh yeah without question I mean. You look at the opera -- yes you loose right Greg graduation but -- merit started every game last season you have. Haven't seen who is going to be a three year starter to mention -- -- And then that kind of the cool but it looked Wisconsin is that they have two really capable setters -- the walk and -- -- started the season. Played through the Iowa game got hurt. Did we addressed the year but gamble the red shirt freshman or forced our commit to that kid. Came -- and spent the rest the year will be in the wallet for left guard where he's comfortable -- he was brought yet. Originally and what bowl. Who has really developed in. -- to what looks like to be pretty natural center he looks really can't draw that position to Europe five guys in the line that start bolts -- games last year. And guys -- comparable. With one another. So would want that group -- help -- because the depth behind them is the greatest right now that's kind of the main thing -- -- worker -- recruiting the last year year to have. If you people I've LP Dole's running -- Gordon -- -- Quarterbacks. In that group could ever really successful -- That was good -- next question for you Ben is how deep is this offensive line once we get past the front five. You know you look at the interior group. You know big guards in the senators I think they are -- there Michael eater a true freshman -- came and in January has looked really good I think -- -- -- body you know the standard spot. Read ball has been in this program for a number of years I think either guard position for him. Will be very helpful to have a guy like that with that kind of experience. But my question mark is the tackle spot they really don't have. He's solid experienced up again you have walker Williams is that the program -- couple years but he really hasn't seen any -- reps. So they looked at tackle it could be very tight heat forward -- to -- -- brought a young kid there was not much experience. One guy highlight I've always liked him as a tight end he's did some nice catches over the years to see him artisan. You know here's a guy who's got good hands the red zone. -- he has very -- and in the red -- -- -- reliable threat or Scott and the -- don't remember beard question now is -- the goal. From going to -- like that something you really -- it did you went past years because project first and the other person's -- -- and really took it upon himself or the last several months. To develop that part of the game there's even we've seen that. In spurts this -- work he looks comfortable going down asked mark Ryan I post up fade -- doing different things like that. And now you have to develop that depth behind to beat that scout except always predicated off too tight end one pass catching tight end at one -- run blocking tight end that we can Austin trailer -- -- steps or here's a kid who'd been very healthy. I always at -- that brought out but never was able to really played because all the seniors -- article. Or no warning that spot you looked very comfortable -- blocking fight need to get better in some areas strength lies. But he's also looked good catching the ball and with some question marks still cloud surrounding the wide receivers to current development another. -- for the quarterbacks -- did you you know 5710 yard catch. Return situation LB key force scouts -- -- -- add another dimension to their offer. Governor badgering -- -- were able follow on Twitter at the badger nation -- -- -- imagination dot com here on Sports Radio twelfth fifteenth second wicket. The badger nation of football preview issue is out and it is a beautiful magazine we appreciate you -- some off -- the golf outing yesterday Ben what are the interesting stories -- -- yesterday when I got home. Was the one that -- what about -- -- though I mean it that the word on the cover of it says break out. This is a guy that I'm sure a lot of people in Madison especially head coach Gary Anderson are really waiting to break out and catch the football. -- -- neither do I mean certainly you'd better dynamic presence and the special game we start that. Couple years ago and it -- Utah State southern ball game -- -- South Carolina. But interpret -- you know wide receiver we haven't seen it yet. Mean you're -- -- going to be a senior this year now a senior he has yet to cut outs Eric gay it's there's that this -- in the yeah when you think of -- And this is not the senior of the group but -- of the group. And we've seen him take a lot stepped forward and I think the spring -- paper are a lot of wires Hubert what balance break toward record out there who were held out. The -- you log in practice get peavy -- practice throughout will right. Go to -- these are all the -- -- were expected to. You know -- -- -- reps in the spring and really more our propel them to fall and it didn't happen. But terrible dole stayed healthy so we got on a -- And -- really developed his game to work he can now play multiple positions on the field Wisconsin terms of their wide receiver spot. The more you try to utilized on you in the ball we've -- what his speed can do in the open field. But he needs to be -- I need to -- that breakout guy he played like the upper -- -- the -- reliable threat for the order. Does not conference schedule obviously we nobody'll issue we've talked about that before but I mean anybody else in the western Illinois -- pushover. Hum Bowling Green in South Florida anyone -- two schools -- all going do beat anyone of a test at all for scouts and. Bowling Green well. Or reward country last year won the Mac a lot Pittsburgh and a little -- keep the ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you look at there are offered -- one run fast -- offense they have a new head coach -- repko went to Wake Forest. And there are coaches here really wants to walk -- -- weeks you'd pat you're not -- a couple -- but sometimes we'll get better. It really -- too much last year Indiana. Failed to get -- and BYU try to run up couple really didn't get anything going. So maybe it could direct me about I that -- being. In terms of what are you are going to get -- -- with the three or the one thing about Bowling Green -- -- spoke -- we have the of their three losses they. Played three -- you're in -- here in the opener law Eric Weaver got killed by Indiana in the -- -- -- into. So it's one of those things where -- think it's going to be a good but we haven't really seen Bowling Green played very well against a good piece yet or are out power. Six or wherever called out so and -- set yourself went to eleven last year start in America and they're gonna are really turner aren't yet juggernaut that -- -- or not but. -- bring up -- the idea of running up tempo and how much trouble it's given Wisconsin the past that would obviously from circle the defense and an -- A very important for Gary Anderson's defense to get off the field. What are bring him back to something we talked about in the beginning it. Three batters on the -- ESPN pre season all Big Ten team all on offense should we expect the defense this year to get better because I know we all like to see. The 34 in the blitzing -- -- -- -- causing last year but there were times when they couldn't get out of their own way. Yeah I think part of that was because Scott interpret 34 deeper took portrait personal. I mean you look at a bunch of guys they have. -- -- wasn't really an outside linebacker are even -- wasn't really would be current event in -- have a lot of guys playing out of position and and partner -- random people -- quarter. Or about -- he really that they could run before they wanted to because they had too much -- right in a lot of big guys on their defense. That they could really. You know pressure the court -- where they wanted to couldn't do different things dramatically -- where where they want to now you bring in an entirely new front 77. At practice. And crap and study the 34 -- year now. -- -- -- -- -- In the usual guys they have are -- and their body on to add a little bit more all. Don't maintain their speed. And I went like the parts aren't because the seven productive start -- -- -- from the people got that I think that's really cool and you have guys that. Have a passion for playing for the universe. And the second or two -- it will get better because you returned three or four starters and I think older shall we should have had arm. Should have -- may be involved now all -- and I think by the end of the year he could really be first in all of the current election. I don't remember I didn't debates with -- Ellison from our big -- for afternoon show about -- -- he thinks he's just a guy I think he can be more than more than just a guy. You're talking around for a very in the magazine. You don't get -- start that with everything he did -- at a true freshmen. He knows he can do so much more. Yet -- being -- Learning about Lester that you can look back and draw any air or stake in where you could not play certainly won't cover to your three. -- -- -- -- -- -- you look at the Ohio State -- get beat for touchdown. In the first quarter come back and played two really good while what -- respite in. And you have a couple of reluctant and a in the Capital One Bowl were -- what an epic roster and he -- he he took all the more reluctant pickup filed -- In the -- the -- and really has relied on them to motivate them. During that. This spring and summer and all you really think now Europe experience it -- their experience secondary. You could really have a break -- -- -- not going to be one of the best big and quarterbacks. In this league. You know I think the previous two coaches -- mom and Alvarez especially Barry wanted to point that he wanted to put offensive -- -- guys here nine hitters and be relatively good. Wisconsin as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some high school coaches -- Wisconsin he didn't have a very good relationship with obviously Barry did it. House leaders in this relationship of -- high school coaches here in the state. Beat -- Brett rubbed people wrong -- a little bit. No no on my hand no. What at all -- -- at a high school coaches do which you know you -- Have a good relationship with them but house series. Gary that he'd better you know when he took the job that your number reach out all the coaches around figure realize there's like three -- it -- high school. Programs are on paper I think it there was a -- bigger. But what we are one. He's relied a lot of spent Strickland played -- opera -- controlled the paper Wisconsin. You know work equipment GA to obviously that the quarterbacks coach and Strickland really don't recruit the state hard the last. We yours did a great job last out and brought -- a number. A top -- this year it's got to hear her. Quote -- and -- all in terms of that top level talent. You look at the top I don't eat -- for Seymour I spoke a while where Scott and got -- you know lock yet some are Seymour. Now that's some -- the green Bay Area. Prepared. Then you look at. The next guy and the let. And it's really troubled mobile there really mean there's not that one standout -- relaxed are you that Carter sheet you'll -- George and altered -- in all the -- Craig haven't. -- or start it. -- After our deep into the big drop -- it looked up to really had to recruit this state are they offered to -- and they got a ball. Beat then and they have David out from -- one -- that. So I think because golden likable Barrett started Wisconsin is looking. And it hit and state they wanna start since they move -- I respect a lot of people. A beautiful little bewildered supported it out there hasn't maybe -- -- more yet. But -- after and remember with this -- compared to. BO -- Albert -- -- -- got connections all over the country California you top. -- Florida. Virginia Maryland I mean these guys. Have a good start -- all the players -- got the meat pigeonholed into one area they can go out to some of the more fertile recruiting -- And bring in -- But they with a -- from a wanna go it's just a sad way to -- and it I would -- liked seeing how you have played. -- in the Big Ten because man he was just unbelievable on -- high school football field I don't know what his future is all I know what his immediate future is going to be but I mean. After that but. Why that would have been a bit softer to see this kid play. It up and not get you know a great kid I watched him play. In the in high school during camp and everything are taught -- -- got a really good spot program and to really was that's -- anybody -- every Sunday talk to a heated etiquette that about. Oh yeah you know it's not easy to -- -- obviously you know. One bad decision and to be real your entire future -- you feel bad herbal involvement situation. Are you feel bad for Wisconsin -- up a lot time and effort in the hairpin. So unfortunately one bad there's -- and you know. Would open era putrid going to be especially in terms of what all you are not amateur future that -- that's a -- -- like you that chart. Really fit the mold of a -- up big at linebacker. -- What what is his immediate future ordered we know that what's an excess is a process right waiting I'm a real way to end in a -- -- processed he's been charged yet and he's been found guilty. -- -- -- -- Gil de DT they were going to. Something was supposed to be. Are some -- late in camp you know it might have already out there and I'm not sure or might have been delayed. I you know it it. I don't think this -- -- you know he's been sentenced him but as a looked good. So that they many thank you so much for rod joining us today and thanks for joining us tomorrow to -- on the golf are certain things for joining us yesterday did you -- at the other golf outing. I think -- by -- so much or had a great group had a good time you -- that a great bearing in. Enjoy it and our -- and learn from -- counter next year who July -- shoot. We knew where we at 68 or 1210 -- Greg Oden yeah you've got you some guys knew. A group. Yeah there's no Arnie isn't that -- shot if they're literally like you I go to all of an event like you go to a basketball game big time Mike -- ever go to any high school basketball game Mike knows everybody. You'll anywhere in Wisconsin -- like yeah I know like six. Guys he's a girl put them right down the road when I ran -- -- -- yesterday and -- always happens -- -- appreciated the other badger nation football preview. Looks unbelievable -- -- pick it up go to badger nation dot com and get yours. Thanks much for the time -- -- -- again next week. Hey now there's by one month at one month three were -- -- for the season. There now -- -- badger nation dot com right now by one month get a month for free invent next week it's going to be weird to say it'll be game week. That Orvella Majerus out of all of on Twitter at the badger nation -- is working get a badger nation not common. Right now by one month to get a month free of the premium service over a badger nation dot com. They join us on the great midwest think hotline. What makes great -- make great. Visit great mid West Bank dot com and see what people in your community you're saying about GMB's great people products and service is great mid West -- simply local.