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08/21/14: Jerry Crasnick joins Bill Michaels

Aug 21, 2014|

Baseball writer for ESPN.com and Baseball America Jerry Crasnick joins Bill to preview the top of the Central Division between the Brewers and Cardinals. With the Cards sweeping the Reds, are they finally back on track to becoming a serious playoff contender? We also take a look around the rest of the National League and who the favorite is to represent them in the World Series. Plus, Ned Yost has the Kansas City Royals rolling lately through the AL Central. Does the Brewers old skipper have the Royals playing at a legit contenders level?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk it's -- more baseball Jerry Chris -- from ESPN. Joining us on the -- -- you don't. No -- you don't -- this is one of those times of the year where you get a little bit of football in your blood but boy oh boy the pennant races are starting to heat up and it looks like it's going to be a race to the finish in the National League central. The Cardinals for a while Jerry they look like -- they didn't have that same swagger and -- sweep the reds it basically put the reds out of their misery. And it's a race to the finish between them and the Brewers if you're going to start to handicap this thing how do you see it. Well I think at Saint Louis can get. Yadier Molina and Michael -- back they have to feel pretty good about their chances. They are going in with a team that. Is still I think 49 in the majors in runs scored they really haven't had moved. They've tried -- -- Reconfigure things you know they brought in John Lackey and Justin Masterson and AJ period and he and -- they got a little bit of that veteran toughness and experience and hey you know I still think Saint Louis was probably the most talented team and the best team. In the division but the Brewers have certainly proven themselves to be very resilient they've overcome every. Challenge so far from injuries -- underperformance. By some guides and you know I think we're probably at the point where we can expect both he -- to make it to the public -- them. The course and going to be conference's first and who -- -- fact that. -- we say that because I say the same thing they're probably the better team we talk about the Cardinals in that light. Is it just because they've got experience or just if you go through the -- top to bottom they have better players. Because it seems to be the overwhelming consensus that we just say -- the Cardinals -- the better team is there's a specific reason as to why. Well I think when you went into the field and you probably would look at -- Starting pitching you know what -- -- -- talking and you don't land Flynn in B Moehler in the guys they had. And Trevor Rosenthal look like you know one of the best. Young closers in baseball and it's impeded me and nice mix of veteran guys. Our young kids you know they seem to be able for a plug holes pretty pretty quickly. But their offense has been birds are going you know last year I think they had. 330 with runners in scoring position and this year there about a hundred points lower than -- they don't score we run so when you don't score -- in America look very I didn't. They they have been sort of a disappointment. And an underachieving team but lately they've really won a lot of one run gained some appear to be sort of getting their act together and I could see them being one of these teams like Washington and you know right now that all of a sudden put together big run. Looking at the rest of the National League I know him because -- you know here in this area -- people get excited because the Brewers have beaten Wainwright they have beaten. Greinke they have beaten Kershaw they've been Strasburg may be a lot of these top pitchers. Is the belief now that the Brewers are for real and that they can beat anybody on any given day and this is going to be in a very interest in post season. Yeah I think when you get to the point where. You're still in first place -- -- -- target it's pretty hard to say you're not for real you know I think the Brewers -- kind of like. Baltimore couple years ago -- would want a lot of games and and people that while winning one run games -- -- doing Mets sort they're doing that eventually it's gonna. Catch up program but like I said they responded to every challenge and you know all part of of getting off to such a great start I don't know how much about 500 they -- spent a great. Guard they have but that doesn't really matter at the end of the year only a matter how many games you win and they look like -- -- he -- -- -- you know but I tell obviously a better team. If LeBron can come right upper arm and you know some other things -- but they do appear to be one of those aimed at it. When something happened you know adversely. You get a scooter didn't matter Kurt gave -- four. You know any number of guys -- going to step up. -- pretty big heads. Lately now it's Aramis Ramirez is that starting it well felt. You don't think that it -- whipped everybody. Pretty -- have -- and you know the course going to be the starting pitcher. A team that not a lot of people talk about but there is for real as anybody that's Washington they've had a tremendous season thus far one of the top teams in baseball. And with with the pitching staff that they have do they match up with anybody. Yeah I think so when you look entertained and all of a sudden not. History has been very good and you know we know what Strasburg. Can do -- Gonzales has the track record so I mean I thought all -- their team that just. Very balanced you know they seem to be deep in every area and -- -- -- those ugly -- you know last year they didn't play well they kind of took the first. Four months often got hot at the -- and but it was. To Lleyton this year they've kind of -- control of that division and so I think they could be very dangerous team and poetry -- And I heard does some people I can't -- -- as -- -- belly aching about the Giants pro testing that game down in Wrigley look if I'm only three games behind the Dodgers. I'm -- that game too because what happened was nowhere near my fault they should have been able to play that game I would have protest it would new. All the character rip them for protesting at when the protest was upheld an -- You know that -- -- very rarely been in that case. They thought they had a gripe and obviously. Joseph Torre and Major League Baseball agree to have them out I don't see anything wrong or they're trying to -- happen all the time and when it gets upheld. I guess baseball and everybody else is saying hey you were in the right to complain about it. Have you seen anything like that where they just couldn't get the TARP on the field. What -- -- the game into the game earlier this year with the Yankees where they had a game where. Dating to the TARP on the field but there was a lot of wind blowing -- there was a lot of it wasn't necessarily error in terms -- the machinery you're you know anybody's fault I think the wind just. Take up too fast but they have a game had a game market to boat called in the fifth inning but I. You'd see it occasionally would whip I'm having trouble getting a -- down but when -- gets to a point where there are not errors or malfunctioned. Two up all the protests that for a different story altogether. I just that the irony wasn't trying to pull over the hundredth year he hit a hole insignia and they've been doing this for a hundred years we couldn't get it right and they -- a -- All the other side -- let's go out to -- -- and there are the American League site. Everybody knows Ned goes from being the manager here and playing baseball here in Milwaukee how how good is Kansas City with the staff the -- -- Well you know there weren't seeing -- boarded and had -- -- you know four. 34 months than what everybody else is going out making -- Huge move the deadline they did a couple of small thing but decided hey we're gonna stick with big young guys we have been. Billy Butler and Alex Gordon you know court sort of -- -- young guys have really led to -- it Smart people -- Derek harper being hurt so. They have a great bullpen they catch the ball and -- -- to other years where you feel fatigued like. Seattle wouldn't even -- -- get good pitching and defense. You don't have -- had that much. They don't have for much power but. They catch the ball -- earned every game because -- their starting they got a great -- parable parent felt they look like they're legit move. Detroit looks like it's starting. -- its -- older folks -- -- become very unexpectedly. Interest -- How good is it for some new blood to -- in the mix for the post season. In baseball. I love that I mean I think it's great you know we go to Milwaukee your Kansas City -- post season game. I think it's terrific you know some current. The TV people might not get crazy about it for ratings or whatever but returned. -- Satan open your sport and that's what Bud Selig -- has been and there's no better way to shorten you have teams like. Oakland in Milwaukee and Kansas City and Seattle in. Baltimore you know teams that aren't New York -- and and you -- Chicago. The big markets Philly. This year we're gonna see a lot of left coast. Team that it to possibly felt odd to me it's great I love it being different some people. You know think it's great and I'm sure there -- some people. Who thinker and glamour team during its a little boring. I'm not -- group for sure. Hate to think before -- let you go I know Bud Selig really wants to see Oakland get a new facility do they get one any time soon. You know are an -- -- -- enough for the politics -- it just seemed to be. So many years to put the Giants and territorial rights remote city and you know I think they'll have to. It will work group -- -- -- added. I think they're going to be moving and I I don't see how they can stand -- players because. It is a pretty bad facility and I think it is -- area where. -- -- you know -- gonna leave unfulfilled. That being said. The needs. You know municipalities in communities just. Forking out money -- teams to build stadiums. It's probably over so you know can come up about. Financing plan and did you can get -- done but. Certainly in this case it's complicated. By the fact that you have two teams sharing the same market. -- and more more thing and that is rob Manfred takes over as a new commissioner and the one thing everybody's talking about is the pace of play even Bud Selig said it's a little bit irritating. Do you see it getting any better anytime soon. Yeah I mean look I think that since he's been over done a little bit my cognizant so much wish. Three yard gain good with two to one games. With fourteen you know twelve or fourteen -- -- -- three -- than ten minutes are I think bad. Little bit too much. But you are trying to reach out to a new you know younger fans and hold -- -- -- -- excitement -- I think it's -- you can work -- You know get pitchers and and batters -- and force. Some big -- on the barks a little bit more stringent Utley I think he can do it. -- certainly enough attention. To it now that it's gonna become priority but I think it's something that. Baseball will try to Woodruff -- -- -- season. Jerry always good stuff and I thanks for talking to us for problem as we certainly appreciate it okay. Thanks so much they go Jerry -- joining us from ESPN and espn.com. It's where you can read his stuff there of great baseball insider he join us on the Schneider or John line. Schneider hiring drivers right now you work -- they're gonna treat you fair you look -- for a career change. For almost eighty years it's orange column 844. Pride or -- -- Schneider jobs dot com that is 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs -- --