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08/21/14: Pete Fiutak sits down with Bill

Aug 21, 2014|

Pete Fiutak of CollegeFootballNews.com sits down with Bill Michaels to preview the 2014 Badgers and the rest of the Big Ten. With a win in Houston against LSU, can the Badgers run the table the rest of the year and make it to the first ever college football playoff? Also, is the Big Ten one of the more weaker conferences in college football?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the college campus insiders college football news.com as well jury where he can read his stuff. -- -- -- we are excited we just don't know what to expect out of his badger football team and you figured it out. Want to -- a fighter and -- humor you know that that's the biggest thing in the in the defense so figure itself out I mean this is that what they're doing with this. You know 34 will be fine players -- Gary Anderson that group knows how to cope with defense the secondary will be a little bit better. The quarterback situation -- -- you know obviously the running -- gonna be great but it doesn't matter if you can't find another -- ever dare I mean it. Yeah IE it's it's not that craziest thing in any -- -- literal sense of the term. In the cold here and -- for the most valuable players in the country last year can you take him off that offense. And it had nothing happened on the field so. They they really needed to have don't want to step up there. Just kept it to feel a little bit running the ball like that I go to Wisconsin does. Yeah -- what eight or nine games but what a Big Ten championship and that you know you can potentially do even more this schedule he -- -- consistent field. -- -- the other question I guess is that we're still waiting to really find out what place Holly's gonna be the quarterback but I wonder how much -- -- stop they they're going to. To Ron before they say putting -- -- -- -- they go to a two quarterback situation and then the other question is because their schedule most people believe. They should win their division and with losing Braxton Miller. How much does that affect Ohio State can this team that we're looking at and was -- to be the best in the big -- -- will rookie Brent Celek it's delegates he Barrett's coming off you know come like classes start playing it's. It would Ohio State they think they use it to hand picked Urban Meyer quarterback you'll be okay and in a rental house speaker at -- Ohio State's schedule they're fantastic Michigan State still president team in the Big Ten. With that offense coming back in. Did their defense going to be just fine and you know it. -- cut it looks easier on paper than the probably yes I mean if if they give Wisconsin could you have to somehow be -- you at all but they are often UV -- the -- field through the roof. But he's even if the music TV eleven and one and then potentially twelve -- still probably -- the badgers in the college football playoff so. You know the -- can be that a little bit high but. Northwestern coming back pretty strong -- without -- mark. Christian Jones out there's they're going to be pretty good I would going to be important as that shot it going to -- -- for the badgers go in Iowa City if you look at that schedule. And Nebraska is certainly not all that that though. And then there's the thing it's still kinda worries me about Wisconsin a little bit is that Penn State team last year. Today are you gonna get that brain cramp again -- all the from the coaching staff decide to go weird. And forget about the running game is certain bombing the way you know it's you don't need -- coaching staff you know misfire again. Got a little there's one out there hang -- but -- certainly if they get everything altogether would cut is going to be right there in the mix for the -- I think they're going to be a good team I don't know how good they're going to be but you know we keep talking about style of a medical boy -- in the -- back Melvin Gordon and will he have a shot at the Heisman. They lost seven starters -- a lot of veteran leadership on defense and you know they -- -- we're going to be -- going to be fine but I you know man that's a lot to lose defensively including pretty. Swollen right away you know right off the bat because that well -- you offensive line is fantastic and you know it did it -- -- interesting contrasting styles because. You know you have the two programs that kinda do the same thing only LSU's got a whole bunch more talent you know -- -- for in terms of the four and five star recruits -- Obviously was -- to get -- done. You know getting you they didn't fitting system you know it's -- the and then turning -- -- NFL talent so. It's going to be drifting to the beauty you know this is my joke is that this is offensive line porn and -- -- -- about. You know front five in the country they're just -- to blast away. Is that defense the front for the badgers are good and know exactly where it stands right awake you know he's gonna come and they're gonna blast last blast away. Let's say they beat LSU it out is that something that we can say. Boy wake up and take notice -- -- that so we can say you know what they were just the better team because is two very physical strong teams. Either way yet to take it -- -- know looking at the top ten caliber team and it's still. You know they've got a lot of rebuilding to do to their credit here at its -- that situation -- They've got a question marks but. -- he QB Ellis you know that that'll definitely be big boy that they humongous. Further in the Big Ten Kapanen if there was constant. If you're good enough to beat LSU and Houston you can pretty you should be able -- handle northwestern in Evanston and you know there were other road games -- really -- Purdue and Iowa you know that. That's not bad you know league -- business at home against Nebraska don't brain -- against the you know a very good Maryland team. It is there is no excuse but if you're gonna have to be -- -- you're good enough to blow away the rest of that schedule there's no allowed state to do it no Michigan State. Get -- that take your chances in the Big Ten championship. How good is Michigan State -- your loaded or that -- so I -- Michigan Michigan State and Ohio State. Yeah and then their road and don't forget Maryland I mean I know that the visit the new guys are getting -- -- -- love -- put Maryland -- But -- Mike and -- are -- of the public experienced teams in the Big Ten this year. Workers is going to be a little bit interesting Maryland can be pretty strong but. Michigan State they keep that in their defense is gonna rebuild its fast they've got to find a linebacker you gotta pay replaced -- -- but that's secondary still tremendous. And the offense is going to be night and day better -- -- Is going to be in NFL camp next year Jeremy Langford probably about running back nobody ever has noticed this season than last season. They're they're going to be a lot better and Ohio -- feel great I mean there and it. I love all these articles only think they've all looked the Big Ten down -- because -- -- no I mean Barrett can be fine. Threat with a lot of people are taking great -- to -- -- -- -- they was going to be eleven and one Braxton Miller losing at Michigan State's. The price available without rectum or living in Michigan that there still -- that are -- -- Schedule -- here's the thing you know -- I'm I'm chastised for all the time I went there I played there but I never thought Braxton Miller was that. Great of a quarterback I thought he was a very good runner. But everybody was a great quarterback in that. You I guess what makes Braxton Miller other than his elusive -- so good. Well it muted compared to what you're defining as a quarterback and then he didn't of that debate because Kolb be a college quarterback to being a pro quarterback -- two different things if you're asking his. You know he is Braxton Miller the next Peyton Manning of course not you know that you not a pro we've done an NFL caliber quarterback. You know but being a quarterback in college means different things you can rattle the navy is one of the best quarterbacks in the country coming back this year but he's -- throw the ball lifted -- It would depend on what the position is that what you're asking out of the guy to do it. You know Braxton Miller was very very good at making a big plate when he had to -- you know you -- saw the plastered in the first half. And he obviously being a runner is a part of it that is a part of this mix if he again he's not an NFL quarterback but he was just very very good. But you're right Meyer coaches great quarterbacks and mean -- -- -- to beat you can Tebow or anything like this but. You know look at the and his history whether -- Alex Smith there and -- that he had at that. At Bowling Green he was able to do some great things of quarterback and you're -- they're going to be fine they're gonna throw the ball they're gonna have the best defensive line in the country and Aaron -- was going to be good for -- state. Looking at Michigan and will mission when does that what do they see Michigan becoming dominant again I mean hopefully for buckeye fans everybody else it'll seem as you become dominant again but. They keep saying that this is the year this of the year they're gonna break through -- just him and able to do what they haven't grab that -- like they used to have back. Only did they actually we did do the rebuilding job but they also happen at the end of -- Rich Rodriguez their that's. The whole idea with the blow up the ship and then rebuilt the and Rich Rodriguez rebuilt -- they fired up. And Brady OK -- what should do into the Sugar Bowl and and one that though that was their year but now they keep they keep city keeper building. They had one of the top five recruiting class in the country last year. And it didn't exactly blow a lot of the -- it was it there and they're green was a sub par the running game didn't work. Jig but got hurt going into this -- salute Corey recruits. Just haven't -- shown up yet. And that's been a problem though he -- you do so much and hopefully over the next five years if -- Michigan goes recruit panned out yet to keep recruiting. -- I mean Michigan State taken overall I'll state the star in. It did Michigan you're not back to being that dominant force -- scaring the heck out of everybody but. They have talent I like Devin Gardner more than just what everybody else the defense is going to be OK but that often -- running game big question mark there. Hey gotta ask you you know beat you you what I -- go back to something you said you said the big tens down. And people say that what is the Big Ten need to do this year to to say that they're not down so to speak. Yeah I haven't if they down and they get the national perception that the routing Braxton Miller means it's down I think it's fine I mean it's not the SEC and yet he's he's had better than everyone else. You know this year the pac twelve is real -- because especially because it's been able -- -- quarterback than they like to win the ball over the plate and if you've got that star power. You know you you can do some big things but -- -- -- the Big Ten has its you know as its stars to I mean to the Calhoun Christian -- -- -- You know Melvin Gordon it's business and Kevin -- there there are no stars to be at this week. It's again it's not the FDB but it's pretty rock solid I mean -- -- there awful. Rucker is Prague and have a bad year you know but where there's not really another total dud in the bunch and even Illinois -- -- be kind of fun offensively. You know Minnesota's gotten -- the running game. Yeah Maryland's experienced Indiana's got that treaty offense -- -- -- -- it's a pretty rock solid league compared to what the beauty you see which is top heavy in. The big twelve which it does have a lot -- -- by the third best conference but it doesn't give tech credit because there's so much -- and because it's not the SEC. Hate this job is always appreciate the knowledge thanks for joining us for a couple of and it's okay are doing all right -- -- -- -- if you take you can reach him at college football news.com he's a managing editor of the campus insiders as well.