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08/21/14: Mike Clemens sits down with Bill

Aug 21, 2014|

Mike Clemens is live from Green Bay as the Packers get ready for the third preseason game of 2014 against the Raiders at Lambeau. With the NFL announcing that practice squads will become bigger, which players are Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy eyeing to keep on the team? Also, who are the number 4 and 5 WRs on this squad?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My -- sort of -- serious radio as the Packers get ready for tomorrow night against the Oakland Raiders Michael are you doing. -- that is -- Richard Twitter and horse collar just worst thing that you're gonna fellow Lambeau yes garage there's a grab one. At that -- and we hope or I sit on your head your way out. -- -- -- I think huge and it yeah now if you want to split one tomorrow night up in the press box what's going after. You know what I'll do that. What will try that will will put it down -- take a picture of it will try to grub down on it. And it won't get a picture both RS has been over the toilet thrown -- at the same time we'll get that out a good shot there are so good this year. Not for because as bad just because it's so much food sold their -- -- -- let's start -- the tight end position. I wanna ask you little bit about that because we know that Boston is down do we get clarification I wasn't here yesterday some that we get clarification as the -- -- injury. Now and but I'll say -- those as as a stand up guy he came out and talked and often these guys will hide in a lot from the locker room media is in there. But he came bodies on the crutches and and we we've -- them walking around the facility so they'll only say it's so -- -- leg injury. And then see he had a broken foot toward the end of last season. And he has done a nice attempts on the -- of what this is on the other way. But he did he just said it's a lower leg injury but we'll leave -- that. But by the way he's carrying himself that the way that he -- just. I think that they're probably -- -- rest -- for the rest to camp and then just make sure that he's a 100%. In two weeks when they take the Seattle Seahawks but right now I think -- first down guy. Because of the big body and I made mention this comment -- said. Stand on the sidelines watching -- -- -- if I had 86 I haven't been every -- every game. They -- you Keith Jackson had big upper body guy. Pretty good hands but Brandon has gotten hurt from time to time to see got to worry about that -- ability. But I think it's Bostick and then certainly Richard Rodgers. The rookie out of cal really looks like a great prospect for the future and they're gonna do you're gonna see him get -- -- snaps. Against the Raiders -- and -- you know Aaron Rodgers is well. Tomorrow night I think you're gonna see 85 -- still -- get his shot. Because I think they're trying to decide -- its going to be him or Ryan Taylor. And this is a guy who started out really -- last year in training camp but actually caught the only touchdown pass. The masters pre season against the Rams. But you know -- he got back on the team that place special teams and he just keeps on. You know chip it away and -- of the way and Ryan Taylor has been inconsistent. When it comes to catching the ball for a fourth year guy. So that and -- -- other dark horse that I just can't get over the number eighty Justin parole on the main. It he just he doesn't really look like -- and he's got some height. But he has incredible hands consistently catches the ball should have had a touchdown in the -- against Tennessee. The chase Redick through the ball over his head in the end zone. But look for number eighty toward the in the last night to -- tomorrow night's game. I don't I don't know what they do the guy I just can't get over how consistent he is -- catch in the football. -- I what I ask you because you know you talk about the changes in training camp and guys enter. Take a look at I know that show Casey -- they held out today they're just trying to make sure that everybody's healthy going into the season. They've changed a lot -- training -- we see a lot of changes even in the last decade for the way they used to run things talk about the -- changes in training camp is scheduled to die it's tablets I pats all that kind of stuff technology has changed things as well. First of all Mike McCarty. -- -- you know it's the third week of August and vultures thinking about baseball kids go back to school but right now here at the Packers training camp. It might -- will be mid October. About a week and a half ago McCarthy try to get all these guys particularly the 53 they're gonna still be here in the mindset that were already into the regular season. And we talked about a initial couple days ago about how -- changed her on the schedule where they used to have run through practice on Friday -- would rational -- Saturday get off your feet. And either go to the team hotel you know if you had -- deal where ample where you would travel on Saturday but you need to take it easy on Saturday. Now he -- Friday run through practice high speed helmets and shorts he moved back to Saturday. Because the experts say that if you go -- or run the day before -- game. You'll be better off -- shall have a higher performance on Sunday. I talked to Randall -- about -- -- since. What do you think about to see because guys would have Friday practice they get out Friday afternoon to retreat and NF Friday night off to go all the family stay up watch a movie. You got to catch the plane. Chill out Saturday night and you've got a game on Sunday and now they're making me get up and -- -- you know a one hour practice on Saturdays before you get on the plane. And -- so when I ran track our track coach has -- sprints the day before me. You know it it works out the rustic -- you -- go -- And just sort of the feel as they had a really -- practice on Tuesday which would have represented -- Thursday practice in pads they were -- -- heads out here. And yesterday. It -- felt great from a player's standpoint like OK after that hard contact practice now I gotta deal rest. The -- back on the field -- -- run through. -- played again the next -- so that's what they -- today today it felt like it was a Saturday. We had a run through it lasts longest 64 plays on the field. And then tomorrow night to get -- -- so we're gonna see how this experiment works for the next couple days what makes it tricky though for us is. The media. Is it just changes our world in terms of -- -- out that final. Injury report. For fans that are interest in the game for guys that are you know playing fantasy football Casey Hayward -- practice again today it will not today it's like the table for a game. Normally you know it's that late. Then you're gonna be -- you're not going to be in the game and so were. You know if we're talking to the front office they practiced a lot of gonna -- going to be during the regular season I can get to worked was because tactically. They don't have to talk to -- the day before game. They're gonna have to change so little ways that they handle that in getting -- information to the media. Which is also gonna affect a lot of energy players. Her tremendously and and and I don't know how many other teams have schedules like this. But you know they got to sort of check with the league. They got to work within their own team policies. The -- -- their hands but. You know -- this part we're trying to work out during training camp. The other thing I think is so amazing it if you had not been training camp but certainly here's the thing that changes so much -- when -- -- after watching practice. Billion all the when you play ball you'd be be out there if you -- your line coach. The guys say okay today we're gonna work on pass protection and so you'll get three or four reps. The coach might stop all the whistle signal to put your hand the -- -- all kinds of demonstrations. Sometimes in these drills you get one -- And then you're out. And I just -- us again the other day in practice were a kid made a mistake a defensive lineman mistake because -- don't worry about it look at it on the tape. Practice is now a pop quiz for the Green Bay Packers. Because you've got to live in a lot of practice. And so when you art -- holes how many practices you could have particularly in training camp the coaches they were the priorities the primaries thirteen or scrimmage. Are running our plays. And -- were on the clock for that we have to do more teaching in the classroom so I guess -- -- guys stand up and just don't have an. And -- super -- but they also think that I could stand out there and it -- be able to be elected golf instructors thing. I could stay out there and stand behind -- helping hold the club. But I could probably do a better job if I shot GOP taken ten shots at the driving range. And then we walked over the city I showed you -- video how to correct your swing. That's what -- that's -- that dramatic change and with this. Also all the technology in object stopper was told us yesterday about the thigh pads -- run around with now -- -- don't that they had the playbook and for 23 years. But another thing it's amazing -- you know I can go to my coach or text my coach and say. -- at his status by the ponting is Samuel punting totals on last -- like -- -- -- -- -- place. And not sure who filed the and also what you've got to cut ups for every putt you were on last year. It's amazing. Position also so much in the football changed from Stan and out there slightly into the -- To what they can see -- in front of them. And and you know Corey -- league rookie out of Ohio State senator. Was it's and so what's the difference or just can't believe how deep till they are -- -- body from the food. The nutrition the snacks during. Practice. He said you know we just we just came from the three or -- study course this -- About about how to get Rem sleep. About food you should be but notable for you go to bed -- how to measure where you're getting proper sleep. And how -- you know pitcher body ready for the next stage get the most out of it in -- 78 hours the night before. Yeah they have devices they can actually put on your wrist it's almost like -- watch that will measure. Your your motionless miss it'll measure your heart rate -- -- kind of stuff. It in go actually see whether or not you're getting good sleep in May be find out the reasons as to why -- Clements from -- a -- serious radio joining us on the line on the Schneider orange -- -- From up in Green Bay and Michael -- we started out talking about guys catch -- -- is what about this wide receiver battle now. Because we know that that Janice I mean Ian -- everybody here that second -- has he become that fifth wide receiver in your mind. I think so I think he's made the team I think from the things I saw in practice this week and Aaron Rodgers try to send a player the other day. I had a chance to talk to Aaron. -- -- the next day Aaron just same old guy a great guy but. -- -- public and he puts guys on notice and that's just gonna be his style to say hey you know the kid Sean Burnett like the system. But I have a much higher demands to where guys have to be. Mentally ready before they're gonna set the field sat on the field with me and with our receiver corps. But I talked Edgar Bennett and Edgar a lot of these assistant coaches now are keeping it close to their -- as we get close that first production down the 75 so. To me I think it after you go with the leaders in that room it's it's going to be Dovonte Adams -- second round pick it's going to be chipped Janice. And I think the guys -- going to be battling for a job. Or maybe still stay here and you know on -- practice squad version. Are going to be. Think Kevin Dorsey was sure Lester -- -- You know if -- -- -- Chris harper. Number thirteen he's got to have a they -- this guy's body type but he's got to be more consistent hit some nice catches in practice today but he's gonna need a couple more. Tomorrow night against Raiders like talked Edgar Bennett the receivers coach about -- not his receiver corps this year. You look. Come -- you look at our rental car and look at your Boykin and where they've all. Walked to the -- -- -- 11 individual one veteran guys there was goals it's just wars the leadership of the -- Day in -- they'll. They do an outstanding job. And we talk among room suspenders holding guys accountable -- from the from the awful it's -- -- ball. So you know -- guys accountable I understand all that you know looked they keep talking about the depth and how happy they are -- I guess it -- doesn't really matter depending on the offensive line what they do for Aaron Rodgers we know he's mobile mobile. I guess the other concern that I have is. The offensive line looks good might -- if we -- -- rod take a step back and -- -- the guy hasn't played football on what to have years because of the leg injury. So that's expected a little bit but. Who replaces Don -- I don't think they've got that guy. I mean I'm looking and other guys too like Aaron Adams -- a tackle Jon -- And tiller guard there was a rookie I was kind of excited about because he's went in the one on ones Jordan McRae Al Central Florida -- -- Well all the -- -- 63322. -- -- guys primarily a guard but he seems to be fallen back. So I talked to James -- offensive line coach about. You know -- for a little bit concerned about church for cart in Latin guys blow past him in that game against Rams and here's what camp until. I started off a little rough there in the first series but after that he was so you know and certainly don't want to ever start out that way -- He'll learn from that but it's also -- Stepping stone from him he's on the turf speed rushers. You know those type of things and and you don't -- come a long way so. I'm electoral -- -- head coach said the sky's not falling he had a rough first series and after that he settled. And this was was. So bill the way their planet is. We still think -- going to be just fine as a backup tackle give the kids some more snaps in the pre season before -- -- -- write them off. We talking here earlier about turnovers about the defense and total numerically what they would need. Further -- Julius -- situation to work out now. You know one of the things we want to look at is the sack totals in the NC -- that it's spread out but the other thing we were talking I was it was turnovers and it. And last year that you know fumbles they didn't get and we talk about interceptions basically the safeties -- -- anything last year. Is that an area of concern of specifics of work or do they just get better through attrition. Well you know I -- to dared Perry he's the safeties coach. About this glaring stat that you know came out after last year that the safety said -- and receptions for the entire season. Something it hasn't happened to the Packers since the 1950. I still think that they're number one guys Morgan Burnett and Micah Hyde that your two safeties in the -- to get started how hard Clinton Dixon made tremendous. Gains in each day. You see him feeling more comfortable on the scheme he see him he made a tremendous he just he made he read a -- he was -- he was deep in center field. Rushed over to the right sideline. Reached up and two slotted a ball away in mid -- In product from month to. Showed tremendous speed and incredible leaping ability to knock away which should have been. An easy silent pass for like a 25 yard gain and so you see the athleticism with him. Include -- probably move his way up into a starting spot. As the season goes on Shawn Richardson flash boot camp he looks fine maybe Chris banjo beat I don't fully understand what's gone with it. New expansion of the practice squad we want to get some of the information from the team today. But looks like a guy like that it was on -- lecture. Might be able keep -- on practice squad if you wanna -- that deep at the safety position but Darren Perry he's heard that stat. -- -- -- had and here's his response for defending his sixties performance. The ultimate measure you know secondary doesn't necessarily equate to interceptions or fumbles. Again I think that we got him in that place and we better be sure tacklers go to meals in her mound. Everything else -- by products of that because everything ties and ties in hand and hand and you get interceptions off the tip balls. Make an -- ball movement early so to me. I don't really put a whole lot of stock into that s.'s fastest storyline. And he and his it's just more about fundamentals. -- and limit the explosives. And make people a long way become short tacklers. And in and be fundamentally sound we do that everything else will take care of yourself and any interceptions and fumbles. All those things -- products. Technique. And guys being -- -- to be in everybody. To win the -- everything working in unison -- -- tight coverage. And you know right defense. But I tell you this group -- got the right now though. In all I'm not a Bible I feel a lot better about these guys in this camp. And I did a year ago this time with guys like McMillan. And. All -- -- -- a homecoming for a lot of guys you know you get C. J. Wilson Charles Woodson James Jones. Reggie McKenzie is coming back kind of bug kind of a homecoming for a lot of the Oakland Raiders is they come in Lambeau Field tomorrow night. And isn't it weird to the next three games are all teams run by guys -- -- to -- Ted Thompson assistant -- tomorrow night at Reggie McKenzie. Followed by John Dorsey that you can over the changed and open the season against John Schneider and the Seahawks tomorrow night -- It's James Jones coming back and McCarthy revealed. Pretty interest in straight you know when James Jones was -- the kind of -- it. During the daytime of guys do is study may be too loud too rowdy he take off and he seems sneak back -- after 7 o'clock. And study on his -- in quiet. Bob 11 o'clock so it wouldn't take any business but he put a lot into. You know being a great wide receiver while -- -- -- C. J. Wilson. At a course Charles Woodson who. Aaron Rodgers said you know what I don't. I I can't come close to being the motivational speaker the Charles Woodson grew into being. And everybody knew about wood since you know take it to the White House speech after the Bears game in the super -- here in the following here. He revealed what Woodson said. We wanted to this year challenging guys to go undefeated and they came close to a 151. And I just -- it inside linebacker Brad Jones bought. What was what's -- like Jimmy did he live up to that role. As becoming vocal leader quietly even though he's a cool cat the rest of the time in the packers' locker would Brad taught me. He did man your -- I mean I wore. His number when I was in middle school -- keep them on -- of Michigan you -- to alarming. The guy was always. Going from your idol to your friends is a cool thing and he's walking legend you know and but do going to be -- did you ever -- that no we can't tell them. Out. The average is the better -- I was there -- Pretty funny moment yeah sisters to you is this report Brad Jones what do you think -- training camp so far you know a lot they. He used to be 56 years ago you'd watch Woodson and Al Harris -- on the sidelines. Designate the club and their veterans and they always work -- -- -- -- new younger corners. That's what AJ hawk and -- Jones -- now I mean there resting so much. Don't have to come to lock room. Those guys are -- -- to -- inside linebacker I -- Sam -- -- Cory Joseph to some of these other kids getting lots of -- but these guys are like made that that that's at least a Winston Moss is concerned. And as much as we think that. That could be a more dynamic -- on the inside. AJ hawk and Brad Jones mentioned there -- -- those -- that's just the way they're -- -- here. But like tennis and I used AJ hawk I understand I mean because he's been durable. He hasn't -- great he has -- -- always just been very steady. You know he's never -- mystery for sure I'm sore leg injury. Well lets -- say and I you know in in Jones has been a guy that promote for the most part has taken a lot of criticism. Yeah and I you know all I know is that they still keep -- what the wants and I. You know I'm sure brick and on the some your same look here's what we -- do here's the start he's the guy that he traded off. Here's -- thing does he prefer managers he forced the running side. And all those kind of things it just doesn't seem to show -- -- on the highlights you know after the game. Well one other thing that was pretty funny today was. -- usually these practices or shall serious. But you saw two other guys got a pretty good Josh didn't PG -- -- they decide to place in baseball stating. And mark Daniels -- hoped we could just picture yeah you could see certain as a catcher and and TJ -- doing is Louie Tiant as a pitcher use and football. And -- trot was the battered what was even fighters they took a break and then wind was using -- what he's talking in his hands like applause. What -- conferring with Johnson and catcher but they're cracking us up on the sidelines. And a little little pitcher's duel today little levity practice. My good stuff was always -- appreciated dead I'll see up there tomorrow for sure thank you bill are about a -- -- they go that's my Clemens joining us on the Schneider -- challenge better. Hiring drivers right now you work hard they treat you fair for almost eighty years that is orange -- 844 prior to go to Schneider jobs don't -- That is -- matter jobs dot --