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Aug 21, 2014|

Would you give Ron Roenicke a vote for manager of the year? And will you be mindful of Redskins? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler discuss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Great show -- -- -- -- Thursday presented by legends of the field running back -- -- -- fight for the former packer and badger running back Jerry -- And LeRoy Butler. ETA about 230. Here on the Wendy's big show -- -- till 6 o'clock bus to get to you between now and then including at 3 o'clock he's gonna burst on the scene for the Green Bay Packers -- ask you. Also -- a -- -- -- insider Thursday visit. Can mean dork county tomorrow. Sell recess is such as -- there's so it's gonna join us at 448 today and my Clemens live from Packers camp he's coming up. At 535. -- those staying -- Would you get brown -- -- -- vote -- manager of the year 7991250. -- -- Sports -- 1250 dot com I don't know but you'd -- be indoor indoor county -- here with us every day of the week there's no place I'd rather be hundred -- then with Steve Sparky Phifer and Jerry Ellison at 2 o'clock on a weekday. Throw wanna be every single day not -- -- -- -- Nice streak with few to tell I don't sorry -- so -- creek at carver -- -- sister been according. To mister Lyle Spencer of Does he deserves a and some consideration for manager of the year so he deserves more credit. As he moves under the national radar Medicaid -- -- has made all the right moves with his relaxed demeanor yet firm hand. He has kept his team atop the National League central skeptics have waited for the favored Cardinals or Pirates to overtake the brew crew at the moment. Nobody is more deserving of NL manager of the year award. -- -- -- -- And again that's Lyle Spencer MLB dot count go back to that article Cammie -- -- and I want to do that I'm right at Carl's moments yes read that. Which part there's a lot about the Marlins Gomez stock in my getting ready -- credit. Mom sooner or later you have to pay attention to in -- -- right now he's talking about Carlos Gomez there. Mean on this call and -- present like the first paragraph of the article but Gomez gives all credit to Radke I'll -- -- as he's the main reason I'm the player I am today. He gave me the freedom to let me be who I am that made all the difference. Later and an article -- Ramirez goes I'm. The talk about he lets you be who you are he doesn't try in changing so Gomez is aggressive. He's not gonna go Carlos we want you just hit ground balls and take a lot of pitches. As -- what he does in. Whatever manager before that is doormat to -- -- right. A promise from our Sox about absurdly long time he treats me the same way he treats I kinda just got called up from Nashville everybody's treated the same way. And you know back -- the day Gary brace it up all the time I want to die hard nosed manager like a mock -- to come in here and do that Tyler my last -- the way. I learned my lesson he's -- -- -- sensitive to be -- have anybody like that now I mean -- at a whole different level of sensitivity especially in baseball over other sports they have to call it sensitivity all yet they are like you it is it is. They are the most sensitive athletes probably playing. As far told they need their ego stroking these ball players in general just the birds and -- baseball players in general -- the professional level major league baseball players. By far they're a third worst then the National Football League they're far worse then the NBA or hockey players I don't. I get on the NHL -- I don't know how sensitive hockey players are media criticism of how they react I can't imagine -- -- Sensitive as baseball players and other coaches -- -- -- on you with the quickness let my buddy Brad Bryant put. So from that perspective -- -- -- as we -- -- before they love this team now. Does he -- this faults yeah US's fault bullpen mismanaged him -- management shore that that is definitely been one of his faults. Given guys too much of an opportunity when maybe they don't deserve an up and an extra opportunity or an opportunity -- fight through a slump may be one. People don't want him to have an opportunity to fight through a slump but there's different things that go along with a -- base running mistakes and all that. I am I'm anxious to hear. From people listen to the station. The talk about this baseball team because there are people that want it rod recchi fired. Through all different parts of the season when the Brewers a better first place people wanted Ryan -- to -- fired for all the mental errors and mistakes at the scene -- -- what you vote. For rod rent -- -- as manager of the year if you had a ball. If you're given an opportunity would you vote -- I would -- 7991250. Beloved Sports Radio 1250 Danica. Well. All. On in. When -- this voting tomorrow and of the regular season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They handle in right right now they had in their ballots near the end of the year maybe it's in this article. 'cause I -- and -- quite frankly I would need to see more for me to aaron's record in years why are. And this race is still going on. I mean if they're going related in the Cardinals overtake them no -- for. I mean I don't know you guys think Archie was -- -- -- -- Steve goes. Analyzed and on paper copy just on paper -- -- Steve -- you know he thinks they are -- team. You know. And -- -- -- -- negatives the Cardinals are able for the Yankees Marmol. I mean I think it's you know that's where did undergo meaning they go on beat him great provoke a third floor more respect the rule regarding your doll. And it just -- stay in three to one degree have a game game and a -- that's kind of what -- bitten the whole year. -- The Bruges James seemed seem to breakaway which is fine I mean. I think it's great for the pressure's on they know when it got to do region they're gonna is gonna come out play almost every day -- the rule is -- our playoff game. Absolutely -- for me in good -- -- he had not on -- -- the you're right now today I couldn't do it because I wasn't afraid of product. Can they beat the Cardinals when it when it when after can they beat the Pirates when they have to because -- comment. -- For -- more and maybe it is evident that. You know you if -- did you team good enough to advance past the first round. Steve Bartlett. And good enough to know World Series if they buyout before that they're ball Robin format. I don't know being -- Rondo. Seniors and that if I could give it to him today based on where they -- -- Does it have to be playoffs is that -- -- -- well. For me you have to be for me in my mind because I got his mental block rom on Steve dog -- -- while La. But the middle -- -- -- is the Cardinals. -- over -- ago. And it it investigates and grow with that. 'cause I think that to me that takes a lot of -- you just give -- you just don't go win. And beat a perennial power like the Cardinals. You're in Europe the Cardinals -- -- here's -- -- here the rule book here's how we do the currently your -- is -- -- -- he'll -- will be your -- for years years years and everybody else. And you know that we do -- -- TO to. They have to beat the Cardinals -- to -- that they descent to be better in the cardinal law you know -- They lifted then have to be voted off -- -- and -- gonna come down beaten currently he would hit rock Newman high stakes out how many games are RV out right now that one think one and a half when -- double check that -- -- -- It just feels like it was gonna come down to. -- -- luggage to come down to the Cardinals yet again and Drew -- -- -- the Pirates where the Pirates to three Brett Pirates. Six back. It's the -- and six Brett collapsed yet you don't want to be you know I'll and it literally happening in a row in like ten the reds are ten back sort of -- Cardinals yet where it is they've they've they've. As role ended off the other -- -- and -- that are buying either of those other two teams so that all along while they want. I wasn't either but there's a -- the Pirates I mean you know but they did a good job last that that's wanted but to me -- it just feels like. There Cardinals are right there I mean they're they're not going anywhere expect what is the -- away. Whether or not every irritated terrorized regain -- -- what happens is wondering as the game and a half right. You know. It is much like we talk about his streak is most likely will Rory and the Dallas Cowboys. Know they were ever to -- the Cowboys were there. But again there's a difference. To a certain degree in the differences the Brewers have always in the Cardinals again not including attitude that our group of guys -- him once in the playoffs. It's not like they go every into the playoffs the Cardinals beat him every year in the play. Don't know if you know -- and an -- I would you would have to be for me up for the season. It this is all in season stuff. Playoffs -- you commit to -- but. If you don't get to play -- -- -- you going to be the Cardinals in regular season runs there's different. Ross is gonna have -- more wins -- them and I agree on right now and so at this point. It doesn't look like that's gonna happen because in order for that happened to have more wins than them running for me this statement to be true. You're probably gonna be about five or six games up on the Cardinals. What come September aware won't matter -- -- -- and it -- Womack and seven games against him in September right. For it won't matter right record -- your -- against Clement right at different games that mr. gave -- -- like it is now one game. It's gonna matter. The Brewers are healthy the -- five of those Greg. I'm out -- -- in the rotation on the first love for it to happen because. I'm telling you will we see from the Brewers against the Dodgers they shown the ability to buckle down man and comic to a different approaches it and take it just don't do it -- -- but we plan to do it against ranking as a team. Yeah and got the job done. We get these super aggressive against her -- we can do that the starting pitchers for the most part all pitched really well. Not yesterday the bullpen blow -- happened. OK all that's happened it's happened to the Cardinals Rosenthal is -- up on numbers closer. So that's gonna happen but it's -- starting pitching goes our starting pitching -- their starting pitching. I just I really -- comes. I tell Royals see it after -- we flip flop. Positions here. Because Steve is normally the guy. That manages -- thirteen. They got their number. And he is he's normally go back for whatever reason I don't know what. Yeah -- -- but this is like -- -- -- -- -- example let me remember when will Roy was in here. And he sat all but -- we beat the Cowboys especially hard -- I mean it was a really got to roll right. That should bring me thinking twice about all the overtime the artisan who used to be right and -- -- -- year I think this is the end of this rod hero of this regime. This is it this is not the same -- That's why I've been saying all year they don't bother me like they do everybody else this is a little -- -- pujols Cardinals. That's who this it's this is -- a much worse version of what they've been in years past that's what that's. How I would Cabrera I thought long line of it where there are now the cards -- -- one game back right now. -- -- is the Brewers been part of it is the Brewers paid you look over the overall Brewers record. Mean may June may June and and -- had a bad July may June July they've been kind of just hover in. 1012 all over and and -- awful what happened in April and how they picked up steam here in August. Are playing -- the last both teams are playing fairly well and you know the Cardinals are playing lesser competition in the burst to. And it just took care on the -- rats animal ropes twice rye and blue bowl games they should have won those games. And there just aren't very good baseball teams of the concert event would you give -- -- you vote for manager of the year. So here and MLB -- 7991250. He can also email slated Sports Radio 1250 dot com Wendy's big shows -- in the -- -- automotive group big show studios. All of the lifetime warranty -- -- the 995 all change the best value. In the state. And you can reserve your next -- change or other service needs at the click of your mouse. -- automotive group dot com service department opened Saturday mornings for your convenience. The friendly place with no BS -- -- Racine automotive group hear your thoughts on -- ranking next right here on the when these makeshift. -- Yeah. -- -- Still it is very charming throwback Thursday then you voted the police for this are back Thursday presented by legends of the field. And asking you right now. Would you give Ron -- you vote for manager of the year 7991250. Live -- Sports Radio 1215. Dot com get your calls and just one sack quickly around the horn with our nominees for next throwback Thursday Gary Allison. It was here nomination of the -- that -- that means -- -- -- gophers this week who would you like -- -- The move the crew free trailers and Steve Sparky Phifer Aaron -- errant -- -- -- That can -- -- -- -- -- -- chair can you appreciate Aaron Neville on radio without seeing the giant -- -- -- This is a band that -- that crazy about like government but I another super popular and damn I need a win give me some Rolling Stones on a -- back -- -- -- Mario other side of the glass who would you like there. About Janis Joplin Janis Joplin like -- nominees this weekend and hopefully it's all these last day he brought a -- -- He gets about hoping you would like to -- on a throw back there is that I'm an old fu fighters in turn will all be with the Foo Fighters I'm good with any of these -- liven you're artist at 32. 961 on the line this week -- Jarrett Boykin autographed eight by ten photo saliva the artist to 32. 961. Let's get right out to the phones and your thoughts on Ron recchi would you give him -- vote. For manager of the year 799 -- fifty Bob Harlan doll that now he's on the big show it's up Bob. Are great to be on the big show what an honor -- -- -- guys are exciting and uninteresting but and and -- Gary was close. Gary -- thought we aren't we are not -- back in to this. Into the postseason we're not. We'll get up to hit the Cardinals head on and taken -- so. And it's interesting that we only place -- eight. But seven game to sit there. There's one thing I just want to say first the -- caught you guys in months I haven't called. Don't open up. Because I had been -- with the Brewers and what they're doing this year it is August 20 -- and we are currently atop well. We've been up top for a for all this time and I want to. Thank the Brewers a -- sank Melbourne. -- -- think the coach of the year the genius behind their offense and defense on the field Ron panic yet the -- she got to go to the game. Just seeing what -- -- he can't do it on TV or radio you've got to go -- what got -- And it's so exciting and I got to pay that for now I know -- to -- there is one different. Between this team this year and the other -- -- -- any other year. And and and that difference. Is go go go -- He hit a winner. His attitude. His his presents his demeanor. Is. He's got this team on his shoulders and he's carrying. This team has a winning attitude. -- win their winners to their quiet there humble like boy they are confident and their strong. And that's the difference -- this year in any other team. -- department and they're kind of wait for them. A ball you know they're not used to be in -- -- this -- it's like kitten. Scared -- -- Soap opera tickets -- an -- or what's happening. And watch this team for everybody to get coach of the year MVP. Awards honors it doesn't matter it really doesn't just -- Yeah -- is the most exciting thing going on in Milwaukee right now. And Robin baseball -- 45 yet -- -- the Mets sixty not a met him throughout from New York that was exciting. This is more exciting. On my joy that's out that's as a lot right there great call by Bob and Ireland and out of the Kolb and when they're doing -- you don't -- at the column it's a difficult for solo because they've been so good yet to understand Sunday night I -- assigned time -- know what life. Sports talk radio is better with -- teams -- bad -- -- yeah. Essentially what you're saying a lot. -- -- Well in terms of fan reaction which people are more -- Bernard grew over the -- -- -- -- just in terms of fan reaction is what I mean because people are more prone to call in and and -- in and watch their thoughts and feelings hurt when their teams are losing and throwing their -- that's -- -- I was gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- in what I was going to say is it's easier. To tell somebody you hate them than it is to tell somebody you love them I love you Sparky -- -- -- How are different and he's -- -- hard -- -- -- to tell your girl for the first -- level. They gave -- -- between you and her at all time -- now which -- -- wanna be first. -- -- body tell his girlfriend he loved her and as soon as he said he said no I didn't mean I know I didn't mean guys back. Yeah really get in America that the that -- the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. Yeah he's been -- they get bad yeah you don't I think it -- -- -- me yet. Did she that's just exceeds. This team has been -- -- as we all know -- what April step right. -- -- Manager that the manager of the year votes that doesn't did you -- -- -- good about our right to keep more per Cedric called it -- -- are ready to eat. Everybody else is too embarrassed to say they -- -- -- because they know there idiots have been -- -- board format this point. Mean that's -- I guess some idiot you have those people that have been wanting him fired all year long. And far -- -- man. -- three -- -- I bet you you went on a Twitter and putting hash tag fire -- -- you could probably find a bunch of -- That that right -- -- get darker people. That's how the back of their heads want this team to lose so they can be right -- what's available on clubs in July and said this team was dot it's over they're never gonna make the playoffs. -- -- haven't -- from a business almost game -- they want running often a closets haven't heard -- not let them -- -- more I thought oh they're going good -- -- the positive people we hear from stealth. But those that Warrick -- was -- and said that they were screwed and it was over who sat still never survive August there's there's so -- third dog yeah no chance you'll be -- -- August. And -- haven't been exposed in August and they played really well those people disappeared. -- -- I don't know who can be -- of year right now via big names. And that was and a first Soliai candidature fall through in this will be out there will be so no question right after the year stories until this all know they keep it short right -- -- -- -- right well use it but that's my take on -- -- -- right demands of your stories I mean that's fine and writing a national story on the Brewers -- for great things Lyle Spencer we appreciate it. So you have no write -- -- I'm -- with that but for me right now today. I see you take out the Cardinals -- for me -- they don't. What if they don't they still in the division and what is an ugly and he still wanted to do right. What that what you might say yeah well it's not as good to me because they do all in all Arnold's or New -- and mean as much -- because -- -- they gonna have to do. All roles right now as an actress got the civil -- run without having to deal and it's a process all -- but as of right now today. All roles least through Saint Louis after today. Not based on record -- -- -- we're one and a half games back they're gonna have to play them to win it as of today. Cubs -- Milwaukee law which -- in -- way either way they got to beat the Cardinals what do you need to go. Both those teams that think what Gary is saying is are gonna have to go to -- -- -- -- it was seven you -- September -- -- race is -- is it is you know there's a lot riding on those -- -- with you -- when you say just win the division and don't really care about the head to head record I'm I'm not -- I'm with -- on that -- all but with seven games in September and only one and a half game gap between the -- team right -- series right. But there is as of right now we read them right now going into the month of September and what a couple what about a week or so -- -- -- -- -- 34 days when -- in my day you might be over and under everybody's gonna come back and -- maybe it's not as close as we thought that that -- sorry right. But if if -- with still within a game or two. Both those teams are going to be looking at and saying we have to go through them. Dig to get -- where we wanna go title Cardinals and the birds not big they're both what they know what would you give Ron -- you vote for manager of the year 7991250. But a lot of Sports -- 1250 dot com Scott -- -- nominee falls here on the big show it's a step. I am not totally. Totally getting -- to -- There is no way. You know you look excellent when they also great for us Howell on again the Federer they have -- about what it. After game or games. It was closer than it is now yeah. Right right so what what about our they've gone since the all star break and they -- say ground I mean granted -- having it -- (%expletive) (%expletive) but I think. You look at this -- the schedule between a few teams. You know economic Giants that all they can run the doubters at all now going out. What they're looking Swede demonstrated. In -- -- I mean it's strength of schedule they have a lot about that you know what. What that all serving in the currently yeah starting pitching staff as well -- You know and that's what the other -- you know at the shift that they put on her upper specific batter. He knows that game and -- done it in and out. Every day. All the time and that's whether -- that I honestly think he should will definitely get better -- here. You go back to 2011. He -- when it. -- second to Kirk Gibson who they've beaten in the playoffs but again it's a regular -- -- right. And the Diamondbacks I don't believe we're -- to do much that year and they won it. That's another reason why -- win it. All these national guys who think they know everything that the Brewers. That's -- just gonna say as far short when we're not good when I'm evaluating a manager or even a general manager I'll say all you can go on his wins and losses beaten with -- with -- -- there's lot of factors around him that play into it and that's why don't like putting wins and losses and intimate that's not necessarily true and managers and GMs either you can't control injuries -- a guy like I don't know hackers and it happens every year you nothing about it right and that's different right. In this case that the Brewers here they were snake bit and you can't hold -- -- feats of the Flames from last -- record you get -- but -- -- to the planes that last year's record this is -- about -- -- I look at a manager and and I look at what he has on paper and -- say. What do I expect this guy to get out of this -- And this year I picked numbers two and 86 game. If he had gotten less than 86 games -- Iran ready to didn't really do his job and maybe members need to look into the manager position. If he gets him right around 86 games I would say okay around Redick is about an average manager he got out of this team what I thought he'd get out of this team. If he can get more than that out of them. He -- an exceptional job in my opinion got more out of the -- now. On paper than what he's getting and I think they're gonna finish with more than 86 wins -- 71 right now it's funny now. Because now what if I'm Doug Melvin I go OK Rami. All these natural projections projected us to be around 78 wins right and tiger telling me that's not good enough not 86. It is the new barometer because he -- a team so well all -- long. -- the classes that September -- -- doesn't work day one we gave out our predictions on and Isaiah I know. I don't know what you -- -- myself to doesn't offer you right for me and for Garrett. But people care about what the national guys say local guys that want -- what I -- Q people call -- -- what does Scott nationally Saturday -- back I nationally saddened. I'm vocal guys whatever -- -- -- But that's what's -- -- -- in -- highly valued things -- years since Gary's even more so now things. I think so -- -- people the national media around here that -- -- they think -- even look at him. I think the national media is even looking at the Brewers I would think trust their opinion on -- more than they -- plus their opinion nationally more than they do local animal stuff that's crazy talk happens all time so hold on you're telling me that the relationship. -- -- Milwaukee sports fans let's just stick with the birds birds -- and the national media is. I hates you why don't you pay attention to me. I love you and I trust you more than anybody in the world -- -- is that. So I think I think you ever -- your life he. Sounds like a bad marriage it broke out. Major now that kid that teachers Sparky they can't -- can't be. -- enough my ten years doing Michelle. Hollis Thomas -- -- working would you vote -- ready Q manager of the year leave your thoughts of the job -- Buick GMC sound off slot for 14. 4482162. Or jump back in and we ask you to pick a lane coming up at five -- -- you know what else can't teachers Sparky. That deal you got on DirecTV. I can't -- It is true though it is indeed 34 -- 99. Is the price you pay for a choice package. At DirecTV for thirty or 99. You'll Jets. The NFL ticket along with it. That's right. Yeah -- say I was paying -- dollars that no NFL ticket. And you're 3499 and you get the NFL ticket -- and for those of you are gonna Ascot -- people on Twitter asking you might not been listening to -- give our sport just dawned on me do I did fox sports Wisconsin. What per game. Fox sports has gotten is in the choice package so to get a -- back at her -- and again that's 3499. You're all set up all you got to do -- call Allen. All right -- -- solutions to 62510. 2725. You want to go Allen over -- -- some solutions for new career numerous reasons -- -- It's the local guys doing at the right way meaning. His guy lives here in your backyard does all the installation work has been doing it forever he -- -- My landlords and while we don't want it in and I you know -- -- -- together very or some other way to do what he did and it works great. And the other thing that works out well is if you need him to put a cable and say this tremendous -- -- -- do it for him Allen also believes in great customer. -- service so he's Blake doubled his efforts insult to make sure everything is -- -- in a couple weeks and a couple of months just to make sure you are a happy customer. -- hobbled all of that we've come up with a new slogan for science on solutions. -- and disable the cable. -- -- -- solutions today for DirecTV 262 -- like it 5102725. Now I don't know the exact percentage. I meant to call Allen before the shot I didn't -- it. It seems to me and DirecTV -- When you have your DVR which -- in my living room you have one more space to save shoals then you do with cable I -- insider. I and cable you can only record what two shows at the same time and you know I -- I believe it's five with DirecTV. Why not true and there's more space and a likely -- are you because he's angry -- cable company I. And let's -- there's a cable company so from that perspective I just -- I don't care if I hit -- We can't find the neck it is a couple of direct TV he has to this point it's been some and you got -- Of size on solutions are called talked to Allen and Allen gets you all looked up he's already had a couple calls and coming in -- they're working on putting on DirecTV for its 262. 5102725262. 5102725. Sparky bring up the the space on the DVR like four months ago round abouts. My DVR was rebooting like every night every night at fall sleep but wake up it was three booted -- you know three bitter because it's turned off by myself right or it's just turned back to channel one. And I swear do you I have about half as much storage space. As I had before this little episode does and I can't confirm it because -- never counted the hours that I held. But -- to my DVR is constantly 100% full now -- I've got and I watch a lot of TV but not that much TV I've got this. I'll show you because you'll have got to my house it's at some point here in the near few Democrats are recording my shows on your -- you'll come over sure it. You come over and you see all the shows can I have I've got I've got two or three football games to be set the series pass on Conan The Daily Show in the -- bear report sure does that eats up most of mighty yes like thank you -- -- all the shows -- -- -- -- okay. -- cable -- probably be about thirty to 40% last. 86% -- It's not even call she -- -- or did you get the jurors back did you get to watch your -- you get FL -- for -- but why wouldn't you do -- a quick break on the other side should we stop saying Redskins. Even if the Redskins well so when he's -- -- be right back. Yeah. It's -- bloodied -- showed -- there are back Thursday presented by legends of the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LeRoy Butler has now joined us thanks a lot of the artists -- like your next Thursday the three Q -- doing for your chance any Jarrett Boykin. Autographed eight by ten photo I could seriously listen to that all -- along this. All they hit police -- on yes I was talking about a year ago now are really. Everybody you know David drought and -- and everybody in have been -- listen Brett should we -- my full. Of the word Redskins. Seven I and I drove fifty also live at Sports Radio 1250. Dot com we ask because Phil Simms is -- work Thursday nights for the for CBS which acquired this season. The -- to Thursday night games in week four they're gonna have Giants and Redskins -- September 25. And Simms says my very first thought is it will be Washington the whole game he goes on to explain I know people will engage in an argument say well. It hasn't been an issue all this time you know while the civil rights issue was one where that's just the way it is for a long period of time right. So that holds no basis -- substance to me. Do the right thing you know a number of years ago when I was a kid there was a restaurant chain called Sam both switch as I understand was the last name -- two guys who -- the restaurant chain. But it was offensive to black people so they change the name. Except for the one franchise in California I believe it was well so if in fact it's offensive to native Americans and it doesn't have to be unanimity on this. And don't just have an intractable attitude saying I'm not going to change. That's wrong as far as I'm concerned I'll get in trouble with that but I stand on principle we of course talk about the NFL -- -- The Washington Redskins will come up. At points throughout the season should we not be saying Redskins. Should we make that a big show policy anybody -- -- You go wrong okay I'm a little more on this and heard Detroit Dodgers that you're saying they -- -- and he. Came awful said the same thing to a -- I don't know -- to warrant is your fair. Since August offers come out. I have been trying not to say. -- -- -- -- Tony Dungy did to -- yeah. Essential. And I have been -- more mindful. And because of that. Now I don't know whether that's right whether -- is wrong but it seemed like their word. Is not a -- were to say. Just -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can do. That I have been for all these years and for me never really thought -- -- now. -- in the context of a football team rod -- that matter either. -- I just for me. I will say this I -- more mindful of it. Then I've ever been in my life and that sometimes and I think of the Washington for a -- team I think of Nazi and -- -- -- Serbs are on -- I mean it's a -- Redskins. Now -- I'm I'm grateful glad that everybody else is taking note of that but I'm just being honest. I'm still probably said Washington Redskins. How many times and again I know I don't think I -- say there's to doubt they need to -- that smacked. Not only watch it to him probably. Hollywood agent Hussein is sitting by the Cowboys. Linebacker yeah after yeah you're right about that's what they have had a -- And -- -- do -- change. Change the way you operate. Mentioned Brendan but we're still he received an affair terminal I don't I don't know it out -- there I still say it. Yeah I still say to -- but do you and I wonder is I've probably been more adamant. About a changing the name than anybody else here on the I don't know I I think they should change the name but. As long as it is the name. That's the name I don't have the power to change it myself I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about sports report on sports and what I'm reporting. They're called the Redskins it's like. -- having the conversation. About dumb about the N -- a while back and -- -- that -- and us and I said I've never used it in my life in -- -- he never rapped along to a song. Little clearly I have said it while rapping along to his son -- you have to I might say it win win. Quoting a movie -- stand up comedy act you know what I mean because I'm quoting something I'm taking out of context that somebody else created. And just telling you what they said what they called it. And I think it's the same thing when near. Covering sports reporting on sports I don't make the names I'm just reporting on him and Sosa they'll -- the messenger right exactly -- are you mindful of that Laura. Yeah if someone asked me to do some that I take action. If some of the native American here which -- happened. And asked me to do it did not want to -- when he amassed someone's won't do. And I think when you don't a national game. And they did a -- -- you don't -- compared it to Derrick if they were like. If they go to Patriots. Right -- want all the time we love it quarterback it would be a bigger issue. But all -- their -- or a fifteen day you called America's team -- -- and you know washed. You know the packer fans -- rated number one it would be to say well I want -- Miller has to get this deal wanted to sit won -- Super Bowl role in it was national. It would be a bigger story to people -- be -- popularized marketing -- and Aramis in there and let us see I would it on it. -- yeah got a big. -- and. BS is already said that they're not changing their policy -- when you see a graphic on the screen still gonna say Redskins and Houston -- -- show the Redskins or with the -- and I'm sure they -- they -- didn't trust in the net words they get balls trying to get a discussion right you know try to get there right but it is his personal. Still that's -- they analyze the game -- -- -- and I'd say rocket if they're running up our our announcers are -- they're not changing their policy ends as as a station he's rewarded very best allies running game especially if this and knowing ringer will you be my couple of using Redskins 7991250. Can also email. But it's Sports Radio 1250 dot -- the Wendy's big show just got confirmation Bob Lanier -- legend he joins us at 348 -- always an hour he's in town and -- 348 Bob -- joins us more from you guys on this right after this on the when -- make sure. Great show -- -- -- back Thursday presented by legends of the field. Eight by ten Jarrett Boykin autographed photo on the line -- -- -- the -- you like your next week at 32. 961 asking if your mind full. I'm using the word Redskins with all the controversy -- posts lately 7991250. Can also email a lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com Sparky should always be mindful. A protecting yourself in case of an accident workers comp case -- -- -- TOP. May not oh I see their side and nine injuries and -- that guy's -- It down that's unique -- -- you are involved that workers' compensation case if -- hurt on the job you hurt your ankle you're -- the well you're Reyes you're back. Whatever the case as you. Should -- be the one doing the worker's -- I don't nobody wants to do it by themselves about in a lawyer involved you want pay for a lawyer now that's of the goes along with that. But when you have the best the best and Bob Menard didn't there workers' compensation case why wouldn't you do that -- -- you mean you get treated fairly treated the right way. Makes all the sense in the world especially when it comes to do with -- -- in -- -- in a car accident. There are a lot of people. What are you laughing -- Or who opt out depends you lads every heavy -- -- -- -- and hit it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Visual I have my. Which is your little hair bobbled or. Card yeah one -- -- of the exact we'll have the Tebow ballot not in my mind. I'm not doubling our right right to. You know -- people know we're. -- it at some. Whatever because -- an art -- -- -- Doucet since -- 104142761100. Visit them at durst not -- Menard dot com. -- resign and -- nine. York for the average Joseph yeah. They won't laugh at you like the -- -- just go to Bob of the south said you're the Wendy's big show it's -- -- -- bit -- but I don't let's come back. It's about. It nice tight out and not let that part of your comments they know what the Redskins and. You know the Christian doesn't sound particularly but you know I grew up and that was the only game and -- but. You know we think there's any particular a professional soccer team and an excellent field pole at San Antonio -- Now that that I would via you know I went -- -- you -- Or anything like that soul I guess you know hole. Did you threats and you know it can be and -- by you know we we don't rule out and that's all we do so -- You know I mean I don't -- -- right right now and that's a hall of -- -- and -- for a -- and of course that's how we grew and Soledad maker right soul. If you are. Me I am a little bit more mindful of it because of what is transpired here with their last three or four years -- Still remain under -- given any thought. Until someone bring it to -- -- -- until you heard. Other nationalities talk about it and how easy it is -- and it it is derogatory in college you know that is -- -- -- don't derogatory. What was your coach used Shuster used. -- you know that's where. Because -- merchandise and everywhere in this deal really into the give route and it's a new people used to say it. But I want Allen deserve more that what their baseball -- calls from the negro. Isn't a big relief yes right pace while -- does that make it right. What those guys -- -- -- regards. And -- yeah about then we asked they didn't -- -- 2014. As can be harmful people expired and -- just change overnight. The way you can religion and I'm not knowing our hearts and winning and us and I'll look -- or from change -- Mall. -- awful Auburn was there were argue you can do outdoors outdoors. -- is. Like -- -- -- change at all is that -- doesn't it alleged comedians don't even -- -- -- You use the other lowered it. So -- -- maybe we could do without. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a Washington whenever if you see that you are you what are you -- -- right now I just a lot -- because someone asked -- to -- not -- -- it. And I said okay well -- -- Don't over the roar and didn't relevant. Yeah. This a Big Dig it -- -- a big -- but if so what would not have used to you currently on top don't I don't I. -- -- -- The ground and double bonus and not use them and ask me at all -- no way you an honest I would be used probably because -- -- -- as it merchandise and Brandon of the team. I typed in comedienne. All Redskins comedian and he did a Google Gary -- -- of The Daily Show. Came -- Malcolm Johnson Larry stories about it the other guy individual guys like -- -- about it the other ones they came out mainly. Was Jim Jordan blasting MSNBC for not using the word Redskins anymore. -- at outside of that that's you know who -- first data on it you know was way ahead of this before people or even -- -- it -- Chris Rock. Did not -- did a bit on the on weekend update you -- in I can I'll find it during the break towards Brian but I doubt I'll be able to play it. Because he he does a hole and he used and I I some use it in the stand up back later on made as a whole thing about how ridiculous in the end it is that we still used the word Redskins. And he says. If you're gonna call them the Washington Redskins -- you might as well call the Giants to new York and words mean that was that was his punch line and at the end -- at the end of the monologue. And phonetics and this is before anybody. Anybody -- wasn't talking about this Chris Rock was way ahead of the curve. Yup are not -- before I go to break I just got a text from Allen Hunt that's how -- -- -- half. Memorized -- -- seem like DirecTV and more storage yes you did he -- Time Warner -- is about a hundred hours DirecTV is one -- there's no way in my holds a hundred hours to get DirecTV is -- DirecTV is 1000. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try watches himself right yeah yeah this year ever you like legs spot to lighten our Ramallah -- -- of -- the team you know on the -- I have no idea. Go to 1000 and is still got to say -- thing. You know moments of you know -- learning Rosetta Stone -- too expensive -- which has been asked him if that was your reasoning that -- -- -- -- I'm here. And I started -- our division and those channels. All the guys like what are you doing candidate to the girls -- like on oh I'm sorry you're right yeah Basra there with you can we be mindful of the word Redskins should we be 7991250. -- Sports Radio at 1250 -- -- keep this going one more segment. Hear -- -- next right here on the Wendy's --