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08/21/14 The Wendy's Big Show 3PM Hour

Aug 21, 2014|

Who do you think will have a breakout season for the Packers? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler discuss. Former Bucks center also stops by and talks about the new Bucks team, if fundamentals in the NBA are as important now and who he thinks was the toughest defender to play against.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- of the Wendy's big show -- Sparky -- former Packers Gary -- and LeRoy Butler. -- legend Bob Lanier drives a sour at 348 also in check in with -- Brewers insider Adam Cali for 48. And -- Clemens live from Packers training camp he's coming up at 535. Coming up just a little later this are about 318. Water -- who's gonna burst on the scene for your Green Bay Packers in 2014 right now though asking are you mindful. Of the word Redskins and should we in the media -- 79912 is -- Real had a better and you can also email lot of Israeli and -- blue dot com it's close close he's in a reasonably well -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know Roger Warren wrote two he's got to be two billion here's the thing is -- his own match around there's nothing in here. All the rest of those guys and -- -- that this is all this is all me it's all just happens as this argument is that I don't talk about I -- -- that now. I I Albert aren't I offered you know to get it right I remember hey Ryan -- come in cedar -- -- -- -- -- big shows up. They had plenty in the McLaughlin I don't hear it from the Detroit -- and he quit on them by. Although it -- jog -- -- -- -- probably agents -- kind of the -- the end you know they're the Cleveland Indians and that the media didn't and it and they had come every market Golden Eagles for example there anything but it eagle and -- that -- in America but -- lead American runner programme. Golden what golden about their program for the last five years. Yeah -- yeah a big. That is big market -- they beat ordered directly be corrected depth on the old. People issue -- anything quite a bit more according. To get -- to be politically correct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The national -- across. The board yeah. No he's a limo driver we're going to -- -- -- -- I think you'll be driving me. I'll knobs can. You know I -- -- state. No not really noticed it is pretty new -- it. And that that does not have -- say Seminole all the time but we costs we stopped is they go Knowles. We stopped and seminal we but we weren't asked. To say impersonate let me say desert code. But about Bubba when -- No why would. -- tomorrow. You -- to look not. -- and I'll tell you -- we. He is not an he's paid the tribes to drop it I never heard that you know. I'll get it. Up about about that man in a project and help me out but yeah. Definitely grips of -- -- -- because guys didn't hit it but we we we -- guys. This and knows it was issue somewhere about a news who is always talked about doing it yep always and it is Smart. So we sat anyway but it's a goal Noll. And other people didn't the people. Made -- -- -- system and I was -- is out -- It did they brought in to Braves discussion we go we do to tap in on as a way you know words pollute the correct as -- -- -- -- brick. So now we just say go no. Leroy Young of who -- apportioned on your. Wheldon. And waiting had it through there through -- about their first. You guys they -- this. Noticed things a lot of actually works once again anyone -- -- the last you know year July again. Right in younger and are -- -- you're -- -- so we. Yeah yeah definitely it would confine -- -- no no you don't try to do much. You don't and don't you wanna -- a -- a little bit on that we got noticed that all of our State Department about Rome right. And a good aborted football did you have run him out now. Yeah it's really -- As a -- It is okay and execute it with an Alaska Marty and -- -- Angela you don't know they go ago tomorrow in America. Well while they're all young going. Up I think we're awaits you there yet the -- site -- I would say yes. Why they structured the -- Asia but. I can't help wondering -- acquired Warriors are. Not Golden Eagles I wonder if a player that ever played or -- walks are a lot of as you racial slower. -- the other there. That. I was already here. I think that people. That are pitcher but -- Are are probably not aware that we stole this country. Also -- -- in India but -- -- -- got to go through. All I got bit -- features. About it via a bit excited that it's a day -- snake -- that it is as close as far there were no. And I would excelled despite back here. I was never satisfied that. -- -- -- I hit a pretty Smart things that makes the call but -- now. And I love this degree from I know I know there are guys out there like Marty who are saying people are being fined ski in people are being politically correct. This is wells say when it comes to issues like this -- for me to decide what's offensive. To a group of people I don't belong to -- look at look at it marks a racial slur it's a racial -- -- can't just go well it's the way -- -- -- Marquette. And I goofy nickname the Golden Eagles you know -- to look at. People letters to our market Warner -- -- it'll make you -- it matters what should they drop them off the tropical -- to go for almost where market Warriors -- -- -- -- -- -- Refer to them as the Warriors -- -- Tacoma -- Watch it yesterday or you know Marty. Over -- local threats have been marked down. So he walks up to Tony Smith -- Warriors and Tony yet yet -- wars -- being torn to unload players and wars yeah. Mean and I don't know Warriors I never found a big. Being with him as a warrior could mean does -- -- different things there's not much talk about how we -- or it could mean a lot of different. You know we joke on this show. About race on this this is the owners are we U I I do it not unless -- always do white example -- we go. -- you all know we you that we laugh about it and I got our email from a guy he wanted no way broad background. Which is down. I told run it he -- it -- it was a back Palestinian. You know is and how well they called it crap about it ever asked me -- -- recall the Redskins the others. You'll another astute when you get -- your comedians you do what you want. You know Bruce asked you to do something I did not politically -- go before congress and -- that in losing their their merchandising. And all that. I -- saw it as you do some as a man out think you would do it and that's what appeals citizens -- that he. Stand on principle he's not gonna do -- he's just my allies again when -- -- But up and -- his little run in the spark is his -- I don't want you don't know below and I'll miss out he's ahead he's not saying that at all actually is that I'm not into the -- -- just -- when I'm totally into whether ever notice and this a -- you have a right. To not like -- Right absolutely yeah hitter when our columnist is going to be columnists -- and -- -- really counts us out. They're guys I think there's more ridiculous topic that. That -- was given to the team -- -- -- of one of the -- members or other foreign players. And its latest any of offense to it. But on another note earned the same thing are eager to get a stop using the term Negro League when you -- what a great black baseball players in the -- -- -- brought that up now brother earlier not lineup negro would -- are totally different. So that's not offensive and you don't. Gary had just don't -- they when people one lead and that carries a tentative. The negro leagues that -- the word negro negro is not and Nadal. -- -- solve blow. That's a true -- ball -- -- -- NC you know and that's where we get into were -- people call and in that. Where we have gotten a little bit sensitive towards names you know and negro. Worked. Will be something that they're for another race. To race -- call me that I will feel a little angst toward -- -- -- -- But the difference there is even if -- there is there seems to be some dispute on that. About whether or not (%expletive) was as an offensive were area where if you think you -- but at one point it was it wasn't meant as an insult at all in my to become an insult overtime for whatever reason and how people were choosing to use it. From what I understand. Redskins has always been a racial slur that was a word used. -- in in the days of you know the wild -- and and when we're fighting Indian sport for this country it that was a word that people were using. Too demeaning and degrade. Native Americans call them Redskins it was never just. It was never just a label put on them to it to describe them or to do or to decipher them from somebody else it was always a racial slur. Only there -- a lot of them around there still are a lot of them around because of what happened. When we came over in and settled on this country not I'm not quite but when they came over and settled -- this country but. It's -- wouldn't say that but it the other two different but they're two different cases in my opinion. I don't know just may leave your thoughts on the jump albeit GMT sound -- -- four for -- 21624482162. Or jump back in. When we ask you to pick a lane at 5 o'clock Bob -- the -- legend. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. It is big charming throwback Thursday presented by legends of the field he selected staying for this week let's -- he would like -- -- -- next -- -- Ivan -- to 32961. On the line. The Jarrett Boykin autographed eight by ten photo. Let's -- artist a 32961. Gary would like to hear The Who. Spark he's going with air novel I'd like to go some Rolling Stones Mario nominated Janis Joplin. -- -- OP Cilic and his final day with us -- nominated the Foo Fighters go one of those are your own -- -- artist. To 32. 961. Who's gonna have a breakout year for the Packers 7991250. But it's Sports Radio 1250 dot com let us know what you think -- -- lineup those -- minds let me tell you about. The comedy cafe in Milwaukee Milwaukee's only five star comedy club if you missed -- last night. You missed a great show but there -- more great shows coming up this year we got free now got -- just got for. He's been in Zoolander he's a regular on Louis he's been on Conan the when -- -- Gilbert got -- out of love to see over got treat that dude is who is still doing -- yeah panel absolutely round and still really funny as as -- -- hall who will be here with Mike Marmol. And Pete -- see Warren he Bears to be different by simply being funny is known as mr. international because he's performed for the troops. And I Iraq and Kuwait he'll be here Thursday Friday. And Saturday night get in for free with -- -- 9025 dollars. All you can drink it's Milwaukee's comedy cafe dot com or 271. Joke. For tickets and next Wednesday August 27 is open Mike night 21 and over to drink minimum. -- cafe at the corner of water. And Brady streets so -- Santo of He covers the NFC north for -- he put out. Fifty NFL players he thinks will have breakout seasons and on that list are two Packers. Mike Daniels the defensive lineman at number 32 and safety Micah Hyde. At number 44 who do you think we'll have a break out season for the Packers in 20147991250. Steve Sparky Phifer but he got pegged to break out for the -- this. -- -- -- -- -- I just. -- finals in between guys or maybe -- having trouble picking a guy drinking on guy. Really solid guy there's nobody on this -- -- the offensive line is what it is it's -- Nothing that we mean what is -- guys -- they -- -- -- I mean trigger your break I guess he could be right but a signer. You say -- -- -- -- -- are all right -- you know -- yeah there's numerous tight -- candidates I guess you could garlic -- I'll go to Arnold Rodgers. In a -- be a break -- guys. Aaron Rodgers -- are -- at -- -- -- I'll cherish and even though he's a rookie anybody who bursts onto the scene. From not doing it before in the NFL I think you can call of a great guy and -- -- your -- seeing that much confidence in Rodgers now I have that Lisa my confidence and everybody else with. Supposed to meet out there is it to the safety the safety. Decisions -- Morgan Burnett in my opinion is horrible. Because I would have probably said Conklin in -- -- Richardson and whoever ordered up that starting job but now but it looks like -- burnout and Micah Hyde a knock on there. Corners -- sat some not go on their middle linebackers are both run of the mill type guys some not go on there. Rappers and -- these you know they are so for me it comes it has to be somebody to tight end position so NASA's launch one do you like -- -- six -- so on both Rogers. -- -- -- Yeah but really -- or -- Dovonte Adams the receiver group response you along okay are -- -- you're -- catches for sure process this year. But I think in his fourth of -- balls this year. What do you think he'll rank on catches on this team. -- he'll be the well you'll be behind Jordy obviously our probably third or fourth so behind your Bork and you'll be thinking we'll finish on Jarrett Bush to be fighting for that third fourth spot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 7991215. -- a lot of Sports Radio twelfth that he got Crosby. -- yeah Ron Mason Crosby I was getting greed about that yesterday the golf on and Jon Gruden is my guy amazing -- Knoblauch. -- Crosby spark -- every year he's gonna have this year while people are smashing guys into your face yeah. It's awesome it's fun every year Phil and Ellington you're on the when is Vick shows up they'll. I'm I'm much that it Milwaukee. I think. I think Eddie lately he's been. That the record. Bird that looked utility runs. I Garrett by any running back in the and it about it and -- it here. I don't then I had that kid everything they've seen them play in Alabama. Are you from Alabama. While -- Gary put out a half ago. But I I just think that he. Has there gotten used some other packed the old Eric you know beat out -- He does so dangerous. The big. -- on the -- that. They'll -- the cover. -- you -- appreciate so I want all purpose yards. That would isn't where do you really think he's gonna get that many balls thrown on me that really -- today I think you -- not that really. Him. You think they're going to be that there is made that dramatic a change in their offense tells other to south almost endless reporters -- -- -- -- -- Whom I can do it I would say less than ten B -- receptions thank you -- about -- -- there. I can see that low one agency years into this season when he if you think about it how how did they ever checked on a running back -- insurance that's the that's completely went away McCarthy's off absorbed a lot -- -- days. Well now maybe slowed to a lot they do a lot here -- I've prices went through their maker effort to -- before -- right -- -- spurred on a couple to get. I -- 35 receptions last year I'm shocked by 3044 targets. For you hit a ball at him 44 times whether -- 57 yards that's let's anyways are you sure you're looking at the right thing looking at receiving -- just missed a couple games receiving stats anyways see where it doesn't thirteen games played fifteen receptions 35 targets 44 sort of things. So it means. Advocate -- 3035. Of the year. -- I'm. I'm really surprised by that -- fro 58 threw the ball here to. You know how many putts on. -- it got to the got to -- Garland -- ahead and split out a couple of goodness how you know his big -- I was split the routes to balls again. I didn't seem like you got that many passes to me unless they are not. Certainly didn't seem like that's not what not it's didn't seem like -- targeted 44 times in the season it in fifteen games. But two point one another 2.0. But I think he's breaking any all purpose yardage records no I don't. Who do you think over Goran did. -- pretty if you're always gonna -- the break out guy for the Packers this year 7991250. Lotta Sports Radio 1250 -- -- KJ and west Dallas. You know when he's been -- -- and oh. They are my hair is going to be -- -- -- And we weren't going to -- to. -- gets a lot of calls it a little you know -- it -- It's harder for Rogers and -- let it all could be. Yeah -- hesitated a letter from KJ -- -- more balls or you're -- all the work from home. If there's an injury -- -- -- then there are always yeah I'm just as a person. Yeah he's gonna step up if there's an in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Defensive end Michael Mike Daniels he's number 32 on his list of fifty break up players is -- Mike guide. Number 44 let's say you 7991250. Can also email lot of Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Sparky mentioned getting -- in the -- -- the golf outing yesterday and a great success out at the golf -- yesterday I had a lot of fun -- in which allowed the official result yeah numbers not tomorrow morning -- chocolate -- from six to absolutely but I'd. I got some food you got ties to the phase it was Gary in the -- got to golf. We've done an eight years it was clearly far and away. A good mark holiday be -- here and I agree really it was the best because the book like I'm just saying for raising money and everything else and dad did a lot of Marbury here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the Bud Light goes to -- ghost Guerrero daily descent they're all good for what has ovals are you only keep it under yes. -- -- is back. Home and also grown a man strong. -- had just we have just thrown. Even though I don't I -- there's -- -- -- -- -- it's and he the dilemma we're all putting with the level. My brother in law right. I have invited and promptly logo hunkered scratch golf and last minute you know -- -- -- -- sit. -- -- -- -- Don't want -- going golf quarters or bringing in a ring you're you're out notices. I don't know average this legacy story even worse -- -- morning doubt. Go win his finger RB bureau -- and junior year ago. I am not cheating and -- for a news maker. And a book stores are -- -- -- restaurants golf -- So all know. He would come and is -- to golf for free right remarks. Right there for adults goal that -- -- -- latest game on his warm par three close to it and you'd like twenty walks closer. We're Agile miracles and things do bottom line. Drive round the free you know -- -- should be -- -- I'll let it tenderloin -- right in the moment and Ramon down home rankings -- And we had the again I'm not and that was the guy with the the power -- With doctor oh do Wally AA and the energy drink and Udrih hit -- body injury. During a -- -- Most noted golf it -- -- -- it allowed -- to the here would get yeah it's yeah it. -- -- in your Richard Neer -- we thirteen on about -- -- Gary checking in right yeah rejecting a darn thing -- -- we. Tiger comeback. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll not get -- -- -- -- yeah Nadal. Argue at all. Well you all along -- -- the prayers -- good you won't admit you did acknowledge and yeah you're arguing who might struggle to get a good. -- it don't wanna use. Would have argued -- to -- yeah -- I wouldn't get home. Well yeah bullies come on their part and you go on -- Melanie does not know you know -- he doesn't do. -- -- -- he got a priest I don't care what you can't get -- and graduated. Does go to me. Yeah -- validity the relying on his -- that's a good man love the -- He wasn't gonna golf he never would have been invited out for Gary's team down here it's easy to get it will always hanging round. And he when he right when he could probably the best corners he's ever -- yeah. Ever did under fire under wide so he was right there and again -- only that the -- -- set things recovered I'll go to we all figured I appreciate you invite me for a great day -- up good paper penis. Are terrible that they're gonna. Yeah 200 like soda. Is -- thank you ever think that Hubert now has it's usually he couldn't get your money back -- the he -- done -- to tell TV yeah I know you do yeah Nazis in your house you know what this -- and pick a lane but address whatever ABC on we only have a few minutes before Bob -- joins us at 343. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And should -- brother lives. Team -- that -- as soon as well fifties and live it's only right along -- dolls the Wendy's big -- Buren but I. To any great joining throwback Thursday it was staying presented by legends of the field -- -- lives actually it's the police not to -- thanks so well thanks alive and moving -- -- your next three to three -- 9618. By ten autographs and the -- Street Jerry -- photo on the line. For you we have a couple topics on the table right now it's not pick a lane but we will have a few minutes before we talk with -- legend. Bob Lanier coming up at about 3481. Who do you think we'll have a breakout season for the Packers this year. Two should Gary's brother in law give back the TV that he won it in the raffle at the golf outing yesterday long story short Gary invited him last minute he got -- golf for free. He won a little cash on the golf course than he won the TV at the raffle after the golf tournament. And Gary thinks that he's entitled to that TV 7991250. -- licensing boards -- radio 1250. Dot com let's go to the phones and Robert in Nashville earlier in the Wendy's big show it's up -- I have been going up. I believe he should not give that television back. Otherwise I don't think 10 o'clock am gonna bring -- Yeah. And Simmons the is Casey Hayward. Didn't make at poker that believe -- that Americans stay healthy. It is an extremely good shape you know I have. -- huge impact on the Green Bay Packers -- and firing up well. You're right about that I think he's his -- that unity cabinet -- position where you know to play. So yeah and -- to screw him. Yeah you city editorial Monica my Morry are you aware of logistics for you guys know who Joseph -- is there's no way. That's my or -- nor. That's mind. As -- members. -- -- -- Upton has jurors follow along or they're treated me nice -- none and -- and brought to justice -- -- words or wherever so I would have. I would have gave TV -- ball you drink on cabinet. Yeah he -- -- Agassi when TV now join a team they don't get too large Florida yeah -- give -- -- -- the back it is not -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- Kevin on the north side you're what is anecdotes of Kevin. Caught -- homer that. I mean it all right Gary got -- about Petitti out. -- -- There is yeah well I think yeah the you know it is apt auto -- -- -- -- Don't like -- -- it looked like -- -- I agree on on the Packers have. -- brought him back here a lot. And who I cared who got a lot is not -- and execute and that's secondary. Can go the -- You've got -- -- line edit all the luck can't expect that actually do it. At that level who. Are the left side -- that it -- like that was good at it will be brought it up. -- to try and then it. That Ottawa might not -- -- to. Go out there we go out of the ankle and all that way it -- derail all of unique unique that could be. And see if it -- if you had said to him when you invited him to determine look man there's going to be a -- -- -- -- very good at -- yard. Anything you and a let's mine just don't -- become occurrence this guy coming period there that's not come here I get invited. When I get invited to a golf if -- -- let's say I was somebody you'd bring in as a -- I've never played golf but let's say hypothetically. I'm somebody you'd bring in as a -- and you invite me last minute. Think in. I'm just -- -- of this golf tournament there like anybody else is against of this golf tournament comment any benefits any hurts that I walk away with our mind just like -- -- -- I mean -- discern if he invited you -- be different. But he is using his brother and a lot of trial win a tournament OK so -- case you forget about it I should keep the TV. -- invited some crappy golfer -- -- -- friends or whatever else and that guy and his friend wanted to meet the right ball learn his friend wanted to meet cat and -- and some of these other guys. Okay finding -- Holcomb mostly commit some of these celebrities whoever else has nothing to the big deal. Maybe then it's different -- Gary's used and -- -- to begin with a man. Tell you what I'll admit -- And when Carmelo or is -- you in that market you're using him out of the current stars do around this categorically in my trunk as we noted that in -- manager leave your thoughts that don't -- that out there and do there leave your thoughts on the TV or the breakout player for -- -- serious -- on the John -- Buick GMC sound on the -- open ruins it for -- will to want to stick. You -- jump back given. When we ask you pick -- -- coming up at 5 o'clock -- like agent Bob Lanier will be joining us. After a quick break Sparky Gary can afford a TV he can afford to just go out by TV but he wants a three really wanted to but I -- -- -- right. Maybe Gary can -- a little extra cash on the side the already and express and get that I vidro. As an adrenaline Alex -- slow -- Aren't very accurate you know -- -- John Young from knowing express. Donated. Wrote a check for 2000. Dollars and at the golf tournament for the charity for Perkins -- Rivers -- As -- next there's yes and they are the main sponsor for the young fantasy football party coming up at third on one we sold out me about a thousand people there for the fantasy football league they are just. Great great guys no question about it -- -- bosses to all you have to do. With young express as you can come kind of your old -- to a certain degree control your own hours -- -- you -- -- work -- how much the -- she -- get. And all you're doing is becoming a successful -- next but I -- -- picking up so from point eight dropping off -- -- when Robby who was signed by as far as more key -- That means you could make up to -- 100000. Dollars a year. A 100000 dollars they are right there and listening to the station right now you can make that much money yes you could. And you could start your new career today by simply -- young expressed that top. JUNG. Express dot com JUNG. Express dot com. They could also get jumped up on discounts on hotels. Oil changes new tires cell phone bills and you're not rig drivers all -- -- confused. You know I -- an -- you don't need a Reagan I sobbing at the skeletal side Internet -- Aaron aside the Internet on the side of the interstate. You don't have to worry about that and -- the labor laws that they are for these great drivers those don't apply to you either start today start your new career go to -- express dot com JUNG. Expressed that Tom. -- -- -- -- -- -- Lanier joins us next right now my Clemens has a listening -- back. Now this 1215 green and gold training camp update -- do you -- paper machinery corporation in Green -- -- is -- Clemens the Packers getting ready to face the Raiders as a matter of -- the next three teams the Packers play the Raiders Chiefs and Seahawks are all run by former Ted Thompson assistance. Side benefit of the next three games we play Reggie McKenzie exchange on Dorsey came John -- thing. Unusual. All right we'll. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie has signed former Packers like defensive end C. J. Wilson and wide receiver James Jones Mike McCarthy. James Jones the same guy every day tremendous work ethic and James had little belief is -- work at night when no one's here. -- I want him when assuming you know but you can -- you -- -- more into into his professional thing to people rely us. And Packers inside linebacker Brad Jones told -- he was a huge fan of Charles Woodson growing up in Michigan. Estimates Woodson had become a team leader. He did man you don't -- I mean I wore. His number when I was in middle school -- keep them aren't as you know from Michigan he worked -- well I mean the guy I was always. Going from your -- to your friends it's -- cool thing in the news walking legend you know and we do it will be good to him with -- that no we can't tell him. Out of -- -- Everett is the better tell -- it. I was there isn't as good. That's Packers inside linebacker Brad Jones updates every day from Green Bay Mike Clements WS -- This has been your twelve to. 1215 WS is pretty. One big show right -- plus -- -- decipher their former Packers Jerry -- LeRoy Butler. Coming up at 4 o'clock. Put together your own -- grass birds fans for a lot about -- Grassley -- want you to put together your own fan -- that's coming up. At the top of the hour joining us now. -- -- great -- West Bank outlined he played for your Milwaukee Bucks -- I thought we had bubble territory you're going I'm -- anybody and -- sorry I thought I thought I saw somebody and hold their albums and Andre isn't called hoping to be joined by -- legend. Bob Lanier come and appear -- he said his nickname was the diver -- -- -- -- -- -- The down over. About a decade Bob Lanier was one of those guys known as the dollar -- awkward coupling of the Bob and the big dipper that he eventually came to embrace. A big man with a quick moves and feathery shooting touch. So his nickname at one point was the Bob. And his nickname and another boy it was a big -- it's -- greatest combine the two that I don't think so I don't think so are you reading this -- By a huge interview with them. A huge interview with the -- and they're probably near a good Albert. But Albert never -- me I think I heard the -- -- on that Minnesota state. -- TV show -- the one -- -- -- yeah I'll come over Carolina coach dollar and poverty and -- dumb blonde dude yeah worth reading. -- -- There on the line joining us now on the great midwest they -- -- -- He played for your Milwaukee Bucks from nineteen -- ninth 1984 he was also out. At -- environmental school alongside GE health care and I don't and it's community service day he has Bob Lanier Bob welcome to the big show -- -- this afternoon. Yeah I know doing real well we're just talking before -- came on the air your nickname when you're a player. The -- -- an interview that Sparky is reading here was the doll or how does that come about. I thought I would be out -- they got it out to try it and -- -- it up. And it stuck. Now I stuck right people attempt on then afterwards I. Looked like. Bob you don't where I was watching this thing on the NFL network up a while ago and Jerry Ellison turned me on it that all these dole documentaries they haven't. There was a whole thing up above the AFL in the NFL and these different -- and how the AFL. Was really recording some of these college players coming out. You're also -- -- -- that same scenario when the 88 was try to still -- from college coming into the NBA weren't Jim. How did that work out for -- coming out of college. -- I had a cold Marat. Is there. College yeah. We're -- trying to get to the NCA Arnold and I got. My and who wouldn't. A lawyer and a guy representing -- -- try to get -- it drop out of school. And Nolan not mean it was one point two million dollar that -- -- and then. And you know it was something that we discussed. It just -- -- happen. We -- we -- want to all -- Too late at. And we thought we -- inactive relate to that. -- decision but it didn't look right. Silent Bob -- here on the Wendy's big show former Bucs player. And was out as part of -- community service day today at holly environmental school Bob talk about -- when you're playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. -- we see the environment around this team right now in terms of the fan base in the turn out. To games out at the Bradley Center. Gary my co -- here he told me a whole different story though. About about the the atmosphere around the spots in the atmosphere amongst Bucs fans gone back to the to the late seventies and through the eighties. But I definitely -- how good. They have a want to probably can do not match here. Did you just get -- depart Parker haven't gotten a -- LT. Well watching a young player development won't be cheap you know and that's the important walk coach like. Our. Kids to be able to do we have to have some patience. And develop this and -- not -- up a ball pretty well. -- what do you think about the new owners Bob that are in place now. While I have not met these two I think I've heard only good -- the -- that they won't learn. And that technical -- Do they didn't. -- how. Do. -- -- -- -- -- It is about me -- you end. Up -- me and out fought hard and the automatic -- You know Bob a lot of times during post game shows here and Estes Decker -- games and and -- -- he talked a lot of different basketball fans and on big shelf. It's not to people that made outing in like the NBA will reduce certain topics and let us -- -- -- -- they say. Plus I like it used to be these players aren't as fundamentally sound as they used to be back in the seventies and the -- we used to watch him obviously. But -- you were able to play inside or you're able to play outside do you think fundamentals are are lacking more now on the Indian and they were before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly thought or. But not much more athletic than you are right. Make up space. It. Nothing more. Clinics. And a Little League -- and -- and Cabrera Guzman. Not on the open network when you come off. The good part about it and then you know the social media are. What you -- that is what all the young people come -- -- -- -- the -- that come out and I don't look you know it's that all right so you know think that -- -- exciting. Am young people make. Sometimes I'm not don't -- it. And I didn't know -- -- like yeah. Yeah bought I want to I want to takeaway and what we -- -- scope Woody MBA. When teams like Philadelphia -- and some of these other teams. In their mind that they had done their fan base did it on -- -- tanked games sitting -- lottery picks who eventually can turn their franchise around I mean. Mean you think there's two ways the teams -- -- -- try to win championships through draft. -- -- the keeper wood to free agency round. -- almost have to. In the draft and BA and see that you spot. That you knocked out -- -- -- I'm not saying that -- together and they are doubts that you leadership almost. And that's about -- -- -- very successful. You know -- when you're in your playing days you talk about position answering a little bit but. When -- play rewards from it covers guys you had to gore games when you're playing. Old girls -- told me argue -- -- you feel it's. And Jacksonville Florida is other big guys give Moises when I'll look for him to. -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't stop it but that's. About it I don't didn't. I think that for the most problematic -- the -- and I can't -- late I don't know. Most problematic Burton aren't going on the other hand. I was just lucky but I didn't have -- -- -- -- -- -- Are reluctant to -- -- Bob Lanier the former -- legend he was out. That at holy environmental school today alongside GE health care. As community service they also -- on later tonight out in Miller Park it's a Bucs tailgate from 345. To 6 PM and still -- -- the future season ticket plans available. Go to box dot com for. Cheeky. And did -- -- remember that. There is to -- -- at Miller Park thanks -- we appreciate it. Have a great night out there Miller Park and Bob -- joins us on the great -- West Bank outline what makes great midwest bank great. The great midwest bank dot com to see what people in your community are saying about GMB's great people products and services great mid West Bank simply. Local. Now probably was bringing this up or run earlier when you -- rather room USA earlier Tom and all his Carroll's EJ you know it felt this term only skill that girl Melissa my rants on the -- 'cause we just have -- in your half. And I think he's right when he says you -- just don't understand what it's like that they just don't get it because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know Bob and you're still does well wobbly do you want to do well right. And yeah -- and the wrong way. I think we're dealing -- like just to be -- guy. Right there do what the Royals like seventy last time -- with a guy that I might not much -- in high school you're probably aren't high school yeah oh yeah I'll constant Obama and mr. football to -- Georgia looked like -- its just a little. You got yourself and they're like twelve so they go to B -- you need to get with Barack. Potted an option right yeah like twelve like -- -- -- these two guys. Were they walking or give logo. -- former NFL and -- half. Veterans don't go below the it's -- not only do you just don't know you're in the room what does that kind of added that I think listen you guys -- and I don't think they do that I don't think they know you're there I don't know or nor his I don't. -- I don't think they keep your -- you know I don't know you don't have a degree do you -- -- wise that is I don't know would I think I think the probably -- guys are among you guys have -- zone you know Max is -- you know dollar -- I'll just -- -- get -- creepy about about the -- -- ruled -- and -- Yeah just he's yeah yeah yeah -- is going you know you just invisible. Paper whatever he did he not run the big show from oncoming camp -- -- -- -- come on that. This -- have you want to run your fingers than it is here -- there. He and I live we're located to elaborate a little zone sequences on LeBeau the ball over the that's -- that's like you have those lines left them we'll tween what you should tell they're all in my editor -- somewhere in my time you have those those were awful I mean those were Rose. Visit him aren't you want -- is -- course record set in their run knife and -- and would know who will lose their fault. The gear -- Are lower Rio Rio months ago. Faults in the is both a moment you know the -- -- and Nate not come on man. DKB fault but they borrowed it and you're going to live -- right -- -- -- had been given apparently got bell and and your blog both pulled over blog is -- wasn't arrested or charged no leaguer but maybe on those charged with marijuana possession there isn't. But the thing is in the third person in the car -- of a female. When the topic is walking up to the door I don't know -- -- This year and I owe you a thousand dollars we'll have a good run out of this team -- -- -- -- and if she gets cut. Yeah. Yeah -- don't -- you make your heart you make it worth they're while you right. You know what I mean. Yeah arrested him a marijuana at all man. -- -- slow down. Are at Morgan and gray smoke on the other side we -- you put together your own fan -- Brewers fans. Again the statistician instinct is to and his big children.