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08/21/14 Bob Lanier joins The Big Show 3PM Hour

Aug 21, 2014|

Former Bucks center also stops by and talks about the new Bucks team, if fundamentals in the NBA are as important now and who he thinks was the toughest defender to play against.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the great midwest they are -- -- He played for your Milwaukee Bucks from nineteen -- ninth 1984 he was also out at holly environmental school. Alongside GE -- -- I don't and it's community service day he has Bob Lanier Bob welcome to the big show -- -- this afternoon. Yeah I don't -- -- real well we're just talking before -- came on the air your nickname when you're a player. According to an interview that Sparky is reading here was the doll or how does that come about. Thought. I -- out there they -- it up in Detroit and I don't want to make it up. And it stuck. Now I stuck right people attempt on then afterwards I. And -- didn't. Bob you don't -- I was watching this thing on the NFL network up a while ago and Jerry Ellison turned me on it that all these dole documentaries they haven't. There was a whole thing up above the AFL in the NFL and these different -- -- and how the AFL was really recording some of these college players coming out. You're also -- -- -- that same scenario when the 88 was try to still -- from college coming into the NBA weren't Jim. How did that work out for -- coming out of college. Same -- College yeah. We were trying to get antsy to sleep I don't and I got. My -- -- -- wouldn't. A lawyer and a guy representing AP and try to get -- drop out of school. And that -- and not mean it was about one point two million dollar. -- and then. And you know it was something that we discussed. It just what -- happening there. Oh yeah and you'll want to all -- Too late at. And we thought we. Connected on eight to that. The -- -- decision but it didn't look right. Silent Bob -- here on the Wendy's big show former Bucs player. And was out as part of the community service day today at holly environmental school Bob talk about when when you're playing for the Milwaukee Bucks. -- we see the environment around this team right now in terms of the fan base in the turn out. Two games out at the Bradley Center. Gary my co -- here he told me a whole different story though. About about the the atmosphere around the spots in the atmosphere amongst Bucs fans going back to the to the late seventies and through the eighties. Not -- -- definitely -- how good it's not like they have a want to probably look and you're actually here. Did you just get -- your part Parker haven't gotten a bumpy LT. Well watching a young player development won't be cheap you know and that's one -- -- important walk -- Kids to be able to do I have to some patients. And develop this might not uptight up a ball pretty well. No what do you think about -- new owners Bob that are in place now. While I've met not met these two got -- -- I've heard only good thing the bottom that they won't -- and and that technical -- and do and he did. So -- Do. -- you probably are. Walked. It is about ultimately you'd end. Up until -- out -- -- -- -- the automatic -- You know Bob a lot of times during post game shows here and Estes the after most games and and -- -- he talked a lot of different basketball fans and on big shelf. You talk to people that may not even like the NBA will reduce certain topics and let us -- -- -- -- they say. Plus I like it used to be these players -- as fundamentally sound as they used to be back in the seventies and the -- -- used to watch him obviously. But -- you were able to play inside or you're able to play outside do you think fundamentals are are lacking more now the Indian and they were before. It brought out and it happened the actual -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or. But not much more athletic than you are right. It got -- Is. Nothing more. Clinics. And a really get -- -- Bobby an out grassroots -- Not on the open at work who come -- The difficulty about it and as you know the social media are. Which -- -- and that is what I was young I'm who have. Or the culture that come out and don't let you know it's that weren't so you know because you -- -- -- Am young people -- Sometimes I'm not -- And I didn't know that yeah. Yeah bottom I want to I want to take on what we sees a scope Woody MBA. When teams like Philadelphia -- and some of these other teams. In their mind that they -- -- their fan base did it on bases -- games sitting -- lottery picks who eventually can turn their franchise around I mean. -- mean you Dana -- a way that teams -- now learned how to win championships through draft. Ordered the keeper wood to free agency round. -- -- have built on all have to. Through the draft and we and -- did you spot. That do not count them out. I'm not saying that close together and they are doubts actually this year almost. And that's I like it very successful. You know -- when you're in your playing days you talk about position answering a little bit but. When -- -- awards from that covers guys you had to gore games when your playing. Old girls are told me argue -- -- you feel it's. And a Jacksonville Florida a big guys give Moises when I'll look for him to. Don't look -- It didn't stop it but that's. About it I don't -- bit. I think that for the most automatic out the -- definitely they found. Most problematic Burton RR I on the other hand -- I was just lucky but I didn't. -- turn it -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob Lanier the former -- legend he was out. That at holy environmental school today alongside GE health -- As community service they also -- on later tonight out in Miller Park it's a Bucs tailgate from 345. To 6 PM and still -- -- the future season ticket plans available. Go to box dot com for details on that Bob it was a pleasure I have any on the big show for a few minutes we appreciate it. Cheeky. And my -- remember that. There is -- -- Miller Park thanks Bob we appreciate it. Have a great night out there Miller Park and Bob -- joins us on the great mid West Bank -- what makes great mid West Bank great. The great midwest bank dot com to see what people in your community are saying about GMB's great people products and services great mid West Bank simply. Local.