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08/21/14 The Wendy's Big Show 4PM Hour

Aug 21, 2014|

What do you think are the percentages of the Brewers making the playoffs? Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler discuss.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining throw back there as they present about legends of the field promised -- -- -- -- with you till 6 o'clock still to come this are we checked in with -- -- insider Adam McKelvey. He joins us at home for me forty -- yes or 48 Brad amicably -- -- -- -- packers' training camp in check in with Mike Clemens he's coming up. At 535. We're talking a lot on the Wendy's big show about these these playoff odds that web sites like -- grass. Statisticians put together and it and they they give out odds percentages. Of a team's chances to make the playoffs two in the division. Its stature -- finally the Brewers are the favorite to win the division. At 59 point or excuse me fifty point 3% that's very small print fifty point 3% chance. To win the division for your Milwaukee Brewers a -- and a fan dressed 82 point 9%. Chance to make the playoffs. Sparky and I are talking before the show starts -- and we started talking about our own confidence that they'd win the division or that they'd make the playoffs. Are they would -- make the playoffs at all and I said okay Sparky. Break it down into percentages for a slice up -- -- life without slice did not result I take 100%. Take -- 100 present confidence. And slice it up so in other words. Out of 100%. What percentage. Would you say that your confident they'll make the playoffs what percentage and I don't know -- -- division -- Hired Brett. Division wildcard into the question division wildcard missed the plan there you got those are the Philly for -- that they'll win the division at least get the wildcard or not make the playoffs yeah. Out of 100%. Sliced up that -- Steve Sparky for 95% to win the division five -- -- Malacca. That's it 0% -- you don't think there's any chance that they miss the playoffs whatsoever none. They're not that far out of -- I'm I'm -- say that I think they will but they're not that far out of falling from the playoff go to the standings they're good they're good distance but not fallen out play. How about you guys out there -- Losing to division and blues no lock carted -- lose. Well yeah but not resemble the 7991250. Lotta Sports Radio -- Dillon all America -- 100%. What percent chance would you say. There is that they'll win the division. That -- at least get the wildcard and that they won't make the playoffs at all 7991250. You can also email a lot of Sports Radio twelve -- -- don't count. I think is it. Are out of those 65%. Chance to win the division -- -- was part of they're not of thought that not gonna collapse in the rest of it went well. You both those -- -- fallout it would it would not collapse -- -- good it won't collapse. So worst case do wildcard negated. At the worst case and it. Who is leading in the wildcard in the Giants with the Giants guys know another -- the -- Cardinals are those -- run and shoot the a couple of and they're seeing their 69 and 66 with some birds are only 34 games out of falling out of the playoffs altogether not happen not. Help each other too terribly knocking NATO probably got a win you know they gonna win. You know the majority of the -- which we know -- but I don't -- goes so they wouldn't it's seven games Atlanta's economy go win maybe four of them. But I just don't know do which is -- You know -- of their collapse. -- -- course -- 7991250. Lot of Sports Radio 1250 -- -- out of a 100%. What percentage chance do you think there is -- they win the division. Percentage chance you think that -- -- get the wildcard. And what positions -- -- -- all the state is go home at the end of September you're adding Allen to -- our -- fell under a hundred pieces. That's a six -- that -- for a 5050. And zero for do not know it was 200 no collapse do you think no I don't think there's any chance they don't make the playoffs so. Don't really don't know very proud of in this room so far you know we haven't heard round is there a moment ago now you haven't -- reminded them -- have had to have kids who you have me. I guess and a lot of visited the club it's all hiding and yes they are -- -- -- on these. Become an ideal both Israel because putted -- will win it now. -- -- I hear you can be anonymous. Change your named -- they're going to -- -- -- -- little there have done their teens and I knew blown it out. That is still -- -- -- could explode he's such a hard marked all the. What -- -- went out right. This the wildest. So here it is -- -- -- -- after the break. 100%. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Wilson. Percent chance to think that they win the division percentage chance you think that they at least get the wildcard right and the present of a chance that you think you just go all that they go home at the end of September. Seven -- said he doesn't monster out of the duel live at Sports Radio 1250 dot com so when -- big show I'll give you mine here from the united. Ortiz makes it they're back there is that resentment legends of the field and down the field asking -- to -- up your birds odds -- -- -- drivers that. I'm -- percent what percentage chance do you think there is that they win the division. That they at least make the playoffs. And that they don't make the playoffs -- all 7991250. Lot of Sports Radio at 1250 dot com the electors -- presented by. Legends of the field check him out at legends of the field dot com and this week they provided us an eight by ten. Jarrett Boykin autographed photo presented by legends of the field I got -- -- -- -- your -- at 32. 961. Nominees include -- Who Aaron -- Rolling Stones Janis Joplin and the Foo Fighters in the late entry about -- Butler. Of war with one of those and year old or your own what -- live responsibly to -- -- -- -- -- Woods withdrawal will follow -- -- I -- -- -- the Wendy's big show with -- -- -- -- -- I think where. I think is -- -- be like a 90%. They win the division. And 10% got a wildcard -- there's no way they're not not. I mean I -- -- not -- -- -- -- -- I'm not higher on the division and how long before lotion not -- to get back but. They're -- -- -- and they're gonna they're going to be there. -- just got to ask yeah. I'll bet -- medical team they shot twenty under. Who are very good. Thanks for the call. Mean -- -- his team you have to understand all of the guy from bell balance give us some holes you -- -- -- TO but not enough you have to understand whose golf and his team if you know these guys and I haven't you know these guys yeah. They have their own golf cart and -- -- had a at all it's ultimately our goal daily radio and there they got stuff on the front the bad guys play golf at -- 456 times and Q what -- you work that'll always want to argue is -- that they seized she's got GB. They're looking at his -- Succumbing to be -- -- of spokesperson. Cause -- -- it's positive for a little bit. That review of the week that you aren't you just don't want -- -- I don't know I don't know that the joke field on us and he failed. You guys were better you guys might feel to win one of these small achievement I would. Where they were just on -- you give give the world Michaels is and the reason -- winning. Most of the guys on the team -- left that part yeah. Envision that. Hey how well. You are logged -- out because one of the ordinary deliberate blow yeah. Got -- -- a little had a little backwards. And 320 all. -- you want to take that TV away from a period backwards in that -- why you invited him. They don't get out Mars why you invited him right him -- -- up very well might be okay. Any General Counsel sizing up the but others aren't you we're -- -- remarked I don't it's like Colorado and that's my. We'll go where you go so I'm gonna give the Brewers you know Wheaton. 55% chance -- -- -- 55 -- 40% chance. That they at least get a wild -- you've got a thorough in there a small chance -- at least 5%. That they're not gonna make the playoffs -- all obviously at the standings right now. We said that they the -- did the Giants have the second wildcard right now. They're only three and a half games behind the -- three and a half games is not a lot with a month and a half of baseball left to play. We're not talking about scrub teams on their heels -- tighten up the Cardinals in the Giants on their heels these teams are not going anywhere anytime soon and. A small so why the Brewers or -- or sooner I'm just saying this we -- in the that's that's what this has been and all the time now everybody says the Brewers are gonna work the Cardinals got a sports -- I. Chance to the last. So I thought this is nothing you're telling me why the Brewers can't do -- think that I think taxed as -- -- and say they almost definitely will get a text from. Says got -- and MLB TV -- Rosen -- too big to come on the radio with us now Ken Rosenthal. Wouldn't say that I don't beat to get around -- -- the best in the National League as the nationals put the Cardinals are right there without the car starting in winning their own division. They're getting treated like that they have the best record in the national that would I'm sayings on irons that's an element -- stupid saying that there's a 5% chance that they don't make the playoffs Sparky that we not known the Spurs team. Even in little -- and Reynolds I know even in this season where they've been in first place from start to finish to go through its wounds. Haven't lost first place no. Okay did what what what chance and a half but I'm yankees team ever start in August it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eleven of thirteen going into the all star -- -- yesterday -- first or are they immune to doing that again yeah now. They are not at all I'll bet you whatever you like Dana was like I don't particularly good I'm just got to school here sure the -- -- 1130 they could. Which is why put it -- -- 5%. Chance what are you getting all mad -- because it's ridiculous contract like this is an Epstein this -- now and hot I just emailed me a much higher percentage -- seems every year are strong in August and September. How would have August you tell me. It's sport. Cricket and the slowness and here we -- so innocent more than -- controlled the division. In the month of August and -- went through the tough part of the schedule that's not what I said then and in three weeks from now. Don't say that so they're not making the playoffs and putting -- any 5% chance. That they don't make the playoffs what -- -- them winning the division fifty dance I don't know 55 that's and a 40% chance that they don't when that -- that they at least get a wildcard. These are good teams out there -- -- -- surrogate team too but there's a lot of -- doesn't. Like Steve argument I don't Cardinals the Cardinals -- first this will be a totally different conversation you and Ronnie -- would be saying -- kind of car the window divisional. -- will be lucky to get a Lockhart. You wanna give the Brewers a chance and as I am if you rise or did a -- McConnell. -- and I -- yeah not a president not a chance we -- for the same reason I say the I'm I'm afraid of those seven games and build up -- it's usually -- a -- because -- that's system for the same reason. I would say those are two good baseball teams the Cardinals have a game and a half lead but the Brewers are going anywhere anytime soon now flip the flip the names that I used in that sentence between numbers the Cardinals and that's from saying now. Good baseball teams are not going anywhere it's -- tight race in so there is a chance that yes they fall out of the playoff picture a small one. But it's still a chance sorry to break it to you Zach and -- on -- -- and he's -- Hey there I'm I just wanted to -- that yeah I agree that there are most likely gonna make it I mean even in 95% chance. At making the playoffs -- However I am -- only day I think they've only got about 40% chance of making a division. And I say that because of the Cardinals and we see we've seen time and time and it time and time again in the past the Cardinals. Are extremely high this time the year and they always find ways to win. And they've just proven and -- -- -- but we're on prevent. And so we need to we need to -- a couple years before and automatically. Assume that won the division at this time of the year. Thank you get punished for being good. You do here a business -- Shot -- punishing them for being good is -- Zenyatta -- a couple of years. -- -- -- -- -- Well don't shoot -- a team build up a resume in a track record. Yeah but he's dirty into the track -- and now there into certain -- -- 2011 Arabs is. I mean -- it's not like didn't have done the anything the last don't I'm not saying -- and done all just -- in the last pose like a couple more years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They make you take the division 15% they picked the wild card. And I'm gonna go a lot of olympians -- 65%. They make it to the World Series. Well I know that I know that my brother from just it -- Jackson's going to be -- wanted the. -- call that. He. He's one of bandwagon hoppers and I -- -- guys from the beginning that belliard but that's I look at it there a lot better than the Cardinals get. They're gonna do you look at it both ways together can undercard of a couple very good through four games and -- you remaining in themselves. So -- under the same pressure but I really have the pressure. Being in first place. Seeding they got zero dig our one. Chance to maybe go out to -- got two chances to fail -- -- want. So. Worst case. That would be epic collapse and -- not that you see drastic measures if that. Slice up the -- out of -- percent what percentage very confident numbers and win the division 4% very confident. But -- least get a wildcard more percentage very confident. That aid don't make the playoffs at all 7991250. You can also email live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot -- keep taking your calls emails on this. In just 12 but got to get this in guys thanks for your tremendous response Milwaukee's largest. Fantasy football draft party at how to monuments and August 28. Is now closed event but thanks to young expressed you can still get -- in just listen to chuck and wicket weekday morning 630 and 830 the big show. Weekday afternoons to thirty -- thirty -- about 430 so you know what's governors to young express fantasy Q were -- -- do is text this word I'm about to give me to 32961. The receiving her for four more fancy weeks table -- -- we announced each Friday at 515 plus one winner from all entries. Will -- -- two night weekend stay at the new pot a lot of me hotel text it to three Q. 961 to get your league and to Milwaukee's largest fantasy football draft party at -- want me events and August 28 and it's all thanks to young express young expressed. Success drives that today's key word is defense that DE. After and as -- that's defense -- that to 3296 want to join us. -- got a lot of me events setter next Thursday big shall be out there that'll be a special edition of fantasy football weekly myself. Steve Sparky Phifer Tim Allen Dorsey levens will be there Amman green April Rose from -- -- yes beaten that April Rose. Peter shaky from -- wired dot com. Marquette -- shoot the -- is only seven days away. I cannot wait. To -- fondly afforded Tennessee football weekly -- there again from. 6 until 9 o'clock to end up a thousand people all doing their draft success at the same time -- -- -- that do we know how many leagues it is. I would imagine some -- -- a hundred. Be my guess. This is going to be fun in ninety to a hundred -- while media and how big each league is -- on -- -- ninety. There's going to be good -- this is going to be -- -- -- and or is it went well this year -- -- -- match we might do it again Inkster had a quick break -- -- when -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- I don't go -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah. The money's being -- throwback Thursday was staying present a legends of the field it's live and he'd like -- next week to 32. 9618. By ten autographed photo Jarrett Boykin on line right now asking you. Slice up your confidence. High. I should explain that should not out of 400% -- what percentage do you think. What present did you think you're confident that the Brazil where the division that -- least make the wild -- that they won't make the playoffs at all 7991250. By the Sports Radio 1250 dot com Sparky is as confident the birds as he is in the guys over -- -- A question about watch Gary -- ought to care association. -- great location -- Al came together. Four under as group because they went into things and they use of NAPA Auto Parts and USC. Circuits are via -- and try. Technicians both of those as wide a -- this group and all eight of them one of them I'm sure is -- close to your house IDs file which ones close your house or other website MI LW. CA AR dot com M I LWCAAR. Dot com when you're there you have a chance to win. Free oil changes for a year that's free oil changes for a year all -- to do is fill out the form on the front website to have that opportunity M I LWC. A check out all the different things they have all the different services that all the eight repair jobs offer right there on the site plus they -- -- -- keep your cars up to date as possible keep it running in good condition. Check him out today and I LWC. -- -- wanted this -- match. Our part and haven't had that spotlight and doing -- -- with the -- and -- so. -- People. Thought we we got out early and make the play out but it you don't -- it. Try really really are like. Probably we don't. It's because I'm -- -- Europe rather well. Little better than. That. -- doubt that -- -- yeah we can do. Q do you know are why -- a former winner alone. Yeah. And down day out I'd drop him so overdone I didn't wanna wonder why go to sleep to go to -- -- -- -- and economy. When his large groups of Sarah let him go the -- with us as vital break in news and. I really come through and -- you know what I think we should do tomorrow because I think and La appropriately monitor. Are you enjoying the ride. It's not all athlete in the original I don't know -- a lot of people wrong I think that's a great course and the good players out there are human and down -- road. Are you enjoy -- bigbie for me. I think there are a lot of people in a boat that are probably not in Jordan -- about the people mosquito coordinator Brian and when to be the misdeed or they say in the report Marin Mariners are almost all for -- -- your reduced. There's an highlights not a must win for -- -- scoreboard show up here tomorrow I'm president is tomorrow night it's evident that are going to be unless that is a pretty confident are not in their football teams -- tournament knowing the Brewers the Brewers -- -- Out of -- so yeah I don't know. -- people from all over so these are a scotsman gonna complain about the Brewers it's not there are two guards and -- Negativity I'm obligated enjoy honesty I think -- -- enjoying it there just doesn't seem to be the majority. Yesterday on the post game -- element with Sparky for Sparky with Tim Allen and Tim was asking are are you still nervous about this team. As a duo were talking about right now about whether or not you're sure that they're gonna make the playoffs and arena C post season baseball and I set a set to -- -- You can be nervous but still confident in other words it's it's a pennant race -- thing is tight and nothing is for sure so yet there's there's nerves involved but that doesn't mean that -- Think a lot -- better team that they're gonna they're gonna prevail -- were America's team. Their future's so bright right now if -- Delaware shreds if they don't make it -- this -- it's gonna happen. And is gonna have before. But that's in the next few years already up Romero is too so yeah enjoy -- me that they have to mean. -- they have the makings of everything in place and your conquer these fears I have it it may I have the same fears I have and the posters -- beating the Cardinals and I think they can't. And they will they they've got a team right now symbol -- most certainly every Tuesday out. Where they can and they can rival anybody. In Major League Baseball but years ago. Are you right -- we should talk about the -- tomorrow. Just because. You're nervous are there are nerves involved -- you have butterflies in your stomach. Doesn't mean that at the end of the day or not -- -- -- nothing worth having nothing worth having doesn't come with its challenges and a and a tight pennant race. Is gonna come with some challenges not you're not just -- run away with this thing is -- -- easy and carefree. It's a tight pennant race and there's going to be nerves involved it's going to be it's going to be challenging as a fan but that doesn't mean you're not enjoying it -- let's go to Mike in great senior on the -- is -- sure what's up Mike. They were out in a spot on. I -- out of the top sixteen. Brian -- five spot. And I it'll all -- -- -- he -- To make it -- the playoff. On the wild card. Yeah it could is that it recovered some of that -- joined arrived but it's our bracket -- it's a -- wreck in the group were there. But I think you're economic. One -- -- like you said. And one of those top -- and golf. Right. And I think adding that that type a slump like -- losing eleven of thirteen before the all star break. Highly unlikely highly unlikely impossible now works you certainly a course -- -- -- year. There are forty games about how many do they need to win -- you think they were gonna we're not new mom board games -- -- -- I don't think I said 23. Did you do it with a twenty enterprise less than one but yet -- that the previous day in the post options and got time for one more columnists it's second baby new year and the Wendy's -- -- of that. -- -- -- It's it's it's pretty sweet I think -- and a chance to win. As far as the out of that bottoming out go to they've done that are -- Dave I don't know the other teams have an apartment -- just as flatly. Or expose David Brewster could put him into the -- take until this week I think. The current bottomed out and then there are getting pretty hot -- when they need to -- -- I've enjoyed. Pretty much every bit of -- -- there looting and whatever you do they're gonna come back. I don't I'm not agree about -- -- I'm -- where it's going I'm sorry I'm not won yet -- did on Dunn got. It on the radio there at the time. Think he's really tell -- did you guys actually do that if you go to Angel games and a year and they lose -- -- yes you do yes. Gary. And -- on me neither and go to the -- Damon and it's never. Leave your thoughts of this slice of that -- the job Paul's Buick GMC stock up fly and 448. 2162. Best of -- 550 or jump back in we ask you pick a lane coming up shortly. At 5 o'clock. Check in with our Brewers insider Adam McKelvey after a quick break right now our package reporter Mike Clemens. As -- -- Packers training camp in Green Bay. It's 1215 green and gold training camp -- front do you buy paper machinery corporation in Green -- -- is -- Clemens the Packers getting ready to take on the Oakland Raiders here at Lambeau Field while many other teams around the league if cut players picked -- free agents made several changes to the roster. The Packers have only brought in one free agent during this training camp. Wide receiver -- Sheppard after he was released by the Ravens outside of that except for a couple of injuries -- ninety man rosters not changed since the start of training camp Ted Thompson compared shaping the team to sort of like making us do. -- go you can -- assault conviction. The institutional. So because it just felt so -- was those try to figure this out there and -- partners just sort of reflection of where you are if you've gotten somebody nicked up or playing Shepherd. We just heard a couple humans who. With a bumper through. And you go to get to life goes wrong positions especially early in training -- Technology continues to improve as a coaching tool for players tight end Jake -- -- showed me his upgraded -- -- Is right at your fingertips playbook question was incredible you can just call or text -- but did you think you could. Last year's punt returns on the I don't know why young kids and our return but -- -- on there and so I have not ability really. I think further enhances the player development. And Julius Peppers begins his thirteenth season in the NFL how -- the game changed since 2002. Decision about -- -- -- well you know for us -- things receive you know also when I first came into the league it was. There wasn't as wide open as it is now bulldogs' passing attacks so from that -- It was more run game it's got pretty open here -- -- in the past couple years road potent quarterbacks an opponent where I think estimation different -- more room in. Vs. -- Packers outside linebacker Julius Peppers updates every day from Green Bay Mike Clements WSS. Think this is when your 1215 green and gold training camp update but do you buy paper machinery corporation -- only station Packers fans need Sports Radio 1215 WS his feet. Running big show. -- in -- catch up with our prisons that are -- -- just one sack. But Jerry Ellison -- -- not about last few days -- lot of comments on my G shot watch. -- -- -- Sank to my boy Jerry Ellison and the folks over -- -- center got some are born yesterday yesterday -- -- program. I didn't talk. A bit over rated golf course. I think he almost dinner table at the car that was that was every people are flying around him at various. Have for you guys. Beat. As my pro -- right now if you go to curiouser. Over there that you come out it's -- for extra boards -- so far. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in my blog -- want guys -- a Somalia for a game Murray he's the owner he brought my program home board. And -- he makes sure that he brought along a few things -- -- been through Cephalon prayer. The jury the judiciary is the new home of the nine means tungsten our way to -- -- -- -- fifteen. He also with -- you -- -- and install it installed it in almost any walk for 299. All jury repairs were done in store. There are not adult like many stores to -- -- and I was -- last week in. Beamer the only one -- -- with -- -- right there boom boom Brigham argument there and they are way. I'm sure that you go to majors and they would you view. The most cash for your goal got the jury should revoke your -- and -- in late last. Open Monday through Thursday 10 AM terrific -- Friday. Tennis -- and Saturday 10 -- to property -- Lesson over to catch up with numbers and senator Adam Mckelvin here in just one -- -- he's he's in Milwaukee another element the arm. Got through he was not news outlets already have our large color guards working at it -- a day game than his work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty seemed are counting now he no no he's going in door county tomorrow which is a resilient and I want you gonna do and -- -- invent cell service. Well apparently has an off day tomorrow to. Now if you go to dork county be up there today aren't -- I'm going tomorrow. Really Greg cover in the series here we haven't touched on this -- and I know how much we need to touch on it but. Since we don't have -- -- and few minutes -- pick away at 5 o'clock. Yesterday via the Browns announced Brian Hoyer. Over Johnny -- -- as a starting quarterback. They may have a problem with a. Stupid. I I don't like it and I don't like out of turn -- Hoyer to do whatever you can get like Grossman is backed up. And that's what I would have done because again included not going anywhere in the Arroyo is talks about the Browns and I'm proud -- not matter the Browns. Right exactly so because they're the -- it if it was me. I just nomads on the fires you and albums of some and -- and girls and on -- play and you -- -- pick for lawyer teams are looking for back to salt time honestly. You could you because you know you're not you're clearly Cleveland's got. While -- -- -- -- how bad everybody as clean as potential that two top five picks in next year's draft. So if you can go and add another pick that's how you're gonna have to fix this thing in Cleveland's gonna have to be through the draft right. For free agency stamp what -- are gonna get a clear do not physiological playing Cleveland supporters not your future you know winning a Super -- with player. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think -- gonna be the fight -- they find -- ten years I don't think you know the who -- down -- you ask great though because he's got his life that he can get out and raw and so it's not as big of an issue. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They may hint over -- millions of amateur and the runner office or is pretty or the teacher and so that's where they're from that state. There was a report they came out this morning that of the 34. Summer practices that they had a Texas a and -- last year. And -- showed up -- three of but it makes out of how many 34 and showed up for three from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's not so than be blown up and blown out of known -- is -- just because -- -- no -- That's the -- the work I think we all I think we all agree that journeyman -- his starter before the season's up Brett. There are -- I don't -- why that's why would love for Steve in there and knowing him -- -- as the which announced. DirecTV -- news sites on solutions and now he's got. Word is -- to -- TV and get out as you. You are watching and yeah I -- series right away the worst thing I had a morning evening or Steve that you Buick in -- -- -- on like. -- lie and I watched I watched initial -- or not -- a couple years overtures you're you're you're into refresher course. It's not look or how violent that world -- years. And you know there in you -- you -- -- years -- as you -- stuff going on -- Jeremy -- Wrong tree -- will be one. You'll see all -- small. It S and outs as -- we hold quarterbacks a bit different when you and the leader of your name policy. You really do not. We yelled at all other about this on on news. Has told you guys look -- and yelled. Yeah honesty that's what you get out of that. -- -- -- -- And he's the size of my nephew is going to be and where -- -- -- it. He'd he'd kill you -- can laugh at it that I was Jovian -- -- -- in the NFL he's much about the same size Russell Wilson. -- but got a big team or team -- Hughes he's it was built on different positions. But it did go and change things you would they give people a chance to change -- for men's. With thing. We talked about this team laments not like you -- -- job. I figured the I don't -- -- -- yeah -- made the right choice -- important I don't -- an -- right towards. And not that you can go to men's nailed down the line once he gets everything right in order ones -- and I always look at averages -- ropes. Learn what their -- -- all about and -- well. Learn that tomorrow what is to be expected W I don't think he knows that and also -- -- -- warp from Texas -- on or money on no. -- -- -- -- What's the Browns -- oh in six or whatever they are what's the season starts there's a lot there's less pressure on his athleticism and always expecting him to go out there and -- and lead the team to a to a playoffs what do wanna be Hoyer if you -- phone final six where are because you're the -- chance in Denver -- now if there was going knowledge dissenting Cleveland that's for. The Johnny Johnny I mean you can hear. Let a quick break Adam McKelvey is on the line we'll see if he can hang out and talk to -- next door. Coach Jim Jones and push nickel and back to five to seventeen you. You're the woman -- -- money here like just over true long man -- -- -- there it. -- -- -- --