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08/21/14 Adam McCalvy joins The Big Show 5PM Hour

Aug 21, 2014|

Brewers insider Adam McCalvy stops by and talks about Jonathan Lucroy's MVP chances, how Ryan Braun's thumb has affected his swing and the future of the Brewers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He joins us now on the great midwest bank how money fund has worked at Brewers dot com Adamant cal the year against on the big show Adam -- -- this afternoon. Here are great running OK let's do it now we're not ended -- the Seminoles here's. The culprit last night -- you hear it through that was -- and out of nowhere to go around records -- He did benefit out of -- right away the jig was up right away he knew exactly who puts you up to that. Adam I see -- go up papers dot com today talking about Jonathan -- -- and his chances of winning the MVP without giving away the whole article. Where do you think -- -- -- falls in the MVP conversation. Well if you're one who believe that -- have to come from a playoff team I think he's got a really good chance I think -- get bonus points. For playing a premium position much of that Yadier Molina did last year when he was a pretty solid contender for McCutcheon and the winning the award. Arm it's gonna it's gonna be a really interesting race this year because there isn't it a standout runaway candidate from. A clear post season bound team and it's going to be an interesting debate. You know you -- likely -- -- and so far and away the best pitcher in baseball right now. But it's really rare especially in the national league for pitcher -- and Bob Gibson and 68. Well the last NL MVP to -- arm then you've got John Carlos Stanton who's got that huge numbers -- like the traditional categories. Lead the league in homers and RBIs. But he -- a Marlin team that's 500 and they're playing better so we'll -- if they get in the race their fourteen bottom wildcard. But you know they may not be a post -- reaching. So if you really want to be from a potent team and he wanted to be a position where I think they're oblivious school voters that are gonna really look. Hearted that would Jonathan LeCroy is Dylan you know he leads the majors in doubles on that Bruce's -- PS pretty -- -- and and you know he's developed into a really good defensive player as well he's kind of an all around guy. Who doesn't have the stand out homer -- you know he doesn't stand out -- any one category but he's just become a really good all around player I think he's gonna get some -- Adam we've been talking about this first seen in what they're gonna do this year and Jerry -- -- has been all over the fact that. -- what happens this year this team's future set up pretty good because of some of what's coming in a minor league system -- the next you know three to five years are you of the same belief. Yeah I mean I think they're setup who you here but Melvin talk about the streak that you guys. Up the middle and -- you know like that's the hardest area. Took failure talking -- center field shortstop second base. And then of course pitching. And he liked what they've got -- all those sponsoring now makes you feel like there's more pitching coming. And they're not losing a tremendous not a not losing at their rotation for example the swear. I'm where they are gonna have the same issues again -- -- They have this year. Least some of one -- first and third base all I think what are going to be -- -- a huge question mark all over the over the winner. Ramos Ramirez -- -- really interest in case with a mutual option. And what's gonna happen merit and at first base it's going to be here we go again because. On the news going to be harder -- -- little bit but probably not that -- and you know I don't I don't know exactly what they're gonna -- there and I don't think they're really thinking about -- out because they've got the division. But but if you're talking as far as the core of the team. It's not going to be if you turn over all season and if that's the case then. You know I think expectations should be that there are reasonably competitive again -- for the next couple years -- -- that's what mark that not go. Always -- want to do not make it one year deal make it a team that always you can go under a year and have reasonable tomorrow. -- Were all Madden and we do a lot of looking down rolled -- -- -- national your Renault where. Are. You fitting stage do you think it will stay that way it is what the brewer's breakaway and knew it. We're just beat them in the cardinals' three games two games won games part of your receivers play you know. Well I don't know of the Brewers are not look like they can break away because in other basically a 500 team since they're wanting me. I think they're a little above 500 and writer -- that spot and they've been hovering there for a long time now and I'm not saying that the bad -- those -- those twenty and it counted and their record is what the record it I don't don't know that I see them winning Hannibal had. I also don't see the ability when he. And so it looks like it could be a division that's going to be one of those dogfight down to the end and those other teams it's. You know you can look at them hurt by injuries I just -- -- that. -- Pittsburgh with McCutcheon -- back. Cardinals' losing Yadier Molina and the rest of the -- bottle. Those are the stars -- are there or -- you know top players and it's hurt both teams abilities. To really get on a prolonged on Pittsburgh did it for awhile which is pretty impressive how they've gone into it terrible -- -- -- you're you don't see the Brewers breaking away from the Cardinals. Because I don't really see any team in this division breaking away from. 00. Yeah out. -- probably did in two Garza love victims of when he cut back who is he still gives still to come might early September inch give or take. Yep that's the -- is slated to go -- in the very early stages as she got to get off a mound yet. You have to decide whether they want to send them on the Marlins to pitch. -- but if it -- September the ideas you don't really need to stretch and I'll just pitch count up built up. Well then you bring him in -- -- three innings and you got all these. Extra arms around that you can fill the rest of the. I had an -- about what do you -- with fires if that happens. Well you know it it could be you don't lay out difficult decision by just like that it. If you think Garza can only go fifty pitches the very beginning -- -- pitch and sit in the neighboring and a guy like Ireland also whichever it is. Behind it and get the other I guess the other thing I'd say is. In two weeks you just don't know what the other situation is going to be so I think they're really trying to. Not make a decision on what they're going to do now because who knows what landscape is. With another guy rolling an ankle like Carlos did a fluke thing earlier this month. Arm and they don't want to declare themselves on here's what we're thinking. Because now you declared a guy -- prior movies in the bullpen and somebody else goes down -- you've either got to start. What they hope are really important games in September so they're kind of inquired about what they want to do and I get why that is. -- but you know the idea it instigate Garza back of the rotation -- -- there. Obviously you -- fifteen million bucks he's going to be when -- -- guys. And he is a potential because of the -- of a potential opening game starter should they get to that position. But all that's gonna depend on. What I appreciate you then and whether he comes back from the spring pitching -- he was before he. Start with members insider Adam McKelvey -- dot com and here on the Wendy's big Joseph Adams speaking of not saying much about injuries -- brawn. And that thumb. Are we just to assume now Adam that every time Ryan -- goes through a slump -- -- -- where he doesn't necessarily have the power -- used to seeing him have. That it is that thumb in the nerve damage in there that's flaring up. Well I think you can see it in this -- EEE you know he doesn't take a lot of awkward swings so -- flop I mean everybody does. Miguel Cabrera has a couple really rough period this year might be considered. But when he takes -- really funky. Awkward swing and expand the strike zone like he's. Trying to force something that's a pretty good indication that he's hurting again and a pretty good indication that they're going to be optic. But I think they deserve some credit for managing it as well as they have produced -- -- okay level not not as high as he had hoped for sure. I grew little. But they're trying to manages to get him to play as many games as -- -- and then. It's frankly it would -- back -- again. They get because they gotta get -- first. But should you get into October situation. You just -- are rolling the dice you're gonna get the good line brought that it -- the batter Ryan brought about arm. I'm not sure what you do I don't think you say them but you hope that maybe more expanded schedule with the -- -- things like that. Helps him get back on track because he's shown a knack that when he have these really bad. Stretch as a result -- hurting a day off. They hearkens back and it's like -- at the recent upon so that that's. It's it's a roll the dice I think he's a total wildcard -- down the stretch and especially as you get into post season situation. Does bring up -- -- -- a little bit. Third base coach for the Brewers to she's been under fire from fans. All year long any such a laid back easy -- one guy and in media or anybody else has a Rodham always likes Eddy cedar. How see how he'd been -- as far as this year with in all the base running issues that they've had. Well I mean I think hit that again this is born you actually -- but I think there's the cute and every third base coaching baseball bat. It's -- the middle reliever who doesn't get noticed. Until he blows -- game. Your third base coach doesn't get noticed until a guy about by five steps home plate and all the good friends. -- is part of the game and we credit -- where we credit the guy got the base hit that put him in that situation. And you don't pay attention in the third base coach when things are going so. I mean I don't idol to me it -- then a factor certainly in the negative I think he's. I'm of the third base coach there are definitely an aggressive team. And they definitely make -- at the plate at times but again it's we've gone through that there are appalled at that -- just now they only want life. Find his work campers dot com MLB dot Tom on Twitter at at a mentality -- appreciate a few minutes we'll talk again next round. And McDonough joins us on the great midwest bank -- what makes great midwest bank great. It's great mid West Bank dot com to see what people in your community are saying about GMB's great people products and services great mid West Bank simply. Well.