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08/21/14 Mike Clemens joins The Big Show 5PM Hour

Aug 21, 2014|

WSSP's Mike Clemens checks in from training camp to talk about what the first regular season game means to the Packers' practice schedule, how hard Aaron Rodgers and Edgar Bennett are on the wide receivers and the Packers' tight end situation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now. On the great midwest bank ally and he's entrenched in packers' training camp up in Green Bay and my -- updates at FaceBook dot com slash 1250 to be SSP it might Clemens. NFL on Twitter he is of course -- Clemens Mike how -- this afternoon. Pretty -- it's gone by fast so after this game particularly two more practices left open the public next week. And Mike -- with with the sort of a short week this week that I played on Thursday but they're playing on Friday we all know. That the third pre season game is the one that they take the most seriously is Mike McCarthy taking this as an opportunity to -- Set the practice schedule for that short week when they face Seattle in week one. All we -- started -- a couple weeks ago. I've never seen a training camp where. But in the last two weeks they've they've pretend like we -- somewhere in the middle of October. There are ready and they restructured the practice schedule. Today we had that weird Saturday practice we -- would take -- Friday runs through. -- the guys have Friday off we move it to Saturday we did that today it was open to the public. And the media and they practiced for about an hour they ran over fifty plays from scrimmage they ran or else high speed helmets and shorts like he used to have. Typical Friday -- through did -- -- sudden -- Rodgers -- completions somebody you know with time running out they settled for a field goal and Mason Crosby goes wide -- from 53 yards out. The one thing at -- that felt good about this change in schedule wise they were very physical. And Tuesday. Really banging heads. And and they had the next day off. And I think that was probably Smart in terms of you know resting up the guys' bodies. And we were in the locker room yesterday -- -- guys are taking showers and actually I think he charges and hot tub cold tub. You know it's so -- get their bodies back so if -- a typical Thursday in a regular season you're in full pads. Like contact knocking each other around not -- rust off. -- on Friday that the day off that you could you know go to the trainer. Pitcher trying to -- -- back to a run through on Saturday get on the plane and go play the game and you talked you know Randall Cobb but he says you know 1000 tracks. Our track which would have -- run some sprints to date for a meat so. I don't know what it what do you guys think about having a one through the -- before game. I think because you still got -- lead the younger guys no -- elderly guys don't we steal. And training camp mode improved I think it was done to change -- -- like to -- it. Vehicle more prices -- is close they'll get into the routine you know a normal week -- to become abnormal projects of open up a -- Thursday game. -- -- are shorter weeks do you have a longer break. Mike I want to talk a little bit about. There aren't they ask -- a lot of them out because he has what twelve guys for five spots is how -- come. Yeah and in all Aaron. I talked to him the other day it is lockers same old -- very nice guy easy go on but he gets in front of those cameras and he puts the younger receivers on notice. And she will not take any. Mental errors or missing one of his hand signals -- the no -- to line from any of these guys. So here Kevin Dorsey you're here for second year Alex to latter were you know just -- this kid with the speed good hands. And you know that the key to story. Everybody -- -- -- that he. I want not what this guy in the field with -- -- Aaron Rodgers -- he knows every little nuance of the offense and the priests snap changes to make and mr. Bennett you know back some mop up -- it. I guess it's sound kind of harsh but at the end of the day you've got to execute the offense the other -- I can't get over right is. I'd I'd never remember training camp where they did so much prep for week one. Every day for the ovals last two weeks they start -- practiced with the ones inside the Hudson center with the doors closed and the crowd is gone. -- and for Seattle to -- that there. You know I've never seen anything like that -- war. But that's were the ones are at -- at a whole new level of execution. And that's why some of these guys -- -- -- second year trying to make a wide receiver group after. That's why it's like -- you don't know by now there's no way you can make -- -- Like when you sit there and you looked -- to this -- anger right now with the Bostick an injury that he has. Is it pretty much Rogers and everybody else right now this tight -- group. -- -- -- -- They've been around Richard Rodgers with the ones in the pre season like its a lot of snaps with Aaron. And sometimes I see players where I think oldest guys on the job that's -- with the other times I see these players and I say. No they're trying to get this -- in up to speed. Because you know he's still a kid and they'll put him out -- first and ten against the Seahawks. But they want him to get as much time with Aaron so when she does have to go -- obstacles dancing week three of the season or something like that. That this guy will feel comfortable with Rogers and what to do the same thing on the other side with pot but -- I still think that you would lineup. -- net and Micah Hyde in the base. But you know how hard that is many snaps as possible with a one yeah they just go ahead and they put it meant. To start and certainly you mean come in on some nickel and dime packages as well. Well so Bostick is out. Richard Rodgers probably can go on first down. -- -- -- He's drop back and I don't know what they're trying to light a fire under him. But they're gonna get -- extolled burner. A lot of pictures matched -- might even get it -- Rogers who knows but certainly a lot with Matt Flynn. He's the next guy -- wire like you know it's market they're they're doing what they're doing and that is so there's a lot of asked -- -- Which fat kid. And you know he just he's so much more maturing. And then there's this just in Perillo what number eighty all he does -- catch passes all over the field. Looking Smart. He -- he's got a strange Bill Belichick streak to fifty. He just doesn't look like the big body guy that they want at tight end but he sure is in the nation must be a tight end because of speed. But he he sure sure sure handed and Jerry final told me he's a Smart players well so you know we'll try to get him looked as well maybe they'll practice squad that. One last thing before we like to go might get it did you were you and I were talking a little -- -- -- I think it was last now we're talking my days are all mixed up. Are a -- the special teams and really if you're -- fan. Watching -- packer raiders' game tomorrow night you really want to pay attention to who's out what's special teams unit that's probably a giveaway on which probably gonna make the team. Especially like on kick coverage. And I would think that you they have and guys like -- -- out there and some of these other linebackers it. You know been around -- -- get back on the field but they got Sam -- -- And they got -- Paul Marat their -- with the Wannstedt from mom we have multiple ones from the -- Kick coverage the other night I don't like. No way but he was on the far outside. -- say the -- positions. The opening of the bull by Kansas seem to -- he has heard intro press. But. I think that. Some of these battles like Kevin Dorsey to just chance to inspect it can't send him down -- -- somebody but he saw him get four kick returns against the Rams. So -- try to see some of these guys. That you know you know member James Jones he would put out -- -- that aren't tackled guys. So -- if there's six guys in one of these groups if you make first in special teams. That's gonna put you in there -- guy that's always finance for three years is Ryan Taylor I saw him out of the kick coverage with the first team. No practices this week. It is my Clemens reporting live from training camp and -- -- get all the best -- coverage courtesy of -- Clemens and WS -- speak. As we continue -- getting closer and closer towards the regular season Michael thank you very much expect you betcha there is -- -- -- mid West Bank hotline. What makes great midwest bank great that's great midwest bank dot com to see what people in your community -- -- IG -- great people products and services. Great mid West Bank simple late. Local.