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Aug 21, 2014|

Gary, Ramie, Sparky and Leroy Butler revisit today's topics and ask you to pick a lane followed by the best of the 1250 Soundoff line. Brewers insider Adam McCalvy also stops by and talks about Jonathan Lucroy's MVP chances, how Ryan Braun's thumb has affected his swing and the future of the Brewers. WSSP's Mike Clemens checks in from training camp to talk about what the first regular season game means to the Packers' practice schedule, how hard Aaron Rodgers and Edgar Bennett are on the wide receivers and the Packers' tight end situation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to get the latest news on your Milwaukee Brewers with insider Adam McKelvey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are the Wendy's three. -- -- -- in the right we'll reset the big topics discussed on the big show. Ask you to pick -- -- coming up that 517 -- Clemens joins us from packers' training camp right around 535. With the until 6 o'clock your big -- -- -- it. He joins us now on the great midwest bank -- money -- has -- -- Brewers dot com Adamant cal the year against on the big show -- -- power this afternoon. -- -- -- Okay let's do it no we're not ended at the Seminoles -- yeah. The culprit less than those you hear it through that was -- and out of nowhere to go around richter are. He did and I knew right away the jig was up right away he knew exactly who puts you up to that. Adam I see -- go up and Brewers dot com today talking about Jonathan -- Croix and his chances of winning the MVP without giving away the whole article. Where do you think John -- Croix falls in the MVP conversation. Well if you're one who believe that -- -- come from a playoff team I think he's got a really good chance I think he'd get bonus points. For playing a premium position much of that Yadier Molina did last year when he was a pretty solid contender for McCutcheon and the winning the award. On the it's gonna it's gonna be a really interesting -- here because there isn't it a standout runaway candidate from. A clear post season bound team and it's going to be an interesting debate on. You know you -- likely Kershaw -- so far and away the best pitcher in baseball right now. But it's really rare especially in a nationally for a pitcher to win -- Bob Gibson and 68. The -- NL MVP to catch. Arm then you've got John Carlos Stanton who's got that huge numbers in like the traditional categories. Lead the league in homers and RBIs. But he -- a Marlin team that's 500 and they're playing better so we'll see if they get into the race their -- -- bottom wild card. -- but. You know they may not be opposed she's teaching so if you really want to be from a potent team and he wanted to be a position Clair I think they're -- school voters that are -- really look. Hearted that would Jonathan LeCroy is doing you know he leads the majors in doubles on that Bruce's OPS pretty -- up and and you know he's developed into a really good defensive -- well he's kind of an all around guy. Who doesn't have the stand out homer RB you know he doesn't stand out -- any one category but he's just become a really good all around player and I think he's gonna get some votes. Adam we've been talking about this bursting in what they're gonna do this year and Gary -- -- has been all over the fact that. -- what happens this year this team's future set up pretty good because of some of what's coming in a minor league system -- the next you know three to five years -- -- the same belief. Arm yeah I mean I think they're setup or do you hear Doug Melvin talk about the streak that you guys up the middle and he you know like that this. -- hardest area. Of failure talking -- center field shortstop second base. And then of course pitching. And he liked what they've got an all those spots right now and they didn't feel like there's more pitching coming. And they are not losing a tremendous not -- losing -- their rotation turn -- where. I'm where they are gonna have the same issues again that's what matters they have this year -- sum of one sided first and third base on. I think what -- going to be there as a huge question mark over the over the winner -- Ramirez -- -- really interest in case the mutual option. And what can happen there and at first base it's gonna be here we go out because. On the news going to be harder -- prince -- -- -- probably another car and you know I don't I don't know. Exactly what they're -- -- -- there and I don't think they're really thinking about that right now because they've got the division. But but if you're talking as far as the core of the team. It's not going to be a huge turn over all season and -- that's the case them. You know I think expectations should be that there are reasonably competitive again -- for the next couple years which and that's what mark on an -- you know. Always certainly want to do not make it one year deal -- get a -- -- always you can go under a year and have unbelievable -- -- men and and we do a lot of looking down the road here on national junior Renault where. Are. You fitting stage do you think it will stay that way it is what the brewer's breakaway and we will it. We're just beat them in the cardinals' three games two games won games how do you proceed is -- and now. Well I don't know the Brewers are not look like they can break away because in other basically a 500 team since they're wanting me. I think they're a little above 500 and writer comment spot and they've been hovering there. For a long time now and I think that the bad saying no means those twenty and it counted and their record is what the record it I just don't know that I see them winning -- -- I also don't see the ability when he. And you know it looks like it could be a division that's going to be one of those dog -- down the end and those other teams it's. You know you can look at them hurt by injuries I just keep looking that. Com Pittsburgh with -- is back. Cardinals' losing Yadier Molina and the resident -- bottom. Those are the stars over there he you know top players and it's hurt both -- abilities. To really get on a prolonged -- Pittsburgh did it for -- -- Which is pretty impressive how they've gone into it terrible -- -- -- you're you don't see the Brewers breaking away from the Cardinals. Because I don't really see any team in this division breaking away from. -- Yeah out. It probably did in two Garza a little bit 'cause it when he comes back to is he still -- still to come might early September inch give or take. Yep that's what I'll be going to have to step to go early in the very early stages as she got to get off a mound -- them. You have to decide whether they want to send them and the -- to pitch. All but if it -- September the -- -- you don't really need to stretch out his pitch count up built up. Well then you bring him in -- -- in three innings and you got all these extra arms around that you can still recipe. I had an observation about what do you do -- fires if that happens. Well you know it it could be you delay difficult decision by just but I -- it. If you think Garza can only go fifty pitches at the very beginning -- -- and -- in the -- and a guy like Ireland also whichever it is. Behind it and yet the other I guess. The other thing I'd say is in two weeks you just don't know what the other situations going to be so I think they're really trying to. Not make a decision on what they're going to do now because -- -- -- -- -- another guy rolling an ankle that Kyle hosted a fluke thing earlier this month. Arm and they don't want to declare themselves on here's what we're thinking. Because now you declared a guy lower kind of movie the bullpen and somebody else goes down -- you've -- got to start. What they hope are really important games in September so -- kind of inquired about what they want to do and I get why that is. -- but you know the idea is to get -- back of the rotation you -- there. Obviously you -- fifteen million bucks he's going to be when your main guys. And he is a potential because of the start of a potential opening game starter should they get to that position but all that -- -- depend on. What I appreciate you then whether he comes back from the same pitching the way he was before -- Or -- with numbers insider Adam McKelvey -- dot com and here on the Wendy's big Joseph Adams speaking of not saying much about injuries Brian brawn. And that thumb. Are we just to assume now Adam that every time Ryan -- goes through a slump -- -- Earth's moon where he doesn't necessarily have the howry used to seeing him have. That it is that thumb in the nerve damage in there that's flaring up. Well I think you can see it in -- wings went. That he he you know he doesn't take a lot of awkward swings so -- -- I mean everybody does. Miguel Cabrera as a couple early rough period this year might be the best hitter. But when he takes that really funky. Awkward swing and expand the strike zone like he's. Trying to force something that's a pretty good indication that he's hurting again and a pretty good indication that they're going to be optic. I think they deserve some credit for managing it as well as they have is produced -- -- okay level not not as high as he had hoped for sure. Are -- -- that -- -- But they're trying to manage it and to get him to play as many games as -- can and then. It's likely at the dice throw that again. They get because they got to get their first. But should you get into October situation. You just our car rolled the dice you're gonna get the good line -- -- -- -- -- Ryan brought about arm. I'm not sure what you do I don't think you say them but -- hole that maybe more expanded schedule with the travel -- been like that. Helps him get back on track because he's shown a knack that when he have these really bad. Stretch as result -- hurting a day off. They -- comes back and it's like is at the -- upon so that that. It's it's a roll the dice I think is a total wild card -- down the stretch and especially as you get into post season situation. Does bring up Eddy -- a little bit. Third base coach for the Brewers to she's been under fire from fans. All year long any such a laid back easy -- one guy in in media or anybody else as a -- always likes Eddy cedar. How hell see Ben as far as this year with the you know all the base running issues that they've had. Well I mean I think -- that again that this is born you actually fit but I think there's the -- in every third base coach in baseball that. It's like the middle reliever who doesn't get noticed. Until he blows -- game. Your third base -- doesn't get noticed until a guy about I'd I'd step late and all the good -- Artist part of the game and we credit the player we credit like I have got the bases that put him in that situation. And you don't pay attention to that third base coach when things are going so. I mean I don't idol to me it hasn't then a factor certainly in the negative I think he's. Fine as a third base coach there -- definitely an aggressive team. And they definitely make -- at the plate at times but again -- we've gone through -- there are appalled at that that's just the style they only want implied. Find his work campers dot com On Twitter at adamant Cali and appreciate a few -- -- -- next round. The great midwest bank dot com to see what people in your community are saying about -- -- great people products and services great mid West Bank simply. Local and a quick break on the other side reset the big topics discussed on today's big show and ask you to pick a -- it's Great Lakes dragway -- in -- -- next. It is the right. -- showtime -- out of the big topics discussed on today's great show and ask you to -- the -- Great Lakes -- away -- -- land. Still got a check in with our Packers reporter Mike Clements from Green Bay. At 535 right now -- -- -- at 79912. That you -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com. Right lane. Will you be mindful of using the word Redskins and should we be in the media center lane pretty think we'll have a breakout season for the Packers in the return lane. Want you to slice up your -- percentages out of a 100%. What percentage do you think it is that they'll make the playoffs or sees me that the win the division. What percentage do you think it is at -- least get a wildcard. And what percentage do you think it is that they won't make the playoffs at all 7991250. You can also email -- that Sports Radio 1250. Dot com. In the right lane Phil Simms a CBS sports that we -- Thursday night games for them this year. He will be mindful of using the name Redskins as the Giants take on the Redskins in week 4 September 25. On Thursday night football he says my very first thought is it will be Washington. The whole game Jim Nance CBS's play by play man for Thursday night broadcast told reporters it's quote not his job to take a chance. -- didn't Sparky is adamant as anybody about getting rid of the name Redskins. But we get paid to report and and talk about what we see. I see a team called the Washington Redskins I wanted to be call that but that's what it is just like. If I say a word I wouldn't normally say and in a rap song I'm listening to -- fight quote a stand up back Durham movie. That's that's a context that's -- universe that somebody else created and I'm -- knew what they said. And it's I think it's the same thing we're talking about the NFL using the word Redskins -- and how we treated here in the media. I -- and again. I just I'm not gonna have a problem enough. With Phil Simms and Dodgers and and I gonna say annoys the answers to Oregon his attitude yet I don't know a whole dynamics a run it's okay. If you got a -- about been delayed you gotta make -- they're gonna slip up and put it you feel that strongly -- that passionately about that not being associated with it and you just want column. Washington. -- that's I have no problem -- that whatsoever. If you get on TV. And get on a political soapbox about it. Everybody's gonna have a probably -- -- to -- all kinds of trouble. But if you just go on TV and just referred to Washington all the time and I bet right. More people that -- sports talk guys and aren't reading everything on the Internet all sports -- itself. Holly or even notice that you're not using the word rats here. Would you believe it so you don't do what I have no issue with it mean I'm not as strong. Leopold -- -- passionately against it like that. If they're gonna change and Redskins to call himself something else the senators or something like -- baseball team. And then go ahead and change it about -- you want to do. But -- so the Washington Redskins I'm not all up in arms in crazy about it. I understand politically it's probably politically incorrect and it's wrong and I get that but yes I'm not as emotionally charged up about it is those two guys -- -- For me I I. I'll probably so calm the rest so that's the right. -- will you be mindful of using Redskins and should we in the media especially be mindful. -- Redskins 7991250. Cannot. -- put a guy slip up and say it just don't make objective but I just don't DiSpirito. Live -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com moving to the center lane and -- and some Packers. With you and -- Santo of -- he picked to Packers on his list of what he thinks will be fifty. Breakout players in the NFL this here Mike Daniels he comes in. At 32 Micah Hyde he comes in. At number 44 of the fifty breakout players in the NFL this year who do you think will be the breakout player for the Green Bay Packers -- 2014 in this -- 7991250. It's hard to pick a gallery injury history because. Second is a Bulldog drive good Andre and what he's hurt I would like to see B Casey you really wound that he is playing well. This -- has -- Top team in the -- if he's playing him weren't near his rookie. Year can you give -- a lot inception. And as it is safety Dennis have to increase in the end. Richardson -- and yet he did it in -- broke a -- yeah well unofficial out of Missouri so. But some of these -- be that the Astros so. I won't go my guy will be the gap is government nobody is that we did this and then the 4 o'clock aren't always come up with my -- it. Daytona Jones. Who has done what nothing what do you general what are you always on do not now. What -- used for anywhere or trees have a similar seasonal what. Mike Daniels did last two weeks as far as terrorism only out will be -- yeah I would not not Pro Bowl is not all that shoulder that's very yeah Friday and out of difference making type -- -- Tiant of doing that yeah uncle Dave is going get a bout that riot in my eight -- So these give narrowing yeah huge you know nobody had an hour for the -- -- -- so that's -- -- and who do you think we'll have a break out season for the Packers moved to the return -- And talk and some Brewers with -- And we see these fan grass JS Amman has been following him pretty -- even talking about it a little bit here on the Wendy's big show in the brewers'. According to fan -- a few other statistician type a web sites finally are the favorites. To win the division Saturday 82 point 9%. They're probably the favorites to make the playoffs -- -- me to make the playoffs is 82 point 9% to win the division is. Fifty point 3% we want you put together your own fan grass so another words out of a 100%. -- percent chance do you think there is that they win the division what percent chance do you think you there is that they at least get a wildcard. And what percent chance -- think there is that they don't make the playoffs at all Sparky I broke it down. 25045. And a 5% chance that they don't make it an -- 5% they win the division 5% to go -- -- 01%. Today missed the playoffs. Moment it's tight tight the National League just one bad swoon and that's clear about it I know what you Laura but we've seen the Brewers do it. I'm under -- on his -- I get it. I get it -- that's what makes me feel confident they went to eleven and thirteen skid this. -- -- you're a big baby at last by the degree Cardinals Hawks Albert survived. -- -- -- And it yeah analysts say anybody wears people -- as say the same thing. Bailouts eleven of thirteen games or whatever twelve point -- in big game note you that they did -- to -- -- I had Pittsburgh. No deliberately. -- -- reset the big topics discussed on the big show right lane would excuse me what -- Andy who will you be mindful of using Redskins should we in the media be senator Elaine. Who do you think we'll have a break out season for the Packers return land. Slice up your -- percentages what chance do you think there is that they make the playoffs when the division. Not make the playoffs at all 7991250. -- -- Sports Radio 1250 dot com it's Great Lakes drag away pick a lane. And guys this Saturday courtesy of great -- straightaway and union grove. -- -- -- will be at the BBC. Signing autographs taking pictures from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM also. LeRoy Butler will be there immediately afterward from 12:30 PM. To 2:30 PM also taking pictures and signing autographs -- -- -- taking pictures and signing autographs but the truth from spark his final inspection. Will be there as well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Were upstairs added BBC a look at those who cry -- upstairs Le Roy signing is upstairs in the radio show. As upstairs and -- can be. That's at the bottom of the stairs kind of policing it's -- make sure everything is an order that's the BBC bar and -- corner of north and -- this Saturday for look at the -- -- Plus markets violence I predict by the time -- Roy is Don. He's gonna wanna kill some that's like that's all I heard you guys -- It's an old Shelby and you don't -- all -- I love sign he's gonna watch don't you know I listen to go on to these bones instead in Brookfield morality is being shown them that. -- -- -- all -- saying -- that the golf outing yesterday at a great time out there. Don't like -- the big unit problem -- it and I'm college street actor you had. Yeah I gotta find -- Raiders to come with you didn't -- out -- that. Either that -- you got asked for toes or because poser is a -- -- golfer. I think the yesterday with bike -- guy like Europe -- -- -- probably got shot that they the other play. Beckett is not real quick if not I wouldn't -- in saying they'll -- up and media. I think they jittery issue and not what it's like -- -- Dieter low carb diets -- bad it's -- liberal propaganda man. Are you guys play -- a lot these guys yesterday. -- -- don't know allowed at a real quick before you go -- if there were a team name that were a racial slur of any other race would you be crying politically correctness and and and liberal media and propaganda. Good drive bike out after the -- the day man that's a -- dead issue that. Matt I asked the question -- to question what it would would you be saying it's it's it's propaganda and it's a liberal political agenda. If it were any other racial slur as the name of the major sports franchise. You say that's wrong and that's -- racist. -- -- -- -- It's a racial slurs I didn't make -- racial -- just isn't because that's how people used it and you know from the beginning. This isn't like we we talk about the word -- -- -- issue now go right and was an offensive. To that level for the last forty years or fifty years but now it's offensive there's got to catch up David trying to give people listen to him and haven't for this is the first time. -- is this a first. Word when it comes to -- -- that we found out a little too late that it's a word we probably shouldn't use. Know -- happens all the time we change we evolve you become smarter I hope. You know we know we do a whole other issue I disagree there were becoming smarter thing let's go to the time necessary to ACC just in general -- in west Dallas the other way these big so it's up that. I totally agree with the last caller the American. I think you know everybody get caught up in the moment it made it right now would become by everybody the bandwagon -- everybody the only. The media or QB it was wrong. The -- are you speaking up and in. And do you draw I am ID on our horse and they do what they want to speak out against everything but in Oklahoma hole. Started three years on that -- I mean a lot of people swallowed a risky it's where I've never heard the -- learned form never never blow to move at all -- -- the -- -- actually paying. Nice tribute and honor you -- Americans in general -- -- -- -- I wouldn't want to know that it will call their home theaters that are brought -- different whole different all the wrong everybody's got an all black. I've already do you remember America -- I didn't -- -- -- on the -- people outraged the. I had space for the -- when -- -- pick -- being addressed your question. So if you call an Indian -- -- -- offensive. Known I don't know yet yet desks and all those big games are gone now -- so does he -- the Warriors. -- changed it nailed a lot of high school football teams. And elementary school high -- elementary teams in high school. When he changed errors from Warriors to something else because Indian tribes were. Upset about that so it is also sorely lacked the cows obviously market finances and the effort jury that's another one miracle -- what is on the rock the other one isn't there isn't big audience. Like if -- the and it's a that's a big -- -- -- -- Now know after I'm not that has been -- -- -- -- -- whatever was that they got I think that's done now cartoonish character. Has a chance -- I got stuck but they're still the Indians are in. There's just a lot problem rotten -- -- -- -- what about the -- that he cheats that okay. That's another one right. -- I don't know there's there's a lot of teams involved in this -- if were gonna go around supple and -- teams in nicknames away from. And I think it is on a case by case basis first of all the history of the werder the -- had a cell somewhere and secondly what might. Like the Chicago Blackhawks ever they have a relationship. With black hawk nation with the actual black hawk drive and they have that they have their blessings from what I understand to use that -- to use that -- -- Ante on Saturday you're right environment and like you and owner back in the 1920s is looking for a name for the team. And he took it from -- World War I machine gun battalion which was named after the -- Indian chief chief Blackhawk from 1812 so that's actually where it came from. And so it's not it's not like it's referring do all. -- drives shoots one Chiefs that was like. Really good your career back in the day and I say a lot of people on you know on our opponents are go is we'll have time for one more call because my climbs coming up from Packers camp -- just -- Jackson. Here -- -- -- Jonas set us. Haven't -- got an oil but look it's Thursday. Take away from the extreme. Heat driver so I think all the little -- quickly I -- -- I don't -- -- Washington. I think. And they don't seem like probably ever all like I would -- the Packers 'cause we live here but I always learn anything bullets or whatever so for me. I don't know I agree that -- out of the callers mean. I mean the Blackhawks have a that name. In its the -- -- word but because it's an honorable way. Well let's find some -- in -- way which that word can be used and I credible way to -- -- not so and so I mean there's ways of doing it. And then -- for the Brewers. 90% there were -- in this division almost -- I think. I think most of their games. 50% of their didn't turn -- played in played here at that Miller Park so. Go Brewers and it's really said that you know we can't just seemed like both foreign just. Enjoy the game and everybody has to make everything racial. Thanks for -- -- just. The other thing is that. I don't mind discussing it in this forum you know I mean sure that's sort of what we do we -- adults -- would sit down on a Sunday and if I'm the announcer team -- I don't want that to even be it's Sunday is just about sitting down in and join the game of football you know what I mean. Does slip up and say it -- they're going to slip up and say it has -- make a big deal about at that point that I don't want it to be. And all political or some sort of controversial debate -- discuss -- -- Burton nine to twelve hours on Sunday and throughout my phone new class of football just Iguodala at all and enjoy football -- just -- you lost all and we're gonna hit a quick break on the other side -- -- with -- Packers insider -- Clemens his laughter packers' training camp in his next right here on the Wendy's big show. -- -- -- Yeah. Now. So when -- big Johnny throwback Thursday presented by legends of the field. Still twenty minutes for you to get in your vote on a throwback Thursday and to get your chance. At that autograph from -- Foyt and eight by ten photo -- gotta do this -- live an artist at 32. 961 nominees include Gary would like to hear -- Who. Mark you elect here Aaron novel I'm going with The Rolling Stones Mario's going with Janis Joplin -- -- Gillette. Our intern on his final day he's -- with the -- fighters who live near artist. To 32. 961. Joining us now. On the great midwest bank -- and he's entrenched and Packers training camp up in Green Bay and my -- updates. At FaceBook dot com slash 1250 to be SSP -- -- Clemens NFL on Twitter he is of course -- Clemens Mike how -- this afternoon. Pretty -- it's gone by fast so after this game particularly two more practices left open the public next week. And Mike -- with with the sort of a short week this week that I played on Thursday but they're playing on Friday we all know. That the third pre season game is the one that they take the most seriously is Mike McCarthy taking this as an opportunity to sort of set the practice schedule for that short week when they face Seattle in week one. All we -- started out like a couple weeks ago. I've never seen a training camp where. But in the last two weeks they've they've pretend like we are somewhere in the middle of October there already and they restructured the practice schedule. Today we had that weird Saturday practice we -- would take their Friday runs through. -- the guys have Friday off we move it to Saturday we did that today it was opened the public. And the media and they practiced for about an hour they ran over fifty plays from scrimmage they ran -- high speed helmets and shorts like he used to have. On a typical Friday -- through its -- sudden death. Rodgers threw an incompletion -- -- -- you know with time running out they settled for a field goal and Mason Crosby Eagles wide left from 63 yards out. The one thing -- -- that felt good about this change in schedule wise. They were very physical. Tuesday. Really banging heads round. And then they had the next day off. And I think that was probably Smart in terms of you know resting up the guys' bodies. And we were in the locker room yesterday a lot of guys are taking showers and actually get to -- -- and hot tub pulled tubman. You know -- so -- get their bodies back so if I'm a typical Thursday -- regular season you're in full pads. Lot of contact -- each other around knocking the rust off. That on Friday that the day off that you could you know go to the trainer. -- trying to -- body back to a run through on Saturday get on the plane and go play the game and you talked you know Randall Cobb and he says you know -- -- track. Our track which would have -- run some sprints to date for a meat so. I don't know what it -- you guys think about having a run through the day before game. I think because you still -- a lead the younger guys no -- elderly guys don't we steal. And training camp mode in -- I think it was done to change to -- like you said. They heckled more -- was close they'll get into the routine you know a normal week which have become abnormal projects and open up a lot Thursday game. So is actually a short a -- of a longer break. -- unfortunate talk a little bit about. There aren't they ask him a lot of them -- -- -- he has what twelve guys for five spots is how that's come. Yeah and you know Aaron. I talked to him the other day it is lockers they organized very nice guy -- go on but he gets in -- of those cameras and he puts the younger receivers on notice. And she will not take any. Mental errors or missing one of his hand signals -- the no huddle to line from any of these guys. So -- Kevin Dorsey you're here for second year Alex to latter -- you know just chance this -- with the speed good hands. And you know that the key to story. Relatives feel -- he. I want not what this guy in the field with me since Aaron Rodgers unless he knows every little nuanced. While the offense and the priest -- changes were gonna make and mr. Bennett you know back some mop up man it I guess it's sound kind of harsh but at the end of the day you've got to execute the offense. The only -- I can't get over Roy is. I'd I'd never remember training camp where they did so much prep for week one. -- every day for almost the last two weeks they start -- practiced with the -- inside the Hudson center with the doors closed and the crowd noise on. Prep them for Seattle and learned that there. You know I've never seen anything like that the war but that's where the one -- -- at a whole new level of -- situation. And that's -- some of these guys have been here second year trying to make a wide receiver group after -- -- moved on. That's why it's like man if you don't know by now there's no way you can make -- -- Like when you sit there and you look at to -- -- anger right now with the Bostick can injury that he has. Is it pretty much Rogers and everybody else right now this tight end group. -- -- -- They've been around Richard Rodgers with the ones in the pre season like gets a lot of -- with Aaron. And sometimes that some players where I think all the guys on the job that plays with the other times I see these players and I say. No they're trying to get this guy. You know up to speed. Because you know he's still a kid they'll put him out -- first and ten against the Seahawks. But they want him to get as much time with Aaron so when she does have to go -- -- goes down six weeks three of the season or something like that. That this -- -- feel comfortable with Rogers and what to do the same thing on the other side with pot but -- I'd still think that you would lineup. -- net and Micah Hyde in the base. But you know how hard that is many snaps as possible with a one yeah they just go ahead and they put it meant. To start and certainly mean come in on some nickel and dime packages as well. Well so Bostick is out. Richard Rodgers probably can go -- down. -- -- -- He's drop back and I don't know -- they're trying to light a fire under them but they're gonna get -- -- burner. A lot of -- -- -- he might even get it would Rodgers who knows but certainly a lot with Matt Flynn he's the next guy yeah. Wire like you know it's market they're they're doing what you're doing and that is -- there's a lot of bad weather system which fat kid. And you know he just be so much more -- And then there's this just in Perillo what number eighty all he does -- catch passes all over the field. Looking Smart. He's he's got a strange bill Belichick's -- to fifty. He just doesn't look like the big body guy that they want at tight end but he sure is in the -- must be -- tight end because of his speed. But he he sure sure sure handed and Jerry final told me he's a Smart players well so you know we'll try to get him looks as well maybe they'll practice squad that it. One last thing before we -- -- go might get you what you and I were talking a little bit tough -- I think it was last now we're talking my days are all mixed up. A -- the special teams and really if you're -- fan. Watching his packer raiders' game tomorrow night you really wanna pay attention -- who's out what's special teams unit that's probably a giveaway on who's probably gonna make the team. Especially like and kick coverage. And I would think that you'd be having guys like -- -- out there and some of these other linebackers it. You know been around and are getting back on the field but they cats and -- -- And -- -- -- Paul Marat their run with the Wannstedt from mom we have multiple ones from the kick coverage the other night I don't like. No way but he was on the far outside. Yeah he's -- single to her position. The opening of -- -- back to hasn't saved because he has heard central right. But I I think that. Some of these battles -- like Kevin Dorsey just chance to inspect it can't send him down attack somebody but you saw him get four kick returns against the Rams. So they're trying to see some of these guys. That you know -- member James Jones he would put -- kick coverage -- that aren't tackled guys. So here if there's six guys in one of these groups if you make first team special teams. That's -- put -- in there now guy that's always done that for three years is Ryan Taylor I saw him out of the kick coverage with the first team. No practices this week. It is my Clemens reporting live from training camp and -- I get all the best -- coverage courtesy of my Clemens and WSO speak. As we continue lying getting closer and closer towards the regular season Michael thank you very much expect you betcha there is -- Clemens and Greg mid West Bank hotline. What makes great midwest bank rate does great midwest bank dot com to see what people in your community are saying in my -- these great people products and services. Great mid West Bank simple late. Local coming up next to hear the bass style of the twelfth at the sound off line -- -- the when -- big show on Sports Radio 1250 W assistant. It's time for the best of -- -- balls Buick GMC 1250 sound -- line. On Sports Radio 1250 WS is pretty Milwaukee's sports station. They're good Mike outlawed it and I'm real happy with the Brewers this year they're purse split -- -- -- now that could have been a great here but there -- -- I'm not even being in the playoff I'll. Yeah do think -- -- playing Duke with the Bruins if they -- This -- different previously that the real fast start the real. We've certainly got a guy out there and brother would. That was the Bulls will definitely go to got out they've evolved into the that it didn't go good -- not there's -- -- -- -- really grew up in the air borders off they're wild. Create this but what about this -- this I would with a good offense doesn't -- -- Would you thought that was about it would be good if you double god in the third. Mix in enough sliders and -- will change us so good outing apparently you know just. All of -- and again 71 inning. Old guys that is Gabriel Oak Creek that's because there there are part of a lot birdie got cut me up and hung up on me. It does JFL dot com I've caught I have a big -- golf this guy -- that every -- with the most ridiculous things. Altered. Your your -- world with the big -- your ball it looked cool -- the horse starters. But fought back the -- -- Brewers from the beginning of the year. -- big -- south side you're on Sports Radio 1250. I'm chuck -- this year and we don't go to submit -- -- And I -- let me nobody expected them to be sure they need me Europe. So let's do you know -- with the Cardinals organization and it's important -- any doubt about it I know that and we. Little -- I think our. -- and -- -- different are overdue because probably milk and I don't do it in Chicago. So nobody -- -- you know it's a typical symmetrical up front important. I. Yeah the marbles cold but I just wondered if they had that this. -- why the computer or legal feud between him -- and then -- -- I apparently in a gigantic jacket outside wicked son of a bit. She just -- with the old ball ridiculous but I struck the back I'll -- -- negative or not you play our beloved Cadillac they let -- -- -- -- this -- They always say certainly opening the -- -- -- -- -- -- little but getting back that I like old guys we get accused. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that sets a good name. It's like in junior high and I get a lick it. Come here wicket or were you one of those kids Regis got a snot beat idea. As that little and wicket. You can sound off on a John Paul's Buick GMC twelve that -- -- offline at 41444. Great 2162. We -- a -- but John -- Buick GMC twelve to be sound off live John Paul's animal. Get their road trip special -- change tire rotation in front of -- -- for just 8995. -- John Paul's automotive -- for details call 5457000. Or -- -- John Paul's automotive dot com. On Sports Radio 1215 WS SP Milwaukee's sports station. You very much there is the best of the -- -- you sound off line only got about a minute left to go in the show here won't packer hall of Famer LeRoy Butler. And -- feisty breaking -- Buffalo. And the coach. Start yelling and screaming when the defensive players were called Jerry -- started -- -- Cam -- not Smart thing to do as a coach from the whole team now. He looked at one point. To him was -- L -- said. We're no longer year employee locker room there it is. You know that's old school stuff these -- that I mean. I -- guys helmets off and punching guys in the face -- -- -- even just -- around him a helmet on I -- Tracy I don't let him outside and teammates -- the Wendy's big Shell served -- hot and thrash a lot of mercy on moniker studios right here on Sports Radio 1250. WS says -- to rest tonight everyone. Well I thought do --