1. BIG SHOW 2PM: The Badgers Will Win If...? and What's Your Ideal Vacation?

    03/24/17: The Wendy's Big Show 2PM Hour - Ramie, Sparky and Gery discuss what t...


    adrian peterson, joakim noah, football teams, college football

  2. Mike McCarthy! COO of the Milwaukee Bucks on the BIG SHOW!

    03/23/17: Wendy's BIG SHOW - Chief Operating Officer of the Bucks Mike McCarthy...


    milwaukee bucks, mike mccarthy, paul millsap, atlanta hawks

  3. Has your perception of the Bucks changed since the All-Star Break? Their play sure has!

    03/23/17: Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour - Ramie and Sparky asking you if your perce...


    mike mccarthy, milwaukee bucks, isiah thomas, john salmons

  4. BIG SHOW 5PM: Pick a Lane

    03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 5 p.m. Hour - Pick a Lane. Who would you give th...


    greg ellis, jay cutler, isiah thomas, ian kinsler

  5. BIG SHOW 4PM: What has to go right for the Brewers to not have a losing season?

    03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 4PM Hour


    ryan braun, milwaukee bucks, milwaukee brewers, lebron james

  6. BIG SHOW 3PM: Do shows of emotions add or take away from sports?

    03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 3PM Hour


    chad johnson, super bowl, milwaukee bucks, boston celtics

  7. Polzin: "Wisconsin still needs a National Championship to get to that next level."

    03/22/17: Jim Polzin on The Wendy's BIG SHOW.


    college basketball, michigan state, beat duke, south carolina

  8. BIG SHOW 2PM: Who would you give the Bucks a chance against in the playoffs?

    03/22/17: The Wendy's BIG SHOW 2PM Hour


    gerald green, amir johnson, kyle lowry, seattle supersonics

  9. Is Wisconsin a basketball powerhouse? Is Geno Auriemma right? Was 2013 a failed draft for the Packers?

    03/21/17: The Wendy's Big Show - 5 PM Hour, Pick a Lane!


    aaron brooks, roy williams, michael redd, vince carter

  10. Butch: I think they [Wisconsin] are going to the Final Four.

    03/21/17: Former Wisconsin big man Brian Butch joins the Wendy's Big Show


    lebron james, aaron brooks, roy williams, brian butch