1. Huber: Who should the Packers get in the NFL draft?

    Bill Huber, from the Packer Report, joins Chuck and Winkler to talk about the P...


    matt light, aaron rodgers, adrian peterson, the packers

  2. Imig: The Packers have lost more talent then they have added!

    03/20/17: Paul Imig, our Green and Gold Analyst, joins Bill Michaels to talk ab...


    elvis dumervil, james harrison, adrian peterson, aaron rodgers

  3. Imig: You can't fault rookies if they aren't good right away

    03/17/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, joins Tim Allen (in for Bill today...


    green bay packers, dom capers, the packers, backup plan

  4. Jeremiah: Deepest secondary I've ever seen

    03/15/17: Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network Draft Analyst and Host of the 'Move the ...


    green bay packers, super bowl, march madness, senior bowl

  5. Reischel: Ted Thompson has a lot of holes to fill still!

    Rob Reischel, from Packers Plus, joins Chuck and Winkler to discuss the latest ...


    adrian klemm, mike wahle, mike sherman, aaron rodgers

  6. Clemens: A lot of good things to say about Bennett

    03/13/17: Mike Clemens, NFL Sirius XM Radio, reacts to the Packers flurry of ad...


    daryn colledge, jon kitna, aaron rodgers, jeff fisher

  7. Imig: Packers have put themselves in a tough spot w/ OL

    03/13/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, weighs in on the additions of Mart...


    football team, the packers, martellus bennett, ted thompson

  8. Mike Clemens has choice words for Ted Thompson....

    03/10/17: Mike Clemens of NFL Sirius XM Radio reacts to how GM Ted Thompson has...


    aaron rodgers, mike mccarthy, julius peppers, seattle seahawks

  9. Imig: For now, the Packers are regressing

    03/10/17: Paul Imig, Green and Gold Analyst, reacts to the first 24 hours of NF...


    julius peppers, green bay packers, bill belichick, super bowl

  10. Cole: This is a really special group of corners in the draft!

    Jason Cole, from the Bleacher Report, joins Chuck and Winkler to discuss the fi...


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